Doing animated commentary and solving crimes with my purple goose boi Wilfur!
I animate using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.

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  1. 【Killer Queen】

    Finally im free from art school

  2. Heyejen

    Who is looking for raging kids in the comments just to reply to their cringey hate messages Be honest

  3. James Bennett-Mcnulty

    Wot do yoo meen. Eye wud nevur leev logan hee iz thu best. #logang4life

  4. Star Boss Fetty

    We know it's fake but it is entertaining

  5. Toots Magotes

    What do you think leaves are for?

  6. Roumellia Surio

    You traitor

  7. Alex Gonzalez

    T seris is a bitch lasgana

  8. ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ

    Definitely got more exposure from this video than if you would’ve accepted the request

  9. Odd Bot Izz Hot

    Tana mojo..

  10. •m.i_ Sushi•

    Orice , dar nu Vlas Alexandrescu , aka rușinea României ! Măcar ălălalt face profit mare , dar Vlădutzu e vai de capul lui .

  11. Rajiv Sharma


  12. Ganesh Karhale

    This is your content?

  13. MJ47

    I feel like his best friends are his parents

  14. Piggy Rover

    0:24 Trip: ...

  15. Dylan Garcia

    6:22 didn't princess Anne start the "tradition" and all the royals followed suit

  16. Meme inc.

    I work at Mystery box inc. we steel the phones from the people who order the box then put their own phone in there and they don't even notice.

  17. Omar Martinez

    He is a youtuber and is pewdiepie in secret

  18. Pew 69

    I don’t like Logan Paul or this Chanel because he thinks that he’s all like he is the king but he’s not. not trying to mean or any thing

  19. Shadow Buster03

    No song does not say pewdiepie it say Dilbar it's one of the famous song of t-series. If don't believe me you can search KGF moive songs you find the whole song. but the video was very nice I like your work .

  20. Joey turner_

    I’m just in for the cookies 🍪

  21. Hishiko

    Thumbs up to your video it's a very good piece of advice. I'm working as a freelancer as well and have came into this situation before. However, as stupid as i am i did accepted working for "exposure" and wasted a lot of my time on it. Not again though.

  22. Ryan gaming and plush

    And then it turned into memes

  23. Evade Exotic

    Kylie is the definition of a glow up

  24. H2 w0ah

    His accent is so lil now

  25. Ryeys Reyes

    America is number 1 of infected in the whole world.

  26. Planting seed

    Thank god pewdiepie played minecraft god knows what would happen if he played fortnite

  27. Dr. Monir

    Me in 2040: *Has 3 kids and a wife* My kid : DAD WE ARE RICH WE ARE RICH *does fortnite dance* Me: *I um okay lets get you to the Adoption Center*

  28. Hardik Rahangdale

    Love ♥️ from India

  29. Good da Loot

    Top 10 saddest horse death

  30. TheGlueLukeTheEgg

    Ninja:that no good me:SONICCCCC

  31. Ban K

    I have not contributed at all to the panic buying. I now have no eggs, no butter, no creamer of any kind, no paper towels, no toilet paper and no cheese. What the F*CK! If the government actually collapses I’m going the way of the purge on you dips that panic bought!

  32. Rad Ronnie

    We r not stupid I’m a fan of the animations but they r good story’s

  33. Road Squad

    Lazarbeam actually saved minecraft

  34. AjaxFlips Roblox

    I feel like that most of the storytime animations like share my story etc is just plain lazy just to reel in views and money. Plus the stories seems over the top. Besides, when Andrei talks about that girl who becomes a millionaire by making a local fitness gym, shouldn't she just start opening more locations or move somewhere else more wealthy? I mean, she never explained some of this but like Andrei said, its just a trend. A trend people just follow to let money flow into their pockets. These stories seems to over the top so young audience would be like, " Wow, this actually happened? I better go watch this video..." And also real animators who take the time to craft EACH AND SINGLE ONE OF THEIR VIDEOS would just click on the video in frustration. This is just my opinion so I might be wrong but this is just my thoughts on this.

  35. swag peach

    this would be funnier if you made ethan's eyebrows move sporadically

  36. Cara Furry

    Extrovert NOselrs usually become gamers or people who do really weird things like Mr beast.😐

  37. Levi Ackerman

    Ok who knows tofuu

  38. -Shadowclaw-

    2020 the toilet paper crisis

  39. BlaDe_Swai

    Faze Clan's

  40. Laptop568 Official


  41. broken yolk yolk

    I just grabbed like 7 boxes of tostenos pizza rolls and 6 cases of water as for toliot paper I just use louse leave paper

  42. TinCanTap

    ironic how the 2020 sign is a finish line all they are missing is the bright light

  43. titobtrdp

    waldo is screwed

  44. Sebastian Roland

    Eu sunt singuru roman aici?

