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  1. Brandon Christian

    Omg just put it on playback speed x2

  2. Lynwood Jackson

    I came here for grass...

  3. Kevin Lopez

    Have you tried using RL? Genetic algos wont generalize at all... Try using a CNN to learn the features and drive a car?

  4. Ben He

    You should change the lazer to move faster and faster

    1. Ben He

      Oh oops didn't watch the whole thing

  5. Morrison Gamer

    If you’re watching this in 2020 leave a like

  6. Kimberly Milani

    Oh no he’s armed

  7. Tijana Jesse

    anyone else watching in 2020 to forget everything with mesmerizing colours?

  8. Graham Chapman

    i beat your simulation the fair way, make a car.

  9. Bolt The Blur

    2:45 *when you take fall damage*

  10. WhatAmIDoing WithMyLife

    Random fact, after doing 4 to the 34th power I got around 935

  11. Hit Network

    nice code bro

  12. alexander flores

    At 999 you actually get fire balled by fire Mario then you beet the game

  13. SpacialCrip

    2mil face reveal🙏🏻please poppa bullet

  14. Destroy


  15. EzRa

    to win in the snake game is basically a dog chasing its tail lol

  16. Knuckle Beats

    If you look at it there is still some leftover

  17. brennan mckee

    8:15 I didn't know snakes had that mode...

  18. meme boi

    Guys heres a video my friend sent me its a ciding video its savage nosel.info/video/video/xoiraqqdjZuIxrc.html

  19. Samuel Prower



    It's spam

  21. Noble Shirley

    What is this music? I’m assuming you got it from somewhere else? It’s just really nice to listen to

  22. Ty Woffinden

    Can you make a snake AI that is not limited to up down left and right, like one that can move in 360 degrees?

  23. MoD

    i learned this in 5 seconds

  24. Otaku Boi

    What coding program do you use and can you make some kind of guide for beginners? Or if you already have one or want to recommend one can you link it to me please?

  25. Mike Fluff

    AI that learns how to make Enigma Machine Part 2.

  26. Mejtia Soumia

    I do thé 3×3 in 39s

  27. TheNinthGeneration

    18:40 inverse snake games are awesome

  28. AmCan Tech

    Can you share code?

  29. Z coop.

    Hey can you may ad the snake AI to your website, please?

  30. nougatschnitte sagt hi

    Wintergatan: *laughs in angle grinder*

  31. Eu Da,eu

    But Flappy Bird has an ending

  32. godpro 4life

    do 1,000,000 by 1,000,000

  33. Tashfeen J

    damn hes talking to himself more and more..he really has gone crazy.

  34. Sean Sullivan

    this computer is cheating. I CALL HACKS. AIMBOT!

  35. Slade Swartley

    umm anybody else think its crazy how he made 1MILLION subscribers in a year?!!?

  36. getdavemoore

    best laugh i've had all day - cheers CB :)

  37. Samuel Vista

    His poor minecraft dog, has to wait every 3 months to see his owner.

  38. Kevin Dodd

    8:35 has a nice little dance going

  39. Aarav Batra

    U rock!

  40. Juju's Dank Mobile Gaming Show

    now this is neat

  41. Nathan Strong

    12:31 Flame pixel art

  42. Dexter Jettster

    Whats stopping you from having 1,000,000 players in each generation

  43. Gavin Ditmer

    I love 30fps offline gaming

  44. Pumkin Spice

    The dino can literally run under the highest pterodactyls but still ducks. XD

  45. Pumkin Spice

    You called the pterodactyls birds! Unsubscribing now!

  46. Pumkin Spice

    You forgot night mode! Unsubscribing now!

  47. Not Mason

    What if you do one where an AI beats getting over it

  48. GanG PB

    I have never seen more colors in my life


    Which language does he use?

  50. aks flash

    Make them die when the are inverted

  51. Jaxson Kirk

    13:46 song

  52. Raven - Narth

    I am _so_ happy he used deja vu for the drifting section. That’s it. That’s all I came to say. Oh, were you expecting a meaningful, well thought out comment about how awesome coding and A.I is? (It is pretty cool tho) Sorry, but this _is_ a code bullet fan you’re talking to.

  53. TsongaJose

    @code Bullet A litle thinking on the chances of losing the game by applying the after all "not so perfect snake AI". As you see on the smaller snake game won earlier by the same algorithm and as you can deduce from thinking about it, it is possible that the game will be lost exactly as it is shown in the last game. When the snake is "following its tale" meaning: the only empty space on the board is a compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake, where its boarders is parts of the snake itself the game will be won 100% of the time if it remains like that... however, because of the "skip of Hamilton path movements" to make it faster... what will happend when the "skip" is not perfect (which clearly is not) there will be 1 or more than 1 empty space than just the "compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake". To put it simply... If you know this is true, then imagine the "food" never going into that empty space, and then imagine that empty space being the only one apart from the "compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake". Now imagine, the game unfolding... what will happend? The "compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake" will reach the end and the head of the snake will find its tale and lose the game becuase there is an empty space somewhere else... This means, that there is always a probability in what an empty space will not get a "food" in time before the head of the snake eats its tale and therefore losing the game. I think that given a higher board that probabiity will increase logarithmically beggining on a very small one. This happends because For the same area of the "compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake" there will be an higher distance to travell untill the snake gets to the empty space. This is actually the same as to say: there will be in expected value more empty spaces and the "compact closed space in between the head and tail of the snake" will be on expected value a higher area. This makes it more likely that the snake will survive at a given point i.e. more likely that a "food" will go into an empty space before the snake heads meet its tale. However, despite being more likely to survive at a "given point" there will be a proportionally to the boards area more instances where the snake has to survive at a "given point". When we combine this 2 factores we get that the chances of losing the game with an imperfect algorithm of this sort will increase logarithmically as the area of the board increases.

  54. Jake THE J FAM


  55. Ali Al Saadi


  56. JKen

    Lol thats not Even fast

  57. Yes hello, what?


  58. Andrew

    This would make a fantastic screensaver...

  59. sanjay nagarimadugu

    I'm currently doing a machine learning course and I was wondering whether this classifies as supervised or unsupervised learning

  60. Brian Jones

    When I went down the rabbit hole with this game, my strategy revolved around one simple restiction: choose a direction (in my case, up) and never move in that direction. A consequence of this is that the largest tiles end up on one face, similar to your "top left for highest value block" strategy. I wonder how the AI would do with this restriction in direction. Edit: 2048 became an easy target, if I recall correctly, 8192 was the max I reached before throwing the game in my "NEVER TOUCH AGAIN" category.

  61. Simon Schwartz

    Do enigma machine #2

  62. Red Dragon

    6:12 Everyone: Needs that

  63. zer0flag

    6:35 Gopnik creature

  64. Ghost 505

    What code language is used??

  65. Tinny Bailey

    Just tell the A.I to reviews scramble

  66. jef

    print('hello world') I CREATED A PERFECT HELLO WORLD AI!!!!

  67. Adam Smith

    My hand will be badly shredded if I touch it during solving :))

  68. Eóin Ó hIcí

    "Hey I'm taking a photo, look candid!" 7:49

  69. Rest in peace

    He or she? Those are definitely 14 year old boys doing 360 noscopes.

  70. Filthy Greedy YouTube Executive

    A person was literally murdered over this game

  71. Feyre Chiras

    im actually embarressingly good at Piano Tiles and can play easily at around the 900 points mark, struggle around the 1200 mark tho.

  72. JXPD

    but can it do the Nürburgring?

  73. alangalt

    I guess it's really unbreakable huh

  74. Emily An

    Then: "I don't wanna apologize as that's kind of becoming my new intro now" Now: "Hey guys, it's been a while..."

    1. j


  75. Donato Aloshious

    +%50 male viewers

  76. fryloc359

    You should hear the questions my six year old is asking. Is he real? Where are his eyes? Where does he live? And so on.

  77. Ákos Körmendi

    1:25 Replay button for Henry

  78. Kamil Gortat

    Pls sub to me

  79. Frontier Dustice

    3:30 when you didn’t install Counter Strike: Source

  80. Roman Yatsenko

    I love your videos, by why you always recreate games and never use a real game, theoretically, you could use computer vision to pare game data...

  81. Techno Pro

    If you pause at 2:12 it says shoot some fers

  82. lostamongmillers


    1. Emily An

      i lost it at the dicks without legs

  83. fryloc359

    I know nothing about coding or programming, but I find thin interesting and highly entertaining.

  84. Luơng Trường Hoàng

    So this is how lmaobox look like

  85. Боженька иисусович

    NOselr: *talking* My translate: @[email protected] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidontunderstandanythingohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhesaysfuckoooooooooooooohesorudeooooooooooooowhatanbadnorussianpeoplesoooooooooofuckenglishhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooheistvwhatashitoooooooooorussiatgebestfuckenglishyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  86. FaceoDeath Haxaw

    this entire video is on crack and i love it

  87. Flap Jack

    Imagine playing 2048 in the year 2048

  88. Trogargy Boi

    Me and the boys at the beginning of hide and seek trying to find a spot 9:52

  89. ROSCOE 1600

    7:53 me in gym class

  90. Flap Jack

    "we just hit 500,000!" Me- cool! How much are you at now? *2.02M subscribers Me- oh

  91. Dingo Days

    2 years later: still waiting.

  92. KAXZS

    A.I. certified

  93. Shadow Crimson

    It cheated somehow

  94. Tobi Kuik

    Sub to pewdiepieeeeee

  95. Mega Adamer


  96. CrafterJunkie

    Make a Video using Microsofts DirectML (Direct Mashine Lerning). I don't know much about DML but i think it could make for an interresting Video!

  97. Danny Zolp

    It’s April fools.. he might upload part 2 and change it to a 3 parter

  98. Errenium

    Congratulations to the one that came last.

  99. Crimson Blade

    Ai was lonely needed a Gunman for a friend was like "HEY GIVE ME A FRIEND!" "wait your giving me a chance to buy stuff for myself? FUCK YEAH! buy a friend."