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  1. Dean Ossiander

    what took so long ? should have been rescued years ago

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +Dean Ossiander Probably complex negotiations and planning. A few decades ago they would not have been wanted and probably scrapped. There are other aircraft sitting at the bottom of those lakes that need to come up.

  2. Slash Plays


  3. Morten Storemann

    the masters of unfunny

  4. Morten Storemann

    Han kan nesten ikke engelsk og har knapt sett amerikansk humor. Vår tids trond kirkvåg.

  5. Terje S

    Han trekker jo ikke raskere, bare før!

  6. tom nilsen


  7. Nabium

    Jeg æ'kke fra Oslo, men føler jeg må ta de litt i forsvar her. De som har mest selvinnsikt må jo være de som svarer nærmest gjennomsnittet - hvor det er 50/50 av folk som svarer de er over og under gjennomsnittet - og der er jo Oslo nærmest. Det er bare resten av landet som ikke helt tørr å innrømme når de er litt snillere enn gjennomsnittet.

  8. Arakash

    SKRAPER ut bebien wtf XD

  9. Simon Markeng


  10. Per Ringnes


  11. VultureDroid

    Amazing love it


    can It fly though?

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +SR71ABCD - BETA TYSON No Ju-88 is airworthy at this time, and none are even in taxi condition. It is possible there may be one years from now, but just unconfirmed rumor.

  13. Tony Elberg

    i just watched a movie called the 12th man, it was about norway resistence in ww2, that plane was in it, to much of a coincedence not to be, anyway great job fellas, in my opinion this is one of the best airplanes from ww2, thanks for sharing. take it easy from australia.

  14. Matti Brox

    Glad for at NRK droppet dette programmet 😌

  15. SilentShadovv

    Nei, det finnes Ikke et Dansk talk som heter fjærs! FJELLAPER ASS 🤣🤣🤣

  16. john brown

    wasted half the Video in Print !!! trying to make it look like a Hollywood movie . just show what it's about thanks !

  17. Audun Skrindo

    Må være den beste episoden noensinne. Den er stappfull av store "moments"!!!!

  18. dakota

    Wow, an JU-88A-1, not only a JU 88, but one of the first ones produced!!!! Extremely amazing. Can we donate to help the project along?

  19. Biff 1 Tannen

    Såre enkelt..... 🤭 Det e' min humor... Og det kan ingen taaaaa fra meeeg!! 🤪

  20. olekdah

    "hu kunne kledd å være dverg også" AU!

  21. Mactrip100

    Wow, huge respect, it looks like you have already made much progress in the very important project.

  22. Joadan321

    29:10 veksler mellom ylvis navnene selvom han fikk det forklart tidligere i episoden XD

  23. Anonymous suomynonA

    For en psyop

  24. Edit Man

    17:20 her kunne Steinar gått for «Skal vi drukne»

  25. Edit Man

    4:30 Dette er stor humor Egil Hegerberg!

  26. Sean McHugh

    The opening nonsense throwing lunar souveniers at the audience is his signal that the talk is all lies.

    1. Todd Green

      You are an idiot.

  27. Terje Mjørud

    DAB-antennen. Adapter-antennen.

  28. Kjartan Smedegård

    Harald seier i begynnelsen at det ikkje er jul i år, men det er alltid jul i år

    1. Are Vogt Moum

      Ja, men du har ikke fått gaver til jul i år når det er januar.

  29. valdorhightower

    Outstanding! How much damage was done to the electrical systems by immersion in the lake?

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +valdohightower Detail photos of components being cleaned show corrosion in the electrics. I doubt the restoration will apply any power to components since the rebuild is for static display.

  30. Honkyhomeboy5000

    But does it fly.

  31. John

    «Leve av kunnskap» sier litt om hvor fucked vi er når oljeindustrien blir borte.

  32. The Eyebro

    Michael Jackson ja

  33. Twiggyay

    Hvor enkelt var det, Tore?

  34. HC-Piano

    10:02 "Så du trengern ikke så.. forholde..deg så veldig mye.. til den" (Feilsnakk<3<3<3 = humring i RR)

  35. 9naM

    "Kler seg uuUuut!"

  36. Diggen Cash

    Pernille noe overkjørt her

  37. Iain Botham

    This must be one of the most hushed-up restoration projects in the world, I've searched long and hard for it. Why is it only accessible on Facebook?

