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  1. William Bednarz

    You are supposed to vote for who you feel will do the best job for our people and our country where does it say you vote to win? Look at the creature and his supporters IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME?? THE NAZI DEATH CAMP GUARDS - SAID THEY WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS....OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FOREFATHERS STOOD FOR SOMETHING - DO NOT THROW IT AWAY

  2. Joseph Stalingrad

    Bernie sandres 2020 ✅

  3. Robert Greer

    Suck it, Bezos

  4. NDNstrength

    Third straight win. At least explain the Iowa mess. Don’t believe mainstream mass news media. They’ll have you believe what they want you to believe, not the truth.

  5. srcetme

    I used to support Democrats. Socialism takes away people's responsibility. Why go to school if everything you need is guaranteed in life? People will have no reason to strive at anything when socialism is in place.

  6. BooMan TheGhost

    why are these idiots acting like its a sporting even lmfao god damn ignorant democrats

  7. Sneed Feed and Seed

    Sanders supporters cheering that one of Putin’s two New York rich white guys won Nevada, heh good things there’s one guy who will stand up to Russia his name........Mike Bloomberg.

  8. gamingwith llyod

    Do you have to choose who is giving birth

  9. Freddy Palacios

    Lets turn this country into the best country in the world

  10. Dounjikootsvet

    What you all really celebrate is Trump re-election...idiots!

  11. Lkjhgf5482

    Funny how everyone calls his supporters ugly when the most obese states voted for Trump :)

  12. Don Draper

    socialist jew

  13. sajib rahman


  14. 전국잡초제거협회

    AHHHH RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA is helping Bernie>/???!!!!! (Brain shorted)

  15. Frank Underwood

    Look like Bernie will win the right to get beat by Trump in November!

  16. SpikenMike

    LOL Bernie's just a hobo wanting to increase taxes so people can mooch off the government even more. If you are not a loser, Have common sense and make more than 30k a year. It's obvious not to vote for this clown.

  17. pratik dutta

    Mark the language . "Projected to win ". But it was "He can never win in the land of Vegas" a few weeks ago

  18. Alex Mappes

    Hillary will be on tour with Nick Cave November 2020

  19. Joseph Stalingrad

    Bernie 2020✅

  20. Hector Stull

    I love it!

  21. Pseudonym

    The true winner in Nevada was Trump. Every time these people speak, another Trump voter is born.

  22. OA Crunir

    if you like socialism go to Canada you fucks

  23. Dalion Heart

    Someone once said it best "If all the people who said "I would vote for him, but he has no chance of winning" voted for him, he would win."

  24. Zzz

    What a bunch of economically ignorant idiots. These Bernie supporters are either lazy, selfish leeches who want everything for free, or they know nothing about the history of socialism. Perhaps they out to move to Venezuela and see how socialism has turned it into a dystopian nightmare.

  25. Dudz is salmon !

    Why is this in my recommended I’m 12

  26. Alex Mappes

    Hillary is hiding in a cave somewhere.

  27. Cyril Figgis

    I see a lot of soy boys, commies, and some delightful racists (the ones who hate white people and minorities who go off the plantation) in these rallies.

  28. GlobalFortuneRecordingAcademy

    These people have no clue

  29. A B

    I switched my party just to vote for Bernie because Trump is going to crush him in the general election. Focking liberals are making this too easy. Go Bernie!

  30. Alex Mappes

    Get'em, Bernie

  31. Lonnie Eastham


  32. KateOwlNebula9

    If Independent voters in battle ground states will not give a socialist their electoral college votes, this will be a pyrrhic victory. So, starting now, Sanders supporters in those states (they won't like outsiders doing it- failed during Bush's election) must have ads, door to door, yard signs and candidate campaign appearances aimed at those voters. Make sure they understand Sanders renounces his support for Cuban and Venezuelan socialism's oppressions, and Venezuela's dictator who brought economic collapse. Trump will use Sanders' past against him. There's little chance we can defeat Trump, but with strategy there's hope to avoid nuclear war, labor defeat, deaths from ectopic pregnancies (as Ohio is legislating) and environmental extinctions.

  33. Richard Altizer

    What a bunch of clowns! Trump2020!! Keep America Great!!

  34. Dominic AaAaa

    He is brilliant the candidates who are polling 4th/5th should drop out and get behind him but will they 🤔

  35. Dutch Master

    Bernie is gonna take out Trump !

  36. CUBED 360

    Bernie finally got financial support

  37. Sixth SITH

    YES!!! Let's support the rich socialist who's plan will cost way too much we can't even afford it. He will increase our taxes like crazy, but give us free stuff! Yay! We're so happy to vote for socialism because we know it never worked anywhere, but we just believe it will work here. Yay!!!!!

  38. Le-Grande

    Yay they won't be able to choose their doctor.

