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  1. Casey Sulok

    Oh my gosh they went into mpreg. I'm surprised they didn't get into the omegaverse.

  2. Joaquin Anwar

    can you try changing dip into chips or something else and something else or chips into dip

  3. Levi White

    It's like a *voz* of flowers

  4. Neek Jones

    Imitating hodgetwins🤔👎

  5. Racheal Diehl

    Who has all of these backwards scenes played as forward??

  6. Yasmine Ggg

    8 years ago and that’s still the FUNNIEST gmm episode 😂😂😂💀

  7. Robin Love

    i guessed all these so much quicker than either of them

  8. Eliana Katchkey

    These stories are absolutely atrocious. They defame the character, person and integrity of both Rhett and Link. You can be humorous without being as mature as a bag of bricks.

  9. ScorchburnsYT

    What about the reverse slug in the shoulder played in regular for the completionists

  10. Team Sora

    Reminder: Liquid Nitrogen (or LN2) is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, at temperatures of −195.79 °C (77 K; −320 °F). DO NOT use this material without expert supervision.

  11. Sid Gillespie

    Why did you show the answers straight away? I also wanted to play the guess game.

  12. Giovanni Betances

    Is it wired that this is my favorite episode of all times so far ?!

  13. kyle uptain

    No one will care - but I somehow guessed clay pot immediately and I’m proud 😂

  14. Jason Trower

    Should have done double points the final round

  15. P0PkornKing

    *Why do they keep putting Link in the description* 😡😤😤😤

  16. ChrisWithACam

    This comment brought to you by Disney's™ Frozen Adventure©

  17. ZiK

    Finally my home country. Poland! Altho the food was not Polish I am glad that we showed up here.

  18. Catherine Pearce

    We need more of this. These are too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. MrQuaazga

    Dipping in each others bowls with milk in them. Ugh! Oh Yuck! Sorry guys, my tummy is getting queasy.

  20. Sodolo FTS

    Why did they do it?

  21. Hermann Ibragimow

    For more balancing they should lose points if they guess incorrectly

  22. Katie von Gremp

    I had a boyfriend in college with a peanut butter fetish. I wonder if he wrote it...

  23. Natural4CHairPassion

    OMG I'm dying! The comments are gold, especially after yesterday's episode!!!!

  24. Nepali Channel

    there was a duck instead of chase fora whole round hahahah

  25. MAD Films

    Thanks for making my morning guys

  26. Sharon Murray

    Would be most satisfying to smash things to smithereens like the Mad Dogs.

  27. Brandon Hogue

    So many salty people, especially on Twitter.

  28. YoseMiteEmery

    Wait?! Why don’t they play the punch in reverse at the end?!

  29. Bri Cox

    so are we all just gonna ignore yesterday’s episode?

  30. Random Explosions

    8:07 when 7 year olds look in the fridge

  31. Dirty Dangler

    These ones were way easier then the previous episode.

  32. AFishBicycle

    I’m convinced Link talks to his therapist about Rhett winning all the competitions.

  33. new life Moving on

    There was a interview with Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley where they said “Elvis just said the other day”.......

  34. Thanoswifluv Follow my ig lmao


  35. Ben Thurston

    7:46 That ain’t Chase!

  36. Lukas Laurović

    Imagine if someone just stole the car

  37. VlogUntilDawn

    This may be the best video in the history of the internet.

  38. Tyler Finley

    Ngl i woulda won. Js

  39. K Auner

    Rhett: All right, Link, what I would like to do--- Link: Anything you want, man. Also too soon.

  40. ninja fishdog

    I don’t like Frozen though

  41. Rap1dXD

    Do international coffee

  42. Joe Tanner

    Wish they did yogurt. Terry loves yogurt.

  43. Angela Sumner

    I like Disney movie frozen to

  44. Books And Opinions

    Omg! KFC started doing the donut chicken sandwich!

  45. Frölfênűűgen!!! !

    Hey.... do we ever get to see that reverse slow-mo punch on Links shoulder???

  46. Caleb Maes

    Yesterday's episode still got me shook guys...

  47. Emperor Xander

    That sponsorship was painful

  48. Raziaar

    A video with Lucas that you don't have to listen to or be subjected to Lucas' antics? Good.

  49. Ralph Pena

    I would of had like 75+ pts lol

  50. Joonatan Lindqvist

    Please help i live in Finland.. or I was living until I watched this video and now im in the sea. what do I do!?!

  51. Tammie Mccullough

    Well I can't unhear that now🥴.

