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  1. sirasali mavi

    India is producing grand master at an alarming rate😄😄😄

  2. Will Ahlemeier

    At 12:30, I don’t believe the king could move to D1 to capture the bishop, as the rook would check the king despite the pin. From FIDE chess rules: 3.9 The king is said to be 'in check' if it is attacked by one or more of the opponent's pieces, even if such pieces are constrained from moving to that square because they would then leave or place their own king in check. No piece can be moved that will either expose the king of the same colour to check or leave that king in check.

  3. Mateusz Nagórski

    Opera Game took place in 1858:)

  4. Delbert Humperdink

    Just watched this... amazing, simply amazing. Regarding whether or not it was Fischer...... not for me to guess. Nigel would certainly know better than all of us.

  5. Jaxus R

    12:31 Isn’t Qf4 a faster queen trade?

  6. Avinash Nayak

    Mamedyarov punished in the style of Tal....

  7. English Experts

    Four eyes potter vs roger the Indian feather

  8. Alan Ianke

    Mamedyarov was shacked!

  9. f12mnb

    Amazing game - shows that even in a position that has appeared many times, there can be new ideas.

  10. geometric art

    captures, captures and captures...

  11. Hunter Gehman

    Agad: hello everyone! Me: time to sit back and relax

  12. Nez-Gars

    4:55 one more and it's over

  13. Philip

    love the subtitles. "Vishwanathan Anand" = [commie gibberish] "Alexey Shirov" = [probably stalin]

  14. op launda

    I thought it was a picture of Anish

  15. DUCKY

    nvm I see it now

  16. DUCKY

    for the end cant u just move the king to g 8 and u can stop the pawn

  17. Vicente Gonçalves

    I haven't scanned the comments yet, but I'm positive that someone commented on the ridiculous resemblance with Anish Giri of that indian guy

  18. Vivek Joshi

    #suggestion.. Koneru Humpy games from cairns cup 2020

  19. Elit666

    downvote for drawn game

  20. GamingBacon97

    maybe I'm stupid but I feel like a lot of people resign way too early. Just because you are losing doesn't mean your opponent won't fuck up.

  21. Vivek Joshi

    Man.. Online game or not... Definitely a brilliant game by Raunak... I mean beating Shakhriyar Mamedyarov is simply incredible.. I don't even remember what I did wen I was a 14 year old..

  22. Alex G.

    Tal is indestructible, it's like the guy is incapable of losing a game.

  23. James Holbrook

    How fast are these games played does it all happen in like 3 seconds or something

  24. NIA Mac


  25. Daniel Gunter

    That's a beautiful game.

  26. Wyatt The Gryffindor

    how do you cheat at chess?

  27. Ajai Goyal

    What about Morphy saga broo

  28. N20 Games

    Beautiful and relentless attack!

  29. MachineGunner tv

    Your videos are like a sleeping pill good night <3

  30. Muhammed Shaker


  31. Schroeder Luck

    Sadhwani looks like Giri and Caruana combined

  32. Supernova

    Sick attack!!! Wow!

  33. pcandmacturorials

    Spasky s knight on D6 at 7:42 is an absolute monster i mean look at it our of 8 sqares it can attack at once it is attack 6 of them It is just phenomenal

  34. mark cromer

    And now, in Feb 2019, you are almost at 570,000 subs.

  35. Dave Nub Fisher

    "collecting suits" lmao

  36. Antonio Salvador

    Great title haha

  37. Lior Kravitz

    now it's over 9,000

  38. Zarif Tahmid Shoeb

    At 12:02 if you give up the bishop,black will never loose.Thats because black has 2 pawns compared to White's one.And also if you neglect the two black pawns,white's bishop is also of the wrong colour (queening square not matching bishop's squares) so black will be able to stalemate or draw 🤔

  39. Emanuel Colon

    great game analysis thank you

  40. TheJibbaholic

    What a great game

  41. Anderson Amorim Da Silva

    Really thought that was Giri the whole time LOL

  42. Stephen Paul Nugent

    Maybe a rock opera

  43. Era Aion

    Not just any homeless looking person at the back of your Math class can get to 2800, when I grow up I wanna be Mamedyarov.

  44. Eternal Mirth

    This was a beautiful game.

  45. Matheus Lacerda

    To sum: that free pawn was not a free pawn

  46. Orid

    It’s cool you are a got fan because first time I saw you I thought you are Tyrion lol

  47. Darkin

    He was a Coach? Mr. F ing Coachmar

  48. Clayton Moore

    No Morphy’s head?!

  49. Apex Maintenance

    Thanks for explaining that rule. I watched the match and thought that Magnus would have resigned but because there were so many pieces on the board it is possible to blunder and win with a smothered mate.

  50. Jose Ignacio

    Would be nice to see the approximate rating of the players...

  51. my youtube

    In move 8:15 try to find the move that is invisible to engine

  52. David Boss

    There should NOT be a resign button between chess engines. It is ridiculous. We wana see it right until the checkmate. Also, I'm sure they are going to learn even more if they go to the very end

  53. J P

    I thought he lost in 12 moves. So when you said find the winning move, I got confused because there wasnt one. Lol

  54. gürel arikan

    that's only a twist cuz of the way you told the story - which made it a clickbait.

