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  1. Meeps

    1 out of 300 people care about what you just said. People don't really care about science

  2. beaR

    People worry about what they dont know about. It all starts with an uneducated person making a stupid comment to another another uneducated person believing it and spreading it like cancer through what we call the internet. The best part is no one verifies the claim. This common phenomenon has a term associated with it. Rumor and or gossip.

  3. Kaliss

    But why are x rays so dangerous if they transmit as such low frequencies?! Explain yourself sir.

  4. Gypo

    I have very little interest in electrics. But I still binge watch this channel every so often

  5. Tom Cooke

    I've always wondered why we don't have small generators attached to our limbs so that as we move we generate a small amount of power, that could be transferred to the grid, I don't know though, I hit things with hammers for a living 😂, electricity isn't really my thing

  6. Euegnia We

    0:40 wt xd

  7. homer simson


  8. austin wilcox

    Respect when you can have your own ideas against someone who’s very established. That’s the point of science, collaboration and learning through being wrong. Being right is not important, but learning and discovering the secrets of the universe is the point of science

  9. Venul Minsara LK

    It's fake.!!! pause the video at the exact time it will be helpful if you play it in 0.25x speed

  10. Lego Mini Movie Productions

    And what if she wants to get tortured? ;)

  11. Euegnia We

    The start just 😂

  12. Ali

    0:08 this binary code (01001111-01001101-01000111) translates to "OMG" for anyone wondering

  13. Lucka Jaliashvili

    Why is this guy risking so much

  14. Sean Murphy

    @davie504 im pretty sure this guy just slapped like

  15. Abu

    Like he did 6 months of training 😂😂😂😂

  16. DesignD

    *famous last words*

    1. DesignD


  17. lucas Barrett

    Amazing edits! Nice to see you’re still uploading in quarantine. Keep it up! 👍 *applause*

  18. amin

    چه عجب یه بار فارسی صحبت کردین :)

  19. Sean Harding

    That opera montage was great! Really well done, that was the funniest thing ever!

  20. KOMárk

    0:57 his face xD

  21. Harsh Skull gaming

    One of his oldest vids i saw

  22. fidelis auve

    The electrical energy is what kills. Current and voltage makes the energy.

  23. TheFuzzBuzz333 *

    You were a meme on the Internet but I say YOU SHOULD THINK BEFORE YOU DO AND TRY SOME GLOVES.

  24. gReGsKi GmAiL

    absolutely love this!!!

  25. Michael Kevin Millet

    I just believe in Jesus, it costs no money, and he gives me all the placebo I need, or the power of God, who knows? It's impossible to prove which is which :D

  26. blazortheepic03

    Tried telling this to my father who is a retard and believes 5g are mind control towers and wifi is a government ploy to make us sterile.

  27. Greg Henridas

    Davie504's 10M uncle reveal: ElectroBOOM

  28. M. .M

    So...this is the new Ironman?

  29. Mr.X

    11:03 what's up

  30. Mr.X

    A and b radioactive is particles not rays


    finally someone that has the same master that i have

  32. Mitch Chambers

    sounds like somebodys father didnt buy them a telescope as a kid

  33. George Caplin

    Am I the only one who cringes every time he touches anything with anything?

  34. kyme32

    High resistence= no current => BS Ohhh, ohm law says that if you have 210v and 1Mohm... Well... The current is 0.000 something...start a damn 500W grinder with 0.000x A at 210V and after that i'll believe this shit...

  35. BERK

    where do we send free energy videos?

  36. Bassius

    You are so entertaining HAHAHA!!!! A couple years ago I had some interesting results stacking the coolers with a wedge of aluminium between each join with thermal paste, using one cooler to cool the next one. I managed to mold compressed poly urethane around a series of 3 peltier coolers and connect it to a pc cpu with silicone gaskets so no air could get in and cause condensation to drip on the motherboard. Was a lot of frustrating fun overclocking the crappy Celeron of the time to 4.7GHz and the cpu temp was sitting at about 20 deg C while running which was lower than ambient case temp. best at idle was -29 deg C. I did have a double fan massive heat sink connected to the hot junction. Good old days :) keep up the awesome vids :)

  37. Oleg Kosygin

    What does 5G do to insects? I found that low-level 4G towers' RF radiation draw bees and make them stay there until they starve or die from equipment's heat.

