Leo Moracchioli runs a studio in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. This channel contains music covers, gear review, studio updates and other shenanigans.

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  1. Whatthepuch

    ANIMAL des Muppets est devenu humain :O Man ! the second voice, awe.. wait for it...SOME

  2. Andi Rock

    Geil !

  3. Im Legends of world

    You are so cool leo yeah :)

  4. Bomb Bo

    ok why did i think he was shavo odadjian for a moment

  5. George D 76

    Frog leap studios is another and different way to listen to your favorite music....The best idea ever and his music sounds fantastic one of my favourite ways to listen to music...Thanks Leo 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  6. Carlota P

    You guys are awesome!!!

  7. Ant Creates

    Its funny how when you have 224 subs or 3.81M subs you can post whatever you like and it doesnt really matter😀👍👍

  8. Aerofluff

    Just gonna say, I love pretty much all your other covers, but... not this one. Just a little too circus silly. I mean I know it's a sickeningly upbeat pop song and that's hard to convert, it's always gonna sound odd, but. Wasn't satisfied with this one.

  9. Phoenix X

    Leo, best thing you can both do when the dust settles, (and you need to let it settle) is both find someone new to love, so your kid has a couple of good role models to show them what people in love look like - and if you cant find someone, get yourself an epic friend instead - and make sure neither of you (you or your ex) leave your kid feeling left out - kids sometimes think it is their fault. That way your kid maybe ends up with 4 parents ;o)

  10. Malcontent

    my neighbors liked this song so much... They threw a brick through my window to listen to it louder!

  11. Robert Warnell

    PLEASE come to the U.S.A!!! I know many people in my city that would pay $$ to see you! You're really amazing!

  12. Robert Warnell

    PLEASE COME TO THE U.S.A!!!! I know many in my city alone that would spend good money to see you ROCK!!

  13. Colin Barrett

    Please cover Peaches by Presidents of the United States of America

  14. Izzy Godfrey

    The cab- Angel with a shotgun

  15. John Nycto

    3:40 a nod to Soundgarden!

  16. Павел Толстолуцкий

    А нахера на всех каверах рожи корчить? Думает,что крутой?-а мне кажется сдвинутый.

  17. John Nycto

    The organ part was funny!

  18. Christian Bähr

    Richtig super

  19. Phoenix X

    Hmm he seemed to go a little above and beyond on this particular one, made it more his own than just a cover.

  20. Napatsawan Junthosri

    ชอบมากๆๆๆๆๆๆ แนวใหม่ๆ🇹🇭

  21. BraveChannelGamer

    This is remembering me of Skyrim for some reason

  22. Carlota P

    This is an awesome cover. Well, done!

  23. Michael Collins

    ya dude she smokes you.

  24. rakete blau

    Well, I think „society“ (into the wild) by Eddie Vedder could be the one?

  25. Sas Quatch

    AMAZING GRACE is the song I want to hear as I nod goodbye to Neil.

  26. Sas Quatch

    Best cover of one of the greatest rock songs of all time! Thanks.

  27. Fernando Lorenzo V.

    I enjoy your videos and I really hop all be fine ... your friend from Costa Rica

  28. Kaz Choucri

    LEO! You look so young without the make-up! By the way, please link us up to some originals... you f'in ROCK ! MUCH HEALTH !

  29. Anna Grace Brown

    Has this awakened a love inside me for metal?

  30. John Toughlove

    This song should be the summer hit of 2020!

  31. Michael Butner

    silver lining... leo is now available ladies

  32. Mr. Mikey

    way more sinister than the original, and i like it lol. super heavy + head bangin = true metal freak released from the Asylum

  33. Spoony

    You need to do a video with Hannah, Rabea and Mary

  34. David P.

    why the blood? seems unrelated to the song........

  35. mbr4221

    Dude you bring a smile to my face every time I listen to your music, thank you! My family thinks I'm crazy. I sit on the floor with my computer on the coffee table and I blair your music and do my version of head banging. Again thank you!

  36. Spoony

    I'm a little upset that the outro piece isn't on Spotify

  37. Uchiha

    Im really glad that he made the choice to layer the singing chorus over the screams, this cover wouldn't have been half as good without it. With that being said, fuuuucccck. Wow!


    nosel.info/video/video/pa-od5rWoWif2JY.html subscribe, i will make heavy covers

  39. Brian Conlon

    The Dimebag Solo made me Cry, Sorely Missed !!!

  40. bams. patra


  41. Awesomebird27

    I couldn't stop thinking about how his beard resembles anal beads. still give it an 7/10

  42. Greg Clark

    YESSS!!!!!!!! Freakin awesome!!!!

  43. Kenneth Carnie

    The 11K dislikes are from the same Karans that'll call the gustapo on you for no mask or not keeping 6ft distance.

  44. Brian Conlon

    Leo are those EMG pickups?

  45. Leandro Martins

    Estou impressionado com teu trabalho cara😀👍

  46. Jake Humphrey

    Leo, please do Bohemian Rhapsody

  47. Los Manzani

    Unfortunately America is slippin. Great cover though.

  48. Brian Conlon

    Leave it to Leo to METAL it up Just Right !

  49. Killua Zol

    Should i call the President of the Philippines for you? 😂

  50. Fa Monk

    I thought It said Leo Macaroni

  51. bajo misterio

    Siempre tuve esta idea en mi cabeza y sonaba tal cual lo hiciste. Excelente

  52. Txleal

    Dude thanks for this! It's amazing! MJ deserves sucht a homege like that.

