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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. JB

    Isn't she the girl in a lot of matt stefina's videos?

  2. lil fish

    If they made a movie I would go and check it out plus I'm 15 so I can see it agree cl8co the like

  3. Defector

    한국어 왜 없냐

  4. Joe

    Ekko is the coolest.

  5. Acidcatfreak

    It's been over a year since I've last listened to this and it's still straight fire

  6. Ok valen

    The animation of this video is making me like make my own song and it's just make my day peaceful and relaxing whenever I listen to this music 😊😊😊😃😃😃

  7. Sercan Çakmak

    Lux'un ultisini yemeyen var mı ben çok pis yedim çünkü

  8. Xuvatei

    been keeping my composure in life about everything thats happened in the past year, but watching this released it all and i cried my eyes out, for 20 min straight, it's too hard to keep it in, knowing amumu's story ;(

  9. IdoMeGusta


  10. ميترو

    Welecom to warrior's after warrior's WTF im say

  11. うんあ うん

    I think league spoiled their fans a bit, the comment section already says it:

  12. Edmund Huang

    I love how then synced Vi's punches with the beat at 1:12

  13. Caleb

    Imagine being some dev who throws their heart and soul into this and then sees it getting buried by the bean counters who couldn't spin it into being a BE-only system. I'd quit on the spot tbh

  14. KimAlexis알렉시스

    En latino te espera a jugar *LoL*

  15. 원식이의 숲

    주모! 여기 국뽕 한사발이요!

  16. - αηηα -

    I never realized until now that this song was posted on my birthday

  17. Godwin Moresca

    kylan pwede down load to tlaga kuna naka regester

  18. Raymond

    I stan (G)I-DLE because of this

  19. cuckado c.


  20. Bandith

    Did my guy just legit show Jhin when he said popular champions

  21. cesar perez

    Okay look fine u want to make people pay for achievement fine but atleast like give us prestige points for completing the eternals or atleast like gemstones

  22. cesar perez

    Yassssss I always wanted to pay for achievements

  23. Nhung Nguyễn

    My là một người Việt lạc trôi giữa đám người nước ngoài 😂🤣

  24. Edward

    Eternals Explained: buy them to flex on those 9 noobs.

  25. Gabø

    Trailer se ve de lo mejor pero el juego no tiene que ver con el trailer para nada nada



  27. Arci D'Artist

    0:37 Aphelios?

  28. ByFabian YT

    Like si viniste por el mattsinlife :v

  29. super vn

    12 M like

  30. Armando Gamotan

    garen should of flashed m7 when he fell down

  31. Hoang Dieu

    the music is really good

  32. Soul

    The delay on "hear" and "announce" at the end.. First thing that comes to mind is custom announcers like in HoN and SCII

  33. Minyi Mak

    Now I feel bad for rerolling Amumu in aram.

  34. Noah Wheeler

    My Yeon girls killing it

  35. Monica Vu

    Buff luxes ult pls

  36. Møchï Yukoi 너


  37. Peter De Angelo

    “What doesn’t kill you just isn’t finished yet” my first match of Urf I got Twitch!

  38. Plasma

    1:08 Elder: Call an ambulance! Elder: But not for me!

  39. Макс

    Люкса снова втащила.....

  40. Rikke Music

    Ta, mas e o client?

  41. Streetlamp Le’moose

    His voice actor was at this convention a few days ago and now I love Aurelion

  42. Geo Knight

    after 15 years..they remembered?

  43. Trung Crafter

    Still can't believe that yi is that fed that he didn't even need to use q to kill zed

  44. TonoAlpha

    Just noticed that through all of this Ezreal and Kai’sa are struggling with Malzahar’s W

  45. Poxaz Pro

    Como Neeko se pudo transformar en Xayah si era del team rival y como Rakan le pudo pegar a Xayah si LoL no tiene Friendly Fire como CSGO competitivo :0

  46. John Paul Toledo

    Cassiopeia eternal: Buy Boots

  47. 최정심

    자막 왜 한국어가 없죠 그리스랑 루마니아 같은 나라도 있는더.....

