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Warner Music Nashville’s Blake Shelton is a country music heavyweight with 26 #1 hit songs like “God’s Country,” “God Gave Me You”, “Boys 'Round Here”, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”, “Honey Bee” and “I’ll Name The Dogs”. His iconic catalog also includes 6 #1 albums such as Red River Blue, Bringing Back The Sunshine, If I’m Honest and Texoma Shore. A celebrated singer, songwriter, musician and coach of Team Blake on hit TV show “The Voice”, Blake has redefined what it means to be an entertainment superstar. And if that weren’t enough, Blake also dabbles in the finer things by way of his Ole Red bar and restaurants, inspired by hit song "Ol' Red", and his award-winning Smithworks vodka. With every turn, Blake continues to expand his own and country music's horizons.

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  1. Tina Marie

    I could listen to 100 times in a row & still never hear enough!🔥❤️

  2. Addison Eisold

    I love this

  3. Daffodil Holler

    That will be some lucky audiences. So jealous!

  4. James M

    It looks pretty gay when they're 50 year old dudes singing and pointing at each other with no audience.

  5. Trista Me

    Opposites attract hottest couple of 2020

  6. Devilea Ea

    Perfect baseball song

  7. Jay Wattman

    Can't give this enough thumbs up!!! Hardy actually wrote this song.

  8. C. Deezy

    Damn this song. It makes me think of the relationship I never had with my mother, but it makes me miss the hell out of my dad.

  9. Tamlyn Adolph

    Was never a Gwen Stefani fan but saw her in an interview a few months back and she's actually so lovely. She seems so soft-spoken but also spunky. She's cute. This is nice.

  10. Araya babymild

    But i want let go home.I miss u u know.

  11. Denise Brightbill

    They have hot,heartfelt chemistry!

  12. Angela Cabe

    What was the date again 💕

  13. Lady Lucky

    Helps knowing those quite little towns and those cool little town people make you realieze what country love is really and how you need it so bad and that craving of the moments that made the raining days be dark. The fog just enough that some how gets the both through it. Wow I sound like I know about this I need a life

  14. Lady Lucky

    I'm wondering how that f you was supposed to mean?

  15. Андрей Александров

    Welcome to Russia

  16. Steven Travis

    Any sum beaches here in 2020?

  17. tederin Playz YT

    Every time you see his face closely its like his getting mad..

  18. mousekookie

    Just got back from this one! Fresno!!!! Way awesomeeeee!!!!!

  19. Sani Balci

    AMAZING...From Vienna in Austria🙏🌷

  20. Mary Stotts

    Best concert we’ve ever witnessed. Garth Brooks was our favorite concert to top, and YOU topped it! Your show was worth every penny. Thanks Blake.

  21. Joshua Bristow

    Man I was there! Amazing show! Loved every minute of it! Also if you ever need a bass player I got you 😉

  22. Guymps Philippe

    Beautiful duet and beautiful couple❤🙏🏼🌹

  23. Jeffy Tood

    Beautiful song

  24. Johnry Barrameda

    Is there anyone here listening to this song in 2020?

  25. Clayton Dean

    So a few years ago, 2014 I believe, he came to the Chicago land to do a very big concert, wish I could have afforded to go, but the country radio decided that like the few hours before it started they were gonna play every one of his songs, and they did a countdown. I listened to it while working and I drove a truck for a car parts company, so I couldn't listen the whole time but almost all of it, I didn't hear this song once when I was in the car and was so angry thinking I missed it and that it wasn't his number 1... THE LAST SONG OF THIS COUNTDOWN WAS THIS ONE AND I WAS SO DAMN HAPPY I BLASTED THE RADIO DRIVING TO THE NEXT LOCATION AND THERE WERE 3 PEOPLE OUTSIDE SMOKING WAITING FOR ME , I told them they needed to wait their turn for this song to be over and we all just fucking sang to it.

  26. Bo Lo To

    Growing up in a Very Small town, living with my Grandparents, this Song reminds me of all the Good old days we spent Together. I can't Imagine my Life without Country Music. A Fan from Nagaland, India.

