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  1. free dom


  2. bashar ali


  3. Stanley

    Anfield is waiting

  4. Deep Joshi

    Not a single shot on target 🎯in whole match losers. Gunners forever.

  5. Deep Joshi

    What you meant that Anfield is waiting. Atletico Madrid can screw anyone anywhere. Losers.

  6. Deep Joshi

    Liverpool don't have the tendency to fight back. They are finished now due to their over confidence.

  7. Deep Joshi

    Hahaha losers you lose and my arsenal fc won in uel. Hahahah losers shame on you losers.

  8. Ms Finkish

    Two weeks more to cheer 1:0. Then Welcome to Anfield. Where nothing to do but suffering.

  9. Brazali Braz

    Simeone : Airplane parking strategy Kloop : Nuclear blasting strategy

  10. NamKhang

    Welcome to Anfield

  11. 是醬是不

    Corner taken slowly...Saul

  12. DR.D Helix

    They got lucky with a goal

  13. Jerome Richmond

    Did I just see samir nasri?

  14. diamond jaguar


  15. Honey Bee

    Walk on, through the wind

  16. supart15n david

    Throwback when Pirlo still be MAESTRO OF FREEKICK

  17. 83 Smith

    That is a proper stadiam.

  18. ahmadkohar

    Comeback is coming!

  19. Simon Petricox

    Salah sucks!!!

  20. Fredy MG

    Sadio Mane 90 right now please!

  21. Imran Khan

    Liverpool should do a comeback like juventus, Origi hat- trick

  22. Donni Damanik

    Welcome to Anfield BARCELONA 😁

  23. Iyung 88

    Tetap liverpoolll

  24. Iyung 88

    Tetap liverpoolll

  25. M M

    Mane and Salah are magicians, they showed miracle, they disappeared from the game

  26. Stefanie Kaiser

    Wehre is alisson

  27. Lizzie's Lukas

    guys, if CR7 can scored a hat-trick so many times against Atletico, including last years comeback, Liverpool can do it too

  28. Brij Rajyaguru

    Welcome to Anfield❤️

  29. BeritaPerangDunia Terupdate

    AS A MANCHASTER UNITED DIE HARD FANS.... I m so fucking happy

  30. Drex DO

    We Are Waiting For You Atletico Madrid In Anfield! Where noises!!!

  31. Steven Joseph

    Did they turn off the law of away goal?

  32. Rafael Soares


  33. Priyanshu Thakkar

    Hahahahahah CRY MORE BABIES

  34. محمد سعد

    Anfield awaits.🔴🔴👊👊

  35. Fauzy Daha

    Hopefully in the second leg can win big

  36. David Boss


  37. Sulthan Fattah

    atletico sucks liverpool is better liverpool will win next time

  38. Ahmad Sliman

    Why he dosen't gave alisson

  39. Gerald Godson TV

    Anfield awaits

  40. Ifal Broiler

    Anfield 4-2 atletico m

  41. iamillasfuck

    I was looking forward to seeing some Atletico players diving up close just to see how pathetic they look

  42. Hyun Joon Park

    Guys their 4-4-2 defensive system is not similar to EPL team's 4-4-2 defensive team. Their level is different. Our players need to work better

  43. Siphiwo Siphi

    My dream can i join the liverpool academy?

  44. Thu hang

    Wow có tiếng Việt

  45. iggers

    89Liverpool 68% ball pass / Madrid athletic 37 ball pass


    Welcome to our anfield **!

  47. Relyik

    Dang so kaka plays golf

  48. അനീഷ് CK

    Welcome to anfield

  49. Who Dis


  50. asyraf ifraheim

    anfield really need to prepare big for next tie with athletico madrid...bring it on all those banners,flare and chants

  51. Soundar Rajan

    Throw Salah away

  52. Jahzeal JR

    1:27 look at how much players they have in their box😂😂 How are you guys gonna overcome this at anfield.