  39. Fluffycakes


  40. emond67

    if he wins this will mirror nixon/mcgovern in 72, i'm aging myself but it will be a landslide

  41. Regular Joe

    How are all of these fools in the comment section unable to differentiate between socialism/communism and Democracy?

  42. Trevorkian

    We're almost there we're about to turn America into a socialist country just keep going guys....

  43. Adel Mohamed

    Bernie 2020. Allha Akber lol

  44. Matthew K

    Yay Bernie!!!

  45. Big Rich

    Putin is glad communism is winning in the Democratic Party.

  46. A J

    Democrats: primaries are good cuz democracy *primary ensues causing halfway decent candidates to be framed as evil by their own party* *trump wins again* Democrats: good thing we have democracy to safeguard us from these authoritarians!

  47. GokuFievel32

    Nevada (the state I was born in) what the hell has happened to you? If Capitalism had a baby it would be Las Vegas where everything is for sale. DON'T you fools realize Bernie the Commie would outlaw Gambling? Gambling is a form of capitalism. He'll shut down Vegas and Reno. Bernie is also on record NO MORE DOMESTIC OIL DRILLING. WIND AND SOLAR ONLY. Well hold on stupid voters of Las Vegas how are tourists supposed to get to Vegas without oil/gas? They can't sailboat their way to Vegas. But then again you socialsts would outlaw gambling because that consists of "Winners and loses" and we can't have that. EVERY BODY HAS TO GET A STUPID TROPHY.

  48. f0x

    The more they get hype, the more hilarious it will be when the DNC stabs Bernie in the back again. Or, if Bernie does get the primary, the more hilarious the Trump beat down will be.

  49. Logan Leray

    Why support this fucker and put 100s of thousands of people in the oilfield out of jobs

  50. Angry Brazilian Fanboy

    If Sanders does become the primary democratic candidate...then America has sealed its fate because they’re getting another 4 years of trump

  51. Ricky Ricardo

    Socialist commie

  52. Anna's Thoughts and Musical Parodies


  53. scarlet clearisil5

    Dream on Bernie. What is the Trump War Chest up to.?

  54. Paleo Geology


  55. Max Powers

    Looks like the Democrats have really gone communist. I sure am glad we have President Trump

  56. Dirk Tillaard

    The establishment is in pain. And i like it. Go win this thing Bernie!

  57. Billy Bob

    Remember the time when America keep socialists and communists out of America and will imprison anyone who been accused? pepperidge farm remember, and now we’re trying to vote for one as our president. The beginning of the end of America.

  58. lawman3966

    The DNC clearly won't still for this. It's a question of how and when not whether the DNC will intervene to become "never Bernie-ers". It will be interesting to watch. One issue is who the DNC will view as an alternative to Bernie. Klobuchar is fading. Buttigieg is an option but sort of young, and Biden is losing the confidence of many. Hard to believe that the DNC would go with Bloomberg, but it's possible. Stay tuned!

  59. esroes16

    I love seeing how u are forced to post this. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE MOTHERFUCKERS

  60. Vance Sloan

    Democrats AND Bernie rely on the poor people's vote. Therefore, it is in their best interest to keep voters poor. Republicans rely on the wealthy peoples vote. Therefore, it is in their best interest to keep voters wealthy. Think about it before you vote.

  61. LibertarianUSA1982

    Sanders cant beat Trump. Americans wont vote for a communist.

  62. American Born Patriot.

    DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND Why you hyping this mess up God only knows, You haven't learned your lessons Washington Post, Y'see on their own grounds the Chinese communists totally lost control, But just like venison to the Coronavirus your flesh is the host, There's nothing sound in Bernard Sanders' reasoning and his heart is a smoldering hollow hole, Illegal aliens have found in you an open house up for grabs home, In the Leftist coasts to coasts,

  63. MrAmmanas

    They're acting like he won the Presidency already. These idiots are in for a rude awakening. You think Trump ran circles around Hilary? Just imagine what he's going to do to a weak socialist who recently had a heart attack.

    1. St.Fiacre

      Bernie could win the 'popular vote'', just like Hillary and still loose...haha.Power to Oligarchy!

  64. Laura Juarez

    Of course he won supported by all the loony leftist and the Bernie base Communist.

  65. James Lade

    Go Bernie go! President Bernie Sanders

  66. peter gaumer

    like 1933, the failure of reality followed bernie sanders like adolf hitler.

  67. Jose Martinez

    It's Bernie's third win, not second.

  68. SwornReaper

    Fking socialists! Go to China if you want it, don't fking destroy this country!

  69. Cuauhtli-Mixtli Mendez-Martinez

    Too bad. So many Bernie supporters are going to become depressed this coming November...

  70. Dino_Spamoni

    So many little nuances that make this a passive hit piece in disguise. Starting with filming in a dive bar...

