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  2. Jon huruglica

    Oliver kahn whith scipt

  3. Mohamed Abukar

    Damn we have missed Robben + Ribery + Lewandowski in the same team 😢

  4. Football Fan


  5. Maciej Stojak

    Lewy the best !!!😀🇵🇱

  6. sakinleri Gereksiz oda


  7. Quirin Adams

    Hakimi: hold my beer

  8. Football Content

    5:0 Leipzig 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Alec Sapounov

    Flekken hat eigentlich zurecht zu seiner Wasserflasche gegriffen, denn das Tor davor vom Duisburger hätte zählen müssen, weil der Duisburger ja nicht im Abseits stand.

  10. Osmane Oscar

    No one can do that only Lewandoski can score 5 in 9 min what a player 🔥

  11. Chris Payet

    Ewald: “Rips leg open and starts running around” Neymar: gets touched “rolls 50 feet around the field screaming and crying”

  12. Huy long Oz

    Bình 511 kí túc cao đẳng tuyền hình thường tín hà nội cường 1989411 lợi 1992 thuận trần duy 1995 Toàn 26031992Phúc158phải đi làm than huylong18 FIFA online 4

  13. M

    his face looks a bit like the botched ronaldo sculpture from a couple of years ago

  14. misolou fout

    💛Erling Haaland🖤 🌟Dortmund's Star 🌟 ◼️⚠️◼️⚠️◼️⚠️◼️

  15. Huzain Sakeer

    Haaland debut

  16. Jordan Taylor

    Did he get Man of the match?

  17. MR Galatk

    Fcke you benzema for nothing

  18. GameEnded 750

    OH MY GOD!!

  19. Yoyo Yoyo

    I think he didn't drink polio....weird face

  20. TraiaN

    2-1 for RB leipzig

  21. Darius Lanel


  22. Marcin Czechowicz

    To me Werner looks more like the goalkeeper legend Iker Casillas. 🙂

  23. Marcin Czechowicz

    Werner so underappreciated. But I go with RL9.

  24. warrenwolfe

    as a barca fan it hurts to know he will soon be back at madrid. they took a chance on him very early on and gave him lots of game time.. smartly moved him on loan and he's brilliant for dortmund

  25. Anleu Gaimer


  26. Santiago Lopez


  27. rahul nath

    Bundesliga is the best platform for youngsters to showcase their talent..best league in the world..love from India

  28. Theo_PlayZ_ YT

    Det er guttungen sin det😂😂🇳🇴🇳🇴🔥🔥🔥

  29. Baljinder Kaur


  30. Baljinder Kaur


  31. Asead Shahi


  32. Max Nex

    #lewandowski1 omg omg

  33. Andrew G

    auba ⚽️⚽️⚽️ paco ⚽️⚽️⚽️ haaland ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  34. Omikron Master A

    What is the name of the real music

  35. Jeferson Polese

    Please a Top 5 - Carlos Dunga goals.

  36. Jeferson Polese

    Please a Top 5- D'alessandro goals

  37. PutoNizz _

    Phil Coutinho Debüt!!!

  38. M

    The one at 1:50 you cant score an own goal from a throw in . it's not allowed in the rules .If you throw it in your own net it's a corner for the opposing team. Btw you can't score a goal against the other team with a throw in ether I might add

  39. mohd izwan Yusop

    1st half difficulty: LEGENDARY 2nd half difficulty: BEGINNER

  40. Fatima Luyeye


  41. poopdoodle

    But....is schalke....and klopp's a dortmund....nevermind.

  42. Tyler Windram

    Its gonna be worse for LFC when he leaves

  43. Cas Reitsma


  44. Tri Viet Nguyen

    For the mascot: Borussia Monchenglabach. Beacause it's kinda like it. For the logo: RB Leipzig. Beacause it's good enough. For the club-city: Werder Bremen. I kinda don't know which one is great they look normal but werder is good enough

  45. Tri Viet Nguyen

    RB Leipzig. Beacause the logo is pretty amazing and it probably almost match the real one

  46. Green and White

    This video sucks actual balls

    1. misolou fout

      Let's see if he could win the Bundesliga, ucl or dfb pokal for Dortmund

  47. Νικος Σπανος

    0:39 firmino

  48. Jessie Bumidang

    Barca wasted this one

  49. tekie tesfagaber

    #Lewandovski 2

  50. SebSk

    Not sure if it's even logically possible to beat Levandowski's record lol, definitely the greatest - I do think however Haaland's debut is the most impressive I've seen particularly in regards to mentality! 19 years old, into one of the bigger clubs of the world from a smaller Austrian one, and just nails 3 crucial goals on his debut lol

  51. Smap Ovj

    I know you're making the most of the hype of Håland, but come on Pohjanpalo deserves to be third with his 18 min hat trick

  52. tekie tesfagaber


  53. Ram Sundaram

    Gomez hugging naldo after the OG😂😂

  54. Leo Games22 ツ

    Haaland is a beast

  55. Morley light

    Weak player at psg, weak player at Leipzig!

  56. Mth Channel

    Welcome to anfield

  57. Vasisht Vasudevan

    Where Kramers half field own goal?

  58. muhannad adam


  59. Goatz zz


  60. MIKA Catela


  61. Mohd Zafran

    You'll never walk alone..

  62. Omar El aajine

    El phenomenon

  63. Stan Mathers

    Lewandowski ❤️❤️❤️ bayern

  64. samuel akinade

    0:46 made me laugh, what did he just do.

  65. WildwoodClaire1

    Moving on to Champions League, here's how Tottenham Hotspur can beat RB Leipzig: hire better players.

  66. Jelle Luyten

    Kampfen und sieGEn!!!🔵⚪⚒

  67. Cuong Nguyen

    When you want to be a midfielder but your parents forces you to be a keeper.... and the end :>>>

  68. Bonga Tonga Music

    Bayern be like:Enemy team cant win if you buy their best players

  69. landon navarrete

    Yay I cannot believe that Pulisic is from USA because I was from USA in my country we have a young striker

  70. SYED ibra

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  71. Google Earth

    New cantona

  72. tekie tesfagaber

    Lewandovski and Haaland

  73. Gotrek Gurnisson

    Legend at BVB! What is the song used at 0:35?

  74. frost1es Youtube

    1 thing, there's no way Klopp Helping Schalke LOL

  75. Hmochi al-adwani

    A real hacker

  76. Armxxn 19

    What about Paco Alcacer in that 4-3 match. Honestly underrated

  77. ‘ O Neto

    Now is the Best player of the World

  78. bocoy noiu

    This kid is a beast

  79. Jorisstorm

    Thomas Muller i want

  80. Shekhar Narwal


  81. The Fabulous Feedback Band

    I love how when he makes the beer only one of them is actually German

  82. osman fernandez

    Davies: I’m gonna be the best Left Back! Robertson: I’m not faster so I surrender!

    1. osman fernandez


  83. osman fernandez

    Werner: IM GONNA END LEWY! Håland: I’m gonna end this man’s career

  84. johnny syjonsky

    Lewy vs Haaland is better battle ;)

  85. The Fabulous Feedback Band

    What’s this actual song

  86. corobikang

    he likes cell in dragon ball,.absorb ability from all legend..😅