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  1. Betty D

    Most of the people on this series are average savers/spenders. Some are awesome savers. This is probably the worst saver I've found. She could save so much, earning 100k a year! 🙈

  2. J Blank

    Remember Victor Yang? He is Andrew Yang now. Feel old yet?

  3. Vanessa Bayardo

    That moment when you hear, "Why getting straight A's doesn't matter".

  4. Tim L

    Amazing person. Good role model at a relatively young age. Good job good lifestyle mindset.

  5. Vanessa Bayardo

    The coffee thing though. I made a comment about that on someone else's video, and someone else responded, "So? It's normal to spend more than a thousand dollars a year on coffee". I thought, "What an...". Oh well!

  6. Mr. Pocket

    $1.6 million net or gross?

  7. Sioeli Pulu

    I love you mr. wonderful!!!

  8. The Archive

    Been there at 09 when I graduated. Took me 10 years to get back on my feet now.

  9. canonogic

    Bruh they practically take a minimum 15% cut, that's ludicrous

  10. Mercury Wolff

    8.234 😅😅

  11. Starman BuckRogers

    12:10 MR WONDERFUL “dont listen to this guy!!!” Mr Wonderful i give him 8.1342!!! Hahahaha

  12. Starman BuckRogers

    Almost forgot: #1 eating crap (ham and cream. Cheese!!) is 1way ticket to HEART ATTACK!!!!??? All that $$$$$ to DIE b4 40!???? Mcdees!!! Hahahaha (i just had Jackinbx). Hahahaha guy could live on Prime beef sirloin/t-bones etc(best quality) but prefers “scrap beef pink bleached sludge” burgers!? Hahahaha (At least eat at my company SHAKESHACK!! Try Shackstack : Cheeseburger with grilled Portabello stuffed with Munster n Chedder!!!!)

  13. None Yours

    I graduated with a Bachelor's in Aeronautics, couldn't find a job in my field, went and flipped burgers at BK for six months while I was waiting for something better to come along. I'm gainfully employed now. Got to keep an open mind.

  14. Kaveh Zoghi

    Stating the obvious!

  15. Katrina Tavares

    I graduated in 07 and it's only been within the past couple of years that I finally feel I am starting to gain traction with my career. It has taken a gargantuan amount of work to get to this point. I feel for these graduates, to have all of these big dreams and aspirations, only to have them dashed is heartbreaking.

  16. Tommy The dog

    That’s how rich enjoys luxury at no cost

  17. Chopstix UG

    Millionare: dont spend money at Starbucks. Me: who said Starbucks? lets spend at Starbucks

  18. Shubham Dixit

    We always heard most of the scientists and world changer (specially researchers ) were born in 18th century. I guess ElonMusk would be remembered always for the centuries for his contributions to the society who took space exploration/cosmos seriously for human civilization.

  19. Fake Hawaii Scott Morrison

    Only Chinese women pay $5,000 for a bag.

  20. sutats

    10:57 Surely they could've used a more flattering snapshot

  21. Kevin Covins

    That's the secret kids ... buy homes on foreclosure by the bank ... and right now because of covid-19 and no jobs ... properties are foreclosing ... so now is time

  22. Joseph S

    How is Kevin doing after he murdered 2 people with his boat?

  23. Apex Predator

    Was driving through Mc Donald’s and felt inspired watching this... ordered medium shake instead of large! Thanks David!

  24. J Tran

    due to corona, i miss costco sm 😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Avenue 43

    America is such a greedy country alway wanting more

  26. Salvatore Puccini

    Basically everything Graham Stephan is doing is what Dave Ramsey advocates, he just has a really high income instead of a 25 to 100k salary. If you do that most likely won't make the NBA but you'll be dominating the pickup game. And O'Leary is right, to be successful don't kid yourself. It's long days

  27. Badger Is Here

    I get like not wasting money on Starbucks or expensive branded clothing but if you guys felt like seeing a movie, i dont understand why you would try find a alternative to spending, id guess $30 max especially if its a one of thing.

  28. 00Gambit

    "It has it's own forces at play, nobody can control it" Jerome Powell has entered the chat.

  29. Ken X

    What of an expensive bottle of whiskey??? I mean it sounds important

  30. FinanzFerdinand Beta

    Spends 1k on food a day so its hard to take this seriously.

