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  1. Srija Krafts

    He must try boat's headphones They're like indian beats Amazing headphones

  2. TeeqoLegend

    Anyone get this In their recommendation rn

  3. Tn Tn


  4. Udit Singh Pathania

    These were the basic tricks that every phone user does when they buy a smartphone

  5. muzzammil syed

    The upcoming OnePlus 8 pro ( launch planned for 14th April) has Specs similar to this Device, 100%. And, costing 40% less( expected). You're Welcome!

  6. Charlie BS

    Did he say April fool's cuz today is the 2020 version of it.. Get in the house you fool.

  7. Jose Mendoza

    Wich widget is the one he is using on they second sheet?


    you broke your wrist or hand

  9. jsatencio

    2009: damn he just convinced me to get that remote !! well done kid keep up the good work ! 2020: the virus is spreading , stuck indoors... where did I put my remote ? 😷

  10. jsatencio

    2009: damn he just convinced me to get that remote !! well done kid keep up the good work ! 2020: the virus is spreading , stuck indoors... where did I put my remote ? 😷

  11. Billy Spring

    If you are an apple fan, you need to buy this iPad no matter what.

  12. Greg Hefley

    mark ass brownie

  13. Angela B

    We are all going to get brain tumors. Enjoy the 5G !!!

  14. Jonathan Joshua

    Thank you for this video, Marques. Very cool.

  15. beniaminsg

    Should have askedd why they removed ports, magsafe shitty thermals worst battery, and did not offer any other solution like they used to when steve was alive

  16. Landon Jines

    Bruh Alexa can’t do anything 💀😂

  17. Niko Kourouklis

    We live in a world where relatives of drug lords make fishy companies that sell rebranded stuff illegally.

  18. OJC Maboloc

    So how the hell do i put a screen protector

  19. Landon Jines

    What's the population? Siri: It's human population. *Hmm yes I did not expect it to be humans*

  20. Hiro Gutz

    I'm glad you like Moe Shop as well :DD

  21. iSuckAtGames

    had no problem with 4k but 8k oh boy it had a little struggle but went ok?

  22. Landon Jines

    When you asked how tall is he for the point guard on the Golden State Warriors I don't think it was fair because Golden State has 2 point guards so you need to specify.

  23. NinjaNick 07

    Great Marques you got a cybertruck. Time to dbrand it.

  24. Sebastian 0113

    I only get 1080p on your videos

  25. Promil Kumar

    Too early for a follow up video? 🧐

  26. Ross Kline

    Super proud of myself for having exactly the same setup already 😁😁

  27. Kunaal Batkulwar

    Whyy NOsel is running only in 480p

  28. Jay Antonio

    Is this guy still alive after this video?

  29. Parth Tyagi

    Why no advertisements? I am happy though, but from last 2-3 days I have not seen much ads..

  30. vincent pistoia

    So no love for the master system?

  31. Mark V

    Baka naman😂😆

  32. lu Liu

    4:03 what's the name of the app? it looks cool👀

  33. Bryan Miller

    The escobars are making their making the legal way by scamming idiots give me my dollar store phone and it works better.

  34. Citizen Terra

    Man I wish I could afford this, it would make the quarantine more tolerable lol

  35. neejoy sola

    5:08 when he made that minecraft villager sound

  36. Disaster Detail

    Nerd flex

  37. Bernard Bout

    Such a ripoff. Wish everyone would stop gushing about this. If I want to buy this in Australia: 12.9" With only 512 gb storage Space Grey = $2159.00 Nowhere is there a mention of how much MEMORY this ipad has. Remember MEMORY is different from storage. I bought the iPad 1 and it had 64gb STORAGE but 256mb MEMORY. I could hardly run any apps on it. Why is there no mention of memory on the Apple site??? Every PC or laptop you buy specifically stated what the STORAGE is like a 256gb ssd or 1tb SSD etc. but also states whether it has 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 gb MEMORY. How come Apple gets away with NOT telling anyone the memory this overpriced device has? To go on, the "MAGIC" keyboard costs $589.00 The Apple pen costs $219.00 So just these 3 items digs into my wallet for a grand total of $2967.00 I bought a Lenovo Yoga with 16gb MEMORY, 256GB SSD, Ultra HD 14" touch screen, an i7 processor, a pen and a discrete nVidia GPU built in all for about $1500. This crap from Crapple costs nearly $3000.00 and that too its not the final cost. If I bought the 1TB one it would cost me another $350. And the OS is so limited. Can someone please explain why there is no mention of the MEMORY in the specs? What are they hiding from us? My Lenovo also has a superb keyboard, can do Yoga (:)) and does not bend!!

  38. JA’Lil TheSeeker

    rollable. why would you want anything else for the future?? they're scrolls. cmon bruh.

  39. Kevin Yang

    So, I wonder what will happen to dark sky whenever he isn't using an Apple device...

  40. San Galve

    Make a giveaway

  41. Justin Augustus

    This is literally youtube history

  42. todotechrd

    What happen with these videos. You should make the 2020 version of it.

