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  1. Bob ap Bob

    Ft Bragg, one of the biggest military bases is named for probably the worst general in American history.

  2. Azriel Jale

    A nation where "my weight is my choice" fat acceptance is a thing, does not deserve, nor it can sustain universal healthcare. Dont look at the right, dont look at the left, look up, the only way universal healthcare is viable, is when 50% of nation dont need stomach bypass and diabetes treatment. Universal healthcare is a safety net, not a buffet, when america geta fit, universal healthcare becomes viable and cheap. I aint paying for some fatty to gourge itself on shit and destroy its body, asking for this treatment and that treatment....

  3. Ray J

    well played,Oliver. orz

  4. Sean Lann

    Showing Dallas Keuchel in Astros uniform may not be the best idea right at the moment

  5. 72marshflower15

    And geico commercials “Gone!”

  6. zoeynot101

    I have a question for pro-choice. Say there is this woman you know who, for the longest time couldn't conceive for a while and eventually, through years of effort, got pregnant. Then halfway through, miscarried, leaving her deviated, what do you say to comfort her, since according to your logic and reasoning, it's not a baby?

  7. Someone Somewhere

  8. Someone Somewhere

    This isn't accurate. There is no doubt it could not only be paid for, but would SAVE money. A very recent, exhaustive study, from Yale showed that $450 million would be saved each year, and so would 68,000 lives. We have the most expensive health care in the industrialized world, with the worst outcomes. These are recorded facts, documented over and over again. And here's someone from Yale talking about the study. Bernie is right.

  9. Mike Morrison

    I'm from Williamsport, PA, and holy shit, that was awesome to see my town's newspaper get riffed on! 😂

  10. chris darcy

    Hey John, Regular car dealers operate in this same manner. I have a friend who leased a car from Toyota and ended up owing thousands of dollars as he defaulted 2 years into his 3 year lease. ALL car financing is a scam and unfair as vehicle depreciation forces people to be upside down on their car loan for years until the car is almost paid off.

  11. Rhodesians Never Die

    I think that if we the U.S would start taxing items such as Sugar, Porn and drugs more I think we could afford healthcare.

  12. Candycanes02

    I came to the US for higher Ed 5 years ago, and I've not gone to the hospital for any disease (luckily mine have been stomachaches, common colds, asthma attacks- stuff I could relatively safely try do deal on my own). I've only gone a few times to get a flu shot. Reason? I'm not 100% sure how my insurance works, and I'm afraid I'll get f*cked by going to the wrong hospital or the wrong doctor. I came for studies and it's been a great experience, but (fortunately for Americans, probably) I'll return to my home country where they have universal healthcare when I'm done.

  13. Marion Delgado

    Aside the jokes:

  14. Phoebe Armstrong

    Huckabee is a douchbag

  15. tori2dles

    3:44 - Is that the woman whose story inspired that movie called “Unplanned?”

  16. Stats Man82

    As a health insurance professional that calculates health insurance premiums for nearly two decades in a non-profit company, he doesn't even scratch the surface over what needs to be considered/changed if we transition to Medicare for all. Health Insurance companies are vilified as being the problem, and understandably so, since the health insurance premium is the end result of the aggregation of all the various systems that are involved in the cost of providing the care necessary to save lives: The wages of doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists, social workers and the education they require to train as professionals. The technology developed to research new medicines, decades long clinical studies, chemists to develop the formulas, biologists to study the effects, physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists to create CT's MRI's and other non evasive tools to accurately diagnose diseases. The impact of societal behaviors that were otherwise preventable, obesity, smoking, gun violence, unsafe sex practices, and other risky behaviors. The effect of taxes and regulations required to (try to) ensure fair and equitable treatment. Fraud, waste, and abuse that happens far more often than we all actually know. An most importantly, the cost of the unknown, our inability to project the future accurately, as to who will have the next heart attack, be a next victim of a shooting, contract a deadly incurable strain of disease no one has heard of (coronavirus), or have an unfortunate stroke of bad luck inheriting a genetic condition like hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, or angioedema. Will single payer medicare for all work in the U.S.? It might, but the ironic reality is that the other systems in Canada, Sweden, and UK that we look to as inspiration for a universal system depend partly on the way the U.S. health care system works today. The U.S. is by far the single biggest contributor to health care advancement, and like Oliver says, that advancement will suffer under a single payor system, and that will spread to other country's systems. We laugh at the 32 trillion dollar estimate, but 1/12 of GDP or roughly 1-1.5 trillion dollars is private healthcare spending in the U.S, There just isn't enough rich people to tax to pay that bill every year. Should we try though? My heart says yes, but my brain says no. After two decades, I still have this same answer. I should switch jobs and become a rodeo clown.

