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  1. male person

    I don't get it. What's wrong with Evan's gambit?

  2. srinivasa prasannaa

    In such time pressure, Nihal blunders a piece. Whereas I do not need time pressure to blunder a piece.

  3. Scorpion gaming

    This carlsen guy seem to be a good player.he can win tournament and maybe become the world champion.

  4. Rynomier

    I still don’t know why I find these videos fun to watch as I barely know how to play chess and don’t understand most of chess theory

  5. Daniel David

    My heart breaks for you my friend. My deepest condolences to you and yours.

  6. Fredrik Jernskau

    I enjoyed this game, but any Boris vs Fischer is probably my favorite. For me it’s impossible to pick just one, when any of them is beautiful in its own way.

  7. Your Boy Mr Mac

    You ever think Magnus is just screwing with people out of boredom?

  8. Adam Baranowski

    who in 2020?

  9. jimmy e

    The Larry Holmes of the chess world

  10. Arnaud COLSON

    Sad news

  11. korosh abdoli

    خیلی حرف میزند این گزارشگر .خلاصه ومتراکم گزارش کند. حرف زیادی خسته کننده است.

  12. N20 Games

    Evans Gambit! Woot!

  13. AhmedShah Naseri


  14. Priya Sardesai

    Chess is like life; this is the quote of Boris Spassky

  15. Sai pawan kumar

    This is one of the best queen sac games I've ever seen. Thanks for the upload. #tal

  16. Eyey Alcantara

    Knight to a3 (voice cracks) 5:00

  17. Hugo Jean

    And that why you call a thrue loss a: '' Big Mac'' !

  18. Michael Mendillo

    I do not follow tournaments,,, but am I to understand that the Evans Gambit considered an old school strategy ? If so, what would be the newest of the day ? As far as the more popular openings ? TY ! 😁✌

  19. David Humphrey

    If you should always play d5 if possible and after d5 the position had never been reached .. somethings a miss

  20. Handcraft Projects

    Yea Im amazed at the words " We reached a new game" So the world champs play a known game deep into the game. Like knowing this positions has been played? I feel each and every game of mine is new......

  21. Dan Kelly

    Why would someone want to play Kasparov in a blitz match? He was almost the best blitz player in history.

  22. Mumbo

    In the variation of Zuckertort: what about pawn to d4 by black?

  23. xx

    Seeing the title and the day today. I know what's up

    1. xx

      What! he's not trolling lol

  24. Arpit Nayak

    What am I missing at 4:43? Why doesn't the white bishop capture the hanging knight?

  25. Jefferson Thomas

    gadke my hat off...Chess and History have been changed by this man called Agad. Morphy? I be knowing. Would not have if it weren't for Agad. It is a sneaky line....I have learned to respect the contribution to history this chess channel has and will make. Tell all your friends...lines that will live long in history of chess. ..at the bar and library. The legendary 6th game...talk talk talk..............chess needs you.

  26. Niño Mundia

    4:21 "The first time this move was played *I* was in *1947* on a game between Petrosian and Yuri Auerbach" Asked myself what year is it.... 2020. Confirmed boiz agadmator is a time traveller

  27. Eugene Denamarca

    saitama.... from one punch man????? deym im one of ur loyal fans now

  28. Sander

    I don't get how the knight move changes anything with regards to white's attack

  29. Christopher Vartanian

    my deepest condolences for Levon Asdvadz hokin lousavore

  30. justAnonymous d

    nihal sarin looks like perry the platypus

  31. Nicky Kumar

    What happen if knight capture the pawn, instead of bishop, in Evans gambit

  32. Kundan Sharma

    Heartfelt Condolences to Levon. Such a sad news. Be strong Levon.

  33. Rei Gjeci

    18:07 you can't move knight to d.6 becouse he can captures it with the pawn that is to e.7

  34. olivier boissière

    Evan's gambit always refreshes and leads to some really interesting attacking games.

  35. Immanuel Lasker

    Brilliant game by the way

  36. Einar Juel

    Queen B!

  37. Georges Duroy

    Levon Aronian and Arianne Caoili in Armenian traditional costumes nosel.info/video/video/lmuuboDUoqZ2wr8.html

  38. Sandesh Dhuri

    Beautiful game

  39. Immanuel Lasker

    no words, really sad

  40. Varun Karanda

    Well Played Sarin👏👏

  41. tentor

    You should have posted this today for extra trolling

  42. boomerang nebula

    2:40 is probably how our ancestors created the constellations

  43. Specialist Ghost

    I watched it live and imagined how excited would Agadmator be about it. And the next game here we go

  44. 40cal

    #openingvideo #suggestion I watch all your videos, even the old ones, and when you said you thought about doing some kind of video about an opening, i immediately had to recommend you do the Evans Gambit. An excellent subscriber will know you love it very much, and a chess player will know just how amazing it is to play. Even AlphaZero likes the opening, and in a way I think this is a testament to how creative the play from both sides can be, when played well. As I learn more about chess and play more, myself, it has become my favorite opening as well, now that I'm not too scared to try it!