  31. felipe367

    If Apple purchased beats then how are they competing with Apple via their own audio devices?

  32. Ari Darmawan

    i graduate with my bachelor on April 2020.. it is sucks, my family econmy went down.. and i purposively had to enforce myself to search for jobs on pandemic

  33. Daniel Lachner

    Yeah you don't need a car nowadays in a city but you probably need one outside of LA

  34. Adhy Nugroho

    The guy even found a girl who had the same outlook on money as he did. That way he doesn't have to spend too much trying to please with what can be needless expenditures. What a mutual win for both of them!

  35. Baqsam

    _One of the most consistent players in the game!_

  36. Carrie Smith

    Don’t totally agree with #3... the neighborhood matters, yes, but my house matters most.

  37. sabertoooth06

    Was Kevin filmed with a potato?

  38. Manas Mahanand

    I'd pay anything to watch the Houston clip

  39. Ilja P

    Stupid food. Fresh fish&rice)))

  40. Samy

    I really like their branding & marketing but tbh I don't really like the taste. I prefer Alpro nut milk and Adez plant milk

  41. Sonia B

    Crocs became even WAY FAMOUS in 2k19. At my school, most if not all the kids there have crocs. So this made the ones who did not have (like me) to buy them to join the crowd. I now have two pairs of crocs and plan to buy more. They are actually SO NICE AND COMFORTABLE. My parents and siblings then bought crocs too lmao. So literally everyone buying crocs because everyone wearing them.

  42. fouoii gyhh

    The way he's going he could 100 million. I feel like 10 is a foregone conclusion for him and likely to happen before he turns 40.

  43. Omar Nimer

    If I made 150k a month I would splurge on myself at least once a month on things I like even if that means it’s a bad idea because it’s a waste of money. It sucks to have saved all that money just for the sake of saving it and not enjoying life to its fullest I mean isn’t that why we work hard to make money? So we can enjoy ourselves with the freedom and free time we now have. And come on so WhT Starbucks is expensive for no reason my guy you make 1.6 million a year. You can have all the Starbucks you want for all your life and it wouldn’t make a dent in your wallet. Enjoy life while you can people that’s all I’m saying.

    1. fouoii gyhh

      So basically he’s a cheapskate

  44. max morrison

    Mans flexing the underwear 😳

  45. Hello

    I enjoyed this. I can relate

  46. Penchev

    The iphone of headphones.

  47. Keith McClane

    I really wish my wife and kids shared my economic values..

  48. Saif Chowdhury

    2:05 "initially I was excited because I didn't think it was that serious". Yes yes, nothing is that serious until you get impacted personally! Selfishness at its best.

  49. Loretta Persinger


  50. graceoverall

    Anyone else wondering how Mr. Wonderful gets around? Public transportation is only an option in large cities. Small towns, where the majority of people live have little or no public transportation.

  51. ItsMohdiii

    I’m depressed

  52. Raymond

    Buy and hold great tech companies and you'll crush mr wonderful's returns. People who don't understand technology are going to be left behind. Real estate investing has been historically profitable, but it's a plague to our society by driving up living costs and essential assets. There should be policy against hoarding homes.

  53. Bogle Reid

    This must have been pre covid..I'd like to revisit her now and see how much life has changed..

  54. Catherine Lam

    Nope!!! Bhutan 🇧🇹 is the most happiest country

  55. Provolone Guy

    Price shopping over bread and refusing to buy coffee because it's ridiculous.......Also lives in LA in 2020 oO

  56. Maria

    I'm no genius but $5K savings in PayPal seems insane, she could definitely put it elsewhere as an investment or at least in the bank to get a little interest

  57. ajay viswanathan

    Helps the algorithm? Did u just copy Graham Stephen??😂

  58. Alex Cale

    Sushi 🍣 girl is a debt girl.

  59. PetHub

    Why couldn't they use a better green screen for O'Leary

  60. turnstyletouchbunny

    Selling Sunset??

  61. S Tra

    Green screen fail.

  62. Bucks N Trucks

    I did the math, If I worked at $15 an hour for 50 hrs a week, for 45 years. My take home (assuming taxes don't rise) would be $1.5million....AFTER 45 YEARS of the daily grind. Seems the way to get rich is figure out how to skirt the rules and system, and make other people pay for your things.

