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  1. Felipe Kane

    is the cat alive? :(

  2. keepAh glock

    They got up outta there 😂😂😂

  3. KingAces420

    Why don’t these white warriors ever have the gals to say this to a minorities face? It’s always behind a screen, behind a lawyer, behind a body guard. No wonder gringos are the most hated race.

  4. James Webb Jr

    The woman deserved to be fired and was not entitled to a tip. She did not deliver the food to the church nor did she serve the food to the church. It's a known fact that wait staff are paid a lesser minimum wage, how ever if as she claimed that she prepared the food then she is not wait staff and should be getting paid the minimum wage that regular employee gets which is $7.25/ hour in Texas. If her employer is under paying she needs to go to the labor board. McDonald's employees don't get tips for preparing the food, why should she?

  5. Fray Jay

    What about turning on heater and ac? Bad for insulation. All that just to make sure no garage living?

  6. J H

    Pit Bulls are WELL KNOWN for snapping at any moment in time..EVEN YOUR "SWEET" PET... Those who want to blame "bad owners" don't understand the breed.

  7. Greg Heller


  8. Rusty Shackleford

    There is more than just this. He treats his employees like crap and keeps them understaffed. He has Lina Hidago's people working out of the precinct one office wasting the precinct's money so he can have control over her since she didn't have the experience to be county judge in the first place.

  9. AwakenIndigos

    Wow they look so oppressed

  10. R0cK GoD

    Wait, so this lady saw the whole thing and watched him lay there for four minutes without calling emergency services or trying to help? WTF!?

  11. _____NIBBA___ __


  12. 0Latitude

    Art Acevedo is a scum bag and belongs in prison.

  13. JackGeezy

    These Trashstros players probably hear trashcan bangs in their sleep lol.

  14. SilentStone 42

    Nicole was a old family friend of mine when i was younger but reason i say was is because she used to live with use in like 2009 with her girlfriend and a young boy which i wonder if its the same boy but she did us wrong by letting our dogs starve to death when we went out of town while feeding her dog and she also stole 2 tv and 2 game systems from us when we kick her out but i say the worse thing was is when she would whoop the little boy for any little thing he did wrong or anything that she felt he was doing wrong but when he wanted to come out to play with use on the game she would mainly keep him in the room where she would smoke a lot and when she tried to hit us because we were supposedly to loud or got on her nerves we would have to run to the room and shut the door behind us and wait for our mom to get home from work because she knew she couldnt hit use when our mom was around but tbh me and my brothers still have hate to her but just hope she can do better and straighten her life out

  15. Norm Ross

    Please.Lock him up for a long long long time.Sorry no leniency.

  16. Norm Ross

    Can you jail 14 year olds.I sincerely hope so.

  17. SittingInDetroit

    If you are a corrupt official, you want a corrupt auditor watching over you.

  18. crjetpilot

    Residents can change CC&Rs with a vote. Sounds to me like they have the votes to do it.

  19. trevor anderson

    End HOA s in America! Let the city’s in force eye sore stuff! Or how about this people talk to each other and people listen and work things out. Force just brings anger and contention is of the devil!

  20. Tiger Steele

    AT 2:30am......DO NOT ...ANSWER YOUR DOOR...PERIOD!!! CALL 911!!!!

  21. Anthony West


  22. Legal Eagle

    Garcia is a lying horrible witch who got two innocent people killed. She should spend the rest of her horrible life in the prison house. I hate you Ms. Garcia and so does the rest of Houston, Texas

  23. Harry HRC Chahal

    A full on 3 piece suit & tie while outdoor reporting ? You serious bro? 🙄

  24. Joe Pitt

    Moral of the story kill all pit bulls

  25. clemmutine

    I know this is a super sensitive topic but How in the hell did that dog go 100 miles per hours in 2 seconds. I know it's a dog but still he said ZOOM And I'm glad hes ok

  26. Lindalee Law

    When the non- whites yell racist, or how they're getting hassled..... blame it on whitey. To be mad theyd rather have street school then book learning. But what can you expect from Welfarian Breeders.

  27. Legal Eagle

    Poor dude! I hope you are getting better.

  28. Brindy Dgaf

    That's some b.s.

  29. Israel Moreno

    Allah has blessed this man with more time on this planet 🌍..................

