Welcome to the official Dean Schneider NOsel channel! What happens if you leave
everything behind to chase your Dream? I am Dean Schneider, 27-year old Swiss guy,
who has dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a
member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides
that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years! On this
channel you can watch my weekly vlogs, compilation videos, wildlife videos, and more.
Join our journey with new videos uploaded every week!

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  1. Mandy Escarpe

    Guys can you give me the link when he's adopting Dexter?

  2. Michael Seddon

    This dude is going to be set come zombie apocalypse!! Lol strolling down street with a pride of lions !! Lol

  3. Soviet Spy

    This haters got bitten by a chihuahua and hate people who like animals

  4. 游游

    Is this real?


    I don’t understand how this man has any haters without a doubt the most down to earth human I’ve ever seen much love brother❤️

  6. BTS army forever BTS is the best

    We need more people like Dean.

  7. Vivian Evans

    Dean; given your long time experience with big cats, what do you think happened with Roy And the tiger in the Las Vegas show? It was said Roy was having a Stroke and fell and the tiger was trying to pull him to safety and the other idea was for some reason the Tiger was not on his mark and became confused. What is your take on the situation. Unfortunately Roy Has passed. Thank you, Vivian from Ohio

  8. Lady Lovely

    I thought you were a black guy this whole time until I seen you with a different hair style! wow! pretty handsom!

  9. Mandy Escarpe

    This is the best and extreme videos I watch 🦁🦁

  10. WaV3y

    I love how the lions just hit him on a head

  11. bilishu aliss

    Man his back must really hurt, having to carry around that big of balls.

  12. BOT GOD

    Ah he was with them during imprinting, are they truly wild or pets I wonder?

  13. Sanggy

    once of the gratest..hope the paradise will be opened 4 u !! it is more impoprtant how you get whit the animals then wou get with the human in this world.. God will be thankfull to you !!

  14. Vullnet Ems

    1.38mil ppl following this amazing guy.. While some other guy dancing with the clothes of his big sister to a tiktok song, has 3 mil followers.. This world is a mess.. prove me wrong..

  15. Ingrid 123

    Meeeu Deuus 😱😱 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. The Niallator

    These lions have more respect for this guy than my cat has for me

  17. Rocsan Perequin

    I love snow and nayla💖💖💖💖💖

  18. Emilio Santchez

    Did you teach a lion how to hold a camera

  19. xpress mathonsi

    Parents are seriously struggling when it comes to putting their little one to bed out there.

  20. veprezy

    If he was to hurt the lions they would kill him so take a second to think could a lion kill a person the answer is yes can a person kill a lion yes but he would need a weapon also the lions have so much trust in him if the felt in danger the would work together and most likely kill him

  21. Mure242

    I loved your video until you used the Lords name in vain. I couldn’t finish watching afterwards. God is our creator who loves us so much. His name is not a curse word and using it as such is actually blasphemy. Are your parents’ names curse words? God protects you as you folly with the lions. But I’d imagine that waning the more you disrespect His Holy name. It’s awesome to see that you have such a great relationship with these animals. You have no idea how much more that would flourish if you gave your heart and faith to Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

    1. bilishu aliss

      Please use a 360 cam next time. I'd love to see more of what I'm watching. I love your videos 🇿🇦


    Nyla is my spirit animal..

  23. Alex Scott

    Ah, so this is the tiger king I’ve been hearing about

  24. xpress mathonsi

    Owh man, the world we live in. Did that hyena jump into a pool and started enjoying a bath. Bro plz don't ever release him to the wild where there are crocodiles. Hi won't last a week out there.

  25. Ener Abi

    Hallo Dean.schneider ich hätte eine Frage Könntest du bitte auch ein paar Videos auf deutsch.drehen ? Wäre mega cool

  26. ST_KRonx

    Hakuna matata

  27. joshua flores

    Dont pay attention .Dont worry . We all know you LOVE those beautiful Animals

  28. Julius

    They wont fight Dean becouse he is lowest rank in the pride

  29. Young Forever

    Dean, you are the most passionate and dedicated to his mission person! And also you are the one who motivates☺️ thank you

  30. aissa dibaga dibaga

    How can he be so brave 😔 I mean I’m scare to ants can’t imagine myself with lions 😨

  31. david jaguar

    I love them ❤

  32. Debopriya Roy

    He has the heart of a mother and determination of a father.. thanks.. the animal needed a human parent

  33. Alexandria Van Der Vilt

    If someone hurts you would the loins attack the person

  34. Follie FOAL

    .....I've only been watching Dean and the pride the last few days and got wind of this story. Just wanted to say...well said and well done Dean!!! I'd quite like to join the pride and meet Chuckie!!! ❤

  35. kraken1122

    Thanks for the video!! :)

  36. cody johnson

    I would love to do what your doing.

  37. Salmon Prá Isidoro

    O máximo

  38. Alma Schultze

    sorry that your cute and furry monkeys have parasites!

  39. Salmon Prá Isidoro


  40. Salmon Prá Isidoro

    Eu amo vc LOVE

  41. Alicia Villecroze

    Se petit rire à 2:20 🥰 La vidéo est top!

