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  1. Pain & Hope

    What i know He will return because for a purpose that god sent him to kill the antichrist and antichrist will stay for 40 days in the earth , god gaved him if i can say super power for now he is in island bermuda triangle but to be honnest i don't know if that's 100% true he is in bermuda and a second thing that i know jesus will break the cross because jesus didn't said i'm god, no need yo say more

  2. Shalom Mangweza

    Christianity ✝️ just try it I know you been thinking about it just do it✝️god bless

  3. Melissa Welch

    Paul is the enemy

  4. LunaItalia AJ

    That voice lmao “..No, don’t do it, you can’t do it.. I’m dead 💀💀

  5. Kar Kar

    All people who believe in Islam will die in hell , coz Islam is a religion of hatred and violence, "PERIOD" The world is the witness. ISLAM equals 👉 to 😠😬😤😡😈👻👹👺👽👾😱👿💀👎👎👎

  6. Mary S

    I just read that Iblis was not an angel as many believe if you read surah kahf I believe and many others iblis stated he was made of fire so he must have been of the jinn meaning he had free will I look at Allah as a parent in a way that if our parents know we will do bad they still hope the best in us because they love us and there are things we do not know I think since allah knows how everything will turn out we do not and there are things we cannot understand. Trying to understand our creator is wrong because Allah is so much better and powerful than us and anything we cant begin to understand. Allah begins where our imagination ends as does most of what islam teaches. Allah gives us more than what we deserve. We have messed this world up not Allah. Allah keeps giving and we keep taking. I wish as many humans as possible get into heaven but even if there wasnt a heaven how many people would then do good deeds knowing they wont get rewarded or punished ? Allah forgive us all and I hope sinners can realize the impact of their sins even if there wasnt a hell to scare them.

  7. Matthew Price

    How do I find you

  8. Lari


  9. Riyaz Mark

    Best heart taching voice Allah hooakbar

  10. suneel bhatti

    you follow arabian culture or islamic culture.

  11. Abrar Baba

    Lanat of Allah on you

  12. Shaphrang Nongrum

    I do not subscribe to his idology, he is not answering the question positvely

  13. David Lynch

    Wat crap

  14. hassnain G

    Wtf is that a reply of the question hahahahhahah wow sunnis r really ilaterate

  15. Alhaji BB

    Good of our blood brother.

  16. park jiminie

    everytime i listen to Quran i just dont feel relaxed... no matter how hard i try to feel relaxed i just can't. just now i was scrolling thru some tiktoks and found one with Quran, every time i find a video like that i just feel like ignoring it but i just can't so i end up listening to the rest of the audio(Quran) but i don't feel relaxed..?? i really need help, i only feel kind of relaxed when im so sleepy and listen to Quran but the rest i just dont feel relaxed at all its like my heart is heavy everytime i listen to Quran..

  17. Maria Abimbola

    Shakespeare wasn't a prophet, so he wasn't required to have moral standards. Mohammed on the other hand claimed to be "god prophet" so he was supposed to be morally upright and not raping 9 yr olds that was old enough to be his grand daughter and sleeping in anything in a hijab. But I've learnt from the past that Muslims hate the truth and will always defend their sick prophet.

  18. javed iqbal Khan

    Mohammed Hijab love you bro

  19. Lynn Quinn

    He is very devious, what a load of Bullshit, he is one really good liar. My wife does not want me to. Utter shite. Racist extremist. Hidden agendi. He has no respect. May God judge. Shame on those inferior liars.

  20. Wally Erasmus

    Mohammed.... Pieces of shit be upon him.. False prophet to a false god..

  21. Wally Erasmus

    Mohammed..... Pieces of shit be upon him. False prophet to a false god...

  22. Wally Erasmus

    Mohammed....... Pieces of shit be upon him.....

  23. henry michael

    Lolx which one is hintin at?

  24. Vineet George

    It means a Jew not necessary to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim....

  25. Expose the Truth

    Muhammad consummated the marrige with aisha when she was 9. if you muslims are ashmed of your religion leave your religion.

  26. M. Noor Ahmed

    M a teacher n For me is very difficult to offer namaz even at my home due to heavy work at school given to me the stress of school make me to sleep..m afraid of Allah

  27. Dumarland Tv

    I don’t believe this and I don’t accept this

  28. Zahid Ibn Dean Wolfe

    You can't understand something when you're only goal is to attack it. Alhamdulillah for Islam and may Allah subhan wa ta'ala give us understanding.