  48. Bronson T

    Finally. The champs I no life can finally be preached.

  49. Jianqing He

    ty youtube, recommended 8 years old video to me. I am not even play Lee Sin!

  50. Quốc Anh Nguyễn Hiền

    waiting urf back

  51. DirtyMicrowave

    Clean your lenses off guys c'mon

  52. Elin Törnquist

    Just realised that the guy is watching Get Jinxed on twitch 0:31..

  53. Xanth

    Iron Man anyone??

  54. OLYOM

    This is art


    I want a comeback....

  56. shieldofchaos

    Time to flame more!

  57. vinicius schwer

    por que a senna fois solta

  58. Porterww

    Will this include the game knowing what we did and played since season 1 or 2? Cuz I’ve been here since season 2. :)

  59. Markl _xD

    so basically its BOT LANE :D

  60. Ruen

    Imagine charging for achievements

  61. Lt. Jackass

    *sets captions to English. video: *shows Korean. WHY THANK YOU!

  62. Boodi Abed

    The graves cigar RIP

  63. truly outrageous

    Jesus, not even EA would go as far as to make people pay for achievements, and call it something else....oh wait!!

  64. Markl _xD

    now i dont know whats which one is better. her or soyeon's legs :/

  65. Gikle

    It’s a cool idea but... don’t make it cost rp riot, its just paid achievements

  66. Bambi Hambi

    I very like tank champion so this and sett is my most favs

  67. João Gabriel Lemke Cancellieri

    Ahriana Grande...

  68. ねいら


  69. Ghanou Lahbib

    worlds is the best esports event

  70. 이아니스

    He is a 'KOREAN'


    Que cinematografica tan buena. 10/10

  72. Locke Cole

    Hard pass on paying any RP for those lmao.

  73. mika shisuka

    this Ahri is a lot more better than the other one

  74. Realkorti

    i love 1:34 vi almost whispering "no....."

  75. Fortnite Irmãos

    lol e mt bom

  76. 야스오

    1:21초 원딜없이바론치기

  77. 코카콜라

    카이사 원딜 아칼리 탑 이블린 정글 아리 미드 그러므로 ㅈㄱㅊㅇ

  78. 대 딱

    가렌 어좁이였네

  79. Zach R

    How is riot gonna be the best company ever

  80. Miguel Lozano

    yasuo int report pls

  81. Colonel Frontline

    We all know what you came for - 0:50

  82. Cameron Payne

    So we just gonna ignore that Yasuo just killed a bunch of background dancers with his Q?

  83. Arturo Valero

    i love is amumu xd

  84. Jessica Foley

    wait since when can she shapeshift am i missing something

  85. QWERTY123 PL


  86. Realkorti

    3:58 still asking myself if these hands are animated or just real pentakill play

  87. Kai GachaGirl

    Which version is better *2WEI and Edda Hayes* - Like *Imagine Dragons* - Comment Have a nice day :3

  88. Neko Marc

    maybe they should rework this spotlight....

  89. Jon X


  90. Reprovei de Ano

    Cinematic:NICE GRAPHICS In game: ;-;

  91. Neko Marc

    Yuumi the magical trash Why did she get nerfed , buffed , nerfed , buffed and and .... i had a yuumi that 1 shooted someone with her q xD

  92. Polinzge _

    11:05 wtf is wrong with this guy??

  93. atomskShadox

    Adcs in my elo 0:31

  94. Tien Huynh

    Player : I don't want to pay rp for this Riot : so you can get it with blue essence Player : nice Riot : but it base set and the premium need to pay rp and it better

  95. kyle ThE GaMeR


  96. TigerKirby215

    Furry Dad

  97. Divlji Čopor


    1. Hady Prof.

      Divlji Čopor trash servers +1

  98. 相楽みき


  99. thejwvariety

    I’m just gonna say it: this song/mv is great, but it deserved better choreography