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  1. Evelia Hernandez

    123 go is bitch

  2. Maria Esparza


  3. Diamond Sanders

    U just gonna let that dog lick your mouth ewwwwwwwwww

  4. Saunetha Esterlin

    bella is ulgy

  5. Elana Gonzales

    I have all of them but i am one of them 😁

  6. GoldenNightcore

    and you have wigs your butiful

  7. GoldenNightcore

    girl don't changed your hear Vicky you have black blonde red etc.

  8. Sarah Amo Mensah

    Olivia is sooo funny

  9. Diana Bromfield

    Make a Minecraft Steve

  10. Adriana Ibarra

    you have the best vids

  11. Ryker Selman


  12. Savannah's World

    That's stupid. She put the plastic bag over her head. She will die if she does that

  13. Gosula Obulesu

    Super hacks

  14. Wolford Family

    Hey wassup

  15. Harpsfairy

    I saw her put her mouth on the ballon and the other girl did it to and it was the same one gross

  16. heihei Cheek

    Want to put the popcorn corrals? Grab your hair straightener that is next to your couch and pop them. Because you totally have one in your living room

  17. Sonyoutube B

    I love your vedios send more

  18. Lisa Whitmore


  19. Tomasa Lopez Valenzuela

    Y love😍😍😍😍

  20. Beysita R-K

    O.M.G that is nice

  21. Abigail Nguyen

    Kevin looks scared when the girl came

  22. Angelina Norris

    I have long but not very long i really want long hair like bella

  23. Josephine Hearn

    6:29-6:59, Ever heard of putting your hair in a ponytail or braid Lonna? (Braiding can actually prevent split ends FYI)

  24. Breanna Jewell

    Did she just cut a sandwitch?

    1. Breanna Jewell

      i mean sandwich

  25. Nasha Heyward

    Good job 👍🏽🧠

  26. unicorn girls 123

    123go: so vicki a rosè huh? Me: Rosè? BLACKPINK? BLINKS?

  27. Elizabeth Sellers

    When u wake up with short hair its perfect and long a rat's nest

  28. Courtney Brunelle

    Dose anyone eat with their finger?

  29. Kristin Coiner


  30. Mesha Corinne

    Every thing I send you it’s callie

  31. trudy_Ann Marshall



    Did Anybody else notice they spelled high school like “highT school” haha like if you noticed haha😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  33. Mesha Corinne


  34. Antoinette Brintley

    Bro Vicky is irritating

  35. Mesha Corinne

    I love you mommy 😍

  36. Haylee Madison

    AAAnd I would have mexican bread cuz it yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  37. A_G craft

    I just love it

  38. travis zierler

    use android instead

  39. Mesha Corinne

    It’s callie I never saw video but I like it. Love it

  40. Rose rose

    I tried where you put plastic in the plate and it didn't work

  41. Kaia Parker

    0:35 ArE yOu bOdY sHaMInG mE

  42. Haylee Madison

    Is it me or does the faces that she has in the thumbnail look kinda stupid

  43. Veronica Mendoza

    I don’t like you

  44. Mac’n’ Cheesy

    No one not a soul. This video: put a phone on your friends back and start playing.

  45. Unicorn Sprinkles

    2:47 just go around the table dude

  46. PennyAndNellie Schmidt

    if I had frizzy hair I would just brush it

  47. magbul fanus

    I love you

  48. Amilcar Portillo


  49. I Ship Everyone Everywhere

    6:30: I finally understand the meaning of “So close, yet so far”.

  50. Dark wolf

    7:25 cases are 2$

  51. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    I mean Vicky Helly Amy Sophia Justin Kevin Bella Jess Claire Emily Olivia Mrs Applebee!😂

  52. Natalie playz

    She’s putting sunglasses on her glasses...why

  53. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    There cloths are so plain like if u think so

  54. Peridot_Playz

    I’m sorry, but does anyone else notice they keep saying “Hight School You”?

  55. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    Acuatully Vicky Helly Amy Lana Lily Jennafier Kevin Justin Sophia Jess

  56. Lis Vanesa Bermúdez

    Did deven say wata hell

  57. Keli Collins

    Aj I tried to do the unicorn hack You are the best NOselr I watched

  58. bobi7 tanevski

    LORD JESUS IS COMING 🙏 ! Church Rapture any day now ! Read Bible .

  59. Gacha Soap

    I would love to dance crazy like Olivia but my shyness always controls me! 😭

  60. Talac79 Chacon

    Oh,e.fugklgift gundgggrtyffgdfglhkgkgitgdo

  61. Artemio Damian

    I already know these hacks so yeah

    1. Artemio Damian

      It's from tiktok

  62. Rafinha Rodrigues



    The narrator..😂😂😂

  64. Emily Limas

    YUM!! FOOD!!😍😍😍😍

  65. Dylen Stein

    Instead of aloe and coconut oil and making a big deal about “messy” hair when you get up what is what happens to everybody just TAKE A SHOWER


    Vickey.. The girl is from 5 minute crafts.

  67. Violet Woodley

    3:39 oh yes, my favorite piece of bread--that is absolutely a thing that i had the time to chose ok but like- who tf actually has a favorite piece of bread