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  1. banuna

    I want to see Red Velvet do this challenge particularly Joy

  2. Kokie Almendras

    jajajajajaj nunca voy a superar este flinch!!!

  3. Grace Orrey

    Her singing 8 brought tears to my eyes

  4. Evelyne Robinson

    That was awesome 👌👍 😁💕

  5. Lauren Henley


  6. Vanessa Caballero

    I had chills this entire video. Like how can someone be so talented and so humble and just so sweet!!!!

  7. AmBerger

    How are Americans so bad at trivia about their own country?

  8. Jenna Toth

    omg ed sheeran looked so cute when he smiled playing the guitor!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ayanna Middlebrooks

    Very good!

  10. Lydian Melody

    I got a small treble clef over my heart. I play 10 instruments. I think I made a good choice :)

  11. Nyrie Kathryn Hadnot

    If this is even an argument....bitch please. The songs today have like 4 notes and that's it and the vocals have severely decreased.

  12. 808 Villain

    I would demolish the bacon wrapped pizza and heart attack one

  13. Faiyaz Alam

    Diego is too hot for her anyways

  14. Limelight Mendesarmy

    Kevin should sing moreeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhh love them though.

  15. Juicy Alpaca Burger Bunz

    I love these two people so much

  16. Davin Ross

    I mean, why do people even care? It doesn’t even matter at all.

  17. un ARMY BOY mas

    no lo supero aún.

  18. John P

    that asian guy is too fucking much man

  19. Lazy

    I am sad this really means no Anna and Chris anymore but I am happy for Anna, i hope her and her man have a long live relationship

  20. Nick Levesque

    Tara and James

  21. shelby holton

    every time i look at harry he makes me wanna cry because of how much i wanna meet him💜💜💜😩😩🔥🔥🔥

  22. Mackenzie Hanson

    How they harmonise without any effort, that is amazing.

  23. Miredan K

    jin got so scared when Ashton found him

  24. Janelle Liong


  25. BluePlayz

    RIP Kobe, i am not a big fan of him, but he is a realy good guy

  26. Lauren Henley

    dude... I love James Corden

  27. Linda Muvic

    Anna Faris’s 7 year old boy Jack Pratt Pratt is so adorable.

  28. girkjhj lfkoddpdp


  29. Fabrice Tremblay

    How is it possible to concentrate so much beauty and grace in a single person?

  30. Nick Roberts

    No way MM won that loo

  31. Alexis Powell

    and btw still waiting for this squad to end all squads

  32. Bamby Do (978bamdo)

    RIP Kobe😭😩😔

  33. Las locuras de Michelle

    Why did I come across this just now.. Wtf NOsel?

  34. Alexis Powell

    and if adele’s new album isn’t named after her age idgaf about trilogies i’m fucking suing

  35. aish _a

    Jimin is here to distract us from our biases once again

  36. Walter


  37. I Love Lynnx 2019

    Damn !.. she's hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  38. Stewart Family

    I'm surprised they didn't hit their heads

  39. Alexis Powell

    can we please talk about the similarities between spice girls and one direction please. i mean their literally like the older female version of one direction.

  40. Olivia Song

    When Ashton found Jimin , he carried him like a cat. I started cackling

  41. Mackenzie Mannion

    I love how every time her own song comes on she fan girls out

  42. Yikxy

    Big shows like that cool ass dad bro I love u bro

  43. ulphil08

    Can she actually sing anything except her stuff?

  44. Ortega David

    Cool video but who is wolverine yelling at? Or is it just his great acting skills???

  45. Rap Artist

    Idk i still hate slim fit suits to this day

  46. Herr Lewandowski

    Once again Germany destroys everything

  47. Sesalee Viscomi

    Imagine Ten doing this😂😂

  48. Matthew Murray

    If my row got the answers to me I'd play for the row but if I was the only one on the row answering then 1500 is mine🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  49. Tanya Maria

    If I wasn’t 5 foot I would stand up and grab that money and run

  50. Aquariuselo

    “can’t wait till they recast me with Harry Styles”😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  51. lambent123

    Finally, Beckham got his teeth done. He'd always enough money so I don't understand why he had to wait so long to get them done.

  52. Damien Mckay

    No ones talking about the girl who said a white circle instead of red.

  53. Baby Arias

    Cute 😍

  54. CezaMVO


  55. samigolarte

    The my heart will go on performance on this video was so lovely with the water behind. Even though they try to be funny.

