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  1. The Dave Show

    I will never buy a lit power supply. stop advertising it NOsel

  2. Danish Syahmi

    Who wants jj to play Minecraft

  3. Erik Olaussen

    Who Else is waiting for The next episode?


    You could hear the lisp coming back the more he played

  5. Jonas Moustgaard

    Can’t express myself on how much I enjoyed this video

  6. 2K Gaming

    Who doesn't activate windows ? On the right hand side bottom

  7. jnd_ tv

    Waiting for 2 days was worth it.

  8. Prince

    2:00 JJ should ask folabi how to pronounce such words 🤔🤔😂

  9. Carlos. Casta26

    He’s gonna pass deji on his second channel😳, now that is what I call a madness 👑

  10. Ryan Crook

    fucking quadardo lol

  11. Evert Rivera

    Solo my ass

  12. Chinji MN

    This was better than zidane zone gameplay 😂😂

  13. Χρηστος Μιγγος

    Is it weird that I'm not pissed that he is so bad at fifa?

  14. CoreLynx 360

    Please bring these kind of videos back because honestly I miss this please for the love of everyone walking on gods green earth post more of these kind of vids😂

  15. Driff Vortex

    More of this plz


    He picked courtois over yashin 😢

  17. Cj Condon

    Logan’s talking a lot of trash abt ksi’s views but they are still wicked high

  18. Adil Roussety

    I was watching the video with no headphones and my dad was over hearing everything so he asked"is that the handicapped black guy you always watch?" And I lost my shit🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Titan

    i hate fifa but best vid in a while think u should play ufc 3

  20. Isaac Iannarelli

    Brings back old times 🙂

  21. TG King

    Damn... Covid brought KSI back to fifa. This is really the beginning of the end. Apocalypse inbound!

  22. Esaa Sheikh

    i really feel bad for the stutter guy

  23. toptencentral sports

    Watching in lockdown ?

  24. Alan Rushford

    Do an rtg plz

  25. Ajibola Odibi

    It's hilarious cuz how is someone with the same colour be racist to each other🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Alex Campion-Grant


  27. Tadhg Hayes

    This is best fifa 20 video I’ve seen

  28. Jurek Malloy


  29. Stu Pidas

    La ibra?

  30. D.B Cooper

    Aaah so FIFA finally paid him

  31. Sid Bhanote

    Ksi, start a fifa series called “dream of drogba”

  32. osoPogi

    first clip in, his face already made me laugh

  33. Max

    Number 1 album

  34. Yanhaz Awfiq

    Come on jj, Fifa series. Tobi - kane is able Josh - packed out Simon - zidane zone Ksi - drogba Time???

  35. F8 Flood

    Ethan vs Jake Pool

  36. simone caputo

    Your accent is so black when you play fifa, missed it so badly

  37. initiator 001

    Just got here to say that people finally screwed him up about his hair, we finally going to see bald ksi again!!!!

  38. Mr. Ping


  39. Deffshot

    I feel like I'm back in 2014 again.... please more of this

  40. gioo_b

    We need a weekend league video

  41. Jack Martin

    watch the intro on 2x speed

  42. Eddie Jesus

    Lmao, when he realizes he’s going bald in a few seconds

  43. Nik kaka8

    ksi forever make another fifa video

  44. CARNO

    Lmao ksi second acc gonna pass dejis first

  45. Jinx

    KSI looks like E.T

  46. IWorldz

    KSI needs a psychiatrist after this lol

  47. Beatrice Sey

    Still waiting for the day JJ and Deji will play FIFA together again.

  48. Ben Harrison

    Road to glory????

