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  1. cheon jae

    허접해라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Lauren london Music


  3. draco-draco

    How about a phone that does the laundry for me. Now that would be cool as caca.

  4. Pears2uck Original

    You got me I raged at 1:03

  5. MrNiceHk

    Great Video

  6. Aaidenmel

    I live in Vancouver Canada and I can get around 120 mb/s down on 4G LTE (2600 MHz) anyone know why it’s faster than this 5G

  7. Irfan Mohammed

    100x zoom & 5000mAh battery!! I hope it doesn’t blow off. By the way, you guessed it right, I’m an iPhone user ✌🏻

  8. Joe Doe

    Musk is the favorite CEO of the Fed. He's got all doors open including the one to the money vault.

  9. William Shepperd

    $100,000 and the best they can do is a Seagull Tourbillion?

  10. GOAT

    We need a camera test

  11. Cesar Hidalgo Rodriguez

    Review the Escobar fold 2

  12. TK-4798

    What happens when they die while there on your feet?

  13. Cesar Hidalgo Rodriguez

    Review Escobar fold 2

  14. WhizFizz !

    So Samsung makes an expensive phone, people stress.. yet Apple has been selling over priced rubbish for ages.. hypocrites.

  15. Master Ejura

    Summary: The homepod is a smart speaker that's more speaker than smart.

  16. ISuckAtGaming

    15:01 - 15:05 "And now with a new paragraph I'm already at 2 lines left after this one which would mean another one line after this. If that's right, we're about to find out. This is the final line of this page. Wow if I nailed this again I'm a certified pro. Damn. Didn't get it. I think I was *one line off* with my prediction. Wait there goes another line with on page breaks. Was I two lines off? Another? Three? I'm just straight up wrong and lost. Now I feel like it was a fluke. Another time. End me. Maybe I'm not a certified pro after all. Ok *finally* a new page break. That makes.. hm.. *6 lines off*. I predicted 6 and it took a whole 12 new lines to get to the next page. I'm gonna blame that one of not having opened this document in a while. Just saved and it took a whole 8-9 seconds again. Still hilarious. Also I'm pretty sure the camera's goig (actual typo in the video) to pick up my keyboard pretty well. Even over other noises. It's practically speaking volume and nobody else around me is speaking. The thing is e-"

  17. cm_xxvi

    Just got the ivory powerbeats pro. So far they are great

  18. Dan Elleson

    Nice to know even Bill Gates leaves people hanging for days on email. Now I don't feel so bad

  19. GOAT

    1:15 I want this wallpaper

  20. Kalambre One

    Bill Gates is the REAL MVP since the 1980s. SPORT: Making Money.

  21. Joe Doe

    Hey Elon, when are you taking me to the dark side of the moon? Quit procrastinating and only shooting your cars into space!


    taking of this interview: Bill is old and outdated in some facts.

  23. Stoianov Adrian

    Please make a video for the best bang/buck phone, which one is worth the money in reality. Thank you!

  24. Lakesha Network

    Live Coronavirus count on Lakesha Network

  25. I n33d a nam3

    in the second one I am seeing some compression artifacts and that is only the second

  26. Right Hand of Rage - RATM covers Originals as well

    Yeah, just use my iPhone 📱

  27. Ehab Nasser

    Come too 2020 hahahahahah

  28. \\/\//

    Aw man, it said super car but then it's about an Acura. Meh.... Audi R8 would be the super car cut off. Looks like a lowered MDX.

  29. Conservative Canuck

    I just found a security flaw with this phone.. I can bypass lock screen passcode and fingerprint easily, in fact too easily, with no tools... Contacted Huawei, bitches better pay me or the world gets to see how

  30. Its_me Penelope

    Ohhh I hear the Xiaomi mi 10 pro is the highest ranked phone on DXO marks at the moment, hope this phone'll beat it!!!

  31. Khalil Alcantara

    Marques, read a few books so you can continue to argue with Bill when he gets deep into these topics, read Vaclac Smil for example, he gets a lot of what he says from his books.

  32. Zeltingle

    I alwaus though Adds on twitter where always tweeted from PC or Mac since they must be done by poeple in offices... but aparently not...

  33. ISuckAtGaming

    I got a Linus Pulseway app on MKBHD's channel, so I was like bruh did I mistap or something? Then I saw the Skip Ad button.

  34. Brewergamer

    The thing democrats are mentally retarded on is this: They are totally against nuclear energy, the only energies they support are sun and wind generation, which are the most inefficient sources of power that there is. Bill really nails this. Nuclear is clean, it's green, and it generates more power than any other source. Democrats need to realize this. People need power all the time, not just when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Because alot of times.. it isn't. We can't move forward without nuclear energy and fuel cells.

  35. Eric Ntim

    Hey what's the title of the music u used to test the speakers?

  36. James Jay

    I love bill ..... he motive me always 💪🏽💪🏽 I m sure gonna make it big one day 🙏🏽

  37. Umar AlFarooq

    Bill Gates is a total fucking psychopath. Talks a big game but won't debate anyone who opposes his vaccine bullshit.

  38. M J

    With 100x zoom, that actually works, we're getting well into the zone, I think, that not too long ago would have seemed impossible for a smartphone camera. This is an area where competition is driving ridiculous improvements.

  39. Z O

    Where can I find that wallpaper? :)

  40. Armando Villamizar

    God Bless This Channel.

  41. Greg Nettles

    His going to travel less This year I wonder y?

  42. Greg Nettles

    Event 201 hum

  43. Chris Martin

    he deserved to die

  44. Al Rats

    Once you put a proper price on Carbon emissions at its source, Globally; then the Green solutions will always be cheaper than the alternatives. All that's required to solve the climate crisis is to introduce a Global carbon tax that is then distributed to all individuals as a Universal Basic Income. Some fraction of the funds can be directed to Research and Development. However, no fundamentally new technologies are required to transition to a net-zero-emission society.

