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  1. R Golab

    Land of the free! Yeah, you can't even have a safety fance on your property in this land of free! America, don't you miss the freedoms you used to have when this land was truly the land of free people? Time to change the description as the land of the free is no longer valid.

  2. Vinny Avalanche

    That’s exactly what that Dogo was bred for!!

  3. Jo Mcc Opinions

    “Save for College”?! 😑

  4. Kelley Russell

    Poor dogs were stuck outside with no escape, should have been inside, pets are like toddlers, need protected.

  5. Dexmond Khoo

    Dog: You thought you can outrun me black boi?

  6. JAYMAN ONeill be expected of STUPID COPS!

  7. Chase James

    So what do you do on the side Pastor? Where'd you get that money from? Judgement is coming for you!

  8. Aman Walksn2abar

    F*€k that c*nt! Turn her over to we the people! We will administer a just punishment!

  9. Rosa Williams

    My spouse does not like resting with me in a single bed since I wake her up every night. After utilizing this snoring answer “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it) my spouse is now sleeping beside me because I no longer snore just like before. It is only so amazing. Just like what it claimed, there is another advantage not just to stop snoring but it could also result in other good things that you never anticipated. .

  10. Solocanoe

    She should have worn gloves and a mask the whole time. And who needs to buy clothes right now? Save every dollar people! Groceries and meds - stretch that last paycheck!

  11. YaBoiMagic

    Y’all are training these kids to get bodied Because if someone is shot I’m not helping

  12. Camille Nora

    So now thye have tompay free rent to their landlord. Its better they shut down their business and get unemployment benefit.

  13. Julia Banks

    She needs to COVER HOLER NOSE!!!!

  14. N Andrews

    Give them a real eye poper, Set up a S&M dungeon in the garage. BAWAHAHA

  15. Blueeyeddevil

    The greatest heist ever in history just happened over a mild flu. Let that sink in.

  16. mark price

    If you're a bad guy, thinking about doing crime( breaking into cars/homes/robbing/drugs etc) what message does this send you? It says there are no penalties for breaking the law, because you will just be released back out if you get caught. Hidalgo should be repealed.

  17. David Goliath

    "They cant affford the bail" SO HOW WILL THEY AFFORD AN APARTMENT AND FOOD?!?!?!? No one seems to care what these inmates do after they are released. They will be homeless and hungry.. but im sure they wont break into your house and steal your supplies, these arent violent people... theyll just steal all your food and toilet paper and leave you to starve. Not violent at all.

  18. S. Deslaurier

    How Will get you robbed or dead . your home you should be able to close and lock it down . If how wanted doors open then don't build garage ! I'd be moving

  19. Kenta Krustofski

    Troy Nehls deserves the Rona.

  20. Frankie Andrews

    Poetry pocket Jewish load dramatic short greatest laser

  21. critic for the uploader

    *Worker: I'm going to lunch to eat my 🍉🍗* *Worker: UH, NO YOU NOT I'M GOING TO MY BREAK TO EAT MY 🥑🌮🌯*

  22. John Donaldson

    What an idot he should have put his camera down and help stop it.

  23. Tom Vera

    Condo associations are like liberals and the dem party. They over regulate and under protect. Pelosi has a giant wall around her house so the outside world she created , homeless drug addicts throwing used needles into piles of human feces can't get to her.

  24. Bobbie Smith

    If allow ALWAYS carry a gun shoot it

  25. Abah Nafis


  26. Robert Kertoikromo

    huh, for real??? my garage .. I. will close anytime if I want to.. its mine.peirod...

  27. shanice thomas

    These females doing these children soooo wrong and Me and my husband is struggling to have a baby 🤦🏾‍♀️

  28. Kyle Werth

    I put my packages in the garage for a few days before opening. I figure the chinavirus is dead after that

  29. Whut Now!

    Why not entire country????

  30. Ace deuce

    I'm a carpenter can I go to work????

  31. Ricochet

    Not wearing one.

  32. W F

    Big business and quickest way to settle an argument

  33. Joyce Thompson

    The man had thousands in his wallet, now it's gone!

