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  1. Craig Walsh

    Anyone else find the narrator a right whispering prick?

  2. Amran Hamdan

    Why they even required like 12 football fields? Are they even use all that?


    anybody else notice that neymar is worth 4 times more than this castle.

  4. Stan Ogden


  5. paul

    if they start building houses by ours where melwood goes ill blow this fuckin kirkby off the map . what a warzone of an area. Are bulletproof vehicles a part of their contracs? fucking. wont do fuck all for the area apart from shaddow the real problems.

    1. paul

      and its pronounced kirby not how its actually spelt

  6. Danny Dee

    Is there a link in modern times that the oversees liverpool managers have won european trophies and the British ones haven't?

  7. Chris Bautista

    It’s basically a carbon copy of Florentino Perez brilliant idea of reselling precious real estate in downtown Madrid to finance & build a new state of the art modern training facility in the outskirts of Madrid near the airport. Perez before he was elected as club president for Real Madrid made his fortune as a construction & building magnate.

  8. Kaustubh Datta

    Liverpool is going stronger stornger with this . They are combining Dortmund's way if mixing youth with professional and Red Bull's complex. Best of all

  9. Mitanshu Shukla

    Who all here after city getting banded from ucl?

  10. praddumn vats

    pok does exist..? Tifo what maps did you use

  11. FroggyNipNips

    it's kirby not kirKby. the second k is silent.

  12. Len Shayler

    It’s KIRBY!!!! Also why is Hoylake on there hahahha

  13. Kevin Mayer

    Couldn't they have had the women's team at the complex too, so they could, um, "train" together, and make videos?

  14. Siddharth Yadav

    Hotstar gang wya?

  15. anup kamath

    If AIFF had any balls, they would have stepped in to make things better. When Spineless people govern, this chaos is bound to happen. Would EFA allow some random group of rich ppl get in and start a football league? nop, absolutely nop. Should have created proper tier system in india and if investors wanted football to be a business, should have made partnership with ILeague and should have created competitivenes instead of completely demolishing ILeague. Its so fucking sad to see a club like Mohan Bagan disappearing just to survive. India is a victim of low intellectual ppl sitting in a position of power. As long as these inefficient ppl live, india shall never prosper. Only hope is that the young crop of people who are getting into politics do something good. Ultimately every problem in india narrows down to politics.

  16. QT Nova

    Jose Mourinho vs Jurgen Klopp My Mum vs my Dad

  17. Malcolm Soh

    You should get Luton Police to investigate this issue of money laundering. LOL

  18. Shantanu Inamdar

    UEFA watched this video for sure

  19. Thala Krish

    How do you edit this kinda videos... Its takes hours and hours of editing and to give prefect voice overs

  20. Alf

    Your heading should read, "Clipart guide to new Liverpool training facility"

  21. ROGR

    It’s mad the way this big fuck off facility is getting built yards away from my house, yet our town centre has been in rubble since about 2003

  22. Ya Wa

    Pep Fraudiola and the Man City Cheats

  23. Umar

    Jorginho , pure regista

  24. Amod Sapkota

    Hello, could you do a video on Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal plz

  25. Amod Sapkota

    Hello, could you do a video on Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal plz

  26. Fhd H


  27. Kingsean P

    Hey , I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but the second k is silent...

  28. Mr-Mike Gaming and Hardware

    I'm so happy that we have Jurgen Klopp.

  29. Farhan arif

    It just makes me happy when i heard the news that man city get ban from UCL

  30. No dramas

    Every football fan should follow this channel

  31. Atiyo Banerjee

    @Tifo football - can you please tell me the music you used as the background. It is a beautiful piece of art.

  32. VideoPrens

    This Athletic originally appeared in the story.

  33. Sameoldfitup

    We hate Chelsea

  34. shaun kenny

    I worked in the new training centre doing plaster boarding it's so big

  35. didthelel -

    Who’s from Sheffield?