  38. Tiger Lily

    It would be easier to manually brush your teeth than to make and use this... but this guy is so funny you can stay mad at him.

  39. Shiftless Boy Production

    1:37 girls when you propose them

  40. Chi fa da sè fa per tre

    What!!?? Why isn't that scope Keysight?

  41. Aaron Wong

    0:10 When I see the homework my teacher gives me

  42. Adam's gaming

    who wanted for him to just get out in the first place from that house

  43. Suren Bono

    ..visible light can do more damage than these....do you ever feel heat from the sun..?..WiFi never do that...it educates ..it.dispels darkness of other kind..or use it to burn fat or something....

  44. Johnny Baughman

    FREE CAMERA REPAIR... ask for ElectoBOOM

  45. Dušan Gajdoš

    ok i get it for CFLs, UV light, mercury and so on.. but you can find any light spectrum LED so complaints about this color or that is irelevant, coz you can go an buy different color light, incandescent is no bettter Yes, for a consumer, it costs maybe 4 euros, to buy new bulb (with proper circuit, plastic bulb and everything) but you'll probably never have to replace it for 2 years! and it costs only fifth of the price to power!!!! You can go and buy 50w LED with at least 2500 lumens!!!

  46. Ashfaq Alve

    I am not crazy....right!

  47. Abigail Solis

    Make sure you keep a good Distancing then 0:10 How r u NOT DEAD YET

  48. Adam's gaming

    i only come here to kill himself

  49. Dušan Gajdoš

    only US as a proper country is able to go backwards in improvement 🤗

  50. Isaac Does It All!

    Says he hates it, thensays lets trys it again.

  51. Screamin Slime ツ

    This dude is the funniest youtuber ever

  52. Strahinja Nik

    Steal or buy a new car

  53. Silkcats

    I live in Indonesia and the grounding in my house is horrible, I get constantly electrocuted (mildly) so it would be amazing if you did a video on how to ground the electricity in your house and explaining grounding in general 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  54. Kavya Kinjalk

    Me: Mom I want a 3D Printer Mom: We have 3D Printer at home 3D printer at home:

  55. Kurogane Shiroe

    This man has almost no safety gadgets like for the eyes and as well as the gloves(whatever you call them)

  56. XantheFIN

    I want more nuclear energy. Thats clean. No coal. #ChangeMyMind.

  57. Bende Barnabás

    1:17 OMG I found something here.

  58. SnobGoblin the third

    Well said Medhi! Great vid


    Whenever an electron moves in an external(away from plane of paper infront)magnetic and electric field perpendicularly crossed it it certainly does not change its linear velocity(which has to be its initial one)for you can say oppositely directed acting electric and magnetic forces cancel each other and there is no vertical motion for which it does not undergoes instantaneous or sinusoidally oscillating nature.so it's trajectory will be a straight line.

  60. geo hank76

    mother fu- 2:44 (i like that part >:3)

  61. Filip Priečinský

    how about bioresonancy? i just wonder

  62. Nikheel Rajman

    These guys are gonna flip when they find out how GPS systems work....

  63. Hair

    Your lighter microphone is still better than 99% of all of our teacher's microphones.

  64. vemor

    Trump, like almost any idiot out there, is doing almost everything out of spite

  65. Chad the glad

    Today we are traviling to united kingdom 0:02 *Soviet national anthem intestifies*

  66. Ilja Alchemist

    It's my favorite.

  67. vemor

    11:47 ''Sweden!'' lmao

  68. Krishna Dey

    Are you addicted to electric shocks?

  69. Sudhir Patel

    Hey plz help me, how can I make a 12v 5amp power supply at home

  70. Sean Gilmer

    This man is INCORRECT about the possible dangers: nosel.info/video/video/lYOViILKqmqmx9E.html

  71. Enigma

    I really don't understand people who like "warm" light bulbs. I always go for the most neutral, white, natural looking bulbs, those which are closer to the sun's light. And even then, I'd rather have "cold" blue lights than "warm" yellow lights, as the yellow lights make everything look dirty, old, and makes me wanna fall asleep.

