I make videos of me and my friends messing around. That's honestly the best way to describe my videos!

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  1. Gaming Milo

    Why do I watch people eating at 1 am when there’s nothing in the fridge I hate myself

  2. santoryuuzoro

    14:15 where it gets good

  3. LucaDaGreenBerny Boy

    I really want to do this with my friends. But I have none

  4. Waheed Saeed

    Why include that part of the video if your just going to bleep it? It just ruined the video

  5. Daan Bakker

    That lie guy is in such an awkward situation

  6. Luke James

    2020 is the one ok..... jan - WWWIII feb - Australia march and April - coronavirus what's next???

  7. andrew fernandez

    peep the jacket Harry said he'd never wear

  8. Mexican Cast


  9. Shane Shedd

    Imma call my calender

  10. htxsebastian _


  11. wet like wata

    I wish i trained like that

  12. JimmyRu05

    Why is ethan surprised by a breakfast roll??

  13. Kay M

    This is just a video of Cal seeing how drunk he can get his friends

  14. Kita Silver

    Callux: 2020 is gonna be the one yuno Jinxed it mate Coronas your girlfriend now

  15. Ther real Super sayian

    Ethan cooking the fries(chips) was fucking hilarious because I’ve make them homemade all the time and the worst feeling is when the grease is too hot and it starts to overflow. You shit yourself then you do everything to stop it. And you know your fucked when you don’t have a fire extinguisher either. But yeah it is always a scare when the grease is hot like that

  16. dylan chandarana

    Gib: I’m training for Tokyo 2020. Coronavirus: I don’t think so 😫

  17. Crazy Clownfish

    Freeze vs coronavirus

  18. Ninja 205

    definatly deji

  19. neriah fruin

    you can cook pasta in the oven, its called a pasta bake. callux's pasta would of been cooked if he added tomatoe sauce or water that the paster could absorb.

  20. Chloe Dixon

    didn’t harry take his maths exam a year early and get an A, or is the website i saw it on wrong

  21. Anonysshh

    my man is omw to JL's house in the fcking train..

  22. Chloe Dixon

    nobody going to talk about how hot harry looked? okay just me

  23. Rizahri

    north korea would have been funnier

  24. Kita Silver

    That guy who drank the last shots I first thought it was Seth rogan 😂

  25. 94 Waller

    Harry's nostrils still work 👌

  26. Rishon Solomon

    Wow. KSI was wearing a POWER BY LACHLAN hoodie

  27. Ayan Patil

    Ethans steak is blue 🤣

  28. Louie Drill

    Rods n Shafts is a banger tune


    Shrimps on the barbie will fucking haunt me forever it prawns

  30. Dominic Horton

    Ethans steak is super rare

  31. jason sunassee

    Jj and tobi

  32. KevinTheKing

    So that's where bed bug barry went, I was looking for him. He traveled from the US to the UK that's mad

  33. Micah Coleman

    0:44 anyone else see the hickey on his collar too? who knew cal was such a horny bastard lmfao

  34. Jordan Humber

    Take in JME said his shoes were 99 rated and he couldn’t hit the crossbar

  35. KillerKillingKeem aka *kkk*

    I have a feeling the fat guy will be most fit in a couple of years.

  36. Moosman Lillyst

    I tried the Rock Paper Scissors thing but it didn’t work on my dad it worked on me

  37. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Amazing video!

  38. Reece Gamez

    Anyone Self isolating and thought of watching this in 2020

  39. Master GreenGuy

    Gib vs Logan Paul

  40. Connie B

    2020 corona time anyone ,just me oh ok

  41. Rizahri

    ok willne and callux have the worst fucking taste when it comes to clothes

  42. Rizahri

    the clickbait again ughhh

  43. Alexander Lowe

    6:17 legendary moves.

    1. Alexander Lowe

      More like 6:15

  44. Tobys Gaming

    Do another cook off

  45. sidemen_ mya

    Bruh cal he is kinda calling u posh I mean u are his brother

  46. a mystery

    Tbh behz looks decent at boxing

  47. Aivaras Pinikas

    Was that a bong mask the blonde one pulled out xD?

  48. chad

    10:35 you’re welcome

  49. Danyaal Ilyas

    UFC title when they were boxing 😂

  50. thicc nos

    You shoulda let Harry come :(

  51. Izanagi

    69 nice

  52. Kylie Smith

    I love how cal doesn’t think any of them is him

  53. Marius Labaune

    Harry said one thing and it made the video so much better 😂😂😂

  54. Angelo vlogs211

    WTF who cooks pasta in the oven to say it's a garnish

  55. mostogaming

    Wheres sv2

  56. CG 745


  57. Akul __

    The figures are wrong. Vikk is the richest Sidemen

  58. Qubeh

    Callum: I came up with this game Cut: am I a joke to you..

  59. The Forgotten Youtuber

    Harry's question is easy for me. I am 15 so I'll take 2 15-year-olds any day, easy.

  60. ThePanzerPanda

    W2S KSI Ricegum Behz disstrack boxing match

  61. Erin Abdulahi

    Bruv jj won and all are more partying then jj himself

  62. Felix Ge

    Did anyone see the squirrel outside the window at 8:29

  63. Owen

    Anybody know where Freezy got that long sleeve shirt?

  64. Zachary Solomon

    Freezy definitely got scared

  65. Alpha00029 Lyons

    Nobody: Steven: “I thought pancake day was yesterday”

  66. SlimPlays

    Why am I here?

  67. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Amazing video, what about Kickers?! I wear Kickers anyone else? Well I did before lockdown

  68. Buckshot Entertainment

    19:30 vik


    The funniest video with the funniest youtubers ever.

  70. Matthew Takeuchi

    Real talk Ethan recked him... the skill level and creativity of ethans was mad in comparison

  71. Uranus

    12:05 video starts

  72. Talha M

    Take the sidemen

  73. carlosity

    shut up

  74. GE_ TEEKZ

    Calfreezy next cooking oppents calfrezzy vs Joe Weller calfrezzy vs ksi calfrezzy vs tobi calfrezzy vs viddal

  75. mr J

    calfreezy looks like a human rat

  76. Kyle Blackman

    same restaurant as chunkz