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  1. TheDude Lebowski

    I dont want to hear anything Jodi has to say.

  2. charles s. sturdivant

    hehehehehe good show.

  3. Trap Town HNH

    When is your next video? :D Keep it up! Would you like to be NOsel friends? :]

  4. Trap Town HNH

    Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be NOsel friends? :]

  5. loony luvgood

    Question: what name starts with x? Muggles: Xaner Potterheads: Riddikulus! Siriusly, what’s ron with you? It’s Xenophilius obviously

  6. Jake Smith

    I was actually the first viewer and I did not notice

  7. David Watson

    Why does the black woman need to repeat Allan Carr's punchline? It was self-explanatory first time round. Is she doing it to get a laugh, because her own contributions aren't amusing?

  8. Bass Town Ncs


  9. usman qadir

    No other talk show in the world like this one!!

  10. Anthony Guzmán Irazabal

    The rock doing the "back to your story" is a gentleman gesture

  11. SamWeller

    It's just more Leftie Woke propaganda these days, always starts with a joke insulting Boris, so predictable and boring.

  12. Ravi S

    This is the best talk show on the planet

  13. D E

    Best chat show ever...

  14. D E

    Graham rules!



  16. Anthony Guzmán Irazabal

    Graham and Conan the best hosts. Hands down

    1. divyansh mithal

      I second that 🙌

  17. Navkritam Rishu

    Like kr mera comment

  18. Jesse McCree

    When Graham uploads I’m here instantly

  19. مريومه M

    ✌️✌️🙋‍♀️ Hi, from which country are you

    1. Betty Smith

      USA. TN.

  20. Sara Mayani


  21. Adam Svanberg

    Jesus christ i love this show

  22. Kim Jong

    Kevin is drier than my dad's ankles man. Why do people overrate him for his boring humour? Even Borris Johnson is funnier.

  23. Michael Williams

    Man I don't know how you guys kept a straight face but that one girl right. I can't even see anything where is your eyes she reminds me of one of those characters from Addams Family lol.

  24. Deku Nikko

    All I can here is Meg Griffin

  25. Janik

    that dude remember his lines from over thirty years ago. WOW

  26. PaulJohn Kelly

    It’s actually creepy hearing Stewies voice come out of his mouth 😩😩

  27. RainbowQuartz lol

    Lin's mind in the photo: Don't look stay calm. Wow this could be useful because I'm learning about Alexander Hamilton so yep this could be very useful

  28. Altan Sahinkaya

    I do not want to talk about the scenes in this movie that are intended to be featured or brought out, as everyone @t is necessary to consider the actor and the actor's talent..Taron!This young man is genuine,sincere and emotional really.These are quality features that every person should have...unfortunately, nowadays, such people are very few.Therefore,He is nicest most brilliant person and so so talented actor that,We have saw ''Eddie The Eagle',I think he's a great drama actor.Bravo!!! and In this film, he appears as a very good singer, admirable.I am sure he will be among the unforgettable actors of the future.So.And,I think that as a photo frame,Taron is new James Dean of new generation. I congratulate and appreciate......

  29. Sun Rising Jackson

    He still has a squeaky voice.

  30. Goose Taylor

    I’m so confused

  31. Skull8 Gamer

    Poor ed

  32. SW Dad

    I love how SPS loses confidence that his story will live up to the hype 😂

  33. kavya parmar

    She's sooooo luckyyyy!!

  34. wwebadgerse

    stevie wonder lost some weight

  35. temo asanidze

    Damn Daniel

  36. Problembeing

    The theremin has NEVER been used in any Doctor Who theme whatsoever.

  37. Lone wolf 4221

    Some oblique reference to rrrrraarrreeaa

  38. Shopnil Ahmed

    Arsenal ? Booooooo

  39. Ben Egan


  40. Aido

    She changes accent about 2/3 times every time I hear her speak she’s so determined to sound like a working class Dublin person

  41. Hamza Hodzic

    Imagine what will happend if they called WILDER to punch the boxing machine

  42. Jai Narula

    There's always an idiot like him in every class 3:42

  43. iainet

    I just can’t stand that stupid fake Norton laugh. It sounds like someone stirring a mug of coffee.

  44. Não Sei

    Harry Potter it looks so different ... Is it the hair? Hahahaha

  45. Pratiksha SH

    He's huge.. Oh my God I love him. He's so precious

  46. Endless Torment

    People:He didn't try... I call bs.. He tried,but he's a pro.He can make a punch look effortless. He prolly gave 85%..

  47. Tyler Windram

    Racist comments from Kevin Heart 'explaining' the Spider incident

  48. Algo Rhythm

    Nicole Kidman?!?!?! *BLECH!!!* 😝

  49. overaged VSCO giRL

    Too much sexiness in one screen

  50. mdotschrody

    Yay! I'm not alone in thinking he's sexy. I don't even normally go up for chest pelts but his just works. I think it's because he's just so adorable and self-deprecating.