    1. Iain Botham

      Thanks, FCP, I always appreciate the information you put out

    2. FiveCentsPlease

      +Iain Botham The original website was not updated frequently. www.ju88.net/ There are several Ju-88s in restoration but none to fly., two being restored side-by-side. There is another wreck that may be restored to fly in the future. The He-111 raised from the same lake would have been an excellent candidate to fly but it wont. There are other aircraft on the bottom of those lakes.

    3. BetterAircraftFabric

      Maybe in this strange recent world of PC culture they are worried that they could be criticized for restoring a "Nazi Airplane" and thus "the misuse of public money" and all that kinda stuff. With the media in these days, those worries are pretty real...

  38. Ralph Geigner

    Neat back ground tune ! wounder ? what the name is ? GO ARMY

  39. Herbert Norkus

    My local convenience store has a chunk of metal used as a doorstop..i looked at it a few days ago, it says " FAFNIR",....my jaw hit the floor....i may offer them a few bucks for it...lol

  40. Christian Unger

    The aircraft has a symbol associated with Buddhism on its tail. I think Buddhism is banned in Germany.

    1. Richard Lahan

      Actually, the Nazi swastika is a reversed swastika.

    2. Morten Myrvang

      If it is legal for historical use in Germany, they should put swastikas on the three me109's they got in Germany at hangar10

    3. Richard Lahan

      I don't think the Nazis were promoting Buddhism!

    4. Christian Unger

      Love2FlyKAP you really need to get yourself a sense of humour mate! I think most folks got that it was a joke.

    5. Love2FlyKAP

      You really need to read the laws in Germany on the swastika. If its for historical or educational use then it is allowed. Educate yourself, read.

  41. masamune200

    WAIT A MINUTE! I see that Revell sticker at 2:03, you can't fool me! This is just a super scale model!

  42. carol tenge

    Hanna test flew these great machines.

  43. Amphibiot

    Problemet med angry birds er at de fuglene er sinte fordi de grønne grisene kom og stjal eggene deres. Og det ble de så forbanna over, at de ble selvmordsbombere alle sammen. Men den hvite fuglen har jo ikke mistet noen egg, så den har ingen ting å være forbanna over, og det er DET som er problemet her.

  44. Numayam

    Kalvø er litt småklein

  45. James Janssen

    Would be wonderful to see and hear this aircraft fly again . Pictures and static displays , inc pylon displays are ....... nice but . We can always look at pictures , but to see it fly would be way beyond that .

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +James Janssen Unfortunately it will not fly. There is another Ju-88 wreck that may be restored to fly with another collector sometime in the future.

  46. João Fernando dos Santos

    Will they install the terrifying siren?

    1. João Fernando dos Santos

      Sorry, I thought it was a Stuka.

  47. Numayam

    Det Else sa var jo helt rett

    1. GOTHICforLIFE1

      At pærer går tom for strøm? :P Pærer tar inn strøm kontinuerlig. Når pæren ryker er det på grunn av metaltråden inni pæren ryker (den som avgir lys).

  48. fw1421

    They should make it airworthy!


    Muito bom. A engenharia alemã sempre superou.

  50. Martha Vaughan

    they are not becoming too valuable -- what aircraft is too important not to fly? Send the aircraft to people that will "restore" the aircraft properly and only then will you have an aircraft.

  51. daystatesniper01

    There will be lot's of aircraft at the bottom of the deep fjords , we just have to find them , also a lot of Axis planes were taken to the Soviet Union , do they still exist ? in the early 2000s i heard a rumour that even a few allied planes were in store in Russia in hangars

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +daystatesniper01 The freshwater lakes and fjords will be the best source for rare types that were ditched or went through the ice. But local officials need to approve search and recovery, address concerns of water pollution, unstable ammo, etc. imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/3/9/8/0659893.jpg?v=v40 Regarding Russia, examples will be in freshwater lakes or remote areas. Stalin wanted to rebuild the Russian military after WW2 and gave explicit orders to scrap everything for raw materials to build newer equipment.

  52. Robert B.

    This is a good start. Now if we could only fully restore the German Nation . . . . . . . .