  17. t v

    Elect Sanders or all life on Earth perishes. That is not a threat.

  18. Tensai55

    I realize I'm only 34, so my workplace experiences probably aren't as much as the guy that asked if he was allowed to hug his female coworkers (he's probably what, 50?). But there has only been one occasion when I've had a boss come anywhere near close to hugging me - when my mother texted me while I was at work to inform me that my great grandmother died (mom of the year, I know). Even then, it was a side hug of the kind that would put the most uptight purity culture Christians to shame. There was absolutely nothing inappropriate about it at all and it was much needed comfort at the time. He also gave me plenty of time and space to pull away and prevent him from touching me altogether. Ofc, that was also the same boss that took my complaint of another coworker sexually harassing me seriously and immediately moved him to a different shift and warned him that if he heard one more complaint about the guy, he would be fired immediately. He was a good boss and I hope he's enjoying his retirement. In my experience, he was a rare gem in an otherwise entirely shitty world of retail managers.

  19. totaldla

    Mick Jagger had a heart valve replacement - in the US.

  20. totaldla

    People with a working brain (not Oliver) know that the solution is to get the cost of medical services down - not change insurers. When medical care cost is in line with other goods and services, coverage won't be a problem.

  21. Lars Andersen

    Does he have children? Are they ashamed of him?

  22. Charles Jackson

    You raise my taxes up to 70% of my paycheck like other countries do to pay for there universal health care. Working for a living will not be worth it anymore. You’ll pretty much just working to pay for so called free health care tax. Guess I’ll just quit working

  23. claire bigelow

    Ayn Rand is a froot loop..she was in serious need of mental health care !!!! plus her books were boring ..and made NO sense at all......smh

  24. Riku Keyblade Master

    I know how it feels to also be publicly shamed and humiliated in many different forms due to the fact of me being a girl with a lot of terrible defects that I was born with and cant help. such as being partially blind and being accused of being transgender or autistic just because of the way I look, witch is very hurtful in my opinion and needs to be stopped! Seriously, its not my fault for any of it!

  25. Ho Pw

    In Singapore, my 85-year-old mother the first time sent to the hospital by ambulance at 9 pm, has to wait until 3 am before the hospital provides her a bed. A couple of years later, the second time she was sent by ambulance to another hospital at 6 pm, wait until the following day at 3 pm for a bed.

  26. Kimberly Childs

    I couldn't stand Kennedy when she was a VJ on MTV in the 90's, but didn't really know why. After seeing her on Fox News the last several years, especially the last 3 - 4 years, I'm coming to an understanding of where those feelings came from.

  27. Delbert Annis

    What would Jesus do? Oh!! Wait!! The almighty dollar has become more sacred than the word of God. Let’s not leave out pure selfishness, as a posed to being selfless like Jesus. But, I’m sure they can talk themselves out of Hell.

  28. CeBePuH

    As long as someone else pays for it

  29. Roach DoggJR

    "We are Americans, we are not socialist, we are not communist, we like choice?" What if I choose to be a socialist? I mean, I'm not, but what if I wanted? Just like some of the founding fathers.

  30. t v

    "I don't wanna pay for other peoples' healthcare" "Bit¢h, *you don't even pay for your **_own_** healthcare.* You give them the money, and then... get charged out the a$s anyway."

  31. Lilly Taggert

    Medicare only works because more people are paying into the system than use it. Even so it’s always bankrupt. So when there are more people using the system than there are paying in, how would that work?

  32. Christopher-Titus Vanderwall-Brown

    I guess they missed the Yale study showing it would cost less (See: by Democracy Now! interviewing the researcher at Yale.), the ( Political Economy Research Institute at UMass showing M4A would save $5.1 trillion over a decade, the actual numbers of the Heritage Fund study that showed it would cost less (the study tried to deny it, but their own numbers showed otherwise), and so on. #SecularTalk and #KyleKalinski are useful resources. Though apparently, the HBO team didn't bother looking these up. [facepalm] Look Everyone! It's 2016, I'm John Oliver! Let's shit on 3rd parties (#JillStein, #GreenParty, etc.) and blame Trump on them while making bullshit charges! [facepalm] Way to go, John... Where's Jon Stewart when you need him? Though, I doubt even Jon would succeed. Thank the gods/God for Jimmy Dore, et. al., & Redacted Tonight's Lee Camp (et. al.). I wonder if Oliver has a points systems for what he's permitted to say on air and each bit of "truth" is given a point, he has a lottery with the executives and then gets to to cash them in per show/per season, with the executives having final say on deleting content? I would explain a shit ton of the crap that's happened since 2016. Bleh. I came here hoping for something meaningful, but I guess the writers were asleep.