  34. Jackie Caldwell

    They should not be let out ! PERIOD ! We don't need more problems to deal with ! This threatens the safety of the public! They should isolate the ones who are affected! in prison from the other inmates!

    1. mark price

      @Joseph Colunga They could find a solution to house them if they wanted to find a solution. But they don't. Hidalgo and the other activists have sued in court to release criminals and they use this opportunity to push their liberal agenda

    2. Joseph Colunga

      Jackie Caldwell the problem is they can’t, jail is a death trap for the virus right now so this makes it a problem for housing, if anything they’re be safer in there rather than being a potential presumptive case and spreading it easier and faster by letting a bunch of criminals run loose liken they’re going to follow any executive orders and stay home?

  35. Joyce Thompson

    Google anyone's name and hundreds pop up.. many, many people fit every description the police ever have!

  36. The Bastard Gift

    No matter how this goes it won't be good. Some of these people will go into lock down with people that they know and THOSE people will become will be incarcerated in their own homes.

  37. Tim

    cool content keep it up

  38. Cassie & Angel Saldana


  39. Manic Rhymes

    Good I need money for crack

  40. queenofattraction

    Skinny girl was fighting a tsumo wrestler🤼‍♀️

  41. Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.

    Lock your doors ladies🥺

  42. Bill Sandifer

    See how easy it is for someone to just lie and say oh he threaten me and he has guns and then they come get you with red flag law we’re all going to become slaves soon

  43. Damion Gipson

    Mane was sellin that reg pack 💯💯😂 free cuz tho

  44. Tim

    cool video dude

  45. Dave Chappelle

    Where is this little girls mother?

  46. Diane 2003

    I mixed a bottle of bleach water (according to CDC guidelines) and spray down my packages and leave them outside for awhile. Then I put them in a remote room and let them sit for at least a day.

  47. mark marchiafava

    Amerika will NEVER be "great again" as long as the federal gov't continues to exist

  48. Kit. J. Benn

    No disrespect to the vet! Didn't the American tax payer pay to train him to be a killer?

  49. MzTee Lady


    1. Joseph Colunga

      MzTee Lady I wish

  50. It's me again

    Wonder who got to go to jail first ?

  51. Landon Boguski

    “We named him aasher with two a cuz of the extra chromosome” 😂 and I think you got that gender mixed up

  52. Reddy ice cream :D

    *kid get attcaks by dog* The kids frinde's: shot I'm not being a part of this! Bye!

  53. Surg Rubin

    The judge wants s man to come over at night and stay in and receive the sexual salami !!!

  54. Red turnip 3

    Jesus Christ they gotta show these to kids

  55. Kshir Sagar

    Who currently occupies the apex of the hierarchy of oppressed victims of racism, homophobia and misogyny? There used to be a daily count. Have we lost our way?

  56. Walking Streets 워킹스트리트

    *The Purge is coming!*

  57. EE and Me

    I bring packages inside, wash my hands, take whatever is in the package out and wipe it down then wash my hands, then dispose of the box (holding by the inside where its least likely to have been touched) then wash my hands, then wipe down whatever surface the box touched then wash my hands. I dont do it because of corona virus.. i do it because i have diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. Now you all are being told to do the same/similar.

    1. Smiffy83

      Leave the packaging outside if you can.

  58. Drew Tramp

    Shouldnt they get reduced rent or something. That rule is like taking away a room in the domicile. Oh wait thier in Texas where no one but the rich have right. Better work harder.👍

  59. Ltrainsns Ns


  60. N O P E

    “Save up for college” what kinda flippin world does she live in SMH she’s an idiot people have mortgage and rent due, kids at home doing virtual learning, eating meals at home, that lady is not right SMH

  61. Tim

    awesome video keep it up bro

  62. Blueeyeddevil

    The tests are false positive 😂 so how do we know who really has it? False numbers, we shut down over false numbers! Let that sink in

  63. Hatam Tamimi

    ‘I like how the girls are *dressed*’ lol

  64. mark price

    So this activist judge is letting out criminals but putting you in jail if you try and work? Something is flipped here. I can rob the Boost Mobile store and not get jail time, but get arrested for playing on a swing set at the county park?