  53. Christophe Schwartz

    Incroyable mais vrai! Il me semble que ce modèle est des premières séries donc l' unique existent au monde à part et autres il ce trouves au Royaume-Unis ( Ju-88 R-1 ) et au Etats-Unis ( Ju-88 J-1 )?! Sa restauration est-elle bien avancée actuellement! Merci pour ce moment vraiment magique à voir...

  54. steve kolarik

    This is great.

  55. bigeddie1231

    Very cool really like to see history saved and someone like models also saw the revell sticker on the door

  56. Numayam

    Hahaha Egil ass, sabla glad i porno

  57. Numayam

    Hahah Truls ass

  58. Numayam

    16:54 Harald gir poeng til feil lag

    1. Ogn 2006

      Gamer Kasper jo

    2. Kjartan Smedegård

      Numayam nei

  59. Steve Hansen

    What is it with you people, bloody over the top music as usual,a comentry would be a lot more interesting.

  60. Numayam

    Solveig er så koselig

    1. piscesman74

      Hun er en babe

  61. Numayam


  62. Tony Faeroy

    Fy faen, hvem sin ide var det å få med det trøtte kvinnemennesket? Bidrar ikke med en dritt.

  63. Runar Holen

    interessant! maa innroemme at selv om "krigen" spilte en stor rolle i min oppvekst saa skjoenner jeg naa hvor lite, eller bedreL "hvor feil" jeg visste!

    1. ElSmusso

      Runar Holen fin katte du har ;)

  64. seqern

    Kan jo se dette om og om og om igjen uten get-boks også ;)

  65. Salmon RushDie

    Oh! So, you are not going to fly it? Throw it back in the lake then -- it's useless. No one wants to see a pretty stupid plane that can't fly. I want to hear it roar. I want to see it be dangerous.

    1. HiWetcam

      So how much money and time are you going to put behind your big words?

    2. Alexander Challis

      Send your bank account details:

    3. FiveCentsPlease

      +Salmon RushDIe There may be chance for another J-88 wreck to be rebuilt to airworthy at another museum, and possibly an He-111. Consider that it's difficult and expensive enough to get the German single-engine types restored (few parts, expensive to fix) so getting a twin flying will be challenging. Money-wise, funding a German twin would also pay for several single-engine fighters for a growing collection.

  66. BurstTundra7798

    I have a piece of a Junkers ju88-a1 from the Battle of Britain

  67. Linda Jürgensen

    I‘m watching this without nearly understanding a word.

    1. Numayam

      ... why

    2. Gunship

      Same lol


    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing! :)

  69. Bud White

    Awesome, thanks for the posting of video, that is a great piece of history and in remarkable condition for being under water for so long. I've always been fascinated with the Ju 88, considering they used it for dive bombing as well, and produced throughout the war.

  70. Captain Kaos

    Rumours are after its restoration if it is airworthy it will be promptly shot down by spitfires. 😂

  71. Auroron

    Det er teknisk sett mulig å få vin over 13-14% uten å tilsette sprit, via frysedestillering.

  72. Crafter

    Well done lads ...lots of hard graft to bring this beauty back .I tip my hat to all of you.

  73. rinuncular too

    What a shame they chose facebook to post the restoration project to. Should have used youtube.

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +rinuncular too There is website that links to several Ju-88 and He-111 rebuilds, although I'm not sure how up-to-date it is. (I'm pretty sure that the website is behind on the progress.) The Lake Jonsvatnet recoveries were remarkable, and it is a bit of shame that they will not fly because they are in very good condition for a rebuild. www.ju88.net/

  74. Mordred's Quest

    Great to see people trying to save and preserve these aircraft..Well done to all involved, Thankyou

  75. Ольга Буримская

    Ребята,- МОЛОДЦЫ!!! ))

  76. Ivan Rohal

    Turn off the sound and watch from 1:20 to 2:10 min.

  77. rlr50

    Thank You Norway !

  78. SQR

    Go the extra mile and restore it to flying condition.

  79. Tony Robinson

    should be a flyer

  80. Michael Naisbitt

    These aircraft along with a number of other restored WW 2 aircraft are becoming just too valuable to risk returning them to flying status However if it could be used as a template to build a replica then that might be the way to go Replicate it

    1. Jerry Mccrae

      Another idea would be to license it to taxi only to give people the sound and personality of the aircraft.