  27. John Witherspoon

    After a night of doing wrong. 6am sunrise. dropped the girl off and on my way home this song came on and changed my life. God bless.

  28. saraanne34

    This is my favorite song is your collection

  29. Amber Ulrich

    Tacoma WA show was Amazing!!!!💗

  30. Maro Bautista

    This is just so cute. 😍

  31. Lulu Brown

    Like a fine wine, the older the better.

  32. Debbie Jedry Trant

    Sell that shirt with the Hell Right emblem on it. With your name on it. 👍

  33. Jeff League

    This is yours brown eyes

  34. Adriana Meyers

    Am I the only one that listens to the same song 5,000,000,000 times because it is amazing like if u agree

  35. Stacy Collins

    HI I love this song

  36. Deserie Apaez

    Wish this song was made 2 years ago for my wedding. It’s the perfect first dance song ❤️

  37. Shannon F-PA

    G.D. HES FN HOT!!!

  38. Joey JoeJoe

    Absolutely love this song!

  39. Joyce Poe

    I love it. You two are great together.

  40. Deanna Franks

    Im only 18 and i listened to this song

  41. Ana B.S

    😍Simplesmente encantada🎶🎶🎶 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  42. Megan Fantozzi

    Sooooo good

  43. วรากร สังมัน


  44. Riley Byrd

    i love this song

  45. The Great Gazoo

    Beautiful song

  46. Diana Woodard

    I love this song, this is the first time I watched the video. This is so cute, makes me hope someone loves me this much.

  47. Deborah Boulet

    Oof he could sing me to sleep with that voice..Gwen is a lucky lady being able to steer into those beautiful blue eyes

  48. Community Tango

    I love how they just look like best friends you know? Obviously we don’t know them irl but it’s pretty endearing.

  49. Lilly Abrams

    I love this song

  50. braxton Carpenter

    I love your songs manly gods country

  51. Velinda Stevens

    Gwen you remind me of marilyn monroe lol I was born the day she died blessing nice song stay in love u too god blessed ya all

  52. Azhar ƎE

    this song always hits me in the heart...damn...

  53. Tanner D'Amico

    20/20 Anyone ?

  54. Grayce Monteith

    God bless you 🙏😇

  55. Double J Roofing

    I have to call you

  56. Marcemellow

    They are so perfect together 😭❤️

  57. Falcon X35


  58. Maria Iolanda

    Carinha de ANJO .TE AMO BLAKE.

  59. Smredbou Bouanani

    True love ❤ god bless them

  60. Velinda Stevens

    Hey u two hey love u two god bless tonight at 7 savemart center you are in fresno I'm broke found out yesterday I'll be outside in full length black leather jacket red hair lol ok my daughter be with me her boyfriend too if cant catch ya yall thank you for your veterns support while u in fresno tell trace stop by the valur. Museum it's free its vertns items stories and memories from war one of best ones ever have a private showing plus rodeo clovis last weekend of april it's on tv national book reservations ahead because parade vets there too bikers and cowboys crowds god bless ya all hope I see ya love y azad

  61. aitech nasus

    Tequila Sheila Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  62. aitech nasus

    Jesus Got A Tight Grip Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  63. aitech nasus

    Turning Me On Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  64. Joey Tribyoni

    I don't care if you're 80 you'll always be my baby.

  65. aitech nasus

    I Lived It Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  66. aitech nasus

    I'll Name The Dogs Is A Great Straight Up Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  67. aitech nasus

    Every Time I Hear That Song Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  68. Lizzy Liz

    I am gonna cut loose, then "foot loose," whoohoo!

  69. aitech nasus

    A Guy With A Girl Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  70. aitech nasus

    She's Got A Way With Words Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  71. micheli o

    Daamn ,can't help but feel extremely Jealous of Gwen for having all that to herself .Anyway these guys look good together

  72. aitech nasus

    Came Here To Forget Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  73. aitech nasus

    Nobody But You Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton And Beautiful Gwen Stefani.