  65. Kathleen Gooch

    Come on people damn put the guns away

  66. Sam Cooper

    Bought a home about a month ago. When we were looking the realtor tried to convince me an HOA isn't all that bad. Needless to say before everything was signed we had a new realtor. Don't live with these ppl. Don't pay these ppl. Ridiculous.

  67. Larry Manier

    Ok?? All these people need to get together and vote the robbers out.

  68. Eduard BlaBla

    Idk why people cannot just live in peace without stupid fights.

  69. BubbaTheBulldog

    Show Me The Money.

  70. Ben Jackson

    You better wake up America the police are your enemy.

  71. A. Double

    Scratching and surviving. Everybody living like Good times.

  72. Sam Cooper

    "that's cool. Can I replace it with a non-lethal deterrent like idk a rubber ball-bearing claymore."

  73. Jackson Ruscio

    So.... a SCHOOL cannot tell an ADULT PARENT OF A STUDENT what they can and cant wear. Theyre adults. The school has absolutely zero authority

  74. RussiaNukesAmerica3

    Local establishments r just gonna luv seeing a ' black ' guy walk in wearing a mask.

  75. RussiaNukesAmerica3

    Amerikkka is dying. ☠️

  76. Adrian's Wild Life April 2020

    Blueface: let me drive the bus The bus:

  77. Sprinkler/Irrigation Repair

    The LAST thing any human being should ever do is tell a Tubby tubby big-ol Fat Chick that she's gotta wait to go to lunch. Oh Heeeeellllll no. I need me some Churches Chicken.

  78. jhc6608

    Great. The question is where can we get them????

  79. Patrick Weydemuller

    Dr. Phil is annoying. His voice, his face, and bald head. He should really just beat himself in the face everyday for about an hour.

  80. Lito Arana

    accesory to murder

  81. Lito Arana

    she's accesory to murder

  82. The Gaffer

    He would be the first one to ask for help in a war Sagittarius head And The first to run away Coward

  83. F-zero91maru

    I don’t care what anyone says but I have a huge fetish for athletes foot fungus, on women/girls and whoever has it cause of the sandpaper & scratchy noises, using the other foot many ways while sleeping barefoot.

  84. Milktoast

    the last girl made me feel

  85. Randy Massey

    Thanks to the democrats and the left bums like this cannot be stopped. And they put us all in danger. Thanks Obama

  86. LifeInRecoil

    She should never be allowed to hold a drivers license ever again. And, everytime she gets caught driving without a license, she should go straight to prison for another 6 years. No court trial, no appeals, straight to prison. It's hard to road rage as a passenger on a bus.

  87. J Willis

    One word BACCARAT.

  88. DizzieDaCrazzie88

    I went to Target in Spring and most of the dumbells were soldout! only had crappy 2 lbs dumbells I guess with gyms being closed everyone went out and bought all the dumbells

  89. Gabriela J

    And where do we get them? I've been looking for them and they are all sold out

  90. Bla Bla

    🤔😳🙁this is just weird

  91. Don Lye

    Most of them are scammers, all of them need to put in jails.

  92. toxic_ gamer

    cmon its roblox not raw blox

    1. toxic_ gamer

      its not roblox fault its the peoples from roblox fault because they made game

  93. Queen Empress

    Stay out of ghetto stores. It's just not worth it. Disgusting.

  94. camaross

    Damn dai iz sum seksty byatches.... i’z Like dem whalez

  95. GMF B

    The only way to be absolutely certain is to sanitize EVERYTHING coming into your house. Basically live in a bubble until there is a cure. Other than that nothing is going to prevent you 100% from getting anything or dying.🤷‍♂️

  96. sir sure

    That is so beautiful . Love it god bless you.

  97. Cj Philpott

    Dog Champmans is a great guy .Love his shows. He did not do nothing wrong leave him alone he lost his wife and he has had enough pain in life. Dog got your back.

  98. Old Blue

    Um wearing a mask dont help unless u have it. So what's the point.

  99. Usomex Martin

    Ladies this is why its important to have a Gun/knife/pepper spray/metal base ball bat with you always smfh 😡😠