  45. Super CantuGaming


  46. RdL

    keep wearing that applewatch

  47. Hero Czarnik

    twitter twitter for android twitter for androoooooooooóoooooooooooooooooid

  48. Cee Little

    All rich people suck.

  49. Mary Kränsel

    No jack for a headset? Forget it. (I hate wireless headsets).

  50. I'm your REAL dad.

    Investigate Bill Gates for the Corona Virus......Google Event 201

  51. Qwayk

    Nobody: Bill Gates: breathes*

  52. Hamzah Yasin

    So this is bigger than any note. Will the the note still be relevant? How can they make it different to this

  53. estehanio

    I mean cars yeah, but the Space X program, whoever believes in that fraud is really dumb lol. Elon is a genius seriously. People are such sheep.

  54. David Torne

    It's not called IP sixty-eight. It's IP SIX EIGHT. Those are 2 different numbers which tell you 2 different things. The first digit is for dust protection and the second one is for water protection. It's not a sixty-eight, it's six eight

  55. Jerome Demers

    So bill got a Porsche taycan... he must have a reason. Wonder if he likes Elon. Also talks about range anxiety.... well Porsche is not good at that...

  56. Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang

    Why 2020 is shitty phone year , nothing is impressive .

  57. Hamzah Yasin

    This phone is ridiculous in terms of specs

  58. MoreDopeTech

    Mate can you please review the Escobar Fold 2, And not order it in your name so they don't know your gonna review it, I'm very close to buying it and I need to see your take on it or if you will even receive it.

  59. Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang

    Nobody got time for that , I'm skipping your this video now .

  60. kb productions

    I hate that Samsung phones get screen burn in even if you keep your brightness on medium

  61. Kristi !

    Well done for the s20. Nice setup btw!Now lemme see that Note20 🤔

  62. Malkia

    Wha - - -! No Note?

  63. MArEaZi photos

    Go Acura!!

  64. Robert Halterman

    Attach the phone with high zoom to a drone: pervs and pedophiles getting excited.

  65. michael bautista

    Marques The G.O.A.T.

  66. ExO Ghostzy

    I feel like if I got this phone I would keep folding it and unfolding it for fun and then it would break

  67. Project Swipe

    Title should be: talking tech with the guy who started COVID-19

  68. Robert Halterman

    What's the whole point of a folding phone? Samsung stock is about to take a tumble next quarter or 2.

  69. Theseus

    lets hope that CHINA will make their own google and youtube so everyone can live in a better world

  70. KasHCubeD


  71. Hendrick Valera

    MKBHD, as a big influencer, how do you plan to help raise awareness on climate change issues?

  72. Ziggy R

    Asus: Releases amazing spec phone, which people are hyped for. In USA and CN only Rest of the world: Excuse me, wtf

  73. Sarcasm_

    Samsung phones can record 8k videos but can’t send that high quality video in a text message. And the quality won’t upload that high to any form of social media. Pointless high specs that you can’t even see the quality on any other platform 😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Batman

    He didn’t talk shit about an Apple product!!!!!! This is a miracle

  75. Codex

    S20+ does support mm wave - only the S20 will be sub-6

  76. Second& Half

    Wow a legend talking to MKBD man I knew he content but this is a new level

  77. Xz Master

    notice how Bill Gates doesn't have a 200k chain


    Everyone copying airpods? The gear Xs came out 2 years before the airpods 🤔

  79. ZJ Y

    people think as long as they bring celebrities to their channel, it'll make them shine. It does bring more viewers, but the content is just empty because the interviewer has nothing in his mind

  80. Alpha Black

    Yeah now its my current phone... Not the next phone

  81. herschel lee nicholas

    I'm not a huge tech dude. but i do keep up with tech alot. appreciate your movement and wave my dude. keep doing your thing. this is so dope

  82. Carolina arias

    This guy only likes Samsung and iphones if it was Lg with that bump in the back...

    1. dueeh nyyu

      He seems salty he doesn't have 5G yet 🤣

  83. Mitko Minchew

    This phone got more RAM than my both laptops COMBINED...

  84. MrLalzor

    he wears a BLUE BSOD shirt what a Troll he is :D

  85. Jordy V.

    Portable music evolution: 1) Boom Box 2) Walkman 3) CD players 3) MP3 4) Streaming

  86. E S M A A I L

    Bill: i just got a porsche taycan ... Marques: okay ...

  87. DeadlyFeet

    Marques: So, you want to see the demon inside of me?

  88. 6`4


  89. Carolina arias

    Design mmmm going backwards...

    1. dueeh nyyu

      Lagai from Syria lost my family in the war and needed help

  90. Jo12dan James

    This guys voice makes Bill Gates sound black

    1. FDM 215


  91. Aran Rasekhi

    _Apple has left the conversation_

  92. Jordy V.

    Imagine going back in time and showing someone your Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  93. Boggesh Zahim

    Its for kids and teenagers who shouldn't have phones

  94. Unknown Unknown

    Soooo you saying after all these years we went back to the flip phone

  95. Kunle F22

    Hmmm, Bill Gates cannot pronounce the word health... interesting.

  96. Barriers416

    I want the spec with the best visuals I need them pixels 2k 4k 8k quality haha

  97. Daniela Gonzalez

    a whole stove top on that phone 🥴🥴🥴

  98. James Pratley

    Just get an iPhone lmao

  99. Home Home

    Surface 4 coming anytime soon ?

  100. moli alhawamleh

    Bill Gates real man ✔👏 😊