  43. Tal

    9:47 THIS IS A 2020 CORVETTE

  44. I’m Okay

    Him talking about super expensive giant tablets and laptops: Me over here with a surface go: : ' )

  45. keerthi keerthi

    No lunching in India Last lunching MI note 8

  46. carlosizz89

    First have a thorough test on health impacts then put it on market, that should be the protocol not just hype tech and speeds and autonatically adopt things and then find out people are having issues. Safety first

  47. Bitcoin Hackers Society


  48. Teo JZ

    *Markass Brownies*

  49. Marco Vargas

    Iba a decir que hablabas mucho, hasta que llegaste al punto, ayudar a las personas a no caer en una estafa de la magnitud de la compañía Escobar... Ese pobre señor a de estar retorciéndose en su tumba al ver como están manejando su imperio, como un mal chiste de lo que fue.

  50. Sajid Hussain

    Unable to access wallpaper

  51. Pierre-Olivier Groulx

    Marques is 27 ???!!!

  52. KoribGaming

    I'm curious what happens if u factory reset the phone, would it still be Escobar or back to samsung.

  53. pnkjm

    Try to develop Laziness character in human by nike... 😔

  54. Nomaswazi Madi

    Can I use it like a computer for all computer functions?

  55. Harry OS

    Someone help the algorithm made me watch this

  56. Drew Poindexter

    Say goodbye to Dark Weather for android

  57. Insane Games

    When you finally realize how tall Marques really is... 0:47

  58. Fatboi Food Blog

    Samsung S20 Twins

    1. neejoy sola

      Whts the Benefit of Making HD content when Indians an Huge Audience for NOsel Can't Watch in even 720p

  59. Jackson Buckley

    It’s because it’s an album for the photos

  60. John Powell

    Is there a way to set Google Photos as the default, period? Probably a basic question but I'd like to be able to use my own photos for my lock screen and wallpaper and it seems to only let me search Gallery or online... Thank you!

  61. Maximum Effort

    everyone with an apple watch me, I GOT A MICRSOFT WATCH

  62. szewei85


  63. DopaminesTv

    Is that a J. Cole copy instrumental at 1:12 😏

  64. Michael Jaiprashad

    Soon fast charging will just be "charging"

  65. TilakTheGoat

    I'm surprised he isn't using dark mode.


    I don't know why this was recommended to me out of nowhere, but okay.

  67. Aidan Clarkson

    That gold swing really took him to the top of technology. He is now one of the most popular and trusted tech reviewers on this platform, respect to the man Markus Brownie

  68. Gavin Romaine

    Seriously I just bought Nike air max’s

  69. Joseph D T

    damn at first I thought Area51 was released

  70. Zazoo S

    Cant trap me in the walls if i have both ecosystems 😉

  71. getl0st

    Pity it's going to make you sick and cause your body to start making coronavirus.....

  72. Savannah Steals Your Cookies

    Another reason to be late for something.

  73. Jacob Swaney

    This guy knows the agenda


    Hi Marques! can you make a video about the top 10 best internal mic phones?

  75. The Wild Daz

    I can't wait to see you on "LiveLeak" or "El Vlog del Narco." Am excited to watch your next video!

  76. thomas mutiz

    Ths guy sounds white... Defnitly not BLACK!!

  77. Asyris King

    Honestly, you are cool

  78. Rokon Rashid

    This video reminds me of the office

  79. heqkler

    NO 2020

  80. Boss; Boss

    Please do a full review 🙏

  81. Joshua Robles

    I need a red cam and a new pc that can handle editing the video

  82. Anthony Fredette

    Why is this in my recommended Marques???

  83. noah_ 3x

    I definitely had to unsubscribe he did exactly what I thought he was going to do SMH ignore the health concerns

  84. Gonçalo Carvalho

    @MKBHD I have turn off all phone animations in the developer options and now my smartphone is fast like a rocket. Why don´t you turn it off or change the animation time from 1x to 0.5x?

  85. John Dreyer

    Why are you in my recommendations

  86. Ty Killer

    What about when it starts killing yall

  87. Valerie Schmitt

    Ever see a comment and be like *Sigh* “I wish I wrote that...”

  88. 31Hosaf

    5g is too slow, we need 50g

  89. Bryan Johal

    Mark you make Elon nervous

  90. Patrick Reese

    Mark ass

  91. Pierce Mooney


  92. Mr. orange

    The sound assitant app is dope af you can split the audio between phone and earbuds i use my icon x to watch lana rhoades educational videos and play loud music from spotify on phone that way i hear the video and music to distract. The best for the best.

    1. foopyu nooui

      The title should be "How to change settings" Peace.

  93. Noediting

    When will this phone become a reality? It is beauty at its best.

  94. Tomas Frohawk

    9:50 now that's really cool!

  95. * MusicalPanda *

    Dang he was so young... come a long way.

  96. Note10Plus IsBoss

    iPad Pro is a bootleg wannabe Galaxy Tablet at best

  97. Filipe Rodrigues

    Can it play my old GTA V from 2013?

  98. Samuel Abbas

    Dude like seriously u needed to do thumbnail like cliclbait?

  99. Tomas Frohawk

    Liked & Subscribed :)