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  1. isha sobrang cute

    is this motoki????????

  2. Jamie Tapia

    no matter what happened between anna and that person she deserved better like she lost a baby she did even know abut and he or she shoulda been there for her or atleast more understanding like u can see it in her eyes shes in pain

  3. Shetel

    Collete is cringe. Interscope?! Thank god she went independent

  4. Hi Peeps

    The girl on the left is like: 😂😳🤔🤩🥺🤣🌝😭🤨🤪😏😎😅😁😖😩😀🙂😌🧐😦🥱😴🥴🙄😬🤗😵

  5. Fruit Punch

    if you had a brain, youd notice that none of the socialists mentioned any educational background so that tells you something

  6. Juno Ferrer

    poly-amorous mostly stand with "what's in it for me?" while monogamous seem to be "what is good for the both of us"

  7. Mera Hamad

    I’m Palestinian and hamas are being ruled by isrealis themselfs

  8. Katelyn Howard

    I want to be in thisssss

  9. ali nobnaga

    I gotta give it to him,he has SOME valid points,he seems like a reasonable guy,he’s just a bit misguided.

  10. lindsey mehnert

    i feel like the people here who will have the most successful kids are christian and nguyen. like the fact that christian is raising her daughter to be independent & responsible while still prioritizing happiness AND safety,,, that’s such a good example of a quality parent. plus nguyen is teaching his kid to be a hardworking and focused individual, while still making sure they’re mentally healthy and happy. honestly so inspiring.

  11. KPSub

    How is free styling possible tho!!!

  12. Squirrel 382

    It’s amazing that the immigrants were ok with illegal immigration, and that’s because they are illegal immigrants

  13. Kenric Daniel

    Moral of the story... Disregard women, acquire money.

  14. Beckham

    All the flat earthers went forward when the internet came up 😂

  15. Pit Droid

    Pretty sure the black girl has a mental disability

  16. ellewoodz

    these kids got trust issues now lol

  17. lindsey mehnert

    maybe we shouldn’t completely control our kids OR let them do whatever tf they want all the time. a crazy idea?

  18. Venk Ramkumar

    This is the stupidest title ever. You can be an immigrant and a Trump supporter!

  19. Mr Abootoo

    Technically Mexican Meso-American tribes came from asians in Siberia who migrated south and Europeans intermingled with the tribes creating the Mexican race. So she is Asian to an ancestral extent.

  20. Jay David

    so that’s the dude who runs atheist united🤔

  21. Bob Bill

    I feel like at the end the girls kinda ruined the fun just teaming against the dude

  22. Danielle

    Video should have started with "we invited six cheaters, but only five showed up"

  23. Lily Gray

    That girl talking about “do you think they have bad memories” when they were spanked but is willing to let them fall out of a tree. Do you think they’ll have bad memories of s broken arm lol

  24. mr whale

    1:53 Bruh, that guy is like this crazy bitch's eyebrows is blue, she is completely blue

  25. ThatSomeoneInTheCrowd 99

    THANKS for doing this one. I feel less alone. They are really beautiful people and I wish them the best💜

  26. i Kritonix

    That girl smile to much

  27. Jay David

    where my fellow Christians at? just trying to understand where unbelievers are coming from

  28. DEKADE-07

    Bruh what middle school doesn't have recess😂I'm in 7th almost 8th and I still have 2 recesses

  29. Sam and Gracie

    I'm in 7th and we have like a 15 min recess

  30. KPSub

    “You’re judging ME for living with my parents???” Ooooooooo shots fired. And bruh, Followers equals $$????? Whhhaaaat?😂😂

  31. Katie K

    How does a half Persian person not know that Persians are considered to be white? If this were about being multi-cultural then sure, he would fit in.

  32. Mr Abootoo

    Brandon looks like Chris Pratt

  33. Drone Gaming

    Nobody votes for the mole Mole is revealed and everyone said they knew it

  34. CorpzBTW

    It’s common sense if the earth was flat then how come there is not a ending point

  35. Hamna Tariq

    Timmerie is so soft soften and well spoken. Well done

  36. Ella_ The_Sav

    Okay zoomer

  37. Desire La Belle

    Yaaaaas my people!!!

  38. Jack Rossler

    “Walking into a gun show and buying 20 guns” is a myth. Gun shows require background checks too. Even the trashy ones.

  39. Asger Kalum

    what kind of white people have they taken

  40. Courtney Smith

    i think that everyone was so respectful

  41. Ryytime

    wait did that girl say she went to Canada and had sex with 4 girls and expected to be considered straight? I’m very confused

  42. Desire La Belle

    I'm mixed all colors.. Yellow, whiite, black and a lot of nations blood is mixed in me.. I'm like international and can't feel comfortable in any country because I'm not suitable in any place except in living in nature secluded from people.

  43. Clot-in-Eye Joe

    6 idiots lol. glad the lefty won. haha

  44. longlivethekane

    It should be fun if you had ben shapiro feminist and milo as traditional vs 3 trans

  45. Ethren Acker

    I'm a men's activist. I'm also a 'feminist.' I think both genders are consistently put down and there are extremists in both groups who harm one another. Derrick was an embarrasment. XD

  46. Theo Gonzaga

    In my opinion if the kids were pinoy they would have found it

  47. Mimi Aaliyah

    The black asian girl definitely seems she still doesn't condone in her black side and because shes browns its her biggest struggle

  48. Chrozn V

    Th bonchin thing was in naruto when kakashi but the handsign and went oop

  49. wtf tea

    all these comments are about erin hahaha i agree with all of these 🤣

  50. Courtney Elise


  51. nallac100

    This was aggressively hetero-normative. Also kinda odd that all the MRA's were male and all the feminists were Female. Also all the feminists come across as 3rd wave which is also a big oof.

