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  1. Wordsman2104

    I know I'm super late to the party, but I saw something that my initial explanation doesn't feel like it would work. At 5:58-6:13 or so, the 50 cal flies through the acrylic, leaves its stress cone, flies on, and then the acrylic shatters into pieces. If you watch closely, the bullet itself leaves a hole with cracks protruding out of it, but after the bullet is already clear through and long gone (in terms of the slo-mo video), then the acrylic breaks apart further into the big chunks that fall to the ground. Why? I initially thought it could have been that the cracks had momentum, but seeing as how they stop and then start again, that doesn't make sense at all. Then I thought maybe it would be the wind. I don't know for sure, but I don't see how a 50 caliber bullet wouldn't go super sonic, so maybe due to the nature of super sonic rounds the acrylic breaks the rest of the way from the force of the air wave catching up to the bullet and the cracks that the bullet left in the acrylic weakened it enough that that wind was enough to break it the rest of the way. It makes sense to me, but idk if the numbers would actually check out. I'll be honest, i don't even know if 50 caliber rounds are super sonic at all. This is 100% hypothesis, so I could be completely wrong in every way, but if anyone knows the answer please let me know, I'm curious.


    Eventually in the way way far future I hope the F-22 is going to be the jet used by the Thunderbirds for Air shows. The maneuvers that those can do will be insane.

  3. Blake Tellefsen

    Anyone else get a major Mythbusters vibe with that guitar riff at the beginning? Destin embodies the same childish excitement I had watching that show 16+ years ago. Gotta love it!

  4. Aishi Heart

    Maybe you can ask CD😂

  5. Brody macdonald

    Anyone here in quarantine? 2020

  6. Tan143

    I would love your job

  7. hobi_ sflower

    Where are his eyebrows....??

  8. 勉強受験



    Nothing happens except Sonic boom, etc lol. I see where he's coming from though.

  10. Daniel Ethier

    Does anybody remember the tv series American shooters. If so, this was the man behind the bow. He was the best then, and still is today.

  11. Tyler Durden

    One of the whitest videos I’ve ever seen

  12. OffGrid OverLander

    🤣 I fell asleep while I was getting mine, never thought I’d see this on this channel 😂


    Airforce is recruiting big time! So teens who like planes should enlist to gain skills, don't worry if you're not a genius, just ask for help. You get your aerospace engineering degree, among other things.

  14. demon justice

    What is the line near the suppressor

  15. XNight Wolf

    Dr. Stone brought me here!

  16. Carrington Woods

    The sign: Quiet Please 9:31 The Lady YELLING: IT DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU'RE FROM!!! 9:31

  17. Arcraz522

    8:54 BOOB5 Hehe

  18. Karthik raj Roy

    Looking at the thumbnail of your video, I thought you are in a bank to show $500 million. Lol!!

  19. Josh 25

    I live right next to Randolph

  20. Kian Owen

    I would honestly love to rewatch 2:10 for the first time again. like seeing the blocks and that was awesome of course but turning into 3D is just showing off

  21. Dylan Kimberlin

    I have a petotube but it takes 12 gauge

  22. Blake Lagle

    So your telling me that a machine can hit a homerun and I can’t

  23. Baruch Hashem

    The doors in my home have these magnetic locks - which are electronically activated.

  24. guachands123

    Imagine if the astronauts who first went to the moon and took steps just instead decided, naw let’s not walk on the moon


    Im late to this video... If airflow is so important, why are weedwakers so affective? Moving faster?

  26. Colt Thompson

    I need a personal rocket ASAP😁

  27. Andrew Loiacano

    This was so cool, made my day!

  28. Martin Taleti

    How cool must be when the cockpit closes

  29. kaden 822

    I have the same lawn mower

  30. Mr.bonesss

    How does a weed whacker cut the grass without the air current

  31. Covy

    Dang I was wondering why my kiddie pool was draining

  32. KK Khan

    Great Video & Knowledge - Thank you.

