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  1. Taksis Sadaf

    Corner has been the most filthy UFC contender ....of all time...good for nothing...

  2. Braktooth

    38 years old? Lol. No PEDs there...

  3. Cheli Lombi

    If I had the fighting intelligence of bas rutten and the unrelenting superhumpan brawling prowess of don frye., hell I would challenge God to a fight... ❤😍🙏💪👍✌

  4. Abdullahi Jama ali

    Actually he did make hım feel tired and then played with him.

  5. Anthony A

    Godamn literally the most ufc fight I’ve seen in a whilee

  6. Fawad Khan

    Alhamdulillah long live khabib khabib is winner InshaAllah.

  7. Eman Sk

    Dominick juaranya good dominick

  8. anita galindo

    Alguien puede pasar el link de la pelea de la de cabello morado 🌝

  9. Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic

    8:31 "have there been specific fighters or mma fighters that have kind of lead to your direction in the fight game" Someone in the crowd: Bob Sapp!! 😭😭😭😭

  10. Mehar Zadda

    I hate McGregor

  11. That man in your basement

    Idk why people dislike Kevin. Not to say he’s my favorite fighter, but I really don’t see people’s passion for hating on him

  12. Father

    If Conor bodies Khabib in Moscow... Do they riot over there or something or just drink more?

  13. Charles Lewing

    Brunette ring girl is fine A F. US flag bikini fighter is super sexy.

  14. Taiwo O.

    The weight didn’t cut Yoel.

  15. David A Velasquez

    Good thing anthony Pettis didn’t say anything about his mom

  16. Nikos Velanhs

    23:36 to 23:54 always gets me😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Vasko Angelov


  18. Kenny Angelo

    What is his life getting s diversity add to the ufc STFUN

  19. Jaclyn Schilt

    What's with the lion mask???????

  20. Raul Recio

    Yoel wasn't caught in a lie, Izzy didn't even let him finish his point, on top of the fact that Yoel's English is far from fluent. Only God knows what he actually meant

  21. Eric Taylor

    Two of my favorite ladies who are the absolute best in their respective sports.I think they need to just stay put and avoid each other.

  22. Anthony Guzman

    Tony is fkn awesome lol

  23. jerry donoher

    Dane hasn't been fighting that's why we can understand him

  24. Lecram

    he's the only one who's fake with his 20 personalities lmao

  25. Thothme.

    Never thought I hear Jones give DC praise at this young age. Reyes is still stuck in high school somewhere in the back of his mind :-) He did the bragging and is a very good fighter but in a rematch. Jones always does better. Ask DC and Gustafsson?

  26. alesana84

    "...and every gangster in Oakland was chanting my name." 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Chael was so classy during this whole event.

  28. themondoshow

    His voice changed

  29. snaky jones

    Yoel backflipped all over him thats all that matters

  30. S D8091

    The video maker is clearly biased , we all know Reyes won...these fkn paid corrupt idiots like the video maker is putting the game to shame.

  31. j Tee

    I want to see him fight Joshua ,or Wilder

  32. msw51995

    Jones calling someone an asshole, pot kettle kettle pot

  33. Ryan O'Keefe

    dana should be calling yoel boss

  34. SUB SUB

    Did not know Cormier was gay and Jones

  35. White Lightning

    Luke Cuckhold

  36. utkarsh singh

    The ones who are rooting for steroid cheat,pregnant woman hitter, bad human Jones stfu, DC lost twice to Jones still u gotta respect DC a short guy short reach, not physically the most endowed like Jones still at the end sits on the top. This is the story of struggle, perseverance and destiny.....

  37. Los Lobas

    Wow I thought this was to penalize Palhares

  38. Алишер Касым


  39. Ne Oublie

    6:06 😂😂😂 hendo put his arm on dom's chair, then realized what he was doing

  40. Ne Oublie

    I do not understand at all why anybody likes Dominick Cruz. He's such an insufferable douchebag. He's a miserable bastard.

  41. Big Yarrak

    DC say the truth about jones

  42. Real Madrid

    1.45 track

  43. Maya Boni

    I’m sorry, did she just basically tell Joanna she needs to let her first her cause her boyfriend is not doing his job? I really don’t even know if you could consider this trash talk lollll


    Khabib is saying what what. Tony is saying you damn idiot last time you want to see in my eyes. Khabib thinks that tony will scare from him. He trying to scare the Boogeymen.

  45. Atif Khan

    Sher h khabib

  46. urmom

    After his match with rory colby would run an actual train on him

  47. R J

    ".. War is upon us.. " Hollywood script writers couldn't write better.

  48. Reborn 777

    Some people like shit sandwiches and even praise their shit sandwich. Dana White and the UFC Handpicked a Mentally Weak opponent for Conor McGregor and their plan worked, so that king tapout could shine 😒

  49. bhunep neppoho

    Guy with talent fucked up

  50. Aman Dahiya

    It's like Connor is trying to disrespect himself only 😂

  51. narks haha

    Media face of is very stupid

  52. Jenus

    Trust me he doesn't understand conor English . Haha

  53. Soul Ring

    Covington you fucking clown where is the belt you were going to put on the desk . just like your hero you plegged to make thr division great again. .. It is great brcause they are getting rid of fakes in the last round ... I think l broke my jaw...no you clown he broke it for you ..

