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  1. MrEddieJib

    The virus damages the heart

  2. Aaron Price

    Welp I just lost respect for dwade and I’m not useing him on 2k no more.

  3. AAJANEE Cra

    Ysll T.N.. look weird and creepy

  4. H4rmed

    The “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) diet program has provided me techniques how to lost the stomach fat in a good means. I never thought of this system as useful as this. Since that time, I have dropped 15 pounds of my weight and also have toned my body, a more effective when compared with heading to a health club. I think that it has supplied me extra energy. .

  5. Im The Real Tammy gonna

    My brothers at that age were worried about playing the game, going outside, wrestling, making my life a living hell, rubbing up against things and then wondering what that sticky mess in their underwear was. They were not worried about no gender identity, that idea was put in his head by the media or Gabriella.


    Lies.. they made this story for views

  7. Beverly Shanyika

    I'm proudly Zimbabwean and hope to go there with my sons

  8. Jakob St.

    Gaga's next era is gonna be ICONIC

  9. Irina Kolcheva

    Great! I` d like to see these companies in Eastern Europe.

  10. Teresa Carrington

    Kumeko is awesome and sincerely appreciate The Budget Mom and the method. I’m on my way to being debt free! 💖

  11. Graham Herbert

    The child is a retarded gimp, with one 'lazy', and one 'googly woogly' eye. Looks like they've also bleached it down.

  12. Jo G

    First of all, they did not CHAMPION this movement. I just love how they have all the girls with lose wavy/slightly curly hair in the video and no one with 4C... but maybe we all were smart enough to pass. Secondly, I tried this product and knew it was a gimmick. It wasn't moisturizing at all and left my hair feeling more brittle than without the product.

  13. lildvl10

    What’s the interviewer’s name? Asking so i will remember not to watch her if i see her name in here or on tv

  14. Zoriah Willis

    Couple months ago i went to purchase this brand and the ingredients weren’t the healthiest. I’m not a shock this is happening.


    This is how examiner Sees me when I breathe in examination

  16. The PurplePanda Gaming

    That F word burger was pretty salty

  17. d d

    Ya IN N OUT... thanks brilliant

  18. Morty

    Read this mosesfarrow.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-son-speaks-out-by-moses-farrow.html

  19. Taofeek Lawal

    I trust you.that is deep coming from a child.God bless her and the parents

  20. Barbi

    Why shouldn’t this guy make some money! Should he hang on a cross! A martyr for the cause! Victimize the poor boy again. I honest to God couldn’t imagine some grown ass adult crawling on my little body! These pedophiles need to be put to death. Every last one . Throw them in a pit and burn them up like the disease they are!

  21. Drea


  22. Robert Favela


  23. Autumn Sawyer

    I'm not afraid to try - John Cena That hit different 😭💜💜💜

  24. ALIBABA Esports

    അന്നേരം എങ്ങാനും അങ്ങേരെ കയ്യിൽ കിട്ടിയിരുന്നെങ്കിൽ അവന്റെ കാര്യം തീരുമാനം ആയേനെ.😖

  25. Victor Franco

    What about shipping, taxes, Amazon fees,, pay pal, etc? Sounds like bs. Only way he makes that much is if he buys in pallets or bulk

  26. matt 1824

    This is messed up 👎👎👎👎👎

  27. Thelma Knowler


  28. marcelstjean

    Love you Ozzy.

  29. The poopydog

    These are family movies they are not supposed to be so fucking pc


    I wish I'm the host...hugging BTS

  31. El Poyo

    Fuck KK

  32. Alisha Liggett


  33. Mi’Auni Humphrey

    and he isn’t too young to make that decision . it’s better to make it now then to wait years later not knowing if your okay with announcing it or being even called a women . 2020 PEOPLE SOME OF YALL PROBABLY SINERS , WELL LET HIM SIN ITS IN GODS EYES NOT YALLS 💯💯 . AND SOME PEOPLE CAN DISAGREE WIT ME BUT ION CARE BECAUSE THATS A KID AT THE END OF THE DAY , YALL STILL HURTING HIM 🙄🙄🙄.