  33. Phoebe Armstrong

    These videos show that the adults are the one that needs sex education.

  34. Dave A

    Americans don't seem to understand the difference between paying a little extra in tax for health care vs enriching insurance and drug companies so we have to watch more of their fking ads on tv

  35. Yo Yo

    John's female writers are my heros

  36. Pablo Cendejas

    This is just another piece of evidence that J Oliver is a puppet of the democrat party. Boosting Buttigieg and making fun of B Sanders is as lame as it gets .

  37. Jason Theobald

    Thank you. We need more whistleblowers like you all. There are too many fat cats getting away with murder

  38. Cassidy Eckman

    Send someone back in time to tell bob Murray he shouldn’t sue

  39. paul fernandez

    As always entertaining and informative :)

  40. Brooklynn52 Dee

    Mr Oliver, Maybe you will pay for my health care! I sure hope so, I'm broke! Thanks John! I look forward to your help!

  41. Kaala Nightshade

    I currently live just above the poverty line and am without insurance because I cannot afford the premiums right now. I live in almost constant fear that something will happen and I will have to go to the doctor, which would ruin me financially. I also am a medical biller and know first hand just how broken this system is. Anything we can do to fix it, we really need to. It would transform lives.

  42. sam sul

    The United States can absolutely afford Medicare for all and free education if it only stopped warmongering around the world and spending trillions of dollars to occupy other lands

  43. Phil Johnson

    I like the NRA and I like John Oliver. Life is so full of choices and opportunities.

  44. Damian Jonsson

    Be great if they took sexual harassment against men seriously. Cause they don't.

  45. Bill Geiger

    How about a Trial in the SENATE with no WITNESSES and REPUBLICANS also refuse to believe the evidence presented plus Moscow Mitch is in cahoots with TRUMP !

  46. Beep Beep Lettuce 420

    10:49 Little did he know that peanut would die

  47. Nine Waves

    Really good segment.

  48. Corvus Strigiform

    I had to wait 6 months while cancer spread to my lymph nodes for an in network specialist I needed. We already have wait times. They act like that's new or something.

  49. Heavy Hemi

    The lady who cant afford her insuline, does she have a gofundme or anything. Same for the little kid (She has one but does anyone know what it is)?

  50. nicholas dean

    But it would also take over an industry that is already making a profit so it would be making a profit if the government wanted to charge the same price 4:50

  51. Riri Pari

    Well it is a pyramid scheme, just not an "illegal" one. 😂 He did specifically say that it wasn't an "illegal" pyramid scheme.

  52. nicholas dean

    Just watch conservatives say that and then say we need that money for military, building the wall, and also spying on our citizens 4:25

  53. nicholas dean

    Yep 1 in 3.5ish so basically 1 in 4 people can't afford the hospital 2:20

  54. AmericansForHire

    If he dies, he dies

    1. AmericansForHire

      and did he die? No Sir!

  55. sandy kitty

    john. democracy now did a great medicare for all segment on you tube done w/yale. saves450billion, 75 mill lives a year

  56. Gene Dassing

    thicc beagle

  57. Newmexicosun

    Its almost comical how people can acknowledge satan and black magic but speaking of jesus christ and the miracles that are prominent within his name is just one step off from being crazy. For those who actually scroll the internet looking for momentary happiness knowing that there is something bigger but you cant explain it. Youre one of the lucky few that know that life as we call it didnt just happen by an accident. Humans have yet to make a self replicating cell. We have yet to fully understand gravity. "Space art" is mostly composed by artists that know that a human eye cant see gamma rays, x-rays,ect. do they compose them with the most radiant colors to attract all. But yet science is stronger that christianity? Look at science theres signatures that you know who designed it. Ill give you one for the ones that read this long. A carbon atom is 6 electrons 6 protons and 6 neutrons. Its not for us to interpret as we are one with the beast no. not at all. its simple. if you look at science for reasoning your putting god out of the equation.

