Hey, I'm Isaak Presley. I'm mainly an actor and musician but here is a way to bring people into my life. I have a crazy life with fun people & unforgettable experiences in it. I want to bring everyone on this journey with me. Fun, laughter, and love will all be able to be found here. I hope you enjoy this adventure into my life & my mind.

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  1. Wait, Your cancelled

    Who’s here after Bryce and jaden got arrested

  2. Sofia Sato

    Imagine if Sway LA girls house will be like a house where girls date the guys from Sway house.....would be cool!

  3. girl girly

    anyone else here after hearing the news of jaden and bryce being arrested and just confused of how this happened days before and now they are criminals...ya me too

  4. Nika Klepac

    everyone wants braddison back including all of the swayla

  5. black toast gaming


  6. Kynlee Murphy

    Bruh 2020 is horrible. 1. Kobe & Gigi died 😢 2. Covid-19 shut everything down 3. Many famous people have died (can’t name them all) from covid 4. My principle passed away from a heart attack 5. Lorie loughlin is going to/is in jail 6. Asher and Annie break up 7. Charli and Chase break up 8. Isaak and Kenzie break up 9. Mads and jaden break up Bruh what else is gonna happen??

  7. CrackedDrxps

    why does jaden seem high to me

  8. supreme bb

    Y'all didn't hear Jaden said his crush is Madison OOMMGGGGG I hope they get back!!!1

  9. Abby Welch

    Me-only smiling when jaden comes on

  10. Coltonofawsome

    Griffin wasn’t wasting any time he like “Dixie” 🤭🤭🤭😳😳😳

  11. soinhu foitu

    addressed more clearly.

  12. ThatGirl Bevin

    me waiting for anthony like 👁👄👁

  13. Logan Herda

    You are such a jerk! Kenzie is one of the most nicest people ever.

  14. Karla de Kock

    jaden looks high ngl

  15. Caroline Bush

    U just want views

  16. Chloe Power

    Jaden is rlly just out of it like the fact that he cant open up hes eyes just makes him sexier 😂💕

    1. Chloe Power

      urmomshouse ikkkk

    2. urmomshouse

      He got arrested tho

  17. Alexa Falvey

    Okay but i guess there’re in jail now

  18. Alex N

    Keep doing videos like this. It gives fans insight that they normally wouldn’t get. And you interview well.

  19. elbethel Mhretab

    My dude looks like a vampire

  20. Roni Wares

    Who else is watching after Bryce got arrested

  21. Anne Marie Cherciu

    fast foward a few hours and now jayden and bryce are arrested

  22. Casey Box

    Sad to know this was 1 day ago and now Bryce and jaden are in prison 🥺

  23. Amanda Ferragamo

    oooooh bryce said addison is his tik tok crush oooooh

    1. Sofy Time

      He didn’t

  24. i'mnotSillyMeGamer Girl

    I love have is Anthony having a mukbung

  25. Rupa Basu Mahagama

    I'll pay to be in sway la girls

  26. Hannah Hallock

    when bryce and jaden are in jail now

  27. Utubejunky29 Stephens

    Who’s here after Jaden and Bryce is in jail

  28. Anna McGrory


  29. Charlotte Ruby

    Wow even in no sway members vlogs, Jaden still doesn’t know how to wear a shirt...I mean I ain’t complaining bb be looking cute!

  30. Maria Alejandra

    the sad thing is that all the couples of here aren't together anymore:( 2020

  31. Emana Sophia Blas

    Why did you guys break up the same time as Asher and Annie?

  32. jessica hoihte

    Hi isaak if u love kenzie why did you cheat on her you really break her heart and I wish Johnny and Kenzie will be together

    1. soinhu foitu

      Leave a like if I enjoyed the video? duh, she's better off without him!

  33. Audrey

    hi i am auditioning for sway LA girls since i assume the boys will be coming over often

  34. Abigail Louise

    Woah I have been living under a rock What has happened with the “manager” Tom?

  35. Neha Kulkarni

    Influencers are humans too

  36. kenza ouni


  37. shook stuff

    I found it hilarious how everyone said different numbers for in a relationship. tWo, fIvE, fOuR

  38. Cristel cool CC


  39. Ava Johnston

    they all had different amount of relationships 🤣😭

  40. Kristella Simani

    Did Jaden say pass or Mads?

  41. kaorix kun

    Wait anthony wasnt in the video, isn't he a member of the swayhouse ??

  42. gia oliff

    i'm not one to comment on videos but this broke my heart. be you, find love and run with it. you can get through it, a new day everyday to strive to be a better person <3

  43. Aynur Akperova

    Before answering the question about relationships, Quin asked "in here?" that's why he said that only 2 guys were in a relationship (3 with him) 😅

  44. Ellen Macrae

    Why did I just find this

  45. Doreen Lacandazo

    Can they get back to this friendship again? I just miss it🥺🥺🥺

  46. Laila Al Refai

    are kio and anfony still in sway

  47. ٱلْكِيپوپيَّة الچزآئريّة

    Why nobody in da comments talking 'bout Jaden saying that his tiktok crush is MADS 😍😍😲

  48. Lizzie Sutherland

    Griffin’s my favourite cause he’s such a simp

  49. Andreia și Cosmin

    No ma questo non e quello da Harley in mezzo ?

  50. Ale Alexutza

    Why... Noooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. chloe rooney

    Jaden and Quinton looked baked

  52. Idhandsjhdbdkdjdndj Ishdjdjshdbsjdusgbdjdhdbd

    Is Quinton dating Cynthia again?????