  71. chim reynolds

    "Anyone who campaigns on the promise to rob Peter to pay Paul can count on the support of Paul..."

  72. 27 Pinstripes

    ole Bernie is a Great Danger to our Party and our Country 👎👎 if Socialist Sanders is our Nominee , my family and I will stay Home on Election day >>> Never to Socialism 😫

  73. William Tell

    I was a Bernie delegate in 2016, went to the 2nd tier of the caucuses. I was forced to vote Trump because of Hillary. Now Bernie has decided open borders and late term abortion are ok so, I'll be forced to vote for Trump again. Trump has at least created so many jobs, the Dems will collapse the economy and run the businesses back out of the country by reversing Trump tax cuts and raising taxes on everybody. I just can't support those policies. Tell me why I should? Trump is bad but not that bad.

  74. Regular Joe

    Do you guys remember that time when Bernie won the vote bashing Hillary, but Hillary became the nominee, then he endorsed her? That was AWESOME!

  75. D͙i͙g͙i͙t͙a͙l͙ S͙o͙l͙d͙i͙e͙r͙

    In the words of the late great George Carlin, _"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."_ 🤦‍♂️

    1. The Joshicles of Joshua

      They had their 4 years. 2020 is for the smart ones ;)

  76. BxxDxx Hoodoo

    I hope you all commit suicide

  77. Wisconsin Farmer

    Thank you young folks, And old hippies.

  78. theGunneWitche

    Thumbnail looks like Contrapoints was in charge of the lighting.

  79. Eldergod Oni

    America is in a sad state when so many of our people willingly embrace socialism, they dont even care that what they support would destroy the nation, the temptation of "free" is just too strong for some, they cant see the obvious which is they will never recieve anything they have been promised. The useful idiots, Bernies target demographic .

  80. CC Chodkowski

    The sad part here is the Bernie supporters have genuine support and believe for Bernie but the Democratic Party won’t let Bernie be their candidate. The left are already spreading lies that the Russians are fixing the elections for Bernie.

  81. ThePurpleStripedSock

    Wasn't it Washington Post who broke the story about Russia helping Bernie's campaign the day before the Nevada caucus?

  82. Thomas Marshall

    Do you really think Bernie (the communist) Sanders has a snowball's chance in hell in beating Trump? Not happening.

  83. Adder K.

    Such a waste of time and money. Trump 2020


    Lazy people..

  85. Erik Eindhoven Eindhoven


  86. DeepDeepBlue

    Feelin the BERN right now

  87. Robin Konway

    I support the wall but doesnt this ----> |\ conquer the wall?

  88. d d

    Feel the BERN motherfuckers!

  89. camaro rider

    feminists and soy boys lmao

  90. Somkit

    Notice how Bernie supporters come from all walks of life. Trump supporters are predominantly the poorly educated white demographic.

  91. Polgara

    her eyes say it all

  92. matt collins

    Bernsky will have another heart attack when he has to keep up with Prez Trump when the real work starts. TRUMP Trump Trump

    1. matt collins

      @Wilco Grundens ok hahaha he's old and had a heart attack and want to run all over the country waving that finger around screaming . But I'm sure ur right . Good luck

    2. Wilco Grundens

      On the golf course? lol

  93. Cheryl Kringelbach


  94. Art Alcoolique

    DON'T BECOME COMPLACENT! Fight tooth and nail until the end! Bernie for president!

  95. Officer Oinker

    Bernie is a communist.

    1. Santa Clause

      I feel sorry for anyone who thinks affordable healthcare thats not run by crony capitalists means communism.

    2. orange70383

      Yes he is, the fools that support him are clueless robots.

    3. Justice McFarlane

      Officer Oinker damn I’ll make sure you get gulag first then

  96. Martin Conta Gets Banned

    Those idiots spend too much time calling everyone racist, to think of any positive changes they can make... Dems act like the kkk are still running around lynching people...

  97. RDM Man

    When these people are interviewed know absolutely nothing about what they are supporting ? They will cry out if supported by Socialism after the failure of it. They must just keep their Ear buds in and dance. Uniformed is stupidity and sheeple following an ideal that has failed in over 44 Countries ? Welcome to Venezuela.

    1. orange70383

      They have no clue about socialism, they hear bernie say power to the people and that's what they think socialism means.

  98. Oscar P

    sickening how young americans flock to socialism...i escaped a socialist country after having lost everything....sad...these imbeciles want everything for free

  99. Cheryl Kringelbach

    You all must be stupid for wanting a socialist for a president. Don't go crying to anyone when your told what you can do,where you can go and lose all your INDVIDUAL rights.

    1. Santa Clause

      I just want affordable healthcare and not have to go broke if I need a surgery or life saving medication. That ok?

  100. Robin Konway

    Lol. "Chuck didja wanna sum?" Str8 gangster