  58. Phil Adler

    ...Jon, I don't hate Geico commercials. I hate Geico, but that's another story.

  59. Chloe C

    Fun fact, we watched last week tonight when they talked about Harding during my ap history class

  60. Alex Mercedes

    Netflix and choice!!!! You hit the nail on the head. We just luuuuuuuuv having choices.

  61. MaceWin Dont

    I cant wait for Trump to stomp whoever u fucking idiots pick

  62. softtrade

    “But Medicare for All will take away choice!!” WRONG. You have more choice under Medicare for All than our current system, because there won’t be in-network and out-of-network plans that prevent you from receiving certain doctor or specialty care.

    1. softtrade

      And also, you have no choice as it is! Employer-provided insurance coverage changes like practically every year and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  63. Mila Yara

    people complaining about wait times aren’t doing so in good faith. People in the US WITH insurance sometimes have to wait much longer to be able to afford healthcare at all

  64. GamePapa

    In high school we had a Social Studies textbook called "Us and Them." The content is about racial intolerance, but the title for me got me thinking about the modern man's mentality. You know, the one that goes "Oh WE are not part of the Outrage Machine; THEY are!" By giving that loathsome part of ourselves a name, "The Outrage Machine", we distance ourselves from the problem and at the same can feel good about all the bad things we did. Because that's not "us" doing all the bad things; it's "them."

  65. janatical

    Thank you so much, John, for covering this. We needed Medicare for All decades ago

  66. W W

    THIRD WORLD HEALTH CARE - KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE EDITION Aasif Mandvi highlights the quality of the best health care system in the world by visiting a clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  67. mack cummy

    pfft we have more freedom in Canada.

  68. Madison Myers

    Anyone else slightly surprised every time John Oliver pronounces it "mom" as opposed to "mum"? Maybe it is just me. I'm also a British immigrant in the U.S. and I all my other British immigrant friends have always consistently pronounced it "mum" even if they have also been here for years. My head just can't get around another Brit pronouncing it "mom." This is such a stupid and small thing to be a making a bit of a thing of and it is so not a big deal at all. I dunno for some reason my brain just can't wrap around it. It just does not compute. This is so silly. Is thus happening to anyone else?

  69. mack cummy

    Poor Florida.

  70. Taryn Jay

    That part about an insurance company PAYING people to fly to Tijuana to pick up their medicines is insane. WOW what a barbaric society we live in where pharmaceutical companies can just jack up the prices whenever they feel like it.

  71. Nova Brilliant

    She is the absolute definition of miserable cunt

  72. Cal Prater

    How could you ever declare being the best country in the world when you do not care about educating your people? America could be the world leader in progression and medicine, but the conservative religious, bible thumpers are so arrogant/ignorant to the idea that they hold us back.

  73. waddap1000

    Medicare For All? No thanks, I don't want to pay for other people's health care. I like private insurance, where I pay for other people's health care AND for the salaries of bloodsucking middlemen whose entire purpose is telling me No when I need medicine.

  74. W W

    MEDICARE FOR ALL WOULD SAVE $450 BILLION ANNUALLY WHILE PREVENTING 68,000 DEATHS, NEW STUDY SHOWS [NewsWeek] The Medicare For All plan proposed by Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year and would prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, a new study shows. The analysis, conducted by researchers at Yale University, the University of Florida and the University of Maryland, found that transitioning the U.S. to a single-payer health care system would actually save an estimated $450 billion each year, with the average American family seeing about $2,400 in annual savings. The research, which was published Saturday in the medical journal The Lancet, also found that Medicare for all would prevent about 68,000 unnecessary deaths per year. "Our study is actually conservative because it doesn't factor in the lives saved among underinsured Americans-which includes anyone who nominally has insurance but has postponed or foregone care because they couldn't afford the copays and deductibles," Alison Galvani, an author of the study and researcher at the Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis at the Yale School of Public Health, told Newsweek.

  75. Jon Baglini

    Not sure anyone who posted here in support for this is willing to be taxed at 50-60%, because that's what it's going to take.....and no, raising the tax rate on the Rich isn't going to do it. Why? Because the rich aren't stupid, they'll just leave....and I remember Obamacare promising I could keep my plan and keep my doctor...lies. Government run ANYTHING is a failure waiting to happen.