  56. billymahonyy

    these aren't theories, they are

  57. Denisse Ortega

    I don’t know if they pay all u to talk good things about them, but they all look the same for me, and the music is just comercial. Even James did not know who to say hello cause they all look the same way tho

  58. YouTube User

    Man who has his jokes and interviews written by writers for him doesn't drive a real car when being that really a surprise to anyone?

  59. Nora S.

    Right ON James! You spoke for me too. btw? I do like Bill Maher's show.

  60. Malik Carson

    How high is still that shit many laughs,,, we straight, we straight

  61. Edward Fong

    Imagine if they landed on a cactus

  62. Siobhan O'Connor

    WHAT?! LOL

  63. Sandi W

    Can I go in 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Matthew Murray

    That 750 would've been mine. I dno those people and they didn't answer nothing🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  65. Rhyland Parker

    What if he was black what will he's name be

  66. Konnor Yoder-Eastes

    Her singing her boyfriends songs before we knew about it...

  67. Anne Jimenez

    Matt: Why didn't I get invited to space camp? James: We actually bought four individual tickets Me, Matt, Chris and Elizabeth, but next time if your up for it. For sure. Will: One hundred percent . I think he changed your number. Matt: I'm not falling for those James: You know who say big space camp guy LeBlanc. All the time. Will: We were gonna call you but James you said you LeBlanced on his number. Right? James: I had been in the G force machine and I LeBlanced out. Matt: That's a LeShame 🤣


    So theoretically, if u got front row seats, ur screweeed

  69. Anne Jimenez

    James: I wish I brought my leathers. I wish I had known. Will: I was saying you didn't go to buy 🤣

  70. Tuwf_Nitro

    The first part sounds like SAD from xxxtentacion


    Damn I wanna move to LA, but I don’t wanna be the Mount-Rushmore-is-the-tallest-mountain kinda Angeleno...

  72. Kyla Bean


  73. Neville Reece

    why has this been so emotional for me

  74. Paulo Henrique

    5:28 😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  75. clxire

    I still can’t believe he’s gone. RIP Kobe ❤️🙏🏾

  76. antisocialale

    im v late but when she started playing “8” i was so amazed

  77. Winter_Auri

    this was so wholesome imma watch this video everyday just to get me going

  78. RedCap 2

    Lmao when that horse moved by itself the video my brother was watching played the Harry Potter theme

  79. Nicholas Wood


  80. DJ Naber

    Anyone notice how the applause cut off in the very beginning of the video so weirdly... almost as if it was fake 🤔

  81. 6 strings For life

    He is such as passionate and careing man. By far one of my favourite musicians

  82. graziela soares

    i love bts and James corden

  83. jan k

    What happened his front teeth? Is it real?

  84. jan k

    What happened his front teeth? Is it real?

  85. Laura втѕ х Arмy

    ĸιм naмjoon ĸιм ѕeoĸjιn мιn yoongι jυng нoѕeoĸ parĸ jιмιn ĸιм тaeнyυng jeon jungkook

  86. Kaya B

    Loooool some of the audiences where snakeeessss

  87. notjustnicoleta

    and that's how I know that I am 100% hetero 😂

  88. Xxxfullsunhaechanxxx

    Y’all know that girl on tiktok who did the funny face found her 1:44 who can spot her there

  89. Dedric There

    She’s awesome on The Outsider.

  90. hakasims

    A woman: I don’t know who BTS are. A man: I claim to be a fan of BTS but I’m not aware they have three rappers. Some ARMYs: He’s so great and she’s made a fool of herself! 🤔

  91. Duke Couser

    Why do people say that Jason is masculine it's obvious how feminie he is.

  92. Priyanjali Chaurasia

    James's mom reminds me of Niall in every moment.... She is so adorable 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇

  93. Laura втѕ х Arмy

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  94. Selene Sotelo

    The BEST! I love you Sam smith ❤️

  95. Nelson Bobadilla

    Wea mala

  96. Patricia Wake

    I can't get enough of this. I absolutely love Billy and he deserves every applaud. Please someone beg him, yes get on your knees and beg him to take on a serious, dramatic role. He is such a blessing and a talented soul. Do it and get yourself an Oscar out of it. Stop thinking you know what the public wants. Give us more BILLY PORTER and do it now.

  97. Priyanjali Chaurasia

    Everybody loves Harry....😘😘😘😘

  98. Jack Lynk

    Drew’s a cutie.

  99. Priyanjali Chaurasia

    James Dad-...... None other than Harry Styles.. Harry- it's me . How come anyone hate this guy ...??? 😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂😂😂