I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!
I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.
You can watch me live on TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/gloom
I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)

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  1. Jamaica Rose Guerrero

    Can I get likes for no reason?

  2. Mark Natividad

    i watched i am allergic to water and i am allergic to air?

  3. Hipfire Skwomby

    Why does terry sound British XD

  4. Mutya Guillermo

    its so cute😊😊😊

  5. Chloe Macbeath

    Point the flashlight at him and he freezes up for a short time

  6. Soaky rez

    i knew that the awnser for the 2nd riddle was a joke . like if same

  7. Rose Raymond

    That gives me anxiety when he's near because it feels like you gonna get caught

  8. Muhammad Khan

    are you mad girl

  9. Kiri Waffles

    i like the wet one better

  10. Kellie Hallett

    Cute dog🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  11. tanesha marvin

    I didn't know we would get the same number

  12. Gacha Rushda

    I actually saw the start of the intro and I randomly clicked and I came to the same clip!!!

  13. tanesha marvin

    I am a girly girl

  14. Karro Be

    He kind of looks like ruguyrocky

  15. Abdelhamid Bounou

    13:25 who saw Anna looking at us?

  16. Kiri Waffles

    im scared arrrrggghhh

  17. Gacha Panos

    i havent been cupping but my dad has so ganggang :D

  18. LeonesPlayz

    Looks like yammy video

  19. Michelle Rankin

    Gloom: you can tune a guitar,but you can’t _____ fish. My daughter: IT’S TUNA! Gloom: is it tuna? My daughter:YES!

  20. Krissi 25


  21. Krissi 25


  22. Vinod Asthana

    Hey Kassima I started playing bitlife and my first game was all reletade to you . I even used your name.Can I please have shout-out in the next video . My name is Kaavya S. Love you

  23. Da Puppy

    Gloom: ' I don't get their deal with medicating people. It MaKeS Me sO SicK' Here, have some medicine. That should cure your sickness.

  24. Hopeful Pumpkins

    One time, my teacher read this note that my bi friend gave me, telling me that she liked me. Not aloud, but I almost died 😳

  25. Lisa C

    My teacher gave me worry dolls because I was crying

  26. Orange Citrus

    But the thing is cats domesticated themselves when cats started living domestically. And also all cats can be domesticated though big cats can’t purr or meow. Cheetahs bark though

  27. Uni kitty

    That’s not her in the box.

  28. Samantha and Tom

    I love the way she said this 0:12 and 0:16

  29. Samantha and Tom

    I am dying right now 2:01 😂😂😂

  30. joshua60ist

    You kwno funneh😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  31. Hopeful Pumpkins

    I love your art/cooking videos!

  32. Mikaela Rembet

    I know all these toys

  33. Mikaela Rembet

    There's LPS Tamagotchi

  34. Mikaela Rembet

    I already now bob it

  35. Da Puppy

    Y is his address 'Really Awesome St' like why. QwQ

  36. {%} DinoDog {%}

    I cant do any hair hacks. My hair is very short (pixie cut)

  37. •Luna123123•

    11:55 POOR EGG... and tiffy’s scream is like a chicken. That’s why the snipers are so annoyed at tiff. TIFF SCREAM IN THEIR EARSSSSS

  38. Luna Fox12

    Can anyone shake theirs eyes. I can

  39. Nina Knudsen

    do we trust jasper

  40. i seefirst

    The cake looks awesome I want some too

  41. Joaen Oon

    What you all think Asians are : Malay , Chinese, Indians , koreans , Japanese , Philippines, Indonesian... Me: Peranakan (yes that's Asian)

  42. fayha dhia

    Its a galaxy cake 🎂

  43. fanny karlsson

    2020.. do the next episode!!!

  44. Cece Mayhem

    Hahaha so funny

  45. Cece Mayhem

    I’m gonna do a small box so no one knows it’s a human Brings a painting 🖼

  46. Cece Mayhem

    “Hi Donald Trump! How are you?!”

  47. maja roos

    I think in the beginning were Sal was running from a monster the monster was actually a death sentence and the court not believing him (since he's wearing a prison outfit) When the monster then disappeared I think that shows that he can still help even when he is dead.

  48. Supreme SPS

    "And I was like wUuUuUt" 😂😂😂😂

  49. Addict Overload

    Who else cried when she said Kobe?

  50. Kylee Ammerman

    I thank it is the whatrest

  51. fox poke

    kassie: 7:14 azzy: *sad azzy noises*

  52. BrittBoss

    5:40 'You get the London look' made me fall off my chair laughing XD

  53. Caeley Rhinoa Dalmacio

    Bruh SANS

  54. Arie Kurniawan

    Bad pun waRnIng Kassie:apparantly Me:a-PaRrOt-ly

  55. Kezshia gabe smith

    Im soo hungry watching this video

  56. Eleanore Davis

    who else noticed that they were over dramatic? like if you noticed


    Why this is triggering meeeeeeee!

  58. lazy hamster lover


  59. Aisya Muhammad

    What can your bag tell about you? Im 1 and 4

  60. Zac Riddle

    4:30 kassie is possessed

  61. May Saragoza

    My mom forces me to go to school if im sick or not she also forces to be at school if im tired

  62. Anne-Louise Curtin

    Hi Carly I want bully you

  63. Unicorn Lover


  64. PuppyPow 1019

    This is so familiar 👩🏼

  65. Aisya Muhammad

    I like language,details,chaos,creativity and fantasy its a mix ok

  66. Tiffany Tseneva

    It said my name in it Its Tiffany

  67. mariane crisolo


  68. Elise Meurs

    The end lol

  69. Jessica Mason


  70. LeahGirl05


  71. mariane crisolo

    IQ Test is my fav

  72. •Blueberry_ Syrup•

    Video: She’s gonna go to jail! Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️is this a thing? Because she’s just defending herself☹️✨

  73. Damien maymdien

    also the devil said people love you but everyone hates me



  75. Damien maymdien

    completely wrong.i got devil



  77. Fahim and Faiqa’s World


  78. Beybee Fernandez

    Hey gloom react to ay Barbie at tiktok (it's a Filipino tiktok dance for Filipinos like me)

  79. gamer Gv Vargas

    6 year old dogs in are age is 60 and I know how it feels to lose your best friend like my fave teacher left the school and he was sooooooo nice

  80. Daranee Chumnanyantarakit


  81. Daranee Chumnanyantarakit

    The hair hack in Wengie's channel works.

  82. The Lil' Bees

    Kassie:serious black is coming Me:what does that mean

  83. White Shadowtiger

    I can realat hole heartedly

  84. Sarah Thomas

    I can do all

  85. Steve Groovy

    20 miles an hour cringe

  86. Marie yvette Regala

    Big brain the 11+444444+33333=.


    heres a cheat to google fued just search the question on regular google

  88. Marian kim

    Wait...is that lunar on the left side?cause she is itsfunneh`s sister and now she is playing human fall flat!


    is anyone waiting for Kassie to post a new video?

  90. Hali Simmons

    Kassies hair is GORGEOUS! 💖

  91. H O T D O G Z R A W L E

    All the weird stuff like the skeleton man collecting fire berries were from FranBow

  92. Hannes Dahlén

    Did i just watch a whole video of two girls torturing themselves and like it

  93. Francesca Glausiusz

    The thumbnail is you

  94. brightest you

    My teacher is responsible for us

  95. the Megamonster

    2020 squad

  96. Nella Mcclintock

    I once fell in the shower and tried to grab on the water

  97. this is the Darghouth family

    How do you get a baby at the start of the game

  98. Guadalupe Lopez

    Why did she put herself in another box and not the little box

  99. Boned Llama