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  1. Sasquatch -

    I've been watching religiously since the espn plus deal started. I had every ppv free dating back to the mike Tyson years. Working for a cable company for 22+ years. Free was nice. (That's all fooked now) This ppv deal brought me here and I'm sticking with you guys. I have espn plus but wont order every fight. Only the biggest ones. Wife and I are also trying to move to Arizona from Allentown Pa. I'm so jealous. You're going to have a great move. Congratulations! .✊✊✊✊✊

  2. Alex Lovell

    ....What a show for the last Fook off Friday. I will miss this place for sure... but I'm looking forward to the new studio. Mos and JBH = WW. Holes 4 life

  3. Sasquatch -

    I'm dying to hear the carnage song. It's been a while.

  4. Drunk Savage

    I know you guys got a lot of stuff on Monday. But I really hope you do phone calls because I got a lot to say. Gotta say goodbye to that place in my own way. 🍻

  5. Drunk Savage

    Powerful Fook off Friday! If it wasn't for it I'm not sure if I'd be apart of this community right now! JBH drawing the 🍆 on her forehead was it for me. Love you guys!

  6. Shaun Hart

    Got burns he has been busy while T Wood has been absent

  7. Vladimir Zec

    Ivanov and Burns for life

  8. Boss Cogar

    Mos is harder to timestamp than JBH in general it seems. I'm timestamping from memory, so I can only remember like one or two things. Mos is constantly funny, JBH is randomly ridiculous. Both = WW

  9. Boss Cogar

    This is a man's world!!! 22:19 James fookin' Brown, ya fooks.

  10. Boss Cogar

    Powerful JBH 24:48

    1. Boss Cogar

      IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

  11. Lumberjack Lee

    That fukken hair loooooooool

    1. Boss Cogar

      @Lumberjack Lee That's 'cause you like dudes, brokeback.

    2. Lumberjack Lee

      @Flat Earth Deacon Each to their own bruh, but gingers make me sick.

    3. Flat Earth Deacon

      it's fire bruh

  12. Flat Earth Deacon

    Best show on NOsel!

    1. Flat Earth Deacon

      @Boss Cogar yes sir MMA-HOLES 4 LIFE

    2. Boss Cogar

      Best show on everything. Everything ever.

  13. Boss Cogar

    Hey, wait a minute, where was Pulse??? Ya think he's at a protest or something? He better be gettin' him some good White tang. Sounds callous, but if I was Black, I would be wortkin' that angle. Anything is an in. Roll on with the time. "Time is always on time." - Bootsy Collins

    1. Rogelio Hernandez

      @Flat Earth Deacon Thanks, same to you.

    2. Flat Earth Deacon

      @Rogelio Hernandez good luck

    3. Rogelio Hernandez

      @Flat Earth Deacon yes I did.

    4. Flat Earth Deacon

      @Rogelio Hernandez Goat Milk I mean?

    5. Flat Earth Deacon

      @Rogelio Hernandez good luck and did you accept?

  14. Rogelio Hernandez

    3rd. Gaylord on a Friday !!! Let's goooo!

    1. Boss Cogar

      Flaty rolls hard. WW

    2. Flat Earth Deacon


  15. The Double Champ

    Such a great show tonight thank you Jbh and Chris for great content:)

  16. Boss Cogar

    Greatest..... show..... ever..... WW

    1. Flat Earth Deacon


  17. The Double Champ


    1. Flat Earth Deacon

      Not PULSED

    2. Boss Cogar


  18. dimz D

    stop trying to act like felony mma holes u act fake feliny is a begging bum who uses people for views and money

  19. dimz D

    u are felonys bich bro

  20. dimz D

    you are charles bennet's personal as licker

  21. Montgomery Whitmore

    Woodley might get that belt back if he's hungry enough. Woodley has got this he will wreck burns. Can't wait to see you get shit on 😆 lol


    Woodley never wrestled Maia because of his jujitsu why would he wrestle Burns. It’s gonna be a stand up fight. I hope Burns wins. Fook Woodley




    If you want to wear a mask do so if not don’t. Got Bless America and the constitution

  25. RX

    JBH you used Justin for help man just ask homeless people they will tell you just as much.




    I want the native to win. Go Red Skin!!!! J/K

  28. Troo Papi

    Easy job for blagoy

  29. fvgc454ss

    If Dan Hooker can KO Burns 2 years ago I just dont see how Woodley cant ko him even worse. Woodley 2nd round KO


      That was at 155lbs and when it comes down to it all it take is getting hit in the right spot.

  30. Mark Roberts

    Has Tyrone Woodley lost his touch, has he let his competition seen his cards and got him figured out already? hmm especially with dat garbage he calls music ✌😀

  31. Shaun Hart

    Enjoyed it 👍

  32. Drunk Savage

    Had an idea JBH. What if as a special treat you picked one fight from the prelims to cover? Cause there's always 1 bomb fight on there. Meh just food for thought. 🍻