  74. Haley B

    I don't know what happened but yesterday country music hit me right. I have been listening ever since. ❤️

  75. aitech nasus

    Hell Right Is A Great Straight Up Country Music Song By Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins.

  76. aitech nasus

    God's Country Is A Great Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.

  77. Sharon Alabama

    Gwen is such a beautiful doll!!! 💝💝

  78. eleni f. Vlachou

    ALL i wanted to say and hope that GWEN AND BLAKE see this comment, is that the videoclip of this song IS brilliant. The hugs and love are 100% beautifully real; they are so OPEN and unafraid of anything; the eternity of the BOND between them is real; their humor, fun and precious moments are real; BUT MAINLY, they are TRUE ROLE MODELS for young people, role models for trust, for never giving up, for commitment thru thick and thin (theyre NOT on it for a ride strewn with roses but theyre IN it for the long haul.) ps theyre also quite open about their FAITH as well.

  79. lina nicolia

    I see her slipping away, in the back. Is she a second banana ? That is what I see, in the singing, the visual and the commentaries. He is in charge....and in control. Oops....that is your site, Blake. You just appear like a controlling guy. Hope you are not one. Can you share, the limelight, equally ? hmmmmm.

  80. Windy da Sailor

    Hey I got a blake shelton add

  81. Beate Ulrich-Schwieger

    Ja ich liebe den Song wie einen Mann, ja nur dreimal gesehen und es ist so. Nie wieder vergessen. Oha. Beate

  82. Two4One

    Blake and Gwen don’t need special occasions to look forward to because every day they spend together really does feel special.

  83. ItsNoahScott

    If I ever saw a girl like her selling honey, lemonade, or whatever it was I’d spend all of my change.

  84. Rainbow Blazer

    oh no furries .... OnO

  85. F3ar Th3 Nam3

    Gods country

  86. kenneth fox

    Dang missed Portland show now I'm going to miss Sacramento show. Sorry Blake

  87. Gale Christensen

    I lived the life. Yes I did. And yes, I loved it and I still do. Wading the creek long before barefoot weather came. Catching crawdads and grasshoppers to fish with. Eating dinner on a screen porch when it was too hot to be in the kitchen. Picking wild strawberries and gooseberries and blackberries. Knowing the pleasure of sitting round a campfire as the cool night breeze set in. Sleeping on a gravel bar next to the river while the grown ups sat around a fire, drinking and telling stories. Knowing there is few things better than eating fish that came out of the pound half an hour ago, and out of the frying pan half a minute ago. Walking gravel roads barefoot until the soles of my feet were so tough I could step on glass and not get cut. Trying to decide how to spend the five dollar fortune I earned catching crickets for my uncle to fish with. Skinning squirrels my brother hunted so we could have them for supper. I'd give most anything to go back there and live it again.

  88. Debbie

    That sucks..all your shows are out west. No Texas, No southern states. That sucks! You boys have turned into city boys!

  89. Russell Gunderman

    Seeing him tonight in Fresno!! Hell Right!!

  90. InkedLoisLane

    I hope they love each other like this forever. I think they even each other out.

  91. Goddesselite1111 Crocker

    How did you know, to make me smile, bless your heart.😂😂😂😂 repeat works, I hope.

  92. Ogre Dad

    Who’s singing your songs lately?

  93. Mary Vitale

    I love this song and love them together, well done you two! :)

  94. Rainbow Blazer

    burn... BURN EVERYTHING!!!

  95. Fabio Gutierrez


  96. GNM

    Due fighi pazzeschi

  97. Jojo Jose

    I would call this as the best country song i had ever listened to..just fell in love with listening to it or thinking about it atleast once in a day..Powerful..What a voice and tune..Delighted

  98. Connie Daniels

    Blake (Big Red) Shelton.

  99. Rainbow Blazer

    i never seen the move but this song is so good i need to see the movie just becus the song this si just cute my favorite part 1:12 when the bird is licking the camra

  100. Dawson Cox

    anyone still listening 2020?