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  1. Mihaela Muntean

    Elon is not a unique case. You don't know that. You don't know what the next billionaire will do. They are not actