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Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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  1. Xerxès Darios

    Simone Giertz is a confirmed floor gang XD

  2. resident simon

    why are you locked in a bathroom? you talking to me? maybe you should try getting a job. ok, where? majestic 12. maybe you should join majestic 12, in a body bag.

  3. Ava Hope-Kinton

    When you scratched her ear, the way her nub moved in happiness made me awe out loud

  4. grifbot

    I LOVE SCRAPS...... my cat is missing that same hind leg and his little nub shakes when i scratch his right ear!!!

  5. Cthary

    6:49 i am not a car person... but that hurts even my soul !

  6. CPSY T100 Awesome song 😎

  7. Gintaute Gintautaite

    This challange be hitting different in 2020

  8. Arnat Vale

    My first dog lost his rear leg from cancer and lived a long & happy for over 14 years. 💖💖💖

  9. Cthary

    Simone: "Im in it for the name" Me: "Lampon ?" Simone: "Lampon..." yeah soooo... currently trying to find an excuse to change continens so i could accidentally stalk you... wow that seems healthy xD

  10. Kog Kendragon

    Tripod Doggo Owners Unite!

  11. Anurag Agarwal

    I just realized that I will run out of simone videos to watch eventually 😔

  12. Hippokrátēs Ἡρακλείδης

    Get will soon u beautiful being.

  13. Forsaken Potato

    I would die for scraps

  14. ShitTalker SkyWalker

    I love you Simone

  15. JimsEquipmentShed

    Just so you know, unlike human kids, dogs never move out. ;-) Scraps is super cute, congratulations. My Yorkie TerribleTed would approve.

  16. Kevin Nester

    Build him a leg!

  17. Beautiful Pollution

    This video reminds me of the movie Tusk lol.

  18. Perfectdarkqc

    12:40 my heart melted T_T

  19. pyrotfd

    Next year: Doggo gets a cyberleg! :D

  20. crustielandroxx333

    HOW is this a 14 min video? It really shouldn't be. Informationally, it doesn't need it.

  21. Jonas Hultgren

    Prata svenska Simone!

  22. Isaac Guysaac

    this has strong franklin institute vibes

  23. AndyofCT


  24. Mark


  25. Tania Maria

    I have decided to stan



  27. taintedpills

    whatever she makes it always makes me thing of movies like Burton's, Matilda, Coraline, etc. - they are so strange and lovely at the same time

  28. Cthary

    1:18 uff... thankfully i first found your Scraps announcement or i would feel bad :P Ok second video of you i have seen... when you said "need to scout a mans voice" i thougth of Adam... awesome xD

  29. Matt Teee

    I wish more people would get a dog instead of getting pregnant. Especially rescues.

  30. Difixed

    How does the plane not overspeed?

  31. HarpothekidRS

    Omg scraps must be protected at ALL costs

  32. Brad Coleman

    Good dog!

  33. Daniel Carelli

    omgz little white tripod! I has a little white tripod! They are best doggos.

  34. n4rzul

    4:55 Waaaaaait a minute... Isn't that one of Mei 's\Junkrat's voice lines in Overwatch???

  35. Ryan Hellyer

    Holy crap! This showed up in my recommended list just now and I almost had a heart attack! Glad to see Brian hasn't returned and NOsel is just being weird again.

  36. Mr. Nameless

    I’m disappointed Elon didn’t comment

  37. Z

    My grandmum also got a shelter dog that has 3 legs. They are so sweet!!!

  38. Kenneth McKlinski

    What a wonderful addition Scraps is to have around - great asthetic and character in that pup! :D

  39. Vern Scheck

    Go fishing first. With a friend who fishes.

  40. The Ruined Drone

    You video do make me smile, good to see you doing well. What a cool little doggie :) We been thinking the same during this lockdown, been over a year since our last dog passed on, and they definitely bring something good to a home that i miss. :)

  41. Sean Palmer

    This dog is amazing :)

  42. Vern Scheck

    Shooting a compound bow with peep sight makes hunting easier but not always.

  43. Vern Scheck

    How about something can hunt for you as well

  44. Vern Scheck

    You don't necessarily have to get up early to fish.

  45. Vern Scheck

    I hope you eat any fish that you keep.

  46. Burken Productions

    Hahaa the C-word. Fan va roligt :)

  47. Sama

    1:02 TRUCKLA with CYBERTRUCK behind

  48. Béatrice Robidoux

    I legit would use the ceo bouncy chair

  49. Deer Bones

    The markings on her stump look like a paw print to me ;_; so cute.

  50. K0PSTL


  51. Vianney Foglizzo

    Just the title made me like the video!

  52. Matt Berg

    Dogs have no concept of missing parts if they are still able to get around. Adopt adopt adopt

  53. Billy Reynolds

    Christ I hate it when this video gets suggested again! There's no date in the title.