  36. Andrew Grimshaw

    Also .....the bribery charges....bremner challenged those in court against the daily mirror and won substantial damages why isnt that mentioned

  37. Andrew Grimshaw

    Barry sparke

  38. Jedi Andre

    Does it have VAR built into it ?

  39. Seallussus

    Guys, I'm not sure how to tell you this. The whole subscribe to magazines or other services to get news and know stuff is almost dead. Every time I hear about in one of your videos I smile.

  40. Bughatii Lovren

    What’s up with the Althetuc comment

  41. Alex Diehl

    Coulda invested some of that money into the women's team

  42. killahnan

    How any club makes profit in football these days is beyond me ... the net winners are the players and agents, everyone else is a looser including the fans .... as with all Cycles, this too shall end soon lol

  43. Jin Jun Liu

    Rassenballsport Leipzig*

  44. Drenwickification

    Okay guys you can stop commenting about Kirkby having a silent k I think 6000 comments about it is enough

  45. blokvamp coca cola

    younis mahmoud is a kurdish iraqi

  46. steve s


  47. Alisdair Tan

    They couldn't beat the mighty Woking though could they? Up the Cardinals 🔴⚪

  48. Lee Illman

    Sounds to me klopp will always be apart of Liverpool as long as the owners are the same

  49. Jamie Roberts

    You don't pronounce the K in kirkby. It's pronounced kirby

  50. AdmiralOddSock

    Man City were, are and always will be a nothing club with hollow success! they should be punted to the bottom of football and made to start over!

  51. Jake Allison

    It would've been nice to get some actual clips of the team

  52. Hendo

    Well played Inter, well played👏


    ECH0ChAOs The Damned United is a book of pure fiction mate. Its like saying Green Street is the true story of the ICF. Well done Tifo, I think the character of the great man was more complicated that most believe, and thank you for for saying the allegations we're "Unproven" I have no doubt that brown envelopes were past about, but in the years since no one has come forward, even after his death with evidence to say he was involved. He made Leeds and I saw the great team he built, my first season as a supported started in 1969.

  54. Jot Grewal

    Liverpool's infrastructure is only second to spurs set up at the moment. And since did Gordon Brown get involved at Liverpool?

  55. hi hi

    What will happen to melwood after the move

  56. George Macheka

    Real Madrid will destroy this team

  57. Mr Kipling

    I won’t believe a player has signed until I see him on the pitch with the manager holding up the shirt. And seeing him sign a contract with the manager in front of the media.


    The frustration of pronunciation of Kirby is real here

  59. FUMER

    athletic didnt predict that second k is silent

  60. Mr Kipling

    Now it’s come back to bite them!! I still think they’ll only get a one year ban after they appeal. It’s very, very rare for a punishment to be held up fully in football. There’s normally some compromise.

  61. Omer Mahmood

    RESPECT FOR THESE WOMEN FROM THE BOTTOM OF ALL FOOTBALLING HEARTS IN PAKISTAN. Really hope they can achieve what they aim to accomplish.

  62. Martyn Stembridge

    The term "Rude health" perfectly sums up Liverpool right now. They are without question the most perfectly run club in world football ... On the pitch and off it. In a few weeks time they will be confirmed as Prem Champions, and at that time they will hold : The Champions League, Premier League, European Super Cup, and World Club Championship .... The most most elite trophies they could possibly win ... They have reached the top of the mountain, now it's about staying there and continuing this incredible transformation.

  63. 92 VioletUltra

    Kirk-be though. its pronounced kirby.

  64. manz352

    Fair play looks like it will have excellent facilities... FFP

  65. OttomanOsman

    Saudi Arabia is just simply showing its symbol of corruption hahaha.

  66. OttomanOsman

    Bahrain is a symbol of terrorist state and that's it.