  53. Val and The Reptile Friends

    Isaak reminds me of elvis presley, are they related???

  54. Arini Acharya-Prothi

    Issak: America’s favorite sisters! Dixie & Charli: huh!!??!!

  55. Amela Havic

    IM SO CONFUSED!! (2/7 of us are in a relationship) kio.. josh... AND anthony.. I THOUGHT IT WAS 3/7?

    1. Kaitlyn Rausch

      I also could’ve sworn Dixie and Griff were a thing, no?

  56. chloe c

    I must be really clueless but I only just realised Isaak was Popko from Fuller House

  57. lylia ouamara

    am i the only one that thinks that jaden was so high in this

  58. piezoelectric1

    Great vid. This girl is funny as nosel.info/video/video/k4aMjoSvlYtpls0.html

  59. Priyanka Daimary

    Hi Joey😂

  60. Alice Parker

    wait are we just going to ignore the fact that quinton literally admitted he is in a relationship with cynthia...

  61. Laighton Muller

    I thought Jaden said Mads not Pass for tiktok crush Omg hahahha!

  62. lorinne s

    C'est pas un acteur de "Harley, le cadet de mes soucis"?

  63. Yateemah Blount


  64. rlksdj

    who's here after their brekaup? 😔💔

  65. Team_kk_ Ilysm

    he still likes mads

  66. Ava Fernandez

    Tell me why they all had differnet numbers for how many ppl r taken

    1. Carly

      i was so confused but know that i think about i don’t even know the correct answer josh and nessa (official) anthony and avani (official) *** kio and olivia (official) *** quinton and cynthia (talking i think) griffen and dixie (idk at this point) Jaden (single) Bryce (single) ***=not in interview

    2. Carly

      because tik tok couples are very confusing and don’t go official for a while. so counting talking 5 are in a relationship and then 3/4 are official. also some could have not been counting anthony or kio because they were not in the interview.

  67. Cami Gahon

    I just wanna give you and kenzie a big hug rn!!!❤️❤️❤️

  68. Ailani Cholula

    This literally reminded me of Sam and Colby anyone else?? Isaak: we weren't feeling very well after the ouija board. Me: you broke the board you are never supposed to do that

  69. Cami Gahon

    Omg,😟😞I hope you and Kenzie are okay, or that you guys get better🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 you guys were such a real couple that gave such great advice, advice I low-key I wish I could've known before I actually experienced it. But I can see what you're saying and I understand.... Hopefully when you guys are ready mentally and emotionally as an individual that you guys will end up back tg soon in the future... But for now, hope you're both staying strong!!!❤️❤️❤️

  70. Dina Assadi

    Jaden and Anthony are just to hot for me I can't take it

  71. Noa Knap

    What about kio and ant

    1. Carly

      kio is in florida with his girl friend and anthony would not wake up

  72. Mochii Moonz

    “I am him, and we are he” -Jaden Hossler 2020

  73. Harjot Kaur

    wait why the heck was kio not here

    1. Carly

      he is in florida with olivia

  74. Emmah Ludwig

    jaden and mads🥺♥️

  75. Tiffany C

    Ok but can we just say how *Canadian* Josh was when answering these questions 😂

  76. Siarah McQuaid

    relationships : anthony, kio, josh, griffin that bein said idk if quinton and Cynthia are dating dating yk

  77. Live life just a little

    Who’s here from TikTok 😂

  78. Cheng Vang

    No school!!! You guys don't even go to school

  79. Heaven Bolen

    Oh angels and demons is playing in the background That song is so good❤❤❤❤

  80. Leticia Zec


  81. Avie Bear

    Not to be rude but who remembers popko from fuller house😂

  82. Zachary Illouz

    did dixie and griffin break up?


    issack: whos ur tiktok crush Me: plz be mads jaden: ummmmm..... mads Me: omg omg theres no losing hope that there relationship still stands

  84. Jasmin Martinez

    Jaden's smile is everything ! <3

  85. Willow Starling

    Isn’t it funny that most of them said different numbers for who is in a relationship and who’s not

  86. Madison Kautz

    Who is here after Issac and kenzie broke up 🥺💔💔

  87. Caeli Bartlett

    Omg Jaden said his TikTok crush is mads

  88. Its Mee Osman

    it looked like griffin were naked😭😭😭

  89. Darah Jaylenexo

    That’s so sad that you have to support your family especially since u started at such a young age, I’m sorry

  90. Brenda Barrenechea


  91. Riley Dickerson


  92. heaven lee


  93. DEZ

    Why did y'all do this to me I wanna cry ): y'all were so cute and didn't have much problems like most people but if y'all talk about it and ignore these hates y'all should maybe get back together cause I literally miss all the videos y'all made together and it was so cuteeee

  94. kaykaybeauty37

    why are there barely any hate comments lol this man cheated on kenzie. no one deserves that shit. if you cant commit to someone dont be in a relationship

  95. Madison Cholley

    Is everyone going to ignore how baked Jaden is 🤣

  96. heaven lee

    clicked so quickly bc I saw jaden shirtless on the thumbnail 😭😭

  97. Cielo Galeana


  98. Abby Kurowski

    Everybody Else: Bryce is the biggest fboy Bryce: it’s JAdEn

  99. amanda ayon

    Awwwe I'm sorry you're getting so much hate ♡

  100. Jacqueline Bonura

    me only watching this bc jaden is in it