We've always played with ourselves. Now we want to play with you!

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  1. Scrofar

    the corn-wheat one is such shayne energy

  2. Allison Van Vugt

    Anything meme related is a win! Can you guys review SMOSH memes specifically next time? With more members?!!

  3. Greg Madden

    Was that corn meme Steve Zaragosa? sounded just like him.

  4. Storm Boy

    I love this! React to old gaming videos!

  5. Ray Jacobs

    Is that the DK rap in the background

  6. Galev

    I hate how defeated Shayne is through all of this :( Also this must not be healthy for the women, at all. It was funny, but I am revoking my upvote, because I don't want to encourage videos that make the cast feel miserable and is potentially risking their health.

  7. BookishBanana

    When ur not early but really don’t know what to say:

  8. Juan Castillo

    Y’all should bring maricraft!!!😁

  9. Cdrippy 420

    these memes have me crying 😭🤣

  10. binnana13

    rip headphone users @12:28

  11. Martin E.

    That coffee meme was awesome

  12. Ben Williams

    The McGurk effect :)

  13. chungus maximus

    shayne is from scottsdale right? idk how they do things over there but i've been stuck in this oven known as az my whole life and we definitely watched bill nye in elementary and jr high, plus i'd watch it at home cuz it was amazing. just had to set the record straight 😤😤

  14. a damn


  15. Kittekassitar

    That psychological phenomenon didn't work for me ,why? :S I only heard Bill.

  16. Benedetta Demarchi

    My croissANT

  17. T3R3Z1'S CH4LK

    Remember the live episode of little bill where he started cussing out the teacher

  18. Peyman

    Nobody: Shayne reacting to memes: Just an appri... ... Shayne... catch ... Wednesday on ABC... HAHAHAHAHAH

  19. Jeremy

    Thank god shayne was in this bc Spencer was putting me to sleep 🛏

  20. Sebastian Madrigal

    I love that the first two memes in Spencer's list had anime songs (Baki the Grappler and Naruto Shippuden if you're wondering)

  21. xXSCAR117Xx Gaming

    You guys asked about if Ian and Anthony ever kissed the same girl, there’s the Kiss (Autocorrect tried to make this kids instead. Apple is human trafficking 👀) Currency video. At the time of writing this I don’t know if they both kissed any of the Smosh ladies but there’s a technicality.🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. erin silver

    that oasis one got me so bad 🤣🤣

  23. Xena Thomson

    3:40 my dad actually had one of these when I was a kid and my sis and I played with it all the time, trying to trip the sensor

  24. Gaby Almeida

    please do more of this!!

  25. GriffyS

    More Smosh memes!

  26. Sebastiano

    No sabía que extrañaba tanto a Spencer <3

  27. Julia Towers

    10:00 i could not stop laughing when Courtney Frickin' Miller decided to crash the party😂

  28. Katie Erkman

    This is almost exactly like the chameleon

  29. peyton finch

    i was playing this with my family and i got the same question for myself as shayne at 4:25 and i answered dinosaurs and my whole family was like NO NO NO

  30. Awesome bruce

    I never watched bill nye .... Because i watched beakman's world 🌎 anybody remember that show lol

  31. Rachel Rowlands

    I just had a real shit afternoon but this made me feel a lot better. Thanks Shayne and Spencer - keep it up

  32. GriffyS

    7:09 That phenomenon is called English.

  33. Allison Cates

    I love these reviews so much

  34. Carla Simpson

    Why is nobody talking about Augustus??? He is my new favorite human.

  35. Casper TheFriendlyStoner

    Everyone from Sacramento is Eskimo brothers with eachother.

  36. Teely Man!

    Little bill is actually based off of bill cosby's son.

  37. Brandon van Mourik

    I like how they played dk rap as background music

  38. Jacob D. Williams

    Gee I don't know how to extrapolate from missing...

  39. CaptainSham13

    I will be using "going full Nick Jr" in every conversation now

  40. Bunny Rabbit


  41. Your ūnhęlthÿ Øbsêssioń

    I thought sonic was supposed to be faster than all of them. *Guess I was wrong?..*

  42. Kha0sV4ktor

    imagine this as a try not to laught ...uhm

  43. buryme

    I played this with my family and I was the faker, the question they got was “what’s a magazine your mum reads” I got “what’s a pamphlet you’d see in the doctors office”. I said “diabetes”

  44. wilmau

    courtney in full karen mode hilarious

  45. NUMB3RN1N3 _

    There’s is something about the phrase “Hummus and a wow”

  46. April King


  47. Daphne Tett

    Now we need a video of Spencer and Shayne diving into the dark side of Nickipedia.

    1. Eoin Crane

      YES! I need this now!

  48. Sofi Arnal

    Shayne giving psychology facts is actually kinda sexy of him.