    1. Jez100 0

      Israel Moreno Allah is fake 😂

  30. Brian Monteith

    This is such a ridiculous video lol

  31. Eloy Cruz

    I just clicked on this video because of that supermoto! 🙌🏽

  32. Martigan Wright

    Is it just me or does anybody else also find his breathing noises disturbing? It might not be his fault, it's probably due to the microphone settings but I can't listen to what he says because these noises are freaking me out xD

  33. Israel Moreno

    Taisha I’m sorry about last night call me I can explain Boo ..................

  34. Bass Town Ncs

    lovely video

  35. man tan

    Wow, only 24 months in federal prison for robbing an Armored Car. Wow, only 24 months if you get caught but if you are successful you are golden.

  36. C Spikes

    Isaiah 57:1-2 [1]Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. [2]For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 [13]And now, dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope. [14]For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with him the believers who have died. [15]We tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not meet him ahead of those who have died. [16]For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, the believers who have died will rise from their graves. [17]Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever. [18]So encourage each other with these words. Luke 1:37 [37]For the word of God will never fail.” 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💯 RIP AUNT TONYA

  37. drynico X

    Didn't Travis Scott go to that school

  38. Bass Town Ncs

    epicly awesome

  39. Em Loo

    She‘s not a mother

  40. Don Lah

    I would not pay the maintenance and see how they feel about that. Mother fuckers..

  41. Scott.

    HOA=Communist Party in microcosm.

  42. Mike n

    Take that pit right over to the owner. Put a gun to its head and kill it dead right there. And tell them they don't have the right to own a dog like that.

  43. Just Quinn

    19 year old child? Dude hes an adult

  44. Jamie

    No way to light a bong with it

  45. Bass Town Ncs

    lovely stuff

  46. Bass Town Ncs

    so good <3

  47. Antony Dow

    Money grab strategy

  48. B Green

    Clutch my pearls...he's storing African art to be displayed in black community centers??? THIS is the BIG news story that took a year to investigate while MASSIVE bail reform was taking place our city. Thank you Commissioner . Keep fighting for the people.

  49. B Green

    He did all of this investigating while MASSIVE bail reform was taking place in our city...And this is the story? Are we saying black community centers should not be allowed to host quality art?

  50. Bass Town Ncs

    big up

  51. Analog Human

    Here's a tip about brushing, use your less dominant hand too.

  52. 1 subscribe 1 donut for you. I know you like donuts

    The same thing happaened to my dad

  53. Claire Byrne

    Omg that dog went for the little boys trouth, wtf. So owner should be charged and dog put in dog heaven. Maybe dog was used for aggressive behaviour

  54. Bass Town Ncs

    lovely stuff

  55. Bass Town Ncs

    so good <3

  56. Cleopatra ,

    It’s great until one off the servers spills the coffee on herself

  57. carl rodin's

    That dosen't look like a boy

  58. Hunts Point

    That has got the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

  59. lmv lbv

    Nice, scaring and terrifying little kids who see this and making them not want to go to school because of this. Nice job

  60. Xam X

    Cut the dog head off.

  61. Brenda Rand

    Fencing around pools is a strict building code in almost every city in the US

  62. James Madison

    TSA is corrupt.

  63. C.S.R

    Take title away!!! Or this will never end!!!

  64. Generic White Bitch

    If the coffee was good I’d buy it regardless of what the server is wearing. That’s her business not mine.

  65. Rabbit0

    I'd hate for it to happen but if someone drowned.

  66. Christopher Sanchez

    Every time a veteran dies I laugh

  67. Block Panther

    Don't professionals normally call fires started by burning cooking oils "grease" fires?

  68. Sunday White Rabbit

    All comments are 9/11 Truthers! YESSSSS! AWESOME.

  69. Sunday White Rabbit

    Maybe they should have used jet fuel. Then it would have free fell perfectly into it's own footprint. Silly demolition companies. All they need is jet fuel. Lmfao.

  70. Thoed Essay813


  71. Liljohnnynandos

    Usain? 00:33

  72. Water Sheep

    1:03 usan bolt

  73. SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0

    Hero? Lmao he took off like bat outta hell

  74. Ribeye Robert D

    Fire this HOA.

  75. řãįňbøw wøłfßęřŕý

    Hey all the teachers are gone WHAT that girl in the bathroom omg i was so worried about her but the video ended

  76. Bandai TV

    Where that's happened?

  77. Jenna Bitxh

    that was a m16

  78. Hairy Potter

    He reminds me of "Gus fring" from breaking bad!!