  29. james mardi

    Actually islam is bullshit because it astray you from God.

  30. james mardi

    Lord, forgive him, for what he say, he does not know.

  31. Andrew

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  32. unkown Anonymous

    Any Jew who thinks that Jesus isn’t the messiah needs to read and study Isaiah 53 in the Torah Jesus fulfilled the Torah prophecies to the letter.

  33. Kahzi Btw

    I have a question will Allah punish Hindus btw im Muslim but I just wanna know

  34. Rakesh bhatia

    I am ex Hindu. I believe Jesus Christ is son of God.

  35. Lubica Kuzmova


  36. sheba

    Not entertaining the Ridiculous and ignorant insults and claims by the Jews and Christians rather I’m just going to drop Quran versus the truth.. and let them take it. For all those who are to come visit the comment section :)

  37. sheba

    • Sahih International: And they say, "None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a Christian." That is [merely] their wishful thinking, Say, "Produce your proof, if you should be truthful." (111) 2:111 Al-Baqarah, Ayah 111 - • Sahih International: Yes [on the contrary], whoever submits his face in Islam to Allah while being a doer of good will have his reward with his Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (112) 2:112 Al-Baqarah, Ayah 112 - • Sahih International: The Jews say "The Christians have nothing [true] to stand on," and the Christians say, "The Jews have nothing to stand on," although they [both] recite the Scripture. Thus the polytheists speak the same as their words. But Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that over which they used to differ. (113) 2:113 Al-Baqarah, Ayah 113 -

  38. S K

    MashaAllah wonderful talk

  39. nasima sultana

    allah save us from the torment of the grave

  40. Vicky Anthony

    How could you defend pedo Mo there age difference between Aisha and Mo was fuckin 40+ of age..this is so fucked up

  41. 4lf.r4j4

    i think humza has learnt from his mistakes and now has a message at the end to encourage people to be good

  42. kurotsuya

    We really need more great people like her

  43. kurotsuya

    This is great content 😂

  44. World Citizen

    Wherever there are people from the religion of peace , problem ( pseudo human rights violation) is definitely present there. May peace prevail in the world without the people from "The religion of peace". Inshallah

  45. Ashu Redi

    Mash Allah

  46. Vijay Malleta

    How would muslims believe that a man can fly on a winged horse to heaven

  47. Vijay Malleta

    Its better than a belief that going to heaven and getting 72 virgins

  48. Vijay Malleta

    How true is islam if a prophet can split the moon

  49. Sabiya Ansari


  50. Kifayatullah Khan

    Well said

  51. Giovanni P

    If you think that if an old man (55 years old) has sexual intercourse with a child of 9, then he is a pervert, please click like.

  52. Guide504

    I have a wonderful and meaningful life full of hardship and joy and I celebrate and study this amazing existence.... My only problem is I cannot find God anywhere. It is lucky that so far I have not needed God as after all which one should I choose. The only thing common to us all is the need to believe in something, if we respected and believed in ourselves we would not need to fight over who's God is the greatest. Would you slay your brothers and sisters if they preferred superman to your spiderman. No.. Lets all grow up and evolve past the need for religion to give sucre in our existential crisis and draw comfort and security from each other.

  53. Guide504

    He sounds like a child making excuses when caught in a fabrication.

  54. Lubica Kuzmova


  55. Frag Mich

    Allahu akbar Those guys are Surely of those who will burn if they do not repent. Talking about Haram and Halal without any knowledge of their Religion. By Allah those peoples answers are terrible. Any Single Muslime with Basic knowledge knows that sufis do not consider Music Halal rather they consider it to be Haram. At First and foremost, what Kind of music are we talking about? Sendondly, if the music consists of something which is Haram auch as man and women Dancing together, woman which are Swinging, or certain Instruments which are prohibated in Islam Then it would be Haram according to the majority of the scholars (Not all Instruments are Haram, there is disagreement) Thirdly, sufis do not use Instruments when they are reciting a poem or nasheed ect.

    1. Frag Mich

      Going Back to the third points By saying they do not use Instruments I mean by it Instruments which are clearly prohibited by consus ect. And of course there are some people who claim to be sufis but have no knowledge and do certain things which are clearly prohibited. But the majority is on the right Path.