  52. john lara

    Educated doesn’t equal intelligent.

  53. AC

    I have a lot of respect for these ppl and their character. Idk their pasts but what their striving for is very honorable.

  54. Voicist

    5:32 _So the dad is still in the picture._ *_Acknowledged._*

  55. Kalila Morfin

    Am I the only one who can sense all of them are a bit narcissistic

  56. Jay David

    rick is the worst person i’ve never met!

  57. Hang Time

    I'm a PE teacher and teacher k-8th. I would had guessed that they're all elementary students.

  58. Caitlin Dempsey

    yellow shirt girl is not oppressed she’s just playing the victim card and holding herself back

  59. And i OOF

    Well the reason why there are feminist its because of men, well not all of men, most men have toxic masculinity, and of course, wage gap.

  60. Rani Kurniasari

    Omg i could like every comments here in comment section

  61. Peter Gasseling

    there are institutions for these kind of people, there they can discuss with people who have seen elvis


    Her kids are gonna end up on a milk carton !

  63. O’thicken Kaydi

    Niko- “what’s your favorite alcohol?” Jacelyn- “ dR. pEpPeR!!”

  64. sweetchunks22

    All the kids said what they learned was to not trust anyone.

  65. Caleb Christiansen

    This is a great video; if you can't tell the difference with a blind fold on, then does the difference really matter?

  66. kwanzaa_cake

    Mike and Zacharias were such obvious Trump supporters, I don’t know how they voted them out

  67. Danandbands

    Erin was so annoying I felt bad for Brandon, it might just be that I relate though, I'm pescatarian and I try to use vegan, zero waste and cruelty-free products when I can but I'm not perfect and people like Erin are the people that make me want to stop altogether sometimes because they make me feel I'm not good enough with what I can do. (Also sour patch kids are vegan :) )

  68. XDMemes124

    Ah this was 7 days before coronavirus aka: COVID-19

  69. alena marie

    I knew it was her from the start, she was too dramatic and sassy, reminded me of majority of 5th grade girls

  70. sorry m8

    3:25 those whips are quite different than what someone would actually use to cause pain...

  71. Roomy Womby

    I really didn’t think it was Elizabeth. That took a turn.

  72. im19ice3

    i seriously thought it was wesley, like nobody can be THAT straight, and look out that outfit, that can only be so bad on purpose but then. i accept my defeat.

  73. julian kuntha

    I don’t have a problem with artistic people.

  74. TTV Rv22113

    whenever i am sick there is something special happening

  75. Caleb Christiansen

    Somebody needs to teach these people about logical fallacies, one counter example doesn't disprove a whole argument.

  76. Alieen Babe

    I absolutely LOVE the hippie lady.

  77. Jared Ostler

    As an Ex-Mormon this hit home and really resonated with me. But I must point out that Mormon fundamentalists and Mormons are two very different groups. As Calvin said there’s different groups of Mormon fundamentalists as well. Thanks for the great video! As always I like them all and the quality is just great! May I suggest the full uncut versions of everything. It’s definitely something I would watch possibly even listen to on podcasts.

  78. sophie nemec

    that kid got some anxiety issues

  79. Jay David

    You’ve just watched Jubilee’s most viewed video!

  80. Curry Master

    Can you pls get rid off the indian lady that accent is so cringe and bad

  81. john lara

    Good grades highlight the ability to regurgitate information and stay within a box following directions. School is a flawed system do to education not equaling intelligence.

  82. NowYourOnTheAir

    If we step on the grass at school we would get in trouble.

  83. Angelina felts

    For the spanking thing my dad spanked me with a leather belt and I never got to say my emotions. I now flinch every time I get yelled at or when someone raises their hand. I also repress everything and it gives me enormous amounts of stress.

  84. fungus onbutter

    feminists fight for equal rights but they only fight for woman which is extremely sexist (kinda) and they're point don't even prove them right

  85. LIL Duck

    "What's the worst that can happen they break an arm, oh well" Excuse Me? . . . . . Last time I checked I didn't know people didn't worry about there children breaking an arm while playing.

  86. Bambino’s Denise

    Next time can you guys do, do all Africans think alike

  87. sweetchunks22

    They all just targeted the quiet people. Tye is just a kid and that’s fine that he wants to be a leader, that’s a good goal. But he’s going about it the wrong way. He sounds very obnoxious and bully-like. I feel bad for Luke and Ahti.

  88. JJT Animates

    Damn I feel bad for that dude that got 0 girls

  89. Q V E E N 9

    I'm so confused idk if it's just me but where I'm from the middle shoolers are tall af and look mature like what....?

  90. לי עע

    Fuck Arabic

  91. לי עע

    Fuck 🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩

  92. Ricky Thao

    I feel so bad😢

  93. Jay David

    did this naker say he liked being sexually harassed?

  94. And i OOF

    "I like tall guys" Y'all already know she is one of those types of girls

  95. Essi Savonius

    One of the most interesting episodes I have watched of this series!

  96. Champion Trasd