  33. freddy Flores

    This blew my mind 🤯

  34. Sebastián Natanael Murillo Barrantes

    OMG That's Selvatura in Monteverde right there! I knew it as soon as you said rain forest! I hope you had a great time in Costa Rica ❤️

  35. Samuel Strange

    Would’ve been an awesome video if the mower had a qwikchute on it

  36. minnie perez

    The rabbit hole is deeper than a 7 mile hookers chocha! 🤣

  37. Bill P

    Mach is actually a function of temperature, not altitude. The calibrated airspeed is lower due to the lower density of the air, but at the lower temperature Mach 1 is also a little lower in terms of true airspeed (TAS) , but nowhere near the degree you saw in the CAS. Given the same temperature at two altitudes, Mach 1 would be at the same TAS

  38. Cremesent

    gmod thrusters

  39. caleb sorrells

    Didn't know 4.2 million people cared about Grain Bins

  40. Ellard Kurvin

    1:40 I've seen that crash in many compilations but never knew the full story behind it

  41. Mu Su

    I always feel smarter when I get am A on a test I didn't study for

  42. Daniel Hsu

    Gigi: whats up with humans and dropping me ??

  43. Cpt. John Price

    13:19 I know you wanna see it again.

  44. Mr.bonesss

    Guy: I am a professional bodybuilder and can lift multiple giant tires Destin: *curling a car while sipping from a coconut* snatch block

  45. Last

    I know I'm late here but still... Destin: *Manipulation on the Facebook* Sponsor: *Hey! Use VPN! they won't be able to track you!*

  46. Roblox Gamer Boy PH

    8:05 who noticed the fire?

  47. Nik

    One of the saddest things is coming to the realization that because of something physical or mental, you'll never be able to fulfill a lifelong dream. For example, i wanted to be an astronaut but I accept the fact that I am too dumb to leave the planet.

  48. Who Cares?

    Respect for the pilots.

  49. Andrej F

    Parker O-Ring Handbook: The Bible of Sealing every joint imaginable

  50. azri akmar

    06:46 very great sound!

  51. tdanenbe

    when a Jet Pilot offers cool sunglasses you say yes thank you sir -- knucklehead

  52. Matthew Lyon

    It is so much louder when you are actually there and you can actually feel the sonic boom

  53. Lucas Patrick

    I was right on the first, but wrong on the second. My brain told me I was an idiot after that.

  54. Soinas Doyi

    Me- watched whole video Also me- mom sit in this spinning chair and close your eyes!

  55. MEDiAgamer

    I think what's most amazing about the Saturn V, is we did ALL of this with out the internet. Today, kids can't even get out of bed without checking their social media apps.

  56. Derek Rodriguez

    If you think about it, why don't the software engineers make an algorithm to check the subtitles. There are auto-generated subtitles on every video. Considering that all of the news video literally had exactly the same script, you could theoretically make a program that compares video script to video script. That would stop many videos with exactly the same content being posted. By doing this, the attacker would make less money, if motivated by revenue.

  57. Ryan Laird

    I love this video second time watching. Linus and you should have a channel

  58. kel24474 conners

    Dustin: can you see it? Also Dustin: puts his hand in the camera

  59. Jesse Urban

    I appreciate the fact that these are live. I’ve always been disappointed in cannon demonstrations with no ball, and the dont recoil back at all

  60. Glockout

    Thumbs down spacex is better

  61. sailorgeer

    I recognized that light green engineering paper, I went through dozens of pads of the stuff 30 years ago in engineering school. Flashbacks! But unlike Destin I never kept my notes from those days. Well, except for my Dynamics of Structures class in grad school which I kept as a trophy because it was so hard!

  62. Guy Rutledge

    "When a person learns a little, they think they know a lot. But when a person learns a lot, they realize how little they know" Cheers :)

    1. Guy Rutledge

      @Soinas Doyi In the field of psychology, the Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence.[1] As described by social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the bias results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others." _ do you still love it? :) Cheers

    2. Soinas Doyi

      God I love this channel!