  72. sweety sweety

    he is crazy , don't do stupid things just because you want to funny , it's dangerous , even me i'm affraid when i watch your movies

  73. iwetimer x

    Malaysia as well

  74. afutla qian

    "Enough talking!!! Let's talk more..." Jesus :D

  75. Samarth Srivastava

    His transformer is immortal

  76. Ritesh Kumar

    this guy is immortal😐

  77. Jason Cooksey

    "In, out, In, out, In, out, In, out" lol

    1. afutla qian

      You Rock!!

  78. Q Animate

    I love how he explain DNA with his entertaining edit 😂

  79. Cindy Colon

    have you ever try using safety equipment in your videos XD

  80. Yellow Sky

    Elon Musk should hire you

  81. radeon blue

    Is it true that "charged water droplet do not evaporate"? It is mentioned in "the chip" by TR Reid on page 32

  82. IceLand

    Thomas Henry Moray's device was the real Free Energy. A Battery was never found inside of it and it was never connected to a power supply/socket. He was shot at and they threatened to kill him, later some nut destroyed his device.

  83. Jacobus Christo Santoso

    im gonna forget everything i learned, but i still enjoyed the content

  84. newtkrad

    An experiment by John Kanzius showed that radio frequency at 13.56 MHz can "burn salt-water". Somehow the radio waves caused hydrogen gas to come from salt-water and it could hold a flame. Has ElectroBOOM has heard about the John Kanzius experiment? Just like 5G, the radio-frequency energy should be too low to ionize molecules, yet it was doing something to split water. Obviously 5G isn't bursting people into hydrogen gas, but what makes it different? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kanzius www.popularmechanics.com/science/a2840/4271398/

  85. henry robinson

    honestly,i would have betted against it ,of course it wasnt totally dead

  86. brandon dumont

    Has video of Russian with a flashlight with overlaid sounds this guy got trolled hard if you knew your video creation tools...


    Turkics flag in de video iam a turkis pipel

  88. Ryan Best

    I died when he held the antenna

  89. Trevgod

    Omg just got to the part with your daughter she’s adorable 😂

  90. Maverick Moss

    Yeah what are you a noob cordless phones are terrible and cellular is so much better

  91. Trevgod

    You’re literally an internet hero, thank you for doing what you do.

  92. Shawn Bechard

    Okay, stop right there. Not that I agree with every conspiracy theory in question, but your logic isn't sound. Active denial systems run in the same frequency as 5G. Yes the frequency can be weaponized and it was proven with ADS. Secondly, we have a lot of misinformation online. So when I asked the question if Fenton's Reaction is true by any means with 4G 5G 6G and 7G technology, all I heard back from the professionals, were crickets chirping. Especially with long term exposure for years on end. The satellites can penetrate clouds and atmosphere, which means they definitely have some power and don't tell me they can't be easily modified to hold the power necessary to take out a target. Then we have the question if the satellites can be used in unison to focus on a specific cell phone signal? Which means now we have technology that can be discreetly used to have a negative effect over a short period of time to a specific target. It is a reasonable concern and a valid question. Then ICBM did want Elon and SpaceX to build a large enough space transporting rocket to help weaponize space. Coincidence? I think not. Which is why we have a right to be concerned. No need for intellectual arrogance. Toodaloo to you too.

  93. only game's


  94. saad elbachiri

    "Everyone is at home to help flatten the curve". We are dirty pigs

  95. Luka Latinović

    7:56 LouisCK "but maybe, if touching a nut can kill you, maybe you are supoosed to die". :D

  96. Slayer Runefrost

    Look, I have a Hologram, give me money.😂😂😂

  97. Cripplingblade Boi

    Bruh 1:14 - 1:47

  98. CH Vlogs

    I dont know why he still alive

  99. Dillon Ferreira

    7:59 you should make one of those toys that when you fail a capacitor explodes

  100. Menki Guo

    So what is the arc made from