    2. FiveCentsPlease

      ​@jeff walther The replica Fw-190s from Flugwerk were designed for that purpose. They were sold as kits to be completed by buyers (to make them affordable, customizable, and to take advantage of lower insurance categories) no weapons, no armour, and more fuel capacity. There were no German engines available for them, so Flugwerk chose a Soviet/Chinese engine of equal size and weight that was manufactured into the 1970s so parts are available. So in essence they were an "entry level" warbird for the advanced pilot. They are "Fw190s" but not original Fw-190s. (Flugwerk began a new project for "new build" Mustangs but the company closed up shop and the founder Claus passed away before that project could be realized.) Your proposal is interesting but the problem remains that there are few remaining engines to equip these aircraft. Rolls Royce still controls the rights to their Merlin design and so far has not granted license to make any more. Both BMW and Mercedes are ashamed of the slave labor and their involvement in WW2 and don't like to fully associate with their engines. But I am sure they would still enforce patent rights if anyone wants to set up shop to make more. Affordability, skyrockrting insurance rates for antique aircraft, available of high octane fuels are all obstacles to operate these planes. New ones could be made, but doubtful that there will be a return on the investment with a low customer base.

    3. jeff walther

      @FiveCentsPlease i seem to be here stating that because these are german warbirds, their features necessarily incorporated so many advanced features that its design is/ became quintessential. Therefore, i propose civilian versions of key designs, e.g., me 109/190, me 262, spitfires, mustangs modified to make it all work easy for good pilots personal use, like expensive cars.

    4. FiveCentsPlease

      @jeff walther That is what was done with the five replica Me-262s that were built, four that are flight capable. Buyers were shy but the builders intentionally limited the number to five so that such a substantial investment would not lose value when several million dollars are on the table. Changes from the original specs complicate the process to satisfy any regulations for flight certification and increases the costs. The thing is that many of these collectors also want something of historical value and they can be fickled. You would need a wreck to give the new-build aircraft some historical interest and original ID, and wrecks are hard to come by. (Hence there is a Ju-88 wreck believed to be with a museum with the means to rebuild it to fly.) You would need a metric ton of money to initiate a replica project while the number of buyers may be low. There are replica Fw-190s that are different from the originals, but a few of the buyers have incorporated original parts or even assigned a wartime ID to make their aircraft more interesting.

    5. jeff walther

      Good point, sir! While actual aircraft are primarily historically priceless, with about 100 updates, modifications, sticking as close to original specifications as practicable, can produce any number of these airframes, almost identical, except fully modern and functional. Whotta kickinthepants fer those who can afford such birds!

  81. Cloгох Блять

    Why are so many examples of German machinery that are almost complete always found in Norway?

    1. Rod McCoy

      Frigid, deep, fresh water equals very slow decomposition/corrosion rate. Same aircraft in shallow tropical salt waters will be gone in short order.

    2. Alexander Challis

      The Kreigsmarine Operational War Diaries show co-operation with Luftwaffe - Norway 'Weserbung'. April 1940: archive.org/details/wardiarygermanna81940germ uboatdata.ussleahy.com/Seekriegsleitung.htm

    3. Geoffrey Young

      @FiveCentsPlease Was there? interesting, possibly a later model used to drop supplies to resistance groups? I knew of one in the North Sea but it was to far gone to warrant a recovery.

    4. FiveCentsPlease

      @Geoffrey Young A Stirling was located in Hølen Lake, Norway in the 1980s but salvage efforts were abandoned. Today there is probably better equipment and technology to raise it if the money is there. There should be some really good examples of many types in the those freshwater lakes.

    5. Geoffrey Young

      @FiveCentsPlease A Halifax comes to mind that was recently discovered. An aircraft up until the early 70s didn't exist as a complete airframe. Now we have two that were rescued from underwater with the possibility of a third? Oh for a Stirling to be found in one these fjords how good would that be!

  82. fantasyexctasy

    Thank you for uploading this

  83. Vegard Minde

    When the plains came out of the lake there still was grease on the engine mounts!

  84. Obikyama

    I hope this plane will be made airworthy again!

    1. FiveCentsPlease

      +Obikyama Not this one. It was being restored along with another Ju-88 for static display.