  45. JohnnyReb1976

    Agad, would you elaborate on that quote by Max Euwe?

  46. Rīmūrú Têmpēst

    Didn't Ernesto did the same thing, but king sacrifice instead.

  47. Mark Mendoza

    At 22:20, Carlson could’ve played qh5 and eventually win the white queen. He would have won the game indefinitely.

  48. Smart Gigi


  49. Antonio C.

    8:45 I'm like I think it's Rd6 but probably not so my eyes lit up when I heard "back rank problems"

  50. Viki M

    One day Nihal will annihilate carlsen

  51. Олександр С

    I found R d6, and an oyhet move with knight

  52. Mike Jones

    Would like to see vs stockfish 11

  53. Michael Jordan

    Anish giri is a magnus Carlsen hating dog

  54. Ankit Banerjee

    Levon Aronian lost his queen from the game of his life 😭

  55. Mark Mendoza

    “If this line were played it would go straight into the sorcery series” 😂

  56. sibsankar ray

    @Agadmator, i can find a different variation of checkmate instead of the queen captures bishop. Queen takes rook, queen takes queen is forced and the black rook to the backrank. i will post in algebraic notation.

  57. Elisabeth Paehtz

    She was one of my best friends, RIP Arianne, i don't understand why heartless people dislike such a video, thank you very much agadmator

  58. Dominic Comtois

    #suggestion I never made any suggestions to this channel, but here are two: 1) For the special series on openings, the giuoco piano would be interesting, with and/or without the evans gambit. (The g.c. is the first opening I found as a beginner when I often fell victim of the fried liver attack). 2) I'd be more than interested in seeing a mini-series of (ideally all, but just a subset would still be great) Tal vs Fischer games, as I find the available analyses on NOsel are not so great. You did cover some in the past, but it was before your vast knowledge became so phenomenal :p Thanks for your great videos, they are fun to watch and great for learning.

  59. Music Castle

    Why 2020 is so dark ? 🥺

  60. Em Mishra

    2020 started badly didnt expect this

  61. Joe Blow

    Wow that’s rough :( She was cute and played chess well, a rarity.

  62. julenisa 6986

    I tried it on stockfish 11 and it recomended the move

  63. Levent Acemi

    You playing Town Of Salem?

  64. Vladislav Kudelin

    Dear Levon, what a tragedy! my deepest convalescences!..... (:__________

  65. gtsetsen

    Kf1 at 12:58 does what exactly? Just a waiting move? I don't see any advantage from this...

  66. olivier.roche

    After ...Be5 (8:30 in the video), I asked myself "why doesn't white play the simple and powerfull Ba7 immediately to gain control of the b8 square?". But then I realized that black's ressource would be to put his dark square bishop on the diagonal a7-g1 once b6 is pushed.

  67. blackdragonknight47

    "Published on April 1" Are you really sure that Magnus played the evans gambit 🤔🤔

  68. SV Alangudi

    Agad was careful.. not revealing what happened in that Bobby Fisher game... I thought he would say like.. game ended in a draw or in favour of so and so... !


    I dnt want to get better at chess I am here for nice game of chess😂😂

  70. Srile Mobitel Srile

    Can we get more games from Šarić

  71. thenutfyd

    MugzyBogues!!! Magnus is an NBA fan!!!

  72. Ahmad Dekoekkoek

    How novice I am, thinking the rook takes F8. 😁

  73. Varun Sharma


  74. ron anthony

    Tigran is such a nice guy, he's always posing for the photo. He's always posing for the photo? Maybe because you always show the same photo?

  75. Marcelo Nóbrega

    move 1: D6 and it is from move one that we have a completely new game

  76. Safe

    It's always the people who have accomplished so much, have multiple profession and skills or what not that this world takes away so early.

