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  1. Mstthew McGough


  2. theAurorapalace _

    Lamb sauce

  3. Atomic Legends

    I like how Gordon doesn’t shout at the prisoners and call them donkeys XD

  4. Dario Martorana

    Cavatemi gli occhi per favore!

  5. No Fun

    I can’t find he lamb sauce

  6. Jesse

    Hey your shows make me so happy and are very good to watch big fan you have really helped me when I was going through my cancer treatment and still now it’s stage 4 so it’s not fully gone but yeah

  7. Lucja Swietoslawska


  8. xoxo Helena xoxo


  9. Lady Vengeance

    I love these little glimpses into Gordon’s life. For as hard as his (American) TV personality is he seems like a cool dad.

  10. Erika Todorova

    I like how he is much more understanding and calm with them because he understands how hard it is for them

  11. Daniel Puma

    That is not a carbonara wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Tiernan O Hanlon

    I've edited this comment so you won't know why it's got no likes plz laugh or dont

  13. 100K subs with no videos Challenge

    “Amertuer cooks battle to create sausage dish” Everyone: *rushes straight to the comments section* Btw read my channel name

  14. just your average human

    6:05 Yo cam man can you zoom in a little more, i cant see the atoms yet

  15. Michael Mahon


  16. Potato_chip_99


  17. Karl


  18. Edoardo Galatanu

    Guarda questi barbari, guarda questi barbari

  19. Henry Lee

    What is that brown powder thing he added before putting on the frying pan? KM?

  20. Sir Jimmy Savile

    Have a taste of my sausage it's extra salty but very big!

  21. HR

    I'm sitting here judging other people's food yet I can only make a half decent cheesecake

  22. CosVitto


    1. Shower Head

      CosVitto you are 9th close one!

  23. CarCrashTime 2020

    Hello Gordon Sir

    1. Tiernan O Hanlon

      Hello there

    2. Master Panda


  24. Gary Hills

    Shame on you Tilly for naming those pages in other books...

  25. BabyJaco

    f u gordon

    1. Tiernan O Hanlon


  26. Ethereal


    1. Shower Head

      Ethereal you are 7th unlucky

  27. Reah Lewis

    So cool

    1. Shower Head

      Reah Lewis your 2nd congrats

  28. Macca Killer

    No Views

  29. Jimmy Bernabeu


    1. Shower Head

      Jimmy Bernabeu your 4th unlucky

  30. Alex C


    1. Shower Head

      Alex C 3rd mate sorry

  31. Itzmax A

    Faster than notis

    1. Shower Head

      Itzmax A yep just got my notis, plus you are 1st

  32. C O M F Y A E S T H E T I C S

    I’d never be picky if I was his child.

  33. Maz Maz

    Haha this not even close to a real baklava

  34. Nonno Anselmo

    If you cook this "carbonara" in Italy i think ti segano le gambe e rimarrai paraplegico per il resto della tua vita :)

  35. iOS Hacker

    Ma dio porco la Madonna che cazzo fai? Cuoco stellato sta minchia, ma ripigliati

  36. Connor Prince

    But honey I have not seen a cow pig or chicken in a zoo

  37. Tito Tito

    I'd like to know who cleans the kitchen?

  38. Yaseen

    Gordon: *proceeds to dissect a fish’s vagina and eats the eggs* Also Gordon: *Fucking delicious*

  39. Mint Leaf

    I know it's his accent but, "Yuh-gert"

  40. Mike OB1

    Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt. How has that guy not got severely high blood pressure?! I'm all for seasoning and always do. But that was far too much to be balanced imo. The patty should be already seasoned from when u make it. Then he seasons about 5 more times. Fuck that.

  41. Andrea Chiari


  42. Billie Little

    I watch these just to watch Ramsay with his kids. Love the interaction. Also love the fact that he always thanks health workers he never forgets them. Loved that he mentioned Sir Tom that gentleman is a legend.

  43. S KK

    I don't think I've ever seen a can opener in his hands until now.

  44. Matrix_Techno

    Gordon, Fritos already have an insane amount of salt in them ( like 1965mg per bag ) ... and you add salt to "season" them ?

  45. That mouse you see in The comments

    Gordon before: ITS SO RAW ******* **** Gordon now: Gotta change babys nappy :33


    I don’t think he’s ever had wolf brand or Fritos because there is absolutely no reason to add salt

  47. B Smith

    All these shrimp cookouts on here are missing the best part of the shrimp, the HEADS. all the flavour is in the heads. Just need to cook out the heads in a little water and add the resulting orange liquid to the cooked shrimp , and you only need the garlic and parsley and forget the other ingredients

  48. hydara24

    My local store hashbrowns do not look like that

    1. SoggyToast 351

      They all look different

  49. 50k subscribers with no videos challenge

    Tilly absent next episode

  50. Aka Kaptin

    Why was I thinking last week , how would Gordon make a Frito pie???

  51. Echoz Btw

    Please Gordon change the title, this isn't a "carbonara", now you've made more deaths than covid 19 in Italy

  52. Hamoo Blanu

    Mmm.. fuck yeah. Drizzle that sause..

  53. alex laxxx

    the mix made the the think

  54. S KK

    I maybe understand the pepper for seasoning, but salt on top of already sodium filled ingredients? Especially Fritos.😬

  55. Werther Magnani

    this is called puttanaio

  56. Bloodborne Twotterman

    He did; but he’s a lovely bloke.