  52. Steven Lerner

    This is a nice juxtaposition from yesterday's episode

  53. Sophie Ward

    They needed a sponsorship to make up for yesterday's demonitization 😂

  54. Julian Moreno

    I had to run from Tuesday's episode, based only on the comment section! Oh My! Link! The peanut butter! Oh My! Rhett! and you keep on eating it! That's some anxious and pervi fans you have boys!!!

  55. Generic Name

    I don't know why But I get big Dwight Schrute energy from the smash bros in this video

  56. Joseph Spicer

    I wish the fan fiction episode got more views so they would consider doing something like that again.

  57. Daniel Smith

    "We don't have to like each other all the time, because we love each other"... Puppy love...

  58. DeathAngel

    no! don't smash my rubber ducky.

  59. Stella Birch

    I miss the food from the UK, it’s soooo good. Best chocolate as well.

  60. darkwolf9741

    Peanut butter.

  61. Eugene Tan

    Did link just dab at 4:27?

  62. ExclipsioN _

    8:32 Link : Questions in pain

  63. Maribel Rodriguez

    Vas? VAS?!

  64. Hope and Mark Taudevin

    the way Rhett said "vase of flowers" at 10:10 is sending me

    1. Hope and Mark Taudevin

      I don't know why

  65. John Killum

    Terry Crews is an incredible person. So lovable.

  66. A Miata

    I like how she looks the same as she did

  67. shanice brunson

    Still not over yesterday’s episode 😂

  68. LooseCannons ATL

    Rhett looks like an Irish pirate 🏴‍☠️

  69. Rajarshi Majumdar

    i hope they burn those papers

  70. Creeper boy Adventures

    On Table Rhett (if thats how you write it ) When He Said Turkey In My Head I Thought Turkey

  71. geen inhoud

    Stop barking Link, Rhett was the puppy

  72. ƇḨ

    Link is so bad at this game...

  73. Scrapyard Computing

    Really? Mobile microtransaction game for kids? were is the Moral in this?

  74. Victoria Felty

    Hey! You guys should record your reverse slow mo slaps in the face and slugs to the shoulders and then you could play them forward to see if it actually worked!!!

  75. Sleepy Af

    You ship any characters but just dont do real people. This reminds me of septiplier lmaoo

  76. CringeFest

    The most disturbing part of these fan fictions is that most of them were written by kids

  77. Orlando Jones

    Am I the only one who also buzzes in? Yes? Ok I'll leave.

  78. Ninjason9 -

    Why is Gus in this?😂

  79. April Mendenhall

    And this is why I stay away from the GMM Tumblrs

  80. Inma García

    LInk: barks Me, having flashbacks to yesterday's episode: how the tables have turned 🤔

  81. DrunkTruck

    This song is amzing even in 2020

  82. Jennifer Griel

    I’d have loved to enter that contest when it happened, but I did not want to read a scary book.

  83. Resdy Tunggal

    Why most of the time rhett is lucky at international food taste, Lets talk about that

  84. Yazeed Alharbi

    Pt 2 plz 😂😂😂😂

  85. Montana_Banana_


  86. fuckoffjesus

    Can’t believe they’re doing in-show advertising now. Guess another one bites the dust.

  87. john wilhelmy

    Amen. Love each other.. God bless.

  88. Jonas Tynes Ellefsen

    Now hes gone

  89. Bob Vance

    Stop barking, I’m traumatized from yesterday’s episode

  90. Ian Gorton

    I guessed nearly all of these with 6+ seconds left.

  91. allocat5867

    clearly should have done this with Gavin Free

  92. Susanna


  93. Bob Vance

    Went from F***ing peanut to going on a Disney Frozen Adventure

  94. Uncensored_V1

    Man I freaking knew the toe-may-toe and the flower pot!!!! I thought he was gonna get it!

  95. D'Arcy Nulph

    I haven't laughed this hard since Link was a chocolate fountain. It was hilarious! Rather than vlogging they should do a weekly NSFW show. Thank you Mythical Crew for selecting very funny fanfic.

  96. Jennifer Griel

    I prefer Heinz mustard. I like my condiments to match.

  97. Conechiwa7

    Lmao- That's all I can say hahaha wth

  98. Caleb Borden

    Link....you must see it with your minds' eye first. I hope this advice bodes well.

  99. Mari Scherber

    Lucas is underrated, he's just a genuine human doing his own thing in this planet

  100. Irene Mar

    Is today's sponsor some sort of redemption?