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  1. Fishslap 33

    You have to go to teams with a tradition of developing young players, I agree. And there are teams like that in most of the big leagues. Ajax. R Sociedad, Fiorentina, Roma, West Ham, Marseille and of course Dortmund. I just shows me that he is either smart or has smart people advising him that he did this.

  2. Shrikant Ramkrishan

    If benzima plays v will loose again nd again,,v vill loose elclassico too ..100 %

  3. Marco Riganelli

    De Ligt GOAT


    Chelsea played well in the first half but gave it all up in the second. And mason mount should have been taken off and willian should have definitely been starting

  5. Sharon Cunningham


  6. Sami boi 123

    Can you take Alexander isak next time please

  7. Jayden Brady

    3-2 to barca

  8. rayne lotter

    Whos here after the match?

  9. Wtfhow

    Whoever made the deal for LVP should be promoted lol. Sold a overrated overpriced junk to Barca with super profits and prevented them from signing LVP players. And whoever made the bought Coutinho should be sacked lol.

  10. Jaguar F-Type R coupe

    Score prediction 0-0 draw

  11. Rabbi Bob

    Oblak leaving would kill Atletico

  12. Entzo Omtobento

    Years Team Apps (Gls) 1978-1981 Norwich City 90 (35) 1980 → Adelaide City (loan) 5 (3) 1981 → Adelaide City (loan) 6 (2) 1981-1982 Nottingham Forest 32 (3) 1982 → Southampton (loan) 9 (3) 1982-1985 Notts County 64 (20) 1985-1987 Brighton & Hove Albion 16 (2) 1988 Los Angeles Heat 12 (5) 1989 Edmonton Brickmen 26 (17) 1989 Manchester City 2 (0) 1989-1990 West Ham United 2 (0) 1990 Leyton Orient 5 (0) 1990 Hamilton Steelers 1991 Southall 6 (1) 1991 Toronto Blizzard ? (7) 1991 Leatherhead 1991 Newcastle United 0 (0) 1991-1993 Torquay United 41 (15) 1993 Airdrieonians 16 (5) 1993 Trelleborg 1 (0) 1993-1994 Heart of Midlothian 11 (1) 1995-1997 Atlanta Ruckus[2][3][4] 3? (2?) 1997 Miramar Rangers 18 (12) Total 365 (133) Try to recognize this player

  13. Rajarshi Dutta Gupta

    Barca 4 - Real 2 😂

  14. Mojtaba Otoukesh

    Dean you cant have mbape in real and lfc

  15. TestableMaster

    3:45 Who else laugh after watching that penalty?

  16. NeeVan

    Oblak! Best goalkeeper in the world!! Nonono you got it all wrong the best is Alisson

  17. Troy Remplakowski

    Lewandowski definitely deserved it

  18. adriana herrera


  19. philippe holland

    I didn't laugh once, guess I win

  20. Ricardo Pineda

    Fuck you 442oons I’d rather watch the champions

  21. Manuel Castro


  22. Jonah Bomett

    Coutinho to barcelona

  23. karim hari

    ZIDANE : YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT NIGGAAA HHHHHHHLLOLLL matarazi crying : mami mami i am hurt the arab man just ko me :(

  24. Banana Drama

    When you realise 442oons have given their score prediction 2 - 4

  25. Otto JK

    Finally a youtuber who uses humbled correctly

  26. ROCKY. C. S

    De ligt, hazard?

  27. Eat your cereal

    Ibra to barca, jović and hazard to real and more.

  28. Derek Morris

    I'm a bit biased but that's smart thinking on Liverpool's part. YNWA

  29. Zac TOMINSKI

    0-2 Barcelona

  30. K for the Win

    I think var just shouldnt decide offside anymore, just when the refferee makes massive mistakes. I really despite these centimeter desicions :(

  31. Mojtaba Otoukesh

    Oblack is not the best gk in the world

  32. Matthew Smith

    0:36 why has the goalie changed to Schmeichel

  33. Arturo Castillo

    Madrid 1 barcelona 0

  34. K Peres

    8:40 what he came here for

  35. Romeo Bizail

    Stupid videos

  36. Hannah Fynn

    2:1 to real

  37. Tadiwa Mafuya


  38. Bourquia Adam


  39. Holly

    bvb will have alot money .. because of sanches never for haaland, i think he cgot a 40mio transfer clause in hi contract or he would not had come so ... jaeh they will double on haaland but 40 is not much

  40. Chibueze Nwagwu

    The guy who said Messi is a fraud clearly hasn't watched football for the last 11 years cause when you say Messi is a fraud you have entered the trouble of all football fans

  41. Adam O

    Di Maria wasn't that bad at Man U

  42. Akash Chauhan

    2:58 just Ramos thing 3:18 truth af

  43. Jaheim Raheim

    I dont see anyone mention hazard what's going on you know he is a flop right 🤣

  44. John Blessed

    We all know Liverpool made Barça over pay for Coutinho, then Valverde ruined his career and the rest is history. As a Barça supporter I don't want Barça to sign anyone from Liverpool right now.