  49. Guido Mista

    I love these two 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  50. Cassondra Lute

    What an unoriginal lie of a video lol

    1. Cassondra Lute

      Impeach El smosh

  51. Keizo

    Spencer looks like the walmart version of john mayer

  52. VPsantz_

    12:00 The flinstones be like

  53. TierMaster

    Would love to hear Spencer on the smoshcast, we’ve seen him on a couple of videos but haven’t gotten to hear much about him!

  54. Breanna Casada

    No one: The State of Indiana: 10:34 - 10:40

  55. Nico Miechowski

    Hey guys, look up the "McGurk effect". That sounds like what Shayne's talking about.

    1. Saachi S

      the brain filling in information effect is called temporal induction and the visual audio effect shayne was talking about is the mcgurk effect :) its super cool yall should check it out

  56. Spencer B

    Does anyone else think sarah enjoyed that water in the mouth to much, like idk tht looked like something out a porno jesus

  57. Saachi S

    the brain filling in information effect is called temporal induction and the visual audio effect shayne was talking about is the mcgurk effect :) its super cool yall should check it out

  58. Danielle Wolf


  59. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Kitzen ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    the memories :,) *quiet crying*

  60. George Doty-Williams

    See you in two days when this video is demonetized because of that The Who song

  61. Marklee NG

    Wait what...you're telling me SHAYNE is CFM this WHOLE TIME

  62. theh1n1shot

    it's called the mcgurk effect. studied that in undergrad psych.

  63. Jackrocks8

    Wait hold on isn't there lockdown?

  64. ThoseNeonGummyBears

    Face was my childhood. OMG. 😭

  65. T

    I believe it's called The McGurk Effect

  66. Shrekgettioski Memebigboi

    Fitz this whole video is just a mood

  67. Hanna


  68. Chicagogal63

    Bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill....

  69. Wildheart Razorfang

    You can tell by that slap that it's one... Solid Snake. XD

  70. Greninja Papu09

    TV’s nowadays are just too flat you know 😤😤

  71. Muhammad Umair

    Spenser is awful as usual. Let him edit videos behind the scenes. He's not meant for entertainment.

    1. Saachi S

      wow im reporting you cause youre super rude

  72. Sir. DuckMan

    Bill Nye got arrested...

  73. Emil Stange


  74. SHUT Up

    You can also call this game " bullying each other for almost 28:00 minutes" lmao😂😂

  75. Daniel Castle

    This is honestly way better then the 2000 try not to laugh video's they've made that were old 1500 videos ago

    1. mechadoggy

      And yet the Try Not To Laugh videos consistently get way more views than most other Smosh Pit content created around the same timeframe

  76. xSaBBaTHxx

    More meme reviews please!

  77. Texas Perez

    @5:42 Elon musk's child's name

  78. Danielle Patterson

    love spencer!!

  79. Haley Holehan

    The bounce that Shayne did in the beginning. I have nothing to say other than: thiddies

  80. Ashley Reinke

    I love how excited Spencer was to be in a video 😂

  81. Dante Taikutsu

    I love the Background music

  82. ItsNot - Jeff

    12:26 they made a mistake

  83. Life of Jadyn

    Why did I just keep hearing “bill” even with the mayo lol

  84. Xosolstice

    It’s the Mcgurk effect btw

  85. M Jellybean

    Oh my god. It's so crazy how they didn't ask you to subscribe to Smosh France but your mind just fills in the rest. It's gonna sound nerdy, but theRe's liKe an aCtuAl pSychoLoGical ExPlaNaTiOn. jokes. ly Shanye.

  86. Kevsepticaye OG

    Donnie Osmond still looking good

  87. 18kingtut

    How do you not remember face.

  88. sophie rice

    Why do all the meme reviews have Shayne in them is this his show?

    1. mechadoggy

      It’s because Shayne has the most hilarious laughs.

  89. Tristan Mireles

    I haven’t watched smosh years who are these guys

    1. Saachi S

      shayne on the right and spencer on the left

  90. Seriniax

    At 6:15 I thought I was having a stroke

  91. Chloe MacKay

    Wait didn't spencer play sirius black in Starkids harry potter musical?

  92. Eden Woof Woof

    1:33 My favorite part

  93. skyfynine9

    Ooo play the sims

  94. elise kjaervik

    5:23 matt: hair dockter...

  95. Emerald triumph

    I was forced to watch it in school O-o bill Nye was torture

  96. MetMeTwoHaHaHaHa 2.0


  97. sliimysludge

    ok but is that the dk rap music in the background

  98. Kylee White

    Oh my gosh talking carl is my favorite

  99. Matt B

    The phenomenon is called Audio Pareidolia. It is an evolutionary remnant. Visual Pareidolia is what makes us see images in clouds. From incomplete information our brain will fill it in to complete a familiar object. It was so our ancestors could tell there was a lion in a bush even if they only saw part of the lion. Audio Pareidolia is the same in that our brain is completing the information on its own based on clues from the information it is receiving. See mayo, hear mayo.

  100. TheJege12

    8:48 literally the same reaction as Damien, that was amazing X'D