  63. bullshark

    O'leary spends $10,000 on each suit yet won't pay for a cup of coffee.

  64. C M

    Why do people get comfy and think they are set for life when they have a job. You can be let go by that company at any moment. Make a plan while you are at your job so that if they do lay you off you have a backup plan... I also lost my job during this time it's sad but learn to not cling to companies who can replace you at any moment.

  65. Userzxcvn

    I understand keeping expenses low but if I work hard I’m going to reap those benefits

  66. petix len

    Crocs sandals are comfy.

  67. T Accntb

    She would dump him in a New York minute if he didn't have $$... This isn't love, this is LA.

  68. librarian714

    Cries in Californian.

  69. hsp

    Would he give this advice to people who buy the dumb crap his shark tank companies sell?

  70. OverCraft

    You bet they paid Kevin

  71. Kaye Mutia

    This video haven't vividly gone any deep research. Just shallow explanations. It's stupid.

  72. TheAvataroo

    Millennial money out here stealing Graham's video format and catch phrases. *Clearly they been taking notes*

  73. Oswaldo LN

    Where is the girl????

  74. Du De

    So basically he’s a cheapskate

  75. susan Ritchey

    My best wishes to the two of you. Sounds like you have a really good plan of action. Your energy together is great, too...in spite of what you're dealing with...

  76. Victor Magana Jr

    this is why trump wants to open up america again, and stop comparing it to the great depression. The left loves to blow things out of proportion smh

  77. Pinkie Love

    Not a recession more like the greatest great depression

  78. MVP Mongo

    Jesus Christ, Kevin just told me to hit the like button😂

  79. Dave Conrad

    Eugenics and depopulation? Nazi science sorcery?

  80. Lorena Gutierrez

    this convinced me to switch from almond to oat milk

  81. Raine Baljak

    Lockdown in a foreign country and yearning to shop at Trader Joe's....

  82. SupremeSanda

    So 90k a year in Detroit suppose to be a lot or in poverty? Cause I live on 90k a year in L.A and felt like a normal person. (but only work 5-6 hours a day)

  83. Four Enduro

    Welcome to the real world! I have been looking for a year and a half for a job and I already have a resume built and in my 30s.

  84. Solar

    “Eh cars kinda useless” What????

  85. The world within

    Beats are overpriced mediocre headphones. Anyone who knows headphones know's beats are lower range headphones. They're very good at branding though. That's why beats took off. Not for the sound but for brand recognition surrounding it.

  86. Lilyana Rizal

    My parents put me in Crocs when I was 4 and all my friends were wearing them too, I didn’t even realise until I watch this video but I still own 2 pairs of Crocs that are new and regularly worn today

  87. Frank V

    He doesn’t mention about foreign purchases there’s credit cards that doesn’t charge a fee. And there’s others that give you flight benefits such as free checking bags if you travel a lot. You don’t need to have two you can have 5-10 cards just manage them properly.

  88. tony romero

    $220 a month on gym?? I only spend $50 bucks and my gym has a sauna/pool/basketball court

  89. Jeffrey Keyes

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  90. Slimani__Neat


  91. ugotserved911

    Quit complaining. U guys complained when trump didn’t take action in January when nobody even died yet but now with 100,000 dead bodies y’all complaining about the opposite side of things. With this attitude I’m sure u would’ve complained if he shut down the country on January 1. Flip flopping hypocrites if I’ve ever seen one.

  92. Luca Hoffmann

    good thing i live in germany where you cant just get fired and companies try their best to keep employees even in a crisis like this

  93. Zachary Mitchell

    Can’t be stopped

  94. Zachary Mitchell


  95. Pranav Pillai

    The way I would do it is this: 1.)See what interests you and what you are fit for. 2.) Look if you can make a decent living with the job. Does not have to be the highest paying, but one in which you can pay the bills and keep you off welfare.

  96. Zachary Mitchell


  97. Zachary Mitchell

    I have they key... to the mind

  98. Zachary Mitchell

    On it

  99. Zachary Mitchell


  100. Anthony Bope

    Worth it for non perishables, also their Kirkland brand wine with seafood is good