  54. Seyed Morad

    خبیب زنده باد ❤ 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 ☝🇦🇫

  55. Seoirse Ireland

    Apparently the next fight. Diego Sanchez. Who wants to see that. ?(. Not I. Come on

  56. Aydin Sabah


  57. Super Reigns

    Masvidal is not in the street anymore. You gotta be intelligent to sell a fight

  58. Siddharth Nandi

    Brock is the type of guy you'd want to hang out with but also make sure you don't piss him off in any way

  59. Avinash Mishra

    Actually amanda is male then y he allowed fight with girl wrong decesi on bcose her body structure is strong then ufc girls

  60. Munkhtulga Battogtokh

    This guy went to box and tapped 😂😂😂

  61. Wahid EL GHALI

    Bonjour tout le monde quelqu'un peut me traduire ce qu'ils disent Svp ? 🙄😊

  62. Tim Ouellette

    Big props go out to Thiago for fighting through that painful injury.

  63. DJ C

    Who would have won?

  64. Terry Steelman

    He got his ass whipped! Too bad he can’t back up his punk mouth!


    Reyes lost when he was running from Jones the whole time

    1. S D8091

      By that criteria Mayweather should lose every fight you racist lot

  66. quality build

    Jon Jones is still The GOAT.

  67. batmen19 bebe

    flyod know he can only beat him in boxing but in mma conor will whoop the every cell of his body

  68. Mike Smith

    So fat so bald

  69. Rex Aragon

    MMA trash

  70. MunchyMann

    That’s why you don’t hire a tiny ass dude to stand between two fighters

  71. Caleb Ledbetter

    Click bait

  72. Texas Outlaw

    Everyone forgets Bryann Stann's epic fights. He was injured for his Silva fight and it was a great brawl.



  74. newie

    Too early. Ridiculous. He was a mess

  75. Nick Redd

    That's a little disingenuous yo say he dissed obama. All he said was he wished he came to a UFC's event. Yall do kno he supported NFL players kneeling in protest n criticized trump's dismissive words about Puerto Rican deaths after the hurricane?

  76. Manlio Rodríguez

    Jajaja Romero se levanta a dar la mano por no tener nada que decir 😆😆😆

  77. Fabrício Souza

    Reyes won, period.

  78. Moxieman

    This guy is a beast

  79. Anjo Cabigon

    The donkey Dc

  80. Ronald Townsend

    Ronda is so smoking hot and sexy.

  81. Hellblazer311

    Why is he, a heavyweight, bragging about the fact that he'd 100% knock out a lightweight? I bet he could beat anyone in the women's division too.


    That's how scared bitches talk! The world knows Reyes beat his ass 3-2! Reyes the people Champ! Jones the chumpion that too scared for a rematch! bitch boy!

  83. Jack Lambert

    No we can not agree! Jones is a champion but he lost this fight. How can anyone that saw the fight say he won. He lost 4 out of 5 rounds. Shity judges! Another thing, Dana is turning into a corrupt POS

  84. Magamed Tasouev

    Soldier of God fina dish out that righteous fury on Israel after commenting on his weight- 😬💯

  85. peper zout

    Khabib' the eagle!!!!!!🦅🦅🦅💪💪👑❤elhamdoelilllah machaAllah,khabib is too strong for his weight he is not the eagle in reality, he is the🐜

  86. james tibbetts

    Test Jones again. Lol

  87. David Jones

    This interviewer is a gimp.

  88. irshad khan

    Tony:wooo Khabib :this is lambar 1 bullshit.

  89. D 2

    Reyes won that fight... No doubt.

  90. John Arevalo

    Vale Vrga .....🤦‍♂️

  91. Tug Thugger

    The media doesn’t want jones to lose. I beat his ass before. No stories about it.

  92. Jon Martinez

    DC was right

  93. Guess 123

    Say what you say , Jones is still there.

  94. Miriam Gonzalez

    Reyes campeom

  95. mi81 tkne

    Masvidal and Usman are both great fighters. But Usman is too strong for Masvidal. Usman would win. Plus when you're 35 years old in this sport (whichMasvidal is) age becomes a factor like it or not. I'm a fan of both fighters.

  96. Julio Manuel Colonia Quinto

    Volví a ver la pelea creo que Jon Jones termina con un milímetro mas de nivel físico pero Dominick reyes gana la pelea, es quien da mas golpes

  97. Marc Burrows

    Is that pizza?

  98. Mark Brown

    Chuck looking like a truck driver

  99. Uzbek


  100. Mack Sauce

    "never fought a Latino" Jones: what you talking about it's about skill sets