  49. Sailesh Babu

    Troll online classes,Troll on warzone,like so jj can see

  50. Noah Zuetta

    0:00 "csndcdufshdfsmnsdiad"

  51. Chozborne •


  52. Bat Gosho

    Turn Up your volume please.. 11:49

  53. Matty Green

    1st game: shot every time he says "fuck" 2nd game: shot every time he says "ay yo" big shots every time he screams/shouts

  54. Gunshot 2000

    cuadRRadro not cuadado 🤣😂

  55. Steven Hughes

    Quarantine got JJ playing FIFA, you okay man? xD

  56. Nizzy Jay

    Ksi: what kind of name is uth 2:02 Us: what kind of name is KSIolajidebebebt

  57. Callum Stephens

    JJ: I'm taking Lenglet for chemistry Prime moments Baresi: am I a joke to you?

  58. Lxrd Pain

    There’s just something about fifa that hits you different 😂

  59. JB TH

    What time dose he upload

  60. Electro Shot

    If KSI makes this a series, that would gain a heck of a lot of views in a short period. *Do us a favor Babatunde!*

  61. JAYHOLiDAY 3

    JJ plz play outlast 2

  62. DSK Uzumxki

    24,756th comment

  63. NoahRobert

    2:18 Me after listening to dissimulation

  64. NorthLDN Drill

  65. Cameron Blackburn

    Remember when Ksi got Hazard and he called his mum

  66. Jordan Rucksack 123

    Here's an idea: play UFC next.

  67. W1NSLOW

    You gotta get back on that fifa ting m8 this is entertaining as fuck

  68. Smg Siege

    41 on trending... Hear me out, The number one trending has 1.9 million mr freshasian in the past 20 hours Ksi has 2.3 million views in the past 19 hours ksi should have been number 1 trending.

  69. ItsMimi

    I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't want him to cut off his hair, it looks too freakin good

  70. ACΞ QJTX


  71. Awais Javed

    Love you

  72. LeBryant Jordanicus Walton

    Looks like you took a lil bit of harrys supply

  73. DDJ JNR

    sᴜʙ 4 sᴜʙ ʀɪɢʜᴛ ɴᴏᴡ👍🔥

  74. Skull Crushing Deeds

    JJ make a fifa play list please, its pissing me off how this isn't in a playlist

  75. S TV

    Imagine if Heskey was an Icon in Fifa 20 and JJ gets him in the draft.

  76. Noah Stubbs

    I can’t be the only one that was really waiting for hesky to come up

  77. Alec Librea

    I try not to laugh, but JJ's laugh gets me

  78. Keith

    This nigga really doesn’t know how to finesse shot😹😹😹

  79. pooknuckles

    even the sounds came back man. it also got hella depressing

  80. Anna Lee

    I like how he really mentions that it’s a bit pricey instead of being like GET MY MERCH YEAHH

  81. Ben Cox

    This is nostalgic

  82. Its_Classy

    Man drops a banging album and then just goes home and plays fifa. life.

  83. Dylan Marques

    Harry:"ahhhhh these are stinkers" JJ:"The fifa gods have blessed me!!"

  84. Jordan Rucksack 123

    FIFA: the second leading cause of sub psychotic rage. Before Jake Paul.

  85. Jaime

    At 9:15 I was weakk 😂💀

  86. Tomas Flores

    💀Logan on almost there

  87. minnieyucky_ xoxxo


  88. BigBody

    When the first beat switched up that was fire, idk wtf he talkin bout

  89. Braeden Lamirande

    Plz play more fifa

  90. ya M


  91. Alexander Sergiev


  92. komon mania

    The album is good

  93. Jayz Flipz

    Since you play fifa play five nights at freddys see if u still scared

  94. Victor Enabulele Jr

    Who is here after his album got number 1!!!

  95. TomiburoDoesEnglish

    5# on trending GG

  96. BuffaloBuilder

    6 mins 😂😂 whole f’n earth collapsed on em

  97. Shyam Ragavan

    Noone realised JJ broke his 30 day upload streak ://

  98. Daanish Ahmed


  99. Ketchup

    I can assure you that even as a white kid, I got the belt, soap in my mouth, stand in a corner (nose in the corner) for 6 hours. The whole 9 yards.

  100. Calvin Wen

    How is zlatan rating is higher than lingard Zlatan:85 Lingard:82