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  1. Amir Rahimi

    Me checking who's the simp

  2. Spyros Dionysiadis

    Μου αρέσει που έκαναν video με ελληνικά φαγητά και δεν έβαλαν το πιο σημαντικό και διάσημο από όλα, ΤΟ ΣΟΥΒΛΆΚΙ!!!😠 We love Greece🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  3. Ji Chara

    I'm devastated on how they ate rice with a fork

  4. da lil guy 123

    Wait are we eating Pokemon!!! Me:yes but actually no

  5. Danijel Prosenik

    First we were in a war betwen milk or cereal going first, but now we can all agree to go on a crusade to not pour water in cereal.

  6. Gdmike123

    This makes stupid People feel like a genius!

  7. Banu Rzayeva


  8. Reyes McGill

    8:25 tho 🤣🤣

  9. ZENTALL767

    If you wanna know about his parents they are DEAD asleep

  10. http cakes

    mga proud pinoy pa like naman

  11. Dani H.

    egg pizza..... ain’t a pizza tho

  12. Szymon Wiecko

    Makoweic? it's makowiec

  13. Flash253 T/R/L

    I'm 13 and I'm better at the original doom than these people

  14. Stacy Krasnikova

    I love snakes, wouldn't be a punishment for me☺

  15. Eliza Smithey

    Papoutsakia🤣 klaio

  16. Korina Mota

    Are the meat pies from Porto’s? 😂

  17. The Grim Sneaker

    We need Shroud

  18. Loki's Art


  19. Георгий Матин

    Bu why ded he nu chuuse the Sans’s hand?

  20. Godzilla 2019

    Whos filipino like this comment

  21. Lamees Xoxo

    "it was so worth it" "was it?" "no" lmfao

  22. XARIS AEK 21

    Δεν είναι έτσι οι φακές

  23. CreeperPeeperBeeper

    4:09 show off lol

  24. Rafeva07 Zaiou

    0:43 idk you tell me

  25. kong Kea

    I'm 16 and i really wanna try because of the colors.

  26. Amelia Pickard

    People who have a flake as a regular chocolate bar scare me they should only be eaten sticking out of an ice cream😂

  27. Natalieeez _

    Whoaa react team is Freakin creative!

  28. Reyes McGill

    Who else gets scared when a bunch of old people laugh about killing innocent people... Mmmm

  29. James Eadmer Dela Cruz

    One of the key important to win the match is two divide into two squad one will be shooting second is to revive or supress, spot the enemy.

  30. jasmine smith

    I'm sitting here eating icecream root beer and fris 😂😂I'm not mad doe

  31. zattack

    do try not to touch dc stuff

  32. Maria Chiara Misuraca

    I always go for a magherita with egg in pizzeria, try it!

  33. George O’Connor

    only came here for jesser!!!

  34. May Verburgh

    so the monkey has a pamper?!

  35. Cam 21

    I liked the puns

  36. Marilena Segditsa

    Οταν πεταξε τον ντολμα στο πιατο με δύναμη... I felt that

  37. Jimin excuse me Jungkook carrots

    Who’s in there quarantine and there mouth his watery I’m dying

  38. lauren Seeber

    La Foul

  39. Elyssa Elaine Sison

    its -2

  40. Nebel Foxy

    There are people who play overwatch and dont know jake? I knew him even before i got into owl

  41. Evocativeweeb Lyrical

    I got 7/7 not surprising lol 😊😊

  42. majibuana

    it's gonna be harder if they fasting

  43. YaMiLeT

    "I'm Chinese and we're I come from we eat alot of spicy stuff" and were u come from Coronavirus also came from there!

  44. Iceraven xxv

    There all pronouncing idris Elba name wrong

  45. Tillie x

    captain marvel is the only one I’ve watched..

  46. Jorge Perez

    I won a mini panda

  47. JustSkillz 111

    I don't know why I'm laughing at 2:43

  48. C Eva

    Non pas Gims pour la France quoi XD

  49. Megan Nguyen

    idk why i watch these past midnight, they just make me hungry and want to get up and eat something

  50. sandro menabde

    Egg pizza is a adjarian khachapuri from georgia in europe. Liars

  51. Shark B

    At 9:43 4 is added to 12 to get B so C had to be 20

  52. Eshraq Almatoq

    The way he looked at her 1:31

    1. Kanti T

      Eshraq Almatoq I will never look at them the same now

  53. Elyssa Elaine Sison

    the end is so sad and cute im gonna cried

  54. Feddy Teddy

    I’m here for Zane. He’s cute.