  54. alvaro pereira de oliveira

    Cool song

  55. Thomas Puckett

    Reminds me of the work bee used in Star Trek The Motion Picture. Down to the colour too. lol

  56. Adrienne Powell

    i used to have a three legged dog we called her tripod

  57. DaBlondDude

    Scraps is adorable. Never heard of Tick Tock, do I even want to know what that is?

  58. Peter Werle


  59. JP dJ

    Humans can go to dog training class? What did you learn?

  60. ChoralAlchemist

    Honestly, hearing “you’re doing great and I’m proud of you” from Simone is exactly what I needed. Thanks.

  61. aspeniv

    Hey I'm a dog trainer, if you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to me if love to help.

  62. Eric Bonanno

    "I outsourced myself to a branch" Why haven't I ever thought of that in two decades? Or maybe I have?

  63. Katana Seiko

    Simone "So this is Scraps" Me (waking up): "Why 'scraps'?" Scraps: *jumps towards camera* Me: "Ohh.." Still, very adorable. Both of them.

  64. Stryva1

    Proud of you daughter

  65. Reinier Gispen

    ah, yes. the ancient proverb: världen är din ostron, när du är en affärs-mantis-räka...

  66. Me

    This isn't the shitty stuff I subscribed for! You're too good!

  67. ZiasZ Nebulous

    Awwwww men that was so fun who had ever experience a no gravity and you playing with it me? I wanna try that too

  68. Alex Silkstone

    can’t believe i’ve been subscribed for a while 2 years now. i love dogs :’))

  69. CrowTag Berdi

    Oh my fucking God, she is the cutest 😍

  70. Ben Olson

    who wouldn't large numbers of unsolicited doggo facts/pics

  71. KingKloo100

    the end was just awesome

  72. Stella Youngs

    At 4:23 literally reminded me about how my dog always barks at the sofa and I’m like there’s nothing there, look a little harder and there’s another bone 🦴😂

  73. Dragos Barbu

    Where is now 😫?

  74. voodoochile333

    You are a man?

  75. CT-5342

    Hmm...lemme guess. Your pregnant...but...this is just you trying to cover that up with something that is basically a child :3

  76. Emma Sutton

    Ok but she is so happy about life you’re such a good owner

  77. Bill Brinkmoeller

    Yay, Commander Scraps! She's off-the-scale cute, and even smarter than that! Congratulations, Simone. She obviously loves you.

  78. Amelia de Farias

    *gasp* a fur baby?

  79. marc gaskell

    If your dog is eating shit its generally because she's lacking nutrition. change her diet and she will normally stop this habit.

  80. jennasaurusRAWR

    I’ve never seen this channel before but clearly NOsel gets that I like heartwarming puppo videos 🤣 Scraps is utterly gorgeous and has so much personality! I wish you both a long a beautiful friendship ❤️

  81. yo memes

    MAKE HER A LEG PLEAZE LIKE A WHEEL LEG please it would be cook

  82. Wannageering

    You 2 are adorable!

  83. Mark Munro

    Hi Simone. What were seals doing up a mountain in Scotland?

  84. Махник Ігор

    This is literally a dog from Rick and Morty

  85. Bryan Deacon


  86. IamNinjaDodo

    good doggie

  87. tim walsh

    #congresspassubi or remove them.

  88. E Williams

    Hell yeah bad snacks

  89. pinebearclub

    I just came upon your channel by accident two days ago, and I love the content! Unfortunately, my name is Bryan and I’m 51 years old with a hearing/balance disability. I’ve been through two ear surgeries that made me completely deaf for over a month. I’ve had countless MRI scans and the specialist still doesn’t know why I lose my hearing. My advice to you is continue to do what you’re doing. Surround yourself with positive people and be an inspiration to those around you. My faith in God also helped me get through those lonely dark days. I understand you Simone, and I love you for being bold and courageous about this. Keep your head up and continue with that beautiful smile of yours! Much love and prayers from Vancouver

  90. Alpha K Body

    i think she’s my dream wife

  91. Able Kitten

    That hat. YOU GOT IT!!!!

  92. Tomás Martinez-nauman

    I like how she turns away from the tank when she gags if it was me I would try and throw up in the septic tank

  93. Sheldon Legg

    Well RIP the Tesla in the video

  94. SniperCipher _ThatAnimeWeabooo

    So I’m pregnant

  95. Triggered Duck

    i haven’t watched the video yet, i’m guessing she’s gonna be pregnant

  96. Feliadoye AmunRa

    Watching you waste that much toilet paper is the biggest flex of 2020.

  97. Deanna the Most

    I dont understand the dislikes

  98. DevolutionEX

    robotic replacement leg when?

  99. Michael Shit cunt

    get pregnant

  100. Gareth Baus

    And the fact that this is feasible is why the model 3 is awesome you can buy a car online for a fairly normal new car price and it just so happens to be electric with good enough range and power to use it as the basis for a pickup truck like vehicle. FYI I think I just discovered this channel for the first time this evening and it looks interesting.