  51. Maria ღ

    Dude I’m swedish and I didn’t understand what he first said

  52. Bond007

    JD 4 ASMR

  53. Doodle Pop

    When she said really she remembered oh yeah I'm not in the states at the moment lol.

  54. jonathan foster

    "And i remember so distinctly that i started to cream in my nickers" HAHAHAHAHA BIG YUCK LADY🤮😂😂😂

  55. miguel ramírez sallo

    Ohhh Steve, with a simple line you made me laugh haha. What's my name? I don't have idea what's his name. I said: I don't know Omg

  56. Felipe Villegas

    I prefer Jim Carrey's way lol

  57. Dylan chillin' like a villain

    Kiera has the most genuinely gorgeous reptilian lips, I hope she's satisfied with literally every aspect of her human life.

  58. ThePackMan


  59. Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, the ultimate dynamic duo, living legends in Hollywood. Long live their glorious legacies, we're not worthy indeed!

  60. Howard Kerr

    Nadiya...LOVED you on bake off, everything you made I so wished I could have tasted. Then on top of it, you always look so classy. Best regards always, to you and your whole family.

  61. Nikhil 2090

    Such a iconic thinges man!!!

  62. Casey G

    The Scottish accent is legendary

  63. Joakim von Anka

    Sorry, but he sounded like a stereotypical Ulsterman from anywhere in Ballygoslowly. Just flat monotone, while Swedish is more up and down.

  64. victor park

    Please post the PPT presentation !

  65. Stavros Tsoukalas


  66. Howard Kerr

    For those folks admiring Ms Hamilton for not going all in on plastic surgery...I admire her, too, but it also looks like she has either spent years in tanning booths or uses the same make up people as president Chump. She is the one who looks like an Austrian oak.

  67. Larry Manier

    Lots of guy's know how big Brandos ball's are.

  68. ana Fisber

    Brad trying to bang her

  69. tiana b


  70. You Tube

    I never noticed before, but she looks like a female Clint Eastwood.

  71. Aryan Ferdiansyah

    Imagine if Dan Ric was also IN THE SOFA as well.

  72. James G

    There family 👪 get together's. ( EMILY'S AND JOHN K. )MUST !!!!! BE HILARIOUS. AND ALWAYS FUN!!!!!!😄😄😃😃😃!!!!!

  73. Nikhil Sukumar

    You can see good ol Graham crying tears of nostalgia and school days when Ed sat on his lap. Aah school days innocence.....

  74. Actually Ice Cube

    Damn that girls hot asf..

  75. Jay McD

    That weren't a brilliant impression it were rubbish

  76. Dave Thompson

    Oh my god, why can't we get this show in the states? Hilarious. Although I think the key is in the almost-empty-rocks-glasses in front of all of the guests.

  77. Monica Papp

    Graham Norton you're the best host, ever! I love the last part of the clip with Ed Sheeran reuniting with his friend. I have been binge watching your clips. Need more of your kind of happiness in this world. Thanks, from the Four Corners in New Mexico, USA. Cheers!

  78. Hend Bahaa

    8:44 Jude and Gaga's feathers 😂😂

  79. Digested BiscuitPS4

    Who is she at 0:55? Is she from Doctor Who?


    💩! Damn Spellcheck!!!


    George Clowney as Batman would be like casting Will Farewell as Thor! or Pee Wee Hormen as Superman!

  82. Google Google

    What a waste of time and money honey!


    Look at these weak sellouts who sold their eternal soul fn pathetic.

  84. Lisa Wright

    😍😍😍 love Arnold Schwarzenegger

  85. carlos ortiz

    Arnold I love u

  86. Dotun Fadairo

    And here i was thinking that this was about George Bush

  87. Wolverine 22

    help the project to improve the world 1 $ 5375 4141 1348 8109

  88. Vendrix

    damn, anna looks gooood in this clip

  89. Einar

    The title is misleading. Damn I got fooled thought it would be a political discussion. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  90. Christophe Ferreira

    Paul Rudd’s story is the best, I laughed out loud!

  91. raunak kumar

    Loved the way jennifer anniston responded ....

  92. Retro Rocketz

    Thank God I’m not the only one who had a massive crush on Maid Marion.

  93. FreeBird always

    this act is very powerful could cheat alot men

  94. Gavins Friend

    Well it is Nicole Kidman

  95. SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai

    Dead Daniel look like a drunk version of Tony Stark.

  96. Joe Ryan

    Everybody backing her up looks so damned cool...

  97. Carl Jones

    Stupid uneducated moron

  98. Ellie Sykes

    I’m so bisexual

  99. Kishaloy B.

    Lol Margot Robbie can put her tongue in my throat in front of my GF and I won't say a thing. Who the heck was that person who told her to not use tongue.

  100. jcb3393

    These Graham Norton video titles are more and more clickbait-y. The first half of this is about an encounter the woman had in the subway.