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  1. Sach ki lagan Tv

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    Ilove You Pakistan

  4. Manzar Khan

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  5. Faisal Khan

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  6. Saddique Baloch

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  7. xiekh Tech

    Pak zindabad We will fight for kashmir but remember Allah is with us and you cant do any thing there is no power on earth whi can undo pakistan. Pakistan seriously talking is going up and will become the super nation of the world one day JUST WAIT AND WATCH

  8. Muhammad Asad

    Is song ko itna share karo k india k har kone ma pounch jaye k ham aman pasand country

  9. Saad Ali

    Masha Allah Beautiful Song..pakistan Zindabad Pak Army love you..

  10. Tabi Mir

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  12. umer amin

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  13. Mohammad Nadeem

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  14. Muhammad Asad

    I LOve My country🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 Proud to be pakistani😘😘😘😘😘

  15. Mir Hamza

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  16. majid abdul

    Very nice and great bay may feverad singare rahat fate ali khan this song may harte etched song very good thank you very much

  17. WASI creation

    Kml song from rahat Fateh Ali Khan Rahat fans like

  18. Ustad Shani

    Love you pak army

  19. Ahmad Shoaib

    میرے محبوب وطن تجھ پہ اگر جاں ہو نثار میں یہ سمجھوں گا ٹھکا نے لگا سرمائہ تن ۔ پاکستان زندہ آباد۔ مارخور زندہ باد۔


    May Allah always bless Pakistan..... Pakistan zindabad...... Live long Pakistan aameen

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  24. M Umair Zia

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  25. Sara Aruj

    Salute to real heroes💜

  26. kainat shah

    Sab Jhut hai Kash is mai asal pakistan dikhaya jata jo bilkul esa nhi hai

  27. Jalil Ur Reman

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  28. A S A D

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  29. yasir hayat

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  30. M Ariam Imas

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  31. zaeem khan

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  32. Dr Khan Off

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  33. ShayanXH4XOR

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  34. Farhan AnsaRi

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  35. ali bhai

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  36. mohammad amanulaman

    Lots of love from chittagong,Bangladesh...

  37. waqar khan

    wow this is amazing. ispr . Thanks

  38. Its Your Channel

    Long live Pak Amry Long Live PAF Long Live Pakistan Pakistan zinda Baaaaaad

  39. Areej Javeid

    Loved it♥️😭🔥

  40. Waqas anwar khan Waqas anwar khan

    Modi sey i will finger my kand every day

  41. Adeel Raja

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  42. aarajput 21449

    iNSHALLAH,wo din bhi jald any wala hai jab kashmir azaad ho ga or pakistan ka sabbz hilali percham jammu & kashmir per lehrai ga.kiyo ke kehty hain kashmir is dunya me jannat ka ek tokkra hai,or jannat na kabhi kisi kafir ko mili hai or na mile gi. PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD.

  43. zafar accho

    Beautiful description by ISPR ... 27 feb 2019

  44. Hammad Farooqui

    Long live Pakistan I love pak arMy

  45. Khuram Muhammad

    آواز ہی نہیں آرہی

  46. Mohammad Tahir

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabaad PAK Army 🎖 zindabaad Kashmir bane ga Pakistan 🇵🇰 IN SHA ALLAH

  47. Areej Javeid

    Those slogans of freedom are literally emotional and makes one cry😭

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  54. Shah Sawar Khani

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  55. ali bhai

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  56. Sufiyan Baig

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  57. Ahmad Rao

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  58. Nouman Hanif

    Happy Surprise Day.... Love you Pak Forces...

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  60. Syed DAud

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  61. Waqar Masood

    The people who dislike are those who are Indians or doesn't lone Pakistan but u can not do anything to Pakistan

  62. Bilal khan Khoso

    We proud of our Pak army we know no one Nation can destroy Pakistan Inshallah one day Pak army will destroy Indian Army and we will make our nation proud Indian Army is f***** bastard they are just like a dog waiting for like work of devil we Pakistani public always stand with Pak army Pak army zindabad

  63. umer amin

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  64. Neha Miransh

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  65. Raja Bader Vlogs

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  66. Ammar Ansari

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  69. Kamil Mehar

    Modi is trying to throw the Indian army in a war for which they are not capable.

  70. umer amin

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  71. Abdul Sattar

    proud to be a Pakistani, I love Pakistan.

  72. shazad Ķ_Ț_Ř

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  73. KHALIJ URDU خليج اردو

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  75. Ali 786

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  80. OffiCial StaTus

    Charta suraj hai apna pakistan 🇵🇰 Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabad 🇵🇰 Pak army zindabad ❤️

  81. Jamal Butt

    Very intelligently they have almost covered everything in the video! Zabardast video editing by ISPR

  82. Wazir

    Like before watch 🇵🇰🇵🇰

  83. AH B

    Yeh haramkhor unlike karne walo ne es page ko subscribe kis liye kia hua hai? Haramkhor ghattia

  84. Gulam Abbas

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  85. Azeem Sarwar

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  86. Sweet Girl Sweet Girl

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  87. Mohammad Tahir

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  92. Atif Zidi

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  93. Hamza Khan

    Legend Rahat....Sung A Beautifull Song For His Lovely Pakistan..❣️❣️ Credit Goes To Both Rahat And ISPR ........May ALLAH Bless ALL Of U...❣️

  94. Farhan Khan

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  95. Fawad Khan

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  96. Mohsin's Production

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  97. Sweet Girl Sweet Girl

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  98. Fawad Khan

    اللہ اپنی امان میں رکھے پاک فوج کو

  99. asif bajwa

    I missed historic words by DG ISPR... honourable General "asif gafoor"... oh i love him so much... The great Pakistani soldier said to India... "i told you ... you cannot surprise us"... wow... what professionalism... and he said... Oh my God... im leaving this comment section right now to feel that moment again... I just got overwhelmed.

  100. sumaira kamran

    Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰 Pak army zindabad 🇵🇰