  76. ChronoXShadow

    Republicans should see this. And so should people who are unsure about a national healthcare system. I'll be honest, I always thought the 3 main reasons against a universal healthcare system was simply scare tactics. Nice to see some honesty for a change. (Down in the comments) If America does adopt a Medicare For All idea, maybe Jackie Chan will want to do more stunts in the U.S. again? lol

  77. Martín Bravo

    Reminder that Mexico's "Seguro Social" is so corrupt it changed Children's Chemotherapy drugs for Kool-aid, currently has shortages on cancer treatment drugs, and other drugs, and it's considering buying all of it's drugs from the cheapest manufacturers possible on China and India, where It Will probably just buy placebos.

  78. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    If your family member was murdered 30+ years ago, would you really even care about seeing the person executed anymore? I'm not saying you would have gotten over it, but you might have moved on.

  79. Taryn Jan

    Most people in this country are born with a terrible pre-existing condition called “not being Beyoncé“ 😂

  80. Bruce King

    I wonder what would happen if we just got rid of all health insurance and doctors and hospitals went to a simple fee for service model-then healthcare providers could compete for your healthcare dollars like restaurants or hotels. You could go to McDonald's emergency room or you could go to the Four Seasons emergency room, you pick. With medicare for all we all eventually get McDonald's emergency room for The Four Seasons in taxes. Enjoy!

  81. Mune Yotsuki

    Okay, but I like bagpipes and accordions.

  82. Alistair B

    First of all thanks for taking this seriously. I feel so bad for the people in America that need help but don't get it. Second of all I appreciate that snake pun it was really funny. (I like puns and dad jokes😂)

  83. Mark Jamie

    All enjoyment of this video evaporated with the clip of Jeanine Pirro and the line, "Ruth Bader Ginsburg's successor"... the horror... the horror...

  84. mewtralhotel

    A Yale study just found that Medicare for All would SAVE $450 billion every year and save 68,000 lives per year. Costa Rica has had a higher life expectancy than the US for thirty years despite only having 1/5 our GDP per capita-that’s because they have universal healthcare. I can’t believe anti-Medicare for All arguments even have teeth still.

  85. david andrews

    The Cuban Missile Crisis: my sister and I huckered in the school basement with hundreds more as we tried to figure how to kiss our collective asses "GOOD BYE"!

  86. Jennifer Griel

    Might as well leave em. Once the south succeeds again and we have a second civil war, there won’t be a problem with it anymore.

  87. justin castillo

    Guacamole? This is Pete Buttigieg. It should be avocado toast. Then again, it's putting your favor condiment on a meal you didn't order.

  88. RKG Austin

    Meredith, call me.

  89. Snoaa

    I’m almost sure that nobody cares, but in the 80s Accuweather graphics it says that the USA has the world’s deepest snows, when in fact it’s actually Aomori, Japan.

  90. White Castle

    What a BS!!

  91. david andrews

    My Dad's family grew up in Goldsboro NC. The rate of cancer among those of lived there is wicked. The City of Baltimore MD is ringed with abandoned silos were we used to party in the 60-80's.

  92. christopher worth

    We all could change this by simply going into our towns and buying from local merchants.EVEN WHEN IT COSTS A LITTLE MORE, for Christ's sake!!

  93. arctic 1878

    The fact that we're in 2020 and free healthcare isn't a standard in the richest country in the world is just insane. Fucking greed. AND Americans that don't vote properly because they're scared of increased taxes. Even though paying for health insurance is more expensive.

  94. Gary Cox

    Holy shit I love this man! The opera bit was totally something I would imagine the ultra rich acting about not paying taxes, but seeing it in real life is something I'd never dream of actually seeing lmfao.

  95. Lana Lobotomy

    You know how you can buy generic ibuprofen? For about $4 you get 100 pills. But if you buy name brand Advil, which is still JUST IBUPROFEN but for some reason the price is $9.99 for 100 pills.. ya know what I’m sayin? That’s a great metaphor for Medicare for all vs corporate America for profit private health care.

  96. Corona Virus Respecter

    Are we just gonna ignore that kid the NHS was gonna let die...

  97. Jon R

    Bernie 2020!

  98. Peter Beczek

    Great monologue.

  99. tmmsplace

    Would be good if it wasn’t so annoying. Talk more trash about New Zealand, I’ll tune in more often.

  100. yes3443

    Republicans are unamerican.