  45. Soap Bar

    I always hated Jake and Logan Paul that suck ***

  46. ackackacktsk !

    3:18 bro they sound like sirens

  47. Elijah Gines

    We all know James is a better animator

  48. CrayToons

    I was also a demon child

  49. Logan Thomas


  50. Koala Queen


  51. rajinder sidhu

    Chris is controlling bald martin

  52. Weird channel


  53. Addacon

    That vpn ad was clean af

  54. [Content Deleted]

    Dude it was lazarbeam who saved it he started first and pewdiepie just copied him got all the credit. I got so annoyed by that.

  55. Tang MengTit

    If your so smart why don't you go do something else in your life and not make these terrible youtube videos

  56. TalleX

    Andrei- my moneys on Logan Paul Me- watching this when KSI destroyed Logan in the rematch already

  57. im here for fun

    it got copy striked still.. SMH

  58. The Tea

    He’s hiding crack

  59. unknown

    there is similar song to greece pls kill me

  60. CosmeticallyCorinne

    I wonder why NOsel is allowing what appears to be a clear exploitation and abuse of not only Fiver creators but also of information itself.

  61. InsaneCrazy KittyCat

    Noone The holypeople:COPYRIGHTING THE BEATLES

  62. Emperor Arceus

    Minute videos and storybooth actually make real stories

  63. InsaneCrazy KittyCat

    everybody:GET THET TOILET PAPER the toilet company:Cha-CHING

  64. 6ixKing

    Why does Tfue in the thumbnail look like every hishschool disney bully

  65. mizadams8

    this is the recipy for these vids 1 get a amazon box and change it 2 put random things inside 3 ad some other SHOKING sound effects and freak out when open box 4 and final ask for subs and likes after that you now have a cringe filed vid

  66. clarebearpitman1


  67. clarebearpitman1

    he has a point because his parents/step dad which is marten do not think twice before morgz THEIR SON is about to risk his life and that will realy damage his mental health and it might encourage young kids like me to do this and it might lead to them dying

  68. dale ho


  69. Dom None of your business

    Wilfred is a stripper

  70. Koosh Patel

    Love ❤️ your videos

  71. Sean 101

    I once had a freak out in class because a girl wouldn’t stop talking about minions having cocks

  72. Cody Martell

    1:35 how I see morgz and his old parents

  73. mapletree

    The Finnish province of New Land in Finland is now locked, you can't come in, you can't go out and guess who lives there? mee! :)

  74. Looney bird studios and Billy bob

    Shrinions oh no wait

  75. Heyejen

    Im from the future and t series won 😭😭😭😭

  76. Nabbit

    Shrek = The goddess Minion = The demons A goddess and demons don’t fit well

  77. Heyejen

    Just use showerheads -Lazarbeam

  78. Gacha wall-e Studios

    Let’s be honest,I don’t like Logan Paul or Jake Paul. He is just really annoying. But on the plus side he has grown a lot these past years. And I do find his content quite entertaining.

  79. Un named

    Meaning of life = worship God and do good deeds

  80. Bonkul

    I know

  81. Bonkul

    ye totally i hate this fact too.. fake millionares

  82. Michael Solomon

    Minecraft just took some time to hit the respawn button, that's all.

  83. Tarek Salem

    Your eyes are Pacman fatass

  84. Shivam Chopra

    That end part hit hard after doing 3 free 1 month internship

  85. [Content Deleted]

    I subbed and the second i turned on notifications i got a notification for a new video but it was a while back

  86. Dazzle3 B

    When I saw that PewDiePie uploaded the first Minecraft episode I legit sobbed. Minecraft is how I discovered NOsel and THERE WAS SEAN TOO!!

  87. richardo is musty

    The blue face mask won’t help you it is made in China

  88. HandheldGamer1991

    It's called stupidity anyway i gotta go take a shit...............God damit

  89. Lampbathtub

    The goose makes money as a stripper

  90. HandheldGamer1991

    He is on crack

  91. kinda danny


  92. SlayD Zombeze


  93. Michael Solomon

    Andrei makes good, quality, non-mid rolls 10 minute animation vids every a couple of weeks and only got 2.12M subs... I've seen NOsel being bad and annoying, BUT WHAT THE...


    Omg secret face reveal :3

  95. Michael Solomon

    These memes are getting a lot of likes so I'mma try Everyone: we ran out of toilet paper Me: *laughs with mouth* How'd I do?

  96. • 7heov3r1ord •

    NOsel won’t let u have a funny video with the word

  97. Vertigo Gaming

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Animated stories: Hel-SO, I MET THIS GUY NAMED MIKE AND WE KISSED AND HAD 13355573664863273 KIDS!

  98. lukke plays




  100. Hassan Naqi

    God damn maaannn ..... I loved your last words .... "Tell then fk yourself" daammnnn 🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