1. Alexander Harvard

    first time I saw 69 I thought it was some weirdo that loves rainbows

  2. Data_ Reset

    NOsel gonna be recommending this 10 years from now

  3. Michael DelCore

    anybody else see that his hair got stuck in that thing or something did and someone started the cameras at that time bad camera person i dont think that was for the music video and you cant even see it that much in that one part that im talking about in this comment look at 1 and roll or comments btw hope every ones safe hope you see this and like and reply ill look at this comment every day and see if any ones liked or replyed even know No one saw this comment ok bye 11

  4. NoFeelzhere

    I'm mad because the infinity hoes arent in the right order for the rainbow

  5. Cosmic Sway

    49% English 1% Spanish 1% Plastic

  6. Moonrock q3

    69 get out of jail and then make a song with a rat head laughing knowing he a snitch

  7. Tristin Chiefstick

    They need color blue I'll be that blue 😚😚

  8. Marie Bernadine Dizon

    them: lady glitter sparkles kinda reminds me of 6ix9ine me: *gasps* don't ever disrespect lady glitter sparkles like that ever!

  9. Sophia Valle

    i love 69 you are the best

  10. Emilija Andan

    Wer ist deutsch?

  11. Ever FX

    Make more song

  12. dakka421

    these skittle ads are getting out of hand

  13. Michael McSharry

    I winder if he had an n pass

  14. Victoria Stockman

    How embarrassed I’d be to be in this music video. If I was able to afford butt shots that is

  15. Xl_Ayush Parajuli

    How is he allowed to say n wprd

  16. Mikkel Staghøj


  17. lil stincky

    Dude, a unicord gave birth to this guy frl

  18. yung_savage

    If you are one of the 1 million people who disliked this video, 0:48

  19. Faziel Hansildaar


  20. AN OOP

    Those girls have had more operations than a professional surgeon has performed in his life Kim Kardashian :- hold my silicon

  21. Ricardo Castillo

    One million people are haters

  22. Taptherap Beat

    The setting was original until you brought out MORE TWERKING WOMEN I mean I’d smash but I’m tired of seeing them in everyone of his music videos, also 2020 anyone?

  23. Faziel Hansildaar

    Pretty homie


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  25. Linus Held

    Went before corona Virus 🦠 🔥

  26. my honey ._

    ewwww.... GROSS

  27. Pınar Özcan

    dishonored dog shit in the mouhth of the shark around that neck

  28. mahi zen

    How does this not have more dislikes then likes. This this

  29. LIL Unit


    1. LIL Unit


  30. T y dolla sign Fanta

    Lol nigga

  31. Miao Miao

    Che vergogna

  32. AN OOP

    I'm here because of my doctor Doc. GREG He's also a Couch Rapper Therapist Builder Lumber jack but he's "jacked" Bodybuilder He's Natty Imagine if he took creatine

  33. T -squad

    This don’t deserve any dislikes

  34. kam0flash 7

    Yeaaaah boy

  35. xsewer

    5ive 6ix is better

  36. Tutoriales Para editar

    Alguien español xd

  37. Emilien Bonhomme

    Bonjour je suis français

  38. Hicham Alwali

    الي سي راهيم

  39. Hsu Pyae

    Can Asians say Nigga ?

  40. Taptherap Beat

    The girl who has Tekashi on her shoulder. You know she told him to give her money tog eat that removes the next day

  41. family sotelo

    Burble and green and yellow and pink are sexy

  42. Coraline Spooks

    t r a s h

  43. Juan Jose Ariza Dominguez

    Si recuerdan que violo a una niña de 13 años, verdad?

  44. El Mahdi Semah

    loh liya ti 5 lirat

  45. Pınar Özcan

    you think you are a shit because you have milions of dollars

  46. Ruslike

    Will this song be the one that surpasses Luis Fonsi's little bit?