  53. 鈴谷十三

    for the remontada vs Barca last season Hendo was so instrumental that game and honestly I'm worried his absence for the return leg might be damaging!. But we believe YNWA

  54. Daniel Asfaw

    I think this is going to be the most difficult game for Liverpool this season. Atletico has one of the best defensive teams out there. Liverpool is going to have tuff time breaking them down. If they score one goal there just going to clog and stay back the entire game.

  55. Miaty Jhane

    Pliase make fans tO Happy the 🔴💪🏻💪🏻

  56. Ricardo Ss

    Pes porra

  57. Fathy Mustafa

    It is NOT the END

  58. Darren Nicholls

    with jordan henderson injured does he still have to play ste in hollyoaks ?

  59. Damo Cullen

    Club city in harmony from top to bottom best club in the world 💪😁🏆💵

  60. Forefather Of Mankind

    I guess we will have to invoke 'THE SPIRIT OF ANFIELD' at the next leg.

  61. I Do

    We will come back in anfield. Bravo liverpool...

  62. Neymar Lim

    Obviously the reff are paid actors

  63. JITHU K

    Kill those mfs in anfield

  64. Fawaaz Siddiqui

    Inshallah Liverpool will knock out Atletico. YNWA

  65. hyywes

    As much as hate losing yes but just a feeling that this defeat will spur us to another level of success. Total faith to do well in second leg. YNWA.

  66. mattinelson

    There was some terrible, cynical gamesmanship from Athletico that night. Really trying hard to con the ref.

  67. Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Spanish Stoke

  68. Janor YuCare

    3 years ago it was the unsayable now it's happening

  69. TOSSER Channel

    come back in anfield

  70. Hanamichi Sakuragi

    Spanish Stoke

  71. Evan Yiallourides


  72. Tuhin Roy

    It's nice to hurt the tiger...but a wounded tiger is more ferocious when his pride gets hurt..he is more ferocious than dare u Athletico Madrid defeat Liverpool..u can defeat ur petty Real Madrid and Barcelona..but not u live to be butchered and devoured by the wounded tiger that has become more red than ever...gets ready to be perished..

  73. Nez Bez

    Anfield awaits...

  74. ONCETV 1

    What is the amount of winstreak that get broken?

  75. Azrul Sbri

    I'm don't know why athletico fan so excited about 1 nil score Liverpool have 0 shot but dominant possession mosalah and Henderson nearly to score athletico soo lucky.. I'm from Future Liverpool will destroy athletico 4-0

    1. I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi

      Azrul Sbri ikr, something tells me there will be a sick comeback for the reds

  76. Elijah Wright

    You can tell the boys are all fired up to give Athletico a proper Whipping at Anfield. Come On You Reds! 🔴 YNWA

  77. Muhammadun

    Di kandang liverpool kena bantai tuh nanti...😂

  78. Gadai Bpkb Mobil Bandung

    4:26 Robertson kick messi, see it slow

  79. quick email needed

    we lose next week

  80. J M

    Looserpool 😂😂🤣

  81. Robert Sommer

    Liverpool schön und Simone Super b das ist was das Fussball gucken so schön macht einfach nur richtig gut was da geschafft wird👍😞👹🏙⚽

  82. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็


  83. Infinite Items

    Tottenham's locker room: i hate reds Liverpool's locker room:

  84. saliou diallo

    Welcome to anfield.. its not over yet.. Never give up💪🏿🔥

  85. krxtian Boaten

    I love champions league nights at ANFIELD especially when it's 2nd leg 💯

  86. Cofimaslisa

    its funny how 4/6 shots were posted in this video. 0 shots were on goal. Of this 4 shots, only Salah's head could be a goal

    1. maalim dika

      Henderson shot was very close

  87. Panji Sian

    Please delete the subscribe in video. Is not good, like spurs videos..

  88. Michel Esli

    Bem Vindo A Anfield Atletico... Aqui O Bicho Pega.