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  1. Pepe Piñas

    “2020 is going to be a great year” Coronavirus: 2:31

  2. Oriio McFlurrii

    This was so needed. Love this cast and love Dan Harmon!

  3. venezuela0076

    You guys should do a D&D session 😂

  4. Otávio Augusto

    Muito bom kkkkk

  5. Cristian Lopez

    Allison Brie + Glasses and Braces = Still beautiful.

  6. Leon du Feu

    “They have to be won in battle” EPIC

  7. Rachel C. Patz

    I’ve been calling Donald Glover “Danny Glover” for a really long time now and I just realized it now.

  8. Jack C

    Thank God Chevy Chase isn't in the call

  9. Oliver Truschke

    They should do a fundraiser for the money they would need for a movie similar to what the aquabats did. I bet that would get a lot of money

  10. waitwhatwasthat

    Am I crazy or did they pitch the audio up for this? Everyone's voice sounds higher.

  11. Christopher Castillo

    I love how the darkest timeline happened when Troy left and Pierce died, when that's exactly what happened in the show! Wait, did the show end not the great because it was the darkest timeline?

  12. Mitchel Paulus

    Oh Britta is in this?

  13. FilmFella Daniels

    Liam Neeson does pick some generic ass action movies but The Grey is actually pretty good

  14. Kykywox

    I hope they know that if money is the issue, fans will ban together instantly to crowdfund a Community movie. Fingers crossed 🤞

  15. Pablo Andrés Campos Sanabria

    Loved how Jeff was using sport pants

  16. Le Monke

    Why did pierce leave

  17. BubbaBadoo

    Is it me or do they sound more high-pitched than I remembered?

  18. Miro

    One of the best episodes EVER! Chevy Chase as a villain in RPG was excellent 😂

  19. Miro

    I was laughing my ass off to this episode, Pierce was totally on fire😂

  20. warlord 9001

    Wow man thats a shit DM the players roll the dice for there characters not the DM

  21. foolaloof

    let donald say fuck, you cowards

  22. Ahmad Bakur

    Abed is Awesome

  23. Brandon Yap


  24. Gladius727

    The fact that keith david plays Elroy in season 6 makes this even better

  25. Alisa

    Im actually on Season 5. Episode 7 so seeing this is really awesome. I loved every moment!

  26. Eliot Masters José Díaz

    hello how are you friends here I leave the link of my channel if you like to support me my name is Eliot Master if you support me I thank you very much from the heart I hope you like the content

  27. Anthony Carrera

    Was Joel trying and fart on Allison and Yvette!

  28. G June36

    Please make community movie!

  29. Cole Herman

    First time i understood the theme song

  30. Travis Kelsey

    Welp, gotta go watch every episode again. I miss these people like they are family. And it's still the best show on "tv".

  31. רמי דדון

    29:57 ....dalorian

  32. Alex B.

    i ain gon cap, 5:50 got me feelin sum typa way ab annie😭😭

  33. Yami

    Does anyone else remember when Donald was an interracial porn loving homeless guy living in a kids bedroom telling him he was a magical creature called a “Wink” like 13 years ago or something on CollegeHumor?

  34. Sm03le Br00t

    I love the show so much

  35. David Cummings

    This was the scene and episode where I started to love Community.

  36. Laura de Vries

    “Troy and Abed are in moooourning” 😂

  37. Ryan Flynn

    Good bless Dani pudi, he's such an underrated actor

  38. Pixel Raid

    Abed fixing the pencil, lol.

  39. jordan greenwood

    I love the friendships and banter here. Makes the show feel so much better. creasing...

  40. rob rick

    Weird how the transcript made many mistakes. Also it's episode 4 not 3.

  41. CPT Tightpants

    If Annie was saving $20 a month for 7 years at 8% they'd have $2,257 to split between them. She should have known that know...she's

  42. Unity

    I wish they played dungeons and dragons

  43. Michael DiCristofano

    i find it weird that they have to pitch this up.

  44. Silk Lion

    I keep coming back to this every day just for the sperm part. Makes me cry of laughter every damn time 😂

  45. Chainsaw Handiman

    Wow Pierce actually found a way to kill the handshake for good this time...streets ahead man.

  46. bh3581

    Amazing show. I just watched this episode for the first time last night. Absolutely amazing.

  47. Adam Power

    Crusty bum biscuits.

  48. Dzumeister


  49. danidanfm

    0:40 one of many hints they drop that jeff and britta are (still) getting it on

  50. Kevin Dinich

    awesome 👏 thank you guys

  51. Joanna Turner


  52. AGAME

    As a pretty big community fan who has done multiple rewatches, I’ve come to appreciate Chevy even more. Even if he hated his job, he did a damn good job of it

  53. Eliyah Benysrael

    They still all got it! I laughed so hard I was in pain!

  54. Clare Flattery

    Donald Glover’s delivery of 24:17 had me on the floor crying 😂

  55. 21-0RIDER


  56. Blueberry Senpai


  57. Profesor Kedluben


  58. Geno

    The idea of a middle aged middle eastern man coming to a community college to see Weezer always makes me laugh.

  59. D-chu Chan

    If they just had Chevy Chase, this would’ve been complete!

  60. SJReid82

    God dammit, MOVIE PLEASE! And get Pedro in there, that guy is MONEY!

  61. jimmy Ryan

    and a movie

  62. Mazen Lasheen

    Nostalgia man

  63. Justice Mirasty

    Troy: you can usually get supplies from a town like this man why can't my mom be here she always said my video game knowledge would come in handy I never believed her. Me:😂😂😄😄😅😅

  64. Mel

    Nice table reaDEAN, helps when you have to bear down for quarantine

  65. Tiffany Tan

    Watching community made me feel less alone when it aired. Now I've found my "study group" and I couldn't be happier.

  66. David Arturo Velasco Vargas

    Pedro Pascal is such an incredible actor


    My love for Pierce is ruined by the fact that Chevy was a dick on set.

  68. Andytaker7

    My heart melted a bit when Gillian Jacobs showed the sperm cylinder she'd saved as a memento

  69. mgeek1

    They actually got Keith David, voice-over artist extraordinaire to narrate the show. That's just perfect.

  70. mgeek1

    I wasn't going to watch the whole thing, but dammit, they pulled me in!

  71. Tim Enchanter

    Is that you Subway?

  72. Kelly H

    So Wayne Brady is just following in the LeVar Burton steps?

    1. misolou fout

      This was hardly a q and a it was just them having a great time for 40 mins lol

  73. Luis Chufandama

    It’s just me or the narrator's voice sounds like Elroy?

  74. Tropical Comedy

    "SILENCE WENCH" gets me everytime

  75. David Marin

    "Around," not "in front" :P

  76. Tom Eye The SFM guy