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  1. i HiYorii

    Autotone and ur making fun of harry ?? - shame on you

  2. Samuel Caetano

    Asshole take care of his life because he sings much better than you sucker

  3. i HiYorii

    Ur keep making fun of them and ur voice is like a dead cat 😂😭

  4. RaraCloe

    year late, but... JAg kan inte lyssna på Håkan Hellström, jag klarar inte av hans röst, han kan inte sjunga!

  5. Mary Herring

    I just confused my cat so much, while I was watching and I put my earbud in my cats ear ave she was like "wat iz diz sorcery hooman?!?!"😦

  6. Dave Forton

    Hey do want to know who the only person who likes Chris Martin? Chris Martin.

  7. markedhayden7

    Im like day 30 lol

  8. joshua2010660

    *c r e e p e r*

  9. Patricia Bell

    I guess they missed the point when Ricky Gervais called them out and said they are in no position to lecture the public about anything. Now this?!! We are all in this together? Ummm, no you are millionaire's and we are the people who are losing our possessions. We don't need to "imagine" it. But hey, thanks for the completely insensitive song! 👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Mat Yiq



    In my small brain this is now an actual song.😂

  12. Stina Asplund

    ceo of swenglish

  13. Emily -

    9:35-9:40 roomie are you ok

  14. a guy

    Eminem:are you sure about that?

  15. BigWrait36117

    Discrimination to México

  16. just some kidz

    I'm 11

  17. Lohanny Nielsen

    Literally, my brother does the exact same thing as that last guy. He sings in the bathroom! And my brother sang that song when we went to Washington D.C. in the bathroom. That guy sounded EXACTLY like my brother! (Conspiracy?!?!?!?!)

  18. Mattandjo Fleeman

    It’s all fake

  19. Midnight Typers

    what about scarlet?

  20. sami chikhaoui

    Why is no one talking about his eyes though...damn he's got those ocean eyes

  21. akane karma

    you're super freakin cute when u defend your self x)) love ya

  22. Sparklees

    I knew about wrong direction because of an achievement in human fall flat. That’s how bad you were

  23. lily vaknin

    Image drake after the video was like “ can I keep it?” “Hehe yeah...” “Aw thx so mu-“ “No it’s mine you can’t keep it” Why am I so mean?


    Billie was no different from auto to interview

  25. pepe le pew

    I wanna see roomie sing river by Leon bridges

  26. Comfy

    What has changed

  27. Sinthum Studios

    4:05 the timestamp speaks for itself

  28. fabiana _05

    I think Camila Cabello was and is over the top

  29. Tube Lover

    When he did the spoken word thing, it sounded like my teacher on videochat in quarantine :D

  30. Pankaj Debbarma

    M also becoming a vlogger but my videos are nit good but it will be n my name is EHD vlog's

  31. Robert Chiaburu

    What Autotune Makes Out Of You

  32. Sky McCreery

    Too much AutoTune boi

  33. Enzorg

    2:18 voice crack?

  34. Dexrex Gaming YT

    The music video is honestly better that the actual song

  35. Nela Voicu

    Im a romannian kid and i have 9 years old I chalenge you to say ,,Bună ziua".

  36. boiæ _

    Why do you guys speak to each other in english?

  37. Pepperoni10010

    Just wondering if you ever got that wine? 😁😁

  38. Elijah Sanchez

    I feel loved he became emo

  39. Bruna Gama

    That elevator one is such an American thing, you obviously enter with your back to the walls, its so rude to show your back to other people, not to mention you cant control what you dont see so the person behind might be getting squeezed but bc youre looking at the door you have no idea, everybody faces the center of the elevator except if all the walls are busy, then you can face the person you're with / the door

  40. Chirag Kushwaha

    React to aksh baghla 😍😍....... 30 voice....

  41. Dexrex Gaming YT

    I love the editing on roomies head AWESOME

  42. ValeryVal

    I love Roomie's cap. Where can I buy something similar?

  43. dylan buechler

    You should react to hello from the inside. It is about the quarantine. It is by Chris Mann Music

  44. my channel is yung_rxvm

    I would prefer it if you had jonas sit next to you when you record so we could see him

  45. Stephen Eckart

    No shit they all get better what auto tune does.

  46. ROBY

    Just beat it

  47. Dexrex Gaming YT

    So roomie just took the song, added some better back music, and turned it into the version that u sing when your and adult. Yikes


    Non sense

  49. Toast Cocoa

    Basically a cute girl laughing and talking to a cute guy. Is it just me or am I bisexual?

  50. Youssef Belhadj

    you maybe should have listened to Young Merkules. It was pretty good. But it was beep beep beep almost the whole time

  51. Phil Green

    You should react to Lewis capaldi’s version of when the party’s over its insabe

  52. john lehnon

    Bro relax with sia yes is awesome u suck love u any whey

  53. Miss

    Yeah them singing is no different than the tiktoc cringe videos I watch

  54. Hannah abott

    Tati sings pretty well you should react to her stuff

  55. Sage btw nick ghur

    "Her voice made me really excited"

  56. singing4hope

    Why does he sound like pewdiepie

  57. Casey Payne

    Why couldn't they have set up a donation thing to go with it, baffles me

  58. dontruin myfun

    Roomie you should react/do commentary on X Ambassadors music. You may know them from the songs "Renagade" or "Unsteady". But they have so many really awesome songs!

  59. Antisocial Duck


  60. zz Yeety_McEaty zz

    I bet the car behind them didn't even realize that they were driving behind her

  61. vipin rustagi

    Listen to Kimberly she songs really well

  62. Ready for Anything

    9:00 That man I know when he sings despacito Aydan he is famous...

  63. Meena Ragyor

    Absolutely nobody: Serious situation but Joel is laughing actually!

  64. harry king

    At the start of numb basically had roomies giggle as part of the music

  65. Jenny

    I am so confused! First, your physical appearance wasn’t for me. BUT The more videos of you I look the hotter you get. I guess it‘s you personality that looks amazing🌚😱

  66. Lillos Life

    Är du svensk?!

  67. Shadow SA

    Basically exposing Lauv

  68. Kazehaya Shouta

    I just watch because of the thumbnail but it’s clickbait.. I’m tellin’ ya’, don’t start with me if it’s about Taylor ‘coz I know a song Rihanna sang that’s written by Taylor.

  69. John Drew Dy

    What's just happened in the song "First Dance"... I mean the word "slowly " is all about dancing now turned into something... that's sucks Mr.! That's sick! Hihie ✌😁, sorry I'm just carried away