  56. Asad Doha

    I do not understand ...can u translate til english plz

  57. Marius Covaciu

    Because Jesus resurrected and rised up to the Father and Muhammad it was only human and a false prophet.

  58. tecktack

    What kind of an answer is this???!!!you didn't answer

  59. MisterTracks

    awesome content

  60. MisterTracks

    lovely stuff

  61. Bass Town Ncs

    amazing content

    1. Recitation to Hear


  62. Recitation to Hear

    *May Allah guide us and guide them* See my vids..

  63. Samuel John kuwu

    It is not mentioned in the Qur'an, Muhammad read it from the Holly Bible,

  64. Slayer

    This is fucking disgusting.

  65. Redwanul Laskar

    For those that take heed, The Almighty promises: Your every need, Will be supported; Your every deed, Will be recorded; Strict adherence to the abrahamic creed, Shall be rewarded; You may sweat, cry or even bleed, But again. Take heed; Good deeds are obsolete, Without 'this' Abrahamic creed. So take heed: Those who believe good is defined only through good deeds, Without the monotheistic creed, Your deeds are as hollow as a child neglecting their parents needs; Although the Almighty is far greater and not at all in need, Of your supposed deeds; Without the purpose of such a creed, Your deeds are but misdeeds; Telling yourself it is a good life that you lead, All the while it is but your ego that you feed.

  66. Fartun Awil

    Masha Allah bro kamal . May Allah increase your eloquence.

  67. furtfurt you're a Salafi, until the political winds change direction.

  68. Jompa Bompa

    Man.. What a psychopathic monster Mohammed was, no wonder Muslims are so violent today if their prophet was a devil.

  69. jan mxa

    Too much Taqiya!

  70. Emmanuelle Tabernacle

    Why peaple who dont know who is JESUS CHRIST talk. ...a lot...

  71. Nengneichin Sitlhoud

    He dn't asked about relationships between Mohammad and Ayesha the question is why did Mohammad marry Ayesha at a very young age? Still no


    *Look..!! Mohammed Hijab is just a DEVIL, like his Prophet 😂🤣🤣*

  73. M.b.muhammed Bava

    If anyone wants to get the full benefits of the reading the QURAN he must understand the meaning of the QURAN and has to practise accordingly.

  74. nicerah1

    Jazakallah khair... this video helps me so much. Now, in sha Allah (swt), my motivation is to think that my home is Jannah and for me to get there, I need to work hard to be a good Muslimah, one who pleases Allah (swt). That is my goal, to be in Jannah so I can see Allah (swt) and I can ask Him to fulfill my wish and that is to be with my mom, my dad and my sister and my loved ones including my cats. I am tired of chasing the dunya, working more than 8 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week, I am tired of taking all educational degrees in the world, coz I wont never be satisfied, it won't end, my crave for job status, salary, nice clothes, material things will never end. I realized that the real measurement is not the academic degree we have, not the job position we have, not the house, business or cars but how we FULFILL OUR SALAH, HOW WE FAST (VOLUNTARY, INVOLUNTARY), HOW WE FULFILL THE COMMANDS OF ALLAH, HOW WE BEAR PATIENCE TO PEOPLE AROUND US AND ALL HARDSHIPS AND SUFFERING, AND HOW GOOD WE ARE TO PEOPLE AND ANIMALS AND ALL CREATIONS OF ALLAH... ---> these are the criteria on how to evaluate ourselves (and not the worldly achievements), if these are all fulfilled, in sha Allah we will be contented, satisfied, fulfilled and happy... May Allah make us all people in JANNAH, ameen. May Allah give us ease when our souls depart from our body, may we wake up from our graves with beauty and full of light that we don't need anyone's light, may we walk the siratul mustaqim as fast as the speed of light, may the Prophet Sallalahu alayhi wassalam intercede for us, may our limbs witness for our good deeds and not be against us,.. May Allah have mercy us all and grant us the JANNAH.... AMEEN!!!

  75. Yasir khan


  76. Sanusi Fasilat


  77. hassnain G

    2:21 u said who the best people who were with prophet khulafa That is the different between shia n sunni What about people lived in house of prohet Common sense is somthing which this converted english man doesnt have

  78. White Straight Male Atheist Sperg

    Islam is the truth 🤪 Based on what? The fairy-tail book of Islam? No, you have to present facts and evidence to call something the truth. The Qur'an is a book of lies. You have to be a retard to believe it.

  79. dr.robert d. lucas

    You are living in the west. Obey our rules or go back to Muslim countries.