  55. ThatOneSaltyDude

    7:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Sofie Baete


  57. Buzz Shock

    They won’t pin this comment. It just won’t happen. Or would it.

    1. Spooky Engie

      Don't feed the sinful one.

  58. Australasian Squad

    all of australians are most definitely paid actors and australia most definitely is not a country

  59. Jason Boardman

    The white stripes f**k what a guess

  60. Oscy 7909

    This gave flashbacks to my classmates

  61. xKasumi Chan

    I can't believe they didn't put there The Nanny. That's like one of the best 90s shows EVER :D

  62. MrThor

    My first time making bacon I got bacon grease In my eye

  63. koulis_ Dim





    I see you've grown some facial hair my friend #quarantine vibes

  66. Ana Kordzaia

    “egg pizza” as u called is traditional georgian meal , it is called “acahruli khachapuri” so originally it is from Republic of Georgia 🇬🇪 .

    1. Saïda U

      yesssss thank youu!!

  67. wdsprdpnc


  68. Christian Parrish

    I know a video you should do.

  69. C Eva

    I don't speak to people who don't know Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Period.

  70. Hannah Bruce

    Teens react to the hype House drama

  71. Mark Coetzee

    Till today I still have a crush on jlo💖

  72. Amber Moon

    SARAP!!! (YUMMY) parang asmr (like asmr) HEHEH I JUST WANNA say a filipino and say to them thank you for rating us philipines:)

  73. JamSlayer499 •

    "Swiping up to jump" Me a GD player: *pathetic.*

  74. Amber Moon

    Sarap kinakain nila( their eating is yummy) sana all (wish all)

  75. AndrewTRE

    Those apple pies looked sad

  76. Gamer Cyrus

    Hahahahaha goat mama

  77. Slim Skillz

    Anyone here in 2020 SEE how small Will was.

  78. Tom Hannon

    "Little Miss Pink Hair" should spend less time dying her hair and more time educating herself on music! OMG!!

  79. Bunny06Princess

    Meat pie!? Should have been chicken pot pie

  80. Beli is The GOAT

    Should you have to have a license to free speech

  81. Esther Gonsalves

    Everybody loves Michael❤👑✌Jackson 5

  82. LilacLexie

    Did that person really just compare a digestive to belvita!?

  83. Xen Ia

    Egg pizza oof 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. karadee the gamer


  84. Sophie Jones

    The thing is behind the scenes they probably eat it any way that is the sad thing about these challenges 😭

  85. Amber Moon

    I am so offended 😂😂😂🤪🤪🤣😂🤣they dont wanna eat it [im filipino 😅😅]

    1. Amber Moon

      Paborito ko halo-halo (my favorite is mix-mix)

  86. Exotic Vica71

    You should do teens or elders react to FNaF VR, I just rewatched elders and teens playing FNaF

  87. Arika Playsondiy

    A friend of mine is trying to grow his animation channel. Maybe you could help him grow? Please consider subscribing. Here's one of his videos:

  88. Arafat Chowdhury

    you know he's gamer when he blames the team 2:05

  89. Bea's Bees

    *sigh* Virginia is a forgotton state. NO ONE got it...

  90. Dubi Kebede

    you should put 3 delicious food and make them eat one

  91. Mark Angelo Carolino

    I love watching Jair in all food-related contents :) She's so fun to watch!

  92. Oriya Sofer

    I shouldn't be proud or feel like that but I feel inferior to them just because I know every show here


    Don’t hate on me but sometimes I have cereal with juice


    Don’t hate on me but sometimes I have cereal with juice

  95. fernando gutierrez

    You guys eating tacos wrong. Taco need to be on the said not streit

  96. Mannen_zijn_ Op_atletiek


  97. Spiced Apple Sauce

    Is there a French one??

  98. w u

    im in quarantine, it's 2am and im watching fbe food vids, and now im hungry. this is the story of my life. THE END

    1. w u

      @Natalie Antoine yeah and?

    2. Natalie Antoine

      It says u wrote this 32 min ago liar😑😑😑

  99. VB Drk

    at 6:00 did u hear pop smokes OK

  100. Omar Rodriguez

    if i was on this i would chug all of them AND THEN give my reaction