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  1. Fleek khaz

    Hakimi midfielder ? Hmm😅

  2. George

    Check "DUCADAM"


    kai havertz?

  4. Jayden's T.V

    Sancho is the best

  5. Jonathan Mars

    Muller is the best midfielder in the Bundesliga

  6. Toma Ciudatu

    Neuer is the best of all time

  7. Team KKW

    Hakimi is a defender

  8. dheeraj sidharthan

    Somewhere I will.miss you alcacer

  9. Cathal McElwain

    I saved 4 in one game I was 10 in full size nets

  10. Sebastian Szerszen

    Kto w 2020? :D A poza tym angielskie napisy są najleprze przy tym jak komentator wymawia nazwisko Błaszczykowiskiego haha

  11. j Aalders

    do another spelling bee

  12. Qatar Airways

    Gulasci for me the best Goalkeeper after Terstegen

  13. Andrew Braun

    I love Sancho! He's the best.

  14. HighLand


  15. Shmuel Wade

    Did anyone notice how offside Müller was for letter O


    Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes

  17. Arpitha Reddy


  18. Sonnyboi 123

    Ladies and gentlemen I give u phil couthino U really think I will write that


    ooww It's very amazing man

  20. Недоумевающий Копатыч

    2:26 Я БАРБООООС

  21. Game Force

    Where is Jaden sancho