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  1. Simone Gronau


  2. Diana Perez

    This is posie 👶🏼 👚 She is soooooooooo cute By the way Those baby's look like Twins Make this blue If you agree 👇🏻 And this is how Everhigh looks like 👧🏼 👗

  3. Avina Assadi

    8:21 I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  4. Amy Rodriguez

    It’s my birthday to

  5. Kay Vlogs

    i bought your book

  6. Elissa Harbuck

    8:35 has me 😂 So cute

  7. Nancya Agusto

    Let’s go Jr. Prep 3! All the best for this season competition!! Oc!!

  8. Leslie Magana

    i now hat trick

  9. Hannah Wilson

    Yayyyyyyy I can’t comment!!!!! In one of your vids you guys asked why we watch your vids for me it’s cuz all of you are so funny especially Everleigh(or however you spell it)

  10. Nikhita Dasrath

    She is a born talent Everleigh, promise me, you will never stop dancing! You go girl, and you got this💖

  11. ila cornell

    Why can you not comment on there newer family

  12. Christina Spasaro

    I dont get it. U move in a new house all happy 5 months later ur moving cause ur scared. Come on, its part of being popular on media. U dont need to keep moving every dam 6 months. Do what the Ace Family did. Get security.

  13. Og Bino

    Chester cole

  14. unicorns

    So cool

  15. Raf Crap


  16. Mariah Kumher

    In the Video: "Not allowed to comment on our youtube videos anymore." Me: Confused to see comments open. Anywhosel. God bless y'all and have a merry, merry Christmas!

  17. Eduarda Valle

    Eu falo português

  18. Bamba Diaby

    En tout cas votre fille est trop trop belle

  19. Bamba Diaby

    Vous comprenez le français?

  20. Carel MKoshy

    The baby did not even have a emergency........wow!

  21. Tone Pedersen Skjønhaug

    Si is kjut😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶

  22. Semian Emira


  23. Semian Emira


  24. jack here

    I feel Cole loves pos more than eve

  25. Louna Princess

    Good job Everleigh you did such a great dance

  26. Nayla Jordan

    I love y'all I your biggest fan

  27. Oli Ward

    She would be the favorite if she went to dance moms

  28. billie love avocado

    07:07 its me or cole rigth eye is 2 colors

  29. Karen Donis

    I am 7and i am a prfeshinol dancer

  30. Mia Williams

    Who is Everlys real dad

  31. Emma du Preez

    I love you guys don’t stop what you love

  32. Emma du Preez

    You guys are amazing love you Cole Savannah Everleigh and Posie

  33. Carol Mills

    I. Like. Your. Videos

  34. Nova Guy

    Please can you help us by liking and sharing this www.gofundme.com/f/autistic-stroke-survivor-in-need-of-help?+share-sheet. Thanks so much. Love the videos

  35. Amanda Kronstadt

    omg i can't wait for her to be on dance moms

  36. Natalie O.

    What a cute and memorable way to spend your first night! Love you guys! And I’m glad to see you guys are bouncing back from everything these last few months!

  37. Hans Mwangin

    I love it good everleigh moms💕🤩💖🎇🎆🧬🧸🎀🎊🎉

  38. Samantha Lovett

    Love u guys

  39. My life with Bella

    Loves for posies

  40. Morii roses

    Everleigh is so cute she nailed it 💕

  41. Luciana Menzella

    My dad taught me that Small world isn’t it❤️❤️ love your vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lol

  42. Xanthie Abbie and our Sibilings

    Is this weird my mum's 26 on October and save 26 in mArch and my bdays 30th of August and Coles is the 26th of August 😂

  43. Allie Rapp

    Oh yes she will be just like Maddie

  44. emma wright

    you guys have the best video

  45. Blue.wölfi_ Gachä

    My mum had twins

  46. Shaina Emra

    Your bronco is amazing

  47. Janet lee

    You probably see at this video was a long time ago but all I have to see say you're the worst friendly family people

  48. BRIAN Maxwell

    Poise is so cute😇

  49. BRIAN Maxwell


  50. Haley Donbrosky

    Everliegh and posie are sooooooooooooo freaking cute

  51. Norah Wallace

    what kind of name is karma

  52. veronicawilliams892

    Cole:sweet,a great father Savannah:sweet,a great mom,beautiful, fun Everleigh: funny, fun ,playful, a great big sister Posie:adorable, crazy Yall all make a great family

  53. Gary Dixon

    Is this your real dad?

  54. Sophia Rojas

    Awww 🥰 she is so cute and adorable

  55. Anika Baker

    I just noticed Coles part brown eye

  56. Anika Baker

    Everleigh trying to fly is the cutest thing! I used to do the same thing when I was little. I would even find feathers and try and use them to fly lol

  57. Kaihan Kharouti

    Poise is so cute

  58. Kaihan Kharouti

    I love everleighs eyes

  59. Kaihan Kharouti

    Savannah is the most beautifulest woman ever

  60. ravi chand


  61. Fahmida Kazi

    Everleigh dancing is very cute and adorable 😄🤩🥰🎀🏩🧮🍉💐

  62. tracie howorth

    Let's battle everleigh😍🤯

  63. Elainna Bacek

    I have the same little blacent as posie

  64. denise harris

    coment down below too!:)

  65. Parris Armstrong

    What gumnastic she goes 🦄

  66. Caleb DeMars

    Posey is so cute

  67. Thalia Naidoo

    Hi I love u guys so much

  68. Nancy Sarkodie

    1234567891011121314151617181920 THAT MEANSRTYRTY

  69. Kawaii Gacha

    Thanks so sweet

  70. Loom Braclets and more

    Okay first of all you guys are going to fast with the babies like fr -_-

  71. Marybelle Hadchity

    U could comment as well lol

  72. Crystal Deans

    Makeup box for in your new house

  73. Marybelle Hadchity

    Plz add me on Tiktok I love u guys

  74. Tshewang Paldon


  75. Champhf

    did you see mad baby she so cute

  76. It's coco nut

    It's disgusting to exploit your kids like that for money.Do you even realize how many pedophiles are out there looking at this kid?

  77. griselda vanegas

    She (Everligh )is a grown woman she knows how to care for her self! Congrats!

  78. Lia Creedon

    Posey is cute 👶🏼 👗


    Savannahs birthday is the same as mine

  80. Madison Goodrich

    If Carl is scared you don’t Leave Carl take him every where you go

  81. Bry'lee Malone

    The last two weeks goincan

  82. the best of the whole wide world

    I had Instagram but my dad deleted it and I followed you guys that was on the bottom of one of your video where you guys had to wear in outfits that is your color

  83. WolfyxBuilds

    10:08 UvU

  84. Forest Forest


  85. Michelle Holdredge

    Why are you’re comets always of

  86. Ashen Thilanka

    I do not like everli

  87. Rivaldo Prek

    Ur Tondu and randejam are not right

  88. Rivaldo Prek

    The splits ant right

  89. Rivaldo Prek

    What kind of moves do they teach u

  90. Rivaldo Prek


  91. Rivaldo Prek

    Your really good at dancing

  92. Sharon Daniela Quiroa De Leon

    She should be on Dancemoms lol Abby actually comeneted on the collaboration to baby shark

  93. Rocio Garcia

    Kimberly López dyana

  94. Gachafunbun 2

    WHAT kind of dancing is that._.

  95. Gachafunbun 2

    There's gonna be a lot of earthquakes around your area

  96. Gachafunbun 2

    You have Bruses

  97. Toby Hill

    I love the video win you Pakistani

  98. Bri Bee

    I still remember Evs Lip floss solo