  77. Internet Degenerate

    I see the little shoutout to Twitter and Instagram employees, and while I am neither, I talked to a friend who does social media marketing. For Instagram, he said that while it does not get you an IG verification badge, they do like to see that you have verified your Facebook page which is fairly straightforward. Furthermore, their consideration for a verification badge is more about individuals that are likely targets for impersonation than general popularity though the latter would affect the former. So if you have found evidence of this already, it would only help your case to bring it to your attention (Note to viewers, please do not make fake accounts as this pattern would likely be detected given that they have access to the largest user data analytics models in the world being a subsidiary of Facebook). Verification on IG is a unique beast for this reason. They have verified celebrities before they even uploaded their first picture and they have declined people with over 100k followers. It used to be the case that any support staff or verification team staff could add the badge to the account. Now you do actually need to go through their process and submit your legal name, business name, and valid photo ID. Then it's kind of up to whoever gets the ticket whether you are deemed worthy or not, though they are supposed to follow the written guidelines as closely as possible. Very few people have the ability to override this these days due to gross abuse of the system previously. It may also be prudent to change the wording on your profile from "I also run a NOsel channel" since you really want to cement NOsel as your primary claim to fame given that it is your most-followed (subscribed) platform and is already verified. It could conflict with their policy on not verifying accounts with other social media in the bio otherwise, especially since all of your videos link to all of your social media. Note that if you haven't been outright denied for a request, yours is still in the queue or under investigation and they don't have a concrete timeline. For Twitter, it's complicated. As for how you can get verified currently, you can't. The verification program is on hold to everyone other than major public figures (politicians, A-list celebrities, both etc..).Now for the complicated bit. The reason it is on hold is that Twitter got some bad press for verifying public figures that didn't hold mainstream ideological and political viewpoints. This lost them some ad sponsors and they became the target of certain influential people who refuse to coexist with people of differing viewpoints regardless of whether they have broken any rules or not. You don't have to take my word for it. It's all in this thread. twitter.com/TwitterSupport/status/930926071779692544 So until they have removed all verification from accounts their advertising partners and representational Force-Majeure don't like (except for Donald Trump since he is their largest source of traffic by far and he would probably lambast them for it), you just won't get it unless Jack Dorsey or Vijaya Gadde gives it the greenlight. Even their CMO and People Lead put "No power to verify" in her bio, so it's locked down pretty tight for now.

  78. Eduardo Alejandro Barajas Ramírez

    The reason why it tooks so long to figure it out to the computer: after Qxf3 gxf3 Rg6+ Kh1 Bh3 the computer defends with Qd3 whith the idea of just giving up the queen for the rook and survive this way, and the only move that wins for black is f5!! But even then the position doesn't seem completely clear and still requires calculation

  79. ASMR Dickensen

    Video Level 2 chess

  80. error404UsernameNotFound

    Would be interesting to know how engines like Stockfish decide on which lines to calculate first. When I put the critical position to Stockfish 10 (on the chess.con analysis board), it suggested Qxa6 for black for the first few seconds (with a small advantage for black), but then quickly changed to Qxf3 with huge advantage for black. Took it maybe 5 - 10 seconds and depth 23/24 (not depth 31). So it seems the order in which lines are calculated is not strictly deterministic, right? What engine did you use? Since you're using the chess.com interface, I'd guess it's the same Stockfish that I had here.

  81. FootballFever

    Tal is crazy...he he he..we need players like Tal these days instead of Alpha zero automatons....

  82. Immortal 21

    I was able to spot black's back rank issue 😅

  83. Faraaz Shaikh

    In the possibility explained on 15:38 of the video, why can't the E7 pawn take out the D6 knight? You explained other possibilities which I agree with but why not let the pawn kill the knight?

  84. Monkey Abroad

    I want to ask: the quote by Mikhail Tal on top, "...a deep dark forest where 2 2 5 ..." - I'm not sure if this is a typo? Great video as always, man

  85. Shipbuilding Expert

    Great tribute...

  86. prakashkify

    Cover Anand Toplaov M tel 2005, the game which Kramnik called 22nd century chess.

  87. Srinivash M

    Simple application of wonderful understanding of the position and foresight from Botvinnik.

  88. Edgar Dilthey

    Mariya Muzychuck did play the Evan's Gambit in Classical Time Format against Aleksandra Goryachkina on the Ninth of March of this year at the Lausanne Grand Prix. They drew. www.365chess.com/tournaments/Lausanne_WGP_2020_2020/43970#

  89. Anon Ymous

    So sorry for your loss. May you find peace and comfort Mr. Aronin. The analysis is a beautiful tribute and celebration of Arianne's talent.

  90. Novidsbro


  91. Hamish Larsson

    Captures captures

  92. ron anthony

    When was Fischer ever not careful in any chess match?

  93. Travis

    The quote above the board is somewhat ridiculous considering that chess isn't a great interest to the mass media in general, at any time format.

  94. Travis

    How did Dubov find a way to lose that game?

  95. Brad Junes

    Okay great game---loved what you did here.

  96. nikhil0046

    I really the quote.... Thanks for that....

  97. ensayofr

    I care more about kobe bryant but whatever