  34. Aidan McLeod

    What in gods name is this about

  35. Mi’Auni Humphrey

    most of y’all comments are saying “he not gone know what trans is he only 12” first off how he don’t know what it is but he goes by it like make it make sense . then some of y’all saying it’s sickenin like y’all are tearing a kid down for being what he wants to be . i couldn’t even read anymore of these comments because it’s crazy . it’s 2020 and we still acting like this 🤦🏽🤦🏽 . smdh hope some of y’all grow up . let a child be a child and that’s periodt bruh 🤦🏽.

  36. Mind rules

    Why don't they punish when daughters were forced in the porn industry???

  37. Donna Greiner

    Love you Ozzy!

  38. Nasren Amik

    He doesn't wants to be addressed as "PRINCE" yet the announcer addressed his full status and then introduced him as "Harry" . Wow! Its like, a person who weights 300 pounds and doesn't want to be called FAT .

  39. Frank Sanchez

    Westworld !!

  40. Lala Addas

    Wow!!! Amazing!!

  41. Lisauglybitch Lisaugly


  42. ravi Kumar

    I think the boy just hit puberty

  43. Icey Legit

    I used to like Dwayne Wade but now I've come to find out he is such a fake guy...he's a hypocrite and pretender...a very dangerous combination.

  44. G Canzius

    Looser just Harry

  45. Black Lyfe

    He blinked

  46. Mr. President

    Oh child lol she sound like a normal 2 year old ... nothing special here people ... move on lol

  47. casually obsessed

    Dwade is only doing this for his image and for clout. It's obvious and disgusting. That 12 year old child gains nothing from his life being dragged across the media like this. If he changes his mind years down the line he'd be in too deep to get out, esp if this turns him into a trans icon.

  48. Birhani Adam

    Tiffany Hadid awesome. Love her personality.

  49. Jessica Driscoll

    Cuteness overload ❤❤❤

  50. Sophia H

    Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!

  51. Ann D.H.

    My daughter goes to school in Manhattan, I'm very nervous

  52. Ortonite Af

    Where's Ana De Armas? 😍

  53. OAlexable

    He is so fake. If that was what he truly wanted he would have requested this the moment he and his wife left for Canada. Why only say this now after what has happened with the queen. 🙄🙄

    1. OAlexable

      @Bubbly Sunshine he's fake. His reason for leaving was to live and independent life he should have willingly just gave up the titles. But that was not his intention, it was always about making money. When Edward V111 who was former king, left he walked away and led a normal simple life. He was actually serious about giving up on everything royal. Harry and Meghan are just 2 hypocrites that wanted their cake and eat it too, but the queen was having none of that nonsense.

    2. Bubbly Sunshine

      There is nothing fake about what he said. He is still a royal but he cannot use it while doing business, yet his pedophile uncle can retain his despite stepping down in disgrace. So, to stick it to them, he chooses to be called simply Harry to show he doesn’t need any titles. He and his family will be fine.

  54. jay jay

    So what do u do so u want have further damage to the hair???

  55. Yui Tachibana

    And the pin will never come undone again inshallah

  56. CNN is Fake News

    How did they manage to wreck the voice synch on this? Morons.

  57. Mwenyango Dory

    His Mom is beautiful 💯. I haven’t seen my Mom in 3years 6months😔💔 I cry watching videos like these lol cause fasho I think when we meet again it gon be crazzzzzzy 😭🚶🏽‍♀️.

  58. Joe Smith


  59. Evelyn Rodriguez

    Just Precious.. she’s going in the right path. Bless her and parents....🥰

  60. Ethan Corona

    The stadium probably spent thousands, if not millions on cameras and they use it to look at a kid staring right back

  61. sx3todd

    barbara’s youtube video on how to get a raise helped me negotiate my very first one at my first job after college. i’ll forever be thankful to her.

  62. GodsChild B4TheWomb

    She said "yesssss Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🥰

  63. Hailey Messenger

    Oh I love this 💗💗💗

  64. S Tolin


  65. Kant-ing

    Boxer Protocol is the next step.