  47. YOUNG oblak

    Love u bro

  48. Hsu Pyae

    Am I the only one who smiled at 0:19 ?? that shii was cute😭

  49. Chloe wonder Yayy

    All69 haters join and reply to me plz

  50. Jerry Salazar Mendoza

    You Bigklit made a song about you

  51. Jeanette Kaari

    Are dumb, stupid, ah dumb huh 😊😊🙌💅💅😊

  52. That one JarHead

    Can only imagine what that room smells like


    Nigga when snoop tells you to back off you better back out ok rainbow kid :D I can smell gang war 2.1

  54. Mason King

    Theese girls be like damnnnn

  55. MC Young Cease

    What kinda bullshit is this?

  56. Lidia Canela


    1. Vonesa Dedvukaj

      Lidia Canela 🌈🌈🌈

  57. shrek . 7000 years ago

    Why there is a skittle holding a baby shark and behind the skittle some hot teletubbies

  58. asmaaa


  59. Yes No


  60. Mihajlo King

    are you love dogs,iam love it so so so much

  61. EarrapeHQ

    bruh its crazy how people are still hating and saying he a snitch and a rat, when he just spit on all his haters face's and said he dont care WITH A RAT EMOJI ON HIS FACE TOO

  62. Mohammad Harfoush

    The big sucka 69


    Top 3 unsolved mysteries 3. Bermuda Triangle 2. Why NOsel changed the location of the comments section 1. Where the chicken spot is

  64. maiki garcia cruz

    Like si la escuchas a cada rato y también gobaa

  65. Vasilache Dragos


  66. Fernando B


  67. Leo Messi

    El mejor panaaaa🖤

  68. Fernando B


  69. Fernando B


  70. Fernando B


  71. _ Raul

    Sooo good , i have 10 years , girls are so gooddd

  72. JZ Poika

    Very Sexy

  73. Fernando B


  74. samira hassan

    he looks like a girl when yu think about it. and it’s literally ETCHED in my head.

    1. DOLR - دولر

      شششش بحبك

    2. A. N1

      100% only difference between those girls and him is dem fake titties and asses. A bit some of thise bitches would sound just like him after a few big strong J's and given that brain

  75. yesyesyesno

    0:23 his smile is heartwarming and his wave as well

  76. Diegotrx04


  77. Simon Ervin

    Nobody finna talk about the rat filter

  78. 919waleed

    I’m glad I’m not 6ix9nie hater lmao... cuz if I was I would be so mad hahahahaha

  79. Olive Ogola

    Most of the song is laughing :/

  80. 100k subscribes without any videos challenge

    Who else is coming back here to see how many views and likes this has


    Like los que hablan en español

  82. Pınar Özcan

    if you are king write an answer

  83. Priscila Rodrigues

    Foda pra caralho 👏👏👏

  84. Khal Drogo

    Are we not gonna talk about him using assalamualaikum? 😂

  85. Sofia Sami

    When i look at the girls in this video 👙🙄 i'm feeling happy that there is kpop to listen specially BTS #army❤️

  86. Pınar Özcan

    what from their ass to you


    Fuck is negha Stupid bich woat a fuck 😂fuck a virus 🤣

  88. Hailey Marie

    0.75 kinda cool no cap

  89. Thirsty Hippo

    Drake: hits 100m views in 1 month 6ix9ine: hold my cheese

  90. Mickey Mouse

    Что за хуйню я посмотрел?

  91. zzuet


  92. Enzo

    Fuckin' hate this guy

    1. A. N1

      Dont hate , he just fake ass act, who hates himself just like any rat

  93. sebastian

    cringe level 69

  94. javier rom


  95. DoubleTheMalibu

    “I’ll kiss you on your forehead, you’re a little boy” *FBI OPEN UP*

  96. Pux Puxi


  97. Fernando B


  98. Fernando B


  99. CoolDudeofficial

    The way the guys forming in some random place Cases

  100. CoolDudeofficial

    The way the guys forming in some random place Classic