  45. Matlakala Sabone

    it going to be BAR 5-0 RMA

  46. Magnus Rifseim

    Tf, Martin had a perfect debut, just stop

  47. John Blessed

    I knew Chelsea would not beat Bayern, I just knew it 😆

  48. Dark_shadow

    2-0 for Real

  49. Jeronimo 921

    Dembele to Barca was the biggest flop. Even braithwaite had better minutes than dembele’s entire season and I’m sure he’s gonna do better than dembele has done in 3 years. #DembeleOut

  50. Aidyn Gray

    2-4 to barca

  51. Adam Keating

    I think the biggest flop was coutinho to Barca

  52. Shubham Singh

    Come on ? that's all about the Barca Napoli game ? I am a barca fan but the way Napoli kept their defensive discipline was astonishing. And they were clinical when it came to finishing it up.

  53. K '

    Just think why Benzema suddenly scores more goals when Ronaldo left?

  54. Caspar Siebel

    For me ter stegen is better than oblak

  55. Karim.

    The only point Hazard will give us

  56. Vegito Messi10

    What is amazing is that the "boring" ucl game is #3 on trending

  57. Andrija Games

    xD captions sayed is gonna be bad like Boyan Cricket

  58. Pako Mabe

    Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United!! biggest flop

  59. Josh Mundy

    You missed the laugh at 5 4

  60. Daniel Mosuro

    In what world is salah worth 150m let alone 250m!

  61. Mohamad Soukar

    No if hazard doesn’t play real would win because hazard hasn’t been doing shite

  62. James Fahy

    I think Coutinho

  63. Eaj_790


  64. Michael Marinos

    That was not fair Barca and real had to have their normal score

  65. Dls Dt Gamer

    Alexis Sanchez to man u Giroud to Chelsea

  66. Otaku senseiii

    K.walker is a better goal keeper than kepa

  67. Christian Jackson

    Premier League is overrated

  68. Potato

    Dembele. He’s always injured and cost over 100 million

  69. Code Gamer

    Alexis Sanchez Phil Jones Philippe Coutinho Kepa Arrizabalaga

  70. Claire Almen

    Don't forget that Muller was good for Bayern Munich against Chelsea

  71. no ah

    Hazard to Real

  72. Taker18 tasić


  73. ku sang lama

    Messi is the GOAT. And who ever says he is a fraud has zero knowledge about football.

  74. Shivam Sachdeva

    Who will manage Chelsea if Kepa leaves?

  75. Mauro Ramos

    1:07 I thought he said the nword

  76. bezeid zeinab


  77. Joseph Stalin


  78. Atlas Games

    Come on Matt u know Jansen is the biggest flop

  79. ELGANAINY Seif


  80. Zee Squad!

    Barça 2-1 Madrid

  81. Linus

    Should’ve had fede and de jong

  82. Henry Taylor

    Joao felix

  83. Cn Gaming Yt

    Coutinho is the biggest flop. £140 mil

  84. Joshua Wilson The Red

    When I saw the caption I thought he would say because of "Corner taken quickly ORIGI"

  85. E Chronicles

    Greatest transfer flop: Sanchez And I'm a Utd fan

  86. nightmareinblue

    I need a whole cartoon series of Suarez being himself every day. Best character ever.

  87. TrunksKenway

    I think that malcom was an even bigger flop than Di Maria... and also more expensive

  88. Reza Ramzi

    Sanchez to united is the biggest flop

  89. Sport Chaos

    I died when cortouis mocked bacas signing 😂

  90. Lukas P

    Oblak is world class don’t get me wrong but he’s not the best goalkeeper in the world wtf.. Alison and Ter Stegen might have something to say about that

  91. Charlie Welch

    Kepa + 150 mil for oblack

  92. richard william

    Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United biggest flop

  93. JAMES Nixon

    132 million for couhtino

  94. susan lynch

    Jan Oblak, best keeper in the world?!?!? Discuss.

  95. El Barcelonista

    Why Barca Lost...


    Di Maria wasn't his best at utd but Memphis depay wasn't any better

  97. ABDALLAH Ali

    Very big lie

  98. That Dude

    Last time I was this early pogba was at juventus

  99. K for the Win

    I think sanchez was even worse for manu

  100. Kingey

    biggest transfer flop.... coutinio as a liverpool fan... 😂😂😂😂😂