  55. Jack Schroeder

    So sorry for your girlfriend's/your loss and sending love to you both and the family

  56. Schwadevivre


  57. madTurk

    I wish you wouldn’t talk to much and start the game ,,,dam u love talking


    Sadwhani is Giri after the successful plastic surgery..

  59. Koodauskanava

    How could Magnus miss the Rh7 move. I found the move in 30 sec and I was shock when you said he missed it.

  60. Boom Jonggol

    1.36 Qb6 is a normal move to see for a London system like setup.

  61. Thomas

    Absolutely brilliant on the part of Sadhwani, it's like he knew how it would end from the early beggining!

  62. Andrew

    he looks like anish giri

  63. bondph malicsi

    His face looks like 80% Anish and 20% Vidit

  64. Fancy Prince


  65. Taher Ramadan

    The movie is Bless the woman

  66. John Whitworth

    Marshall was a Super tournament player..but a lousy match player..he lost a Match against Siegbert Tarrasch 8-3...Since Tarrasch and Lasker disliked each other Lasker showed ne coulddefeat Marshall by an even wider margin......Lasker challenged Marshall and won 8-0....Devastating loss for Marshall...then..a glutton for punishment .. Marshall lost to Capablanca 8-1..makes you wonder how Lasker would have fared against Capablanca had they played 20 years BEFORE 1921...when Lasker might have been a tad past his prime...


    Your channel is great, and I don't think you should never apologize. You give us great content for free. Thanks for that!

  68. Travis

    Magnus Carlsen is an excellent visitor of nice places.

  69. Honourable Doctor Edwin Moriarty

    Surely, Gukesh D has to be younger.

  70. Yadasampati

    This winning queen sacrifice is so beautiful!

  71. Felix Balulu

    nosel.info/video/video/xqGKZ2S8mJdplJo.html 1,000,000,000

  72. Francisco Cruz

    Chess threesome, huh?

  73. Joey P

    Youthful exuberance, this game was very energetic very well done. Can't see why anyone would dislike this game, but what would I know.

  74. Le Prisonnier


  75. Travis

    *Limitlesschess.com** advert:* "High quality video courses are the most modern and efficient way to increase your goals." *Agadmator Subscribers:* "Well no shit! Then get out of my way and let me watch this high quality, modern, and efficient video course by Antonio." [Clicks _Skip Ad_ button]

  76. Vulpush X

    Shocking ... simple as that ...

  77. AOB

    Raunak deserved a Morphy head!

  78. GOODBYE1209

    And then carlsen woke up and shook his hand, he beat max sleeping.

  79. Samuel White

    Such an amazing game wowsa

  80. Julia Truchsess


  81. Rohan Vidhate

    No he is not the youngest GM from India age wise. GM D Gukesh is youngest and GM Raunak Sadhwani is latest GM from India

  82. duartista

    Hi Antonio! I thought that Gukesh D was younger than Sadhwani, right?

  83. Kas van der Horst

    Thank you for making shorter videos once again

  84. Siam Bloom

    What is your rating?

  85. Mark Davis

    My cat just opened with with pawn b7 to floor. Is that legal?

  86. Giampiero Veneroso

    9:55 there is Queen to A.6

  87. jason


  88. manuel santiago

    When us, non native English speakers, go to fast, we make a lot of mistakes. But to me is one of the endearing things about Antonio. En vivo!

  89. Alan Bright

    11,500 views in 3 hrs :D

  90. ManOfCulture

    Wow this is something you just dont do against a super gm. great king hunt

  91. Louis Gedo

    Wow.......impressive play by the young man!

  92. jmt luimem

    the usual biggest mistake in chess, underestimating your opponent, sometimes results in very creative games..

  93. Joe Roberts

    That was impressive to say the least

  94. Michał Blus

    Hey :) I love your channel. I think maybe you should do the materials for beginners? something like openings and basic tactics? I think it will be very helpful :) Best regards :)

    1. edi


  95. Kolibri

    Wow, Mamedyarov sure got rusty.

  96. misomiso

    So all the vid ideas for you posted in the last few days in on easy place! (in no Particular order) 1. The Fischer v Spassky rematch 2. A really great Carlsen London System game 3. Kasparov Kramnik 2000, the games Kramnik won 4. A Game of Kramnik destroying the King’s Indian 5. Kasparov v the World 6. Annand Carlsen 2014 7. Vids on Famous Chess Variants - not just 960, maybe Capabalanca Chess, or even Chinese chess or the Original Chatranja. Love the channel

  97. Shashank Kapur

    I am just a rookie player but when u showed the move bishop c4 i immediately saw the move rook a4 8 dont know how but first time i calculated a super gm move kuddos to myself

  98. happy feet

    There is no link to morphy's opera house game in description !?!

  99. Ephime Macabre

    7:05 What if black played d4 instead?

  100. Corey Burton

    India....producing Grandmasters at an alarming rate