  63. Todd Thompson

    A whole video about an interview with obama where you decide not to play any of the substance...his answer/s....👍 cool.

  64. Blue Smoke

    This video is absolutely incredible, you make some of the best content on youtube, period. I've never regretted the time I've spent watching the videos on this channel. God Bless.

  65. Mr.bonesss

    Its like the power glove but better

  66. Super Stuff

    DESTIN why did you put the stupid CARD on the spinner WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOUR VIDEOS

  67. Iapetus11

    Interesting, around 11:38 you can see the camera picking up the infrared sensor on the phone pulsing!

  68. Karl Randomness

    imagine bringing a 55mm lens on that photography, the pain

  69. Spencer Snitil

    what's that blinking tetris thing in the background in his main room?

  70. Ryan Laird

    The new rocket just reminds me of the soviet ground to Air defense 2K11 "krug"

  71. kyle willmore

    POV your from tiktok comments

  72. James Villanueva

    Hey man, can I have that miniature, please I just love to have it myself.

  73. Brad_USMC-VET_rider


  74. Keefy G boy

    Who needs that when we could have full dive vr

  75. HuskyArts •

    that is one awsome ceo love this guy

  76. yamahonkawazuki

    pilot would hvwe been pissed if you broke out the laughing bag

  77. Leo Renegade

    @smartereverday You have a Perplexis Epic puzzle on your shelf, you should talk about those, maybe the design of them or something.

  78. Scott Fraser

    Amen, safe in the light

  79. gocoogs01

    Hey, I live next to that pool in Houston!

  80. HempKnight2112

    Why do they keep giving countries fake moon rocks?

  81. HempKnight2112

    "We have the power to take et home"

  82. MadeInIndia

    Let’s be honest, you didn’t search this up...

  83. Pugsgunsandstuff

    Had to go through this training twice. It's not that bad if you don't panic, truthfully kind of fun. Not that I want to go again.

  84. Tarantula Dick

    this was a very coool video!

  85. Dustin Sandlin

    My last name is sandlin

  86. Jackson Mizener

    I kangaroo it’s like a squirrel to them

  87. john wayne

    interesting...being hard of hearing (less inner canal haircells) i wonder if I could be more resistant in this sort of manauver.

  88. HOLY POTATO Jack

    Him: I can carry all of the groceries in one go Me: Ah I see ur a man of culture as well

  89. Dveswans

    :( gnitaehC oN !sknahT .eM ot ebircsbuS ot evah lliw uoy ,t'nac uoy fI .lennahC ruoY ot ebircsbuS lliw I ,txet siht tuo derugif uoy fI ?yadot gniod uoy era woh ,nosrep modnar IH

  90. AAAEA

    But why do they fly around like that it just seems unnecessary and random

  91. Shem Gutierrez

    If this guy lived back then he would be one of those legendary warriors like Leonidas I and is feared by all.

  92. AesopsRetreat

    I've always considered that they are picking group leaders. Each bird will follow a certain leader, and they do this sky dance selecting who those leaders will be. Then when leaders are chosen they all fly off in different directions and the offspring come back the next year to do it all over again.

  93. Ivan Willie

    Awesome 👏

  94. Showemright YTchannel

    When a jet and pilot are inverted, lets say by no fault of the pilot, just wondering if the pilot ejection still possible?

  95. Bobby Shotz

    Guess nobody told Kobe's pilot this... so bad, sorry

  96. Zero Neutral

    Where does NASA keep the gas from Uranus?

  97. Task Froce 80th

    it is a MEMS system We were on the edge of greatness, we were this close

  98. *BOOG*

    My IQ raises significantly after watching your videos...

  99. David Sanders

    Glow in the dark video?

  100. Bobby Shotz

    Cool informative video.... enjoyed the video, thanks!