  85. Pex_the_Unalive Drunk

    Wow, I didn't realize that there were ANY flying pencils left in the world(not still flying ofc,but referring to it's nickname, it looked like a long pencil with an eraser at the end). So it's 1 of only 3, eh? Absolutely priceless! The bombadier & pilot too(?) had this crazy fly's eye view of things from the multifaceted front windscreen. Flew one in Warbirds WW II aircraft sim on DOS/Windows 95 on desktop PC years ago...they were a bit weaker in survivability and armaments than their American opponents, such as the B-25. Still it's good to see one restored, she's a rare bird indeed!

    1. Paul Singleton

      patrick robinson You are quite correct Patrick

    2. patrick robinson

      @Paul Singleton THOUGHT THAT WAS THE DO 17

    3. Paul Singleton

      Sorry but the ‘flying pencil’ was a different aircraft; Dornier 217 which had a long thin rear fuselage with twin vertical stabilisers. Same era though

  86. Richard Messenger

    Fantastic snippet about the JU88 will need to go to the link to find out more....👍👍

  87. galdramadur1

    Thank you very much for uploading this interesting video. I can`t wait to see it on display. Greetings from germany.

  88. Barry Carlisle

    What other aircraft were salvaged?

    1. Erlend Lundvall

      ​@Jesse Stout Glad you liked it!

    2. FiveCentsPlease

      @Erlend Lundvall Good to see that the old fellow got to see his plane one more time and remember.

    3. Erlend Lundvall

      One Heinkel 111 was also salvaged. This was Werk Nr. 2320, call sign 6N+NH. I am not 100% sure, but I think this aircraft was sent to the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. The Heinkel was in a remarkable condition after being underwater for over 60 years. Markings and callsigns were clearly visible. Oberst Arthur von Casimir, the last pilot who flew this aircraft before it sank, was present when the aircraft was salvaged, he was then 96 years old. He died in 2005. Here is a picture of von Casimir from that day: ju88.net/recovery/he111/twohappyguys.jpg and another one of the aircraft ju88.net/recovery/he111/he111fmu.JPG



    1. FiveCentsPlease

      @Jesse Stout There are "static" restored examples that were rebuilt to airworthy standards but are not flown. They would need some work and a looking over, systems, fluids, etc to be safe to fly. Sometimes preservatives and inhibitors are inside the engines to prevent corrosion and moisture. The engine is critical and a flight certified engine is gone over a lot more carefully and tested thoroughly on the ground rather than an engine that was just restored to original condition for a museum.



    3. Erlend Lundvall

      @Jesse Stout Static display means that the aircraft will be exhibited on the ground only, not flown like many other world war two era aircraft in museums.

    4. Erlend Lundvall

      Only static display. Too valuable to fly, I guess.

  90. Cryptonitor

    Og slik endte fenomenet "radio". Takk og farvel til FM, og reis til helvette DAB.

  91. peer

    Probably not restored by Norwegian, then it will never be done. Lazy and worthless people

    1. patrick robinson

      agree, what a sad person he is

    2. patrick robinson


    3. patrick robinson


    4. Cloгох Блять

      Well a lot of historical and modern records about Norwegian will is everywhere on the internet ready to prove you wrong.

    5. Julian Neale

      @Steven Breach perfectly put!

  92. Svettbro

    dør etter 5:26

  93. Audun Skrindo

    Kanskje en av de aller beste episodene

  94. PianoFrenzyHD

    Bård og Tore e bare legenda. Så sykt minimal i vitsene men så sykt effektiv!

  95. Raymond Lancaster

    Hard to believe Neil did not know the astronauts could not see stars due to brightness of reflected sunlight. He looked pretty embarrassed.....

    1. FromNorway

      It has been understood for a long time that we can't see stars during lunar daytime despite the pitch-black sky because the direct and reflected sunlight makes our eyes thousands of times less light sensitive than they are when fully dark adapted at night. It's even mentioned in an article about the Moon in an old Norwegian encyclopaedia from 1955!

  96. M89A


  97. Jørgen Sunnvoll

    15:10 Man ser jo at egget ikke slippes, men faktisk støtes med en kraft. Så lenge kraften virker bakover og er stor nok kan egget få en loddrett fartsretning. Altså ingen naturlover som brytes.

  98. Helge Møen

    Er vel ikke mulig å bestille noen flere sesonger av brille vel? 🤓 Har Padden på nattbordet og sovner til "vitenskap" og humor, i perfekt blanding🤓!

  99. Helge Møen

    550 liter i timen er nesten mer en A380'en gjør i dag!