  67. David

    Amazing research and putting together of a complicated story. These men were fierce, competitive and mens men. I am sure that dubious practices go on in all walks of life. Leeds Utd were grafters and fought their way out of the bunker. They were not a team of silky skills. No doubt that Revie was a legend and that despite any mud that lurked in his closet.

  68. Ruben Cooke I Of Austria

    The pronunciation of Kirkby was brought to you by the athletic.

  69. Beerig

    Having a training ground where “the wind“ doesn't bother you sounds great, but that doesn't help a lot if the conditions on the pitch (home and away) aren't similar 🤔

  70. Ralphie Harland

    Great video but Kirkby is actually pronounced “foochkin keeirbie laa”

  71. Juan Zavala

    “Football” Me: *smiles on common sense*

  72. Richard Fatkan

    No, people just need to learn to aim better. People shud try to learn to play futsal once so that they can control and aim better

  73. E H

    No more melwood :////

  74. stuart balchin

    Hydrotherapy complex is name Alex Chamberlain facilities

  75. Sean Jones

    The 2nd K in Kirkby is silent

  76. natural mulundu

    I also think that liverpool should allow klopp to write a liverpool philosophy book .... titled "the liverpool way " ... such that every manager coming in should know how liverpool should play. ... he should be a student of this philosophy....

  77. kicocol

    Mono, as a nickname in Spanish, is used to denote a person with light color hair (consider there are not much blonde people in Latin America)

  78. ivoandrade

    Man, how come all these past videos have so many inaccuracies

  79. tdreamgmail


  80. Naked & Baked

    I grew up in Hoylake and was surprised to find it appear (seemingly unnecessarily) on the map at 0.29 For what do we receive this honour?

  81. Andrew m

    Kirby not Kirk-by

  82. Z Fernandez

    Klopp = Legend !

  83. KingLionel

    I’m a man utd fan, but if I was given the choice to sign between utd and Liverpool. I’d pick Liverpool 9/10.

    1. Edmund Power

      Only 9🤔

  84. Not MainManMané hth

    And here we go... banned from the UCL loooooooooooooooooooooooool

  85. nachiket didolkar

    Tifo can u please make a video on Syed Abdul Rahim . He's regarded as the architect of modern Indian football .

  86. Cashshop88

    These are the amazing things to do to secure the future.......

  87. Jibber Jabba

    Lcfc spent 100 mill on their new training facilities 😊

  88. L Silver

    Re-upload the video with the correct pronunciation of Kirkby.

  89. Magic Jack

    Can we have a guide in Leicester city 100 million training complex?

  90. Barrow A.F.C.

    Hey, that's us! 😁

  91. Michael Owusu_Afari

    We get it, it's pronounced "Kirby". If you don't like how he pronounces it, get rid of the second "k" already😂

  92. Ewan Gledhill

    Mild winter?!?!

  93. i Murodjon

    Man utd top 4

  94. sudheep es

    This is how you develop a club.. Not like ManU, ...the condition of Old Trafford Stadium is pathetic 😔..we will be back, but congratulations KOP, you guys did great. - a bitter united fan

    1. Timotheus H. Nakashona

      I thought true Man United fans don't refer to their team as Man U.....🤔

  95. rikardotsamsiyu

    I didn’t understand anything.

  96. Dohers

    The K in Kirkby is silent, it’s pronounced “Irkby”

  97. Odin Son

    Youth teams are pointless for big clubs. I mean look at Real Madrid & Barcelona. They can buy just anyone they want to buy. Why waste time in developing youth? Just spend 60m and get Haaland. Good scouting team is necessary but youth are pointless for a big club.

  98. ShaolinMeditator101

    Why hasn't anyone shanked him yet?

  99. Aaron Butler

    tHe SeCOnd K iS siLenT GUyS

  100. Dave Barlow

    14 acres of land for 160k quid!?!?! 😂 that wouldnt buy you a studio it wouldnt buy you a parking space in london 😂😂😂 absolute bargain boys thats a week wages for salah