  80. hellknight

    Loony you a failed noob, what about the 14, 15 year olds going through puberty ? Rofl no wonder u joined this cult, you a dumb fool. Also scientifically it’s”normal” go pick up a book of knowledge and stop fronting, seriously

  81. Camara Saidouba



    I wonder what Islam says about why God in Scripture instituted the practice of substitutionary sacrifice. Is it because sin is costly, that it earns death, or because God can just forgive and overlook sin with no measure of justice to display the reality and severity of betraying God through sin. “Better” is a pretty weak, non-theological term to measure truth by. The question should be, which makes better sense of God’s nature as just, holy, and loving? Because God is just, sin is always to result in recompense. Because He is holy, He must never affirm or welcome sin. Because He is loving, He will bear the penalty Himself. Which one is “better,” a God who does nothing to show his love for sinners or a God who demonstrates His love in the greatest way?

  83. Amir Baraki

    Same god, manifesting in 3 different ways. Your argument is invalid, it's like saying you believe in millions of gods because god is not only running the universe, but is listening/guiding millions of Muslims here on earth. Same god, everywhere at once. I know it's hard for you to comprehend, but god can multi-task to infinity if he wants to. God has no limits. For the record I'm not Christian so please don't use the argument, "Well the bible makes no sense and is corrupted, yada yada.."

  84. E.S Raj

    How jesus will follower of that person who cant even give "NIJAAD"...!!! Infact to know what NEW given by tge Muhammed to world ? Torah-Turaith-Old Testament were already present. To fulfill prophesy, he died .. if you ignore this then everything will be ignored.

  85. Ishie

    P Diddy really looks like he’s Somali

  86. New One

    They got a point. N I like music and got me thinking

  87. aden nunow

    Mansha allah nice day for the day u coming Muslim

  88. kralj

    Pig pig muhamed

  89. Carl Anderson

    Paul created the virgin birth when it went to Europe and yet Muslims believe in the virgin birth. The virgin birth is based on myths from past pagans.

  90. jamar no moor

    I'm not trying to deceive anyone here but can someone tell/show definitive proof of jesus

  91. Samira Ilyas

    Imam anwar al awlaki and Osama bin laden etc are got shahed they were strangling on the path of Allah but you are sitting @home and taking hot shower and judge those who left luxury life for the sake of Allah may Allah grunt the shahada the highest place in jannah

  92. Samira Ilyas

    This sheik is coconut

  93. Thor Engebretsen

    The social experiment imposed on western societies by the globalists is futile and will have a miserable result as affected citizens are driven to identify more with their ethnicity than nationality. Unfortunately those who imposed the misery will be insulated from the result. The socialist, liberal "humanists" will be the ones who suffer the most. Human nature won't be changed with political ideology.

  94. Arif Jamal

    Masahallah Subhanallah alhamdulillah Aimim 😭😭💚💚lslam zindabad

  95. TG Cofe

    Oh my God this man is lying. First of all Bible has nothing to do with Mohammed the Bible never mention about Mohammed. Jesus crusifide and rise from the dead. And Jesus say I will send you a comforter and he will show you all the truth. Also he say he will be with you forever. Are you people blind? Mohammed was died so how Jesus talk about Mohammed he will lives with you forever? Please separate BIBLE AND Quran. Because Jesus was talking about the holy spreat. And he is coming back to final judgment. He is the one. Okay wake up my peoples.

  96. kshitij pemmaraju

    to all my muslim brothers those women opressed in kashmir,syria,palestine etc who are yateem or widows with kids , dear muslimeen if your rich and bountifull b grace of ALlah(S.W.T) marry those opressed women give them beautifull lifeby releiving them from opression,slavery or tyranny inflicted upon them by tyrants, then you are in path of Sunnah give love them and give them justice equally of their proportion of share of bountifull wealth ALlah(S.W,T) gave you ,ALlah(S.W.T) has fixed Jannah for you sure! Subhanallah!!

  97. All Seeing Eye

    I believe Erdogan did finish studying at a university to become an imam. He is also a hafiz I believe.

  98. Ichrab Ali

    Maasa Allah Allah bless you. O human beings nothing guaranty except to death. May Allah protect us from all of evil ameen

  99. Klinton Kutriqi

    Is working a nurse haram? Please an answer

  100. Raamoole Hussein

    You’re the only person who can make a great life