  53. Dakota Sullivan

    Sorry had tht mixed up god gave me you by Luke, sweet dreams buy eurythmics, and reasons buy hodostank. Metal versions don’t fail me Leo

  54. Dakota Sullivan

    God gave me you, sweet dreams, and reasons by eurythmics metal versions don’t let me down Leo

  55. freep

    Sad to hear, and with the dream house and new studio, but that's what playing live concerts always seems to do for all of the worker bee class musicians...screws up a really good thing. So the best of luck to you, even a room full of guitars won't matter after the reality of 1 sets in.

  56. Ray Gremmel

    Much love, my friend. Wishing for the best Leo

  57. john k

    JOE DIRT ?

  58. crunchybobjones

    It is what it is, Just keep ur head up and be safe.

  59. Miguel Eduardo Cifuentes Quintal

    I separated from my wife four years ago. It wasn't easy at first, but time and my son's love has helped heal the wounds. I hope the same goes for you. I send you a big hug.

  60. drxixo2

    WOWWWW 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥the best DESPACITO ever !! 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Robert Weeks

    right around 3:00 you started sounding like mastodon.

  62. drxixo2

    WOWWWW 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥 i love the music ... the video ... n the small kid running around plus the head banging heavy metal ape 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Aerofluff

    This is just so beautiful. Love it. Especially choosing old '90's songs, please do more of those. <3

  64. J. Pitkin

    There's a unique way to sell a house.

  65. Zenerdi

    Most generic thing I've ever heard.

  66. Colin Hawco

    Ohh no Leo! I got divorced a year ago, and it sucked. Good luck Leo.

  67. Ritchie Polson

    Love the original as it touches me personally but this adds everything I needed. Thanks for not going easy, this song needs the heavy to relate to the feeling, not only the words.

  68. Kris Minten

    Do you want to make your music world class? Give it to Leo!

  69. Tamara Rogowski

    Me too, love what you have done, hugs and kisses for you 😘 made my memorial day weekend rock. I'm a frozen stocker at Walmart and things have been shit lately since having to wear the masks all through your shift. Just bought a new pixel 4xl and some air pods, you sound awesome all through until we have to take one ear pod out, awesome job, I grew up in a band house in the 80's grew up in recording studios... I really do love and appreciate what you do ❤️💗 Rock on brother and keep up the incredible productive activity!!

  70. Kris Minten

    Like I said...

  71. Kris Minten

    l Leo for President! We definatly need eople like Leo!

  72. Александр Зыль

    Omg, super cool

  73. Kris Minten

    hva er du enig med Gud eller djevelen? Dette er virkelig urealistisk

  74. Kris Minten

    I think this is God playing devil because he cannot denie

  75. Kris Minten


  76. Kris Minten

    Nena sollte sich dafür sehr geehrt fühlen!

  77. Kris Minten

    I want that T-shirt!

  78. Kostas Vag

    Ελιωσα με τα παιδιά!! Keep having FUN!!

  79. CreationsByElder

    Married 25 years, mutual divorce as well a few years ago, actually went through a cancer scare as well just before the divorce. I appreciate the update and look forward to when you start at it again. Stay strong, things will get better and everything happens for a reason. Best wishes!!!

  80. katana mike OTCross

    Best hockey stick 😂😂😂😂👍

  81. PA Rod & Reel

    Think the original is better. Good try them you nailed a bunch out of the park but this one eh it's good but not your best

  82. Random Walk

    Hi Leo. I just watched this video, it's 1:58 am here in Poland but I'm not able to sleep, I want to support you somehow. I pray for You and ask God to help You find the right new way in your life. And I'm going to ask my 41 friends to pray for you too - two Men's Platoons of Holy Rosary. God bless You!

  83. mikr kivre

    Sorry for the sad vibe, how bout 7 Nation Army by White Stripes

  84. dragunroze

    I already loved this song and now I love it even more ...

  85. Jimmy Johnson


  86. Dutch van der Linde

    Thank you for recycling pop music.

  87. Matthew Vacanti

    No outro but the intro's there. I feel it, hell I've been there. You'll be on top again and you'll always have the community to help.

  88. Samaël Onwheels

    Here you can find my light flower

  89. Samaël Onwheels

    This light flower looks exactly like mine

  90. Samaël Onwheels

    0:08 my dollhouse and my light flower

  91. Nick Tucker

    Duuuude!! You F'n ROCK!!! Amazing musical skills! Happened across your page by NOsels metal algorithm. Changed my life!! For the better of course lol. Subscribed and bought music. Best of wishes with your ongoing career. You're a legend🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  92. Samaël Onwheels

    Hey I find 2 items that I had

  93. Samaël Onwheels

    Hey there's my light flower for my bedroom at 0:08

    1. Samaël Onwheels

      And my dollhouse that I had and now I lost it. My mom has thrown it away and now I got the Arendelle castle. It's way bigger than that

  94. Samaël Onwheels

    As you can see the pink flower is the same as I have exactly

  95. Samaël Onwheels

    0:08 this flower is the same as I got in my bedroom

  96. Samaël Onwheels

    The pink flower is the same as I have

  97. SuperOMARKO

    All my sensory perceptions just woke up! Thank you.

  98. Mister white

    This should be on the donnie darko soundtrack. So whith that, how about something from donnie darko?

  99. WowKar

    Уже пишу на русском! Не отпускает! Я пою эту песню постоянно!