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  1. Amit Nomulwar

    I want to come in your videos but I could not because i am Indian

  2. Skyler Saunders

    That nail hack how in the world did she do all that in class

  3. Dhia Syafarana Dewi

    I'm a kid

  4. sksksksk

    Why am I watching this if I'm the only child in family..

  5. Fany Jurado

    I'm totally Emily. Subscribe if you are too.☺

  6. Kalaiah K


  7. Smackery Shmobs

    OMG!!!!! That's so funny!!!!! Tomorrow is aprill fool's day, I'm staying up all night!!!!! Hee hee hee hee:)

  8. Ted Segears

    You think I’m about to risk cutting myself with tweezers heck’s nah

  9. Simbaflufball

    also teenagers are children! i dont understand what they mean by: Child you! you are a child till you are 18!

  10. Mog Zebra;3

    You're supposed to disinfect a cut

  11. Simbaflufball

    ummm this is not accurate >:(

  12. Kaylee Valentin


  13. Claire&Taraji M

    You said Harriet potter jts Harry Potter

  14. Moses Msiza

    love 123 go but whose behind the voices please leave a comment down below

  15. Haben Ndoye


  16. fela brown

    Cool hacks😁😁

  17. Evelyn Mendoza

    CEO of snatching stuff

  18. aaa bbb

    Who love this photo hacks

  19. Mike Dalton

    No one do one

  20. Kaiden Lindener

    You about to catch these hands today

  21. Kelly Nguyen

    123 go:hight school you. Me:high school