  79. MrKiwispirit

    This must be everyday life for black folk or any coloured person in America god bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave pfft

  80. Asrai Aisling

    If anyone EVER treated my mother like that the police would never find them.

  81. Sig Kimber

    HOAs should be outlawed

  82. Ratus

    Houston is turning to crap, whether it be the people in the comments or the crime happening in the streets. That's why I am leaving it. Another massive hurricane is bound to happen within 10 years. I am so glad I did NOT build my life in this city and kept it on a wait and see basis. So many people from all over the country is coming to this city. Good and Bad. I need to go find a place in the rural areas. At least there they won't put on a face of inclusion by day, and go online and be racist by night. They'll be up front with me. All of this is caused by social media/internet. I expect suicide rates, murders, etc to go up. Through the internet humans have lost/are losing their abilities for empathy. The longer they stay online, the more their brains turn into the uncivilized beasts giving into their impulses rather than their. The reason is because the internet is made to be impulsive. For the Ad space. Now lets take facebook for example... Facebook has Social Media: They will know what you think and you feel.... Facebook now has cryptocurrency: So they can track what you buy Facebook now has Dating: So they know who you lust for... These three pillars of data can be used through A.I. and Machine Learning training modules to create an ad that specifically targets you. The thing is, you won't even know that you are being targeted. If you think you can get off the internet to stay away from it, this is not the case. They cvan now track your face the moment you walk in the store and use AI to track where you go in that store. This data pillars don't even need specifically need to be you... Facebook social media has Billions of users pouring out their feelings...Look at this here, we have people in this chat generalizing a whole race...They are more likely to be controlled by this new system and not know. All facebook needs is about 100 M users to use their crypto currency and dating to generate the human data... There is no stopping this no matter what you do.... Oh and yes, Do you know the movie "minority report" ? This is also coming soon using these same systems facebook is making... The governemnt probably already has the system..but they have to let the crime happen to train the data... Once facebook starts selling the data to the government (probably in secrecy) We will see that there is no true free will. Everything you do from the moment you are born tot he moment you are dead will be mapped on a computer... Then you will ask yourself why am I alive? Sucides and murders will skyrocket...They are already doing so for this reason...but it's hidden... Think about it, someone does some action and a trash load of humans pile up on them giving their opinions out without any thought of their reprocussions...Now switch those humans with a robot and you will get more of the same... That raw, uncaring, impulsive emotionless decisions... I get to sit down and see Social Security dissipate and see a global crisis of what it means to live in my life time... This will be fun times indeed. Hopefully some person won't just start chucking nukes to end it all... My solution is simple, to increase the predetermined paths, leave earth and go into space to increase randomness of the path one takes in life...

  83. god of raw is war 907709

    Cups 1 Karen's 0

  84. A A

    I think the Astros will win the World Series this year.

  85. Warren Price

    Who the hell is this H O A. ? ?

  86. Nyolate

    Mother : I just wanna give him a hug and say thank you. *I'm right next to you*

  87. Mountain Lust

    That's unfortunate, which is also what I said when my stepbrother and his family lost their home and all its contents to a fire the day before Christmas 2019 but it didnt make the news.

  88. King Kunta

    Should have kick the dog

  89. djxsquizit

    Dog Owner: Shes only being friendly

  90. Paul Midgley

    I feckin hate dogs! Dont trust them! Dont like em!

  91. RedAlertSteve _

    First blame goes to the driver who cut him off.

  92. Jessie 992

    So someone else started the fire and that person ran off, while the family lost everything? That's so messed up.

  93. jack Mash

    All that teen had to was kick it in the face I know it doesn't sound nice but it will slow down the dog won't kill it though

  94. SABRS devotion

    and are y'all so lazy to link their go fund me jeez.

  95. SABRS devotion

    but shouldn't the family thats has been effected have their insurance cover it? confused.

  96. musava_ribica

    "Go play with the neighbour's dog" The neighbour's dog:

  97. KingKona420

    He was running to snatch his wallet but the dog had dibs on it

  98. 77teahupoo

    Good job man , nicely done.👍🏼

  99. Aiden kumar Can i get to 1000 sub plz

    Kid:HELP ME 19 yr old: Fine ugly dog you wanna go Dog: ok

  100. CivilDefenseLLC

    This is why you don't do something as stupid as buying a house in a hoa neighborhood