  66. Cyril Brook

    Now they'll be forever connect to each other🥰

  67. Elizabeth Izzo

    Al-anon family groups are supportive recovery groups for friends and family of those who have been effected by a loved ones drinking and based on AA. Pass it on. Please and thank-you.

  68. Adam Cook

    Intel a little meme came along

  69. Saron afworki

    I think he is to young to understand all this. He’s probably just being a kid.

  70. Junee B

    Everyone mad at capitalism now??

  71. Juanita Jones

    Love the bravado at the end.... absolutely wonderful 🙏💗

  72. Claudia Garcia

    Hollywood is skerred! Where is the Me Too?

  73. John Guilbert

    From what I hear the virus causes constant explosive diarrhea that lasts hours on end. Toilet paper stocks are on the upswing.

  74. Carol Neace


  75. David Axelrod

    Fcking freak. His parents should be in jail. And FCK YOU ABC for putting this shite on youtube!!

    1. Evgueni Mlodik

      David Axelrod, don’t blame the child. His mother destroyed him, blame her.

  76. Ameya K

    Sigh well.....1st world fancy stuff..

  77. Rosly Virgil

    God bless her heart

  78. billionear

    Holly Hell Fire

  79. Most Openminded


  80. Grace Tukuru

    Can these fake reporters stop spreading this lies about them wanting to use Sussex Royal for business. That is a rumors created by the Daily Fail to destroy the image of the Sussexes. Their brand names are Harry and Meghan.They are loved by millions because of their humane acts of kindness. Before they created the Sussex Royal they were popular as Harry and Meghan. The Sussex Royal account proved that they don't need to add royal to their names to be successful. The press have continued to spread this rumors to make money. Prince Harry was at a private business conference and that is why he didn't use this titles and used his trademark call me Harry because Harry is his brand.

  81. Raul Ramirez

    the reporter looks older than the trainer and he is 15 years younger than him

  82. gilbert ochoa

    Everything is drag.

  83. WinstonS84

    She put that STANK on that

  84. LCR


  85. Goddess Gia

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love these videos

  86. JA Nance


  87. Erica Boyington

    This is scary this is something that you are not gonna get by touch this is actually is the air spores I’m scared for my family myself my children and for our country we should all be on lockdown

  88. JA Nance

    Precious boy! Sending my prayers 🙏🏽!

  89. Huntress Snow

    How in the unholy hell do we have most of the best movies on the planet about crap like this and NO ONE thought hmmm...🤔 maybe we should think about this. What happens if this got out? Preppers seem to have a better plan than the government.

  90. Mdna fan

    I’ve used this product and it sucks. I will never use it again

  91. Keisa black

    Yassss! Taaaare it up! Baby booky!

  92. Ele Arias

    I don’t have any word that can say something to ease your pain. I’m crying right here in my room. Sending good vibes to the universe to shower you both with love! Stay strong honey! 💜🌹❤️

  93. Jesse Lane


  94. Stephen Gleason


  95. alice king

    May God continue to use her for his glory ♥️♥️♥️

  96. King Vip3r

    total fucking BS other people fought and did better things than just "coming Out"

  97. Birdie Giovanna

    The dislike to like radio makes me smile

  98. Nick Snow

    She said "I can't believe why someone would let something so dangerous be around where kids play"...😑. It's museum, it's supposed to be there, a museum is not even close to being a place where your kids should play. She also said that her son ran in fear after it fell over, first of all, he ran in fear because you were walking towards him after he had just knocked over a glass statue that he was told to Not Touch, he ran because he saw his mom walking towards him and thought "welp...i was told not to touch the statue...i disobeyed and knocked it over, and my mom is walking towards me, which probably means she is mad, so im gonna run since i dont want to get in trouble"

  99. Catherine Dennis

    All the best Harry/ Megan💐🍾🥂

  100. shakima reid

    I’m so sorry you should’ve had to do this ! He will reap what he sew ! I pray your heart is healed and you continue to love 💕