  57. André Guerra

    gordon is cooking like me after smoking 2 spliffs! xDD

  58. BB Ki vines Blogs


  59. Catia Maccaferri

    Mamma mia ma dove hai imparato a fare la carbonara? Mah!

  60. Kyle Guzman

    King Ramsey 👌

  61. GathKingLeppbertI

    Yay for horizontal holding of the cam

  62. Superhero Fetish

    "Il problema co' sto piatto è che mi ha bloccato la gola come una pallina di catrame e devo andare all'ospidale adesso, se no MUORO"

  63. fernando eugenio flores

    Que mal que allá viajado hasta ahí solo para hacer unos huevos revueltos patético !

  64. pwoapthatpwoap

    Is it just me or the professional chef "tablespoon" is way bigger than in any regular person kitchen 🤔

  65. LorenzoIacovoni

    This is not a Pasta alla Carbonara, this is a fucking aberration and violation of Italian Cooking tradition.

  66. Tasha Tooshla

    Eggy bread = French toast 😂💀

  67. Dilan Ay

    Does anyone happen to know which cooker/ range cooker Gordon is using? 😬

  68. Evan Whelan

    How much coke is that man on?

  69. Moriss

    Круто да,Гордон Рамсай приготовил гигантский драник,омлет с колбаской,хлопья с йогуртом(питьевым кстати,который можно купить в магазине напротив) и ежевикой,которую хрен достанешь,яблочный пирог на минимаоках с french toast(который eggy bread) и лимонный хлеб с авокадо.

  70. Don Xu

    Wait, Gordon Ramsay puts books on the microware? :o

  71. Rania Bouarrouj

    Siamo tutti morti interiormente raga.

  72. ISpunciaporchiVEVO

    Dalla copertina vedo del verde, già vuol dire che hai sbagliato

  73. Blessie Nocum

    I love how the first restaurant has their family team work. :) They may not be professional chef but they are passionate on what they do. The girl chef is just so lucky that Gordon finished her dish. He loves it! I'm impressed. And I think I want to taste Indian cuisine. :)

  74. Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw

    Full episode ?

  75. GathKingLeppbertI

    Thanks for welcoming us into your family. Love to y'all! Also: well done in Austin Tx with the frito scramble

  76. Davide Mazzotta

    O madonna

  77. Rxmzy Cunch

    Never thought I'd live to see gordan ramsey cook shite like this. Disappointed.

  78. custume

    I think you in home to long, hehehehehheheehhe

  79. Guilherme Manaças

    Gordon seasons his seasoning

  80. Luxario

    I love how Gordon Ramsay says ow my gyod

  81. Sav Vy

    that's very quite an entrance! 😂

  82. luca cerroni

    Like chi è vunuto dal video di murry

  83. Samuele Parrilla

    Pasta alla merda non si nomina l’Italia invano. PS: ti consiglio di non andare a Roma perché posso capire i romani in questo momento. LIKE SE SEI ITALIANO!

  84. druha10304

    That woman could play the Blair witch

  85. Natan T

    7.0 that’s a couple cups of teaspoons mhm

  86. TheWatchernator

    USA Version: But then... swoosh... the chef tells a LIE to ....badabam.... GORDON RAMSEY... DADADAAAAA!!! Whoooosh... "no uh I aaaah diduh not fryuhhh this potatoes" tududoooooooommmmm whoosh swoosh.

  87. Edwardc TV

    Really fast! 😅👍👍

  88. sonsofsparda22

    3 eggs is way too much

  89. Giacomo Zanardi

    Carbonara... "Ma è del mestiere?" hahhaha

  90. Deepestommy 007

    Gordon ti stimo un sacco, ma per questo non ti scuserò MAI

  91. Cerco Lavoro

    Your hand is not clean, because you touch everything without hand wash.....

  92. Daniel G

    For the rest of us, we should probably assume it'll be 15 between the Michelin skills and magnficient monster of a Rorgue range 🤪

  93. Sandile Hamilton

    "Yes, it's beautiful! All you want is compliments!" 😂😂😂

  94. Trixie Michelle

    HAHAHAHAHAHA bat nasa recommendations ko to bigla? Hahahaha kakapanuod to kay Ivana e. Lakas maka Gordon Ramsay. 😆

    1. miko foin

      In Asian, A great meals are not complete without RICE.

  95. Scott Ballentine

    As a Texan I have to say I have never seen eggs in Frito Pie. Don't get me wrong I love me some Chef Ramsay all day long. Typically a Frito Pie is an open bag of Fritos with a scoop of chili and some shredded cheddar cheese on top. Get fancy with jalapenos, sourcream, etc. Its basically a version of nachos in a bag.

  96. jaxs5400 jaxs5400


  97. Matteo Politi

    Cringe italian comments everywhere

  98. CristianL1

    Gordon seasons his wife with salt & pepper before kissing her

  99. Farris Hafez

    gordon ramsay " thats how you kill a lobster in the most humane way".jeremy clarkson "just boil them in a slow and deadly ways.

  100. MrDubshooter

    crushes flaming hot chips and puts salt and pepper on them gordon- "beautiful"