  42. hoosier_daddy

    I've been non-stop binging on your videos. Can't quite get enough!💯👌

  43. hoosier_daddy

    I'm surprised this guy doesn't trip over his giant testicles.

  44. Lucas Bullz

    I think that daft punk's ah ah from starboy would save them


    Nyla said f that shit at first...aww im in awe of how good u r with these beautiful animals

  46. Roast

    2:16 a booty slap that was powerful the ''brother" steped in to protect his girl no cheating

  47. Kuya Toybits

    Nobody talks about the Cameraguy.

  48. Nimbo _o

    Monte bist du hier?

  49. TheShadoow Roblox and more!

    How about the Camera Man?

  50. Texas baby ktea

    God they love you!

  51. Vimal kannan

    Don't worry about that idiots we all know you man... Please keep going through your passion and your dreams 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  52. PECOSO

    Those lions would have killed him a long time ago if he was hurting them.

  53. Texas baby ktea

    Hearing them roar was beautiful!!! Lmao your roar was so cute!!

  54. Eternal Bolt 200

    Looks like they happy

  55. Sep Tember

    Ye like he is abusing lions lol. He’s not Thanos. The second the lions don’t like it he would know about it

  56. Loco Games

    Ist er deutsch

  57. Gobi 0

    The animals are paid actors.

  58. Ivostricaribomber

    A fukkinga buitc

  59. Ivostricaribomber

    What a shic

  60. Mackenzie Hearn


  61. Mackenzie Hearn

    Get a Tiger

  62. Elmina

    You must be have best quarentine of all people on the world And you have WRYLY cute ☺animals

  63. Tracey Marie Ann Mannen

    Love at first sight indeed !

  64. Marwin Dürst

    Hoi dean ich bi en grosse fan👻

  65. pegion red loft tv

    so cute all lion

  66. Sara Alanize

    Your NOsel channel give us a very good vibes because of the love and passion that in them towards your animals... please ignore them and keep doing what you doing🙏🏼🌷 God bless you.. all the love from 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia

  67. Sara Alanize

    They are jealous of you... anyone can see the love 💕 and care that you give to the animals..

  68. AEViper08

    Man you live the life i wish i could have a life like that!! 😕😔😂

  69. Looking For A Name

    7:40 "If I don't stop that tap is gonna start to hurt" says the 300 pounds full muscle beast who can kill you with a bite. Haha I love it.

  70. Rami Sebit

    Colonizer leave South Africa. GO BACK TO SWISS #EFF #Malema is coming. We want our land back.

  71. NovaGames YT

    Look at that cute af smile 3:41

  72. Firstbourne 0001

    I want a timer wolf pet

  73. Shubh Sharma

    I am so sad

  74. sol fernandez

    i canr believe you have haters like loool the lions loves you and thats obvious

  75. TheOnly OneLeft

    Me: sees fellow black man who is apart the lion pride. Also me: Wakanda forever

  76. Darkness

    The happiest man alive

  77. lightskinkierra

    Imagine a lion having the same name as me😂oh wait she does❤️

  78. heru pras

    ini lebih dari bang panji dan alshad ahmad... hahahah

  79. Elize de Jong

    Wow this its so cool i Come frome the netherlands and this its anmazing

  80. IG iDesolate

    7:48 did that squirel just commit

  81. Suheil

    2:20 lol!

  82. maram alekri

    It’s so amazing to see how he is not scared 😊it makes me so happy

  83. Arya S

    i love you man

  84. Kiira Xy

    he join the lions

  85. K9 Snowzyy

    I only give up wen theres more than one saying it makes it more believable to me

    1. K9 Snowzyy

      I love him soo much he is the nicest guy how can people accuse him for this it always get me wen people hate him there is no way he could be bad

  86. Moyosore Taiwo

    This is so beautiful 🥺 Epitome of forgive and forget. Humans can learn a lot from lions.

  87. VeNoMx_ Sheaks

    Please post again

  88. Pradeep Naidu

    go hunting with them

  89. Priscilla Valletta

    Quello che fai è meraviglioso! Grazie! 🙏

  90. Athesias

    Keep doing you man it’s obvious that was you telling her after a warning like you previously stated in another video first is a warning then the growl then the knuckles so they know there starting to go to far you’re amazing man 💯 I seriously feel for these beautiful creatures

  91. Karen Dickerson MD

    I love your video 😀

  92. The Worm

    I had a timber wolf

  93. D.O.G ‘R

    Please name me the instrumental at minute 2:17,, Thank you

  94. Munchin Lax

    I love all your animals and I believe you have the best quarantine.Im jealous

  95. Karen Dickerson MD

    You do not have to hurt them

  96. WolfGamerTV

    I just recently started to watch your videos.I have a word for haters:You are children (Read this in British Accent)

  97. Bass John

    Please use a 360 cam next time. I'd love to see more of what I'm watching. I love your videos 🇿🇦

  98. Karen Dickerson MD

    These are special to me please don’t hurt the animals 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  99. Natálka Vránová

    you are not afraid that maybe one day they will not recognize you and they will do something to you I just ask otherwise I have respect that you are so close to them I would also like to try it too 🐆🐆🦁

  100. Katy Re

    What that is A SUPER CUTE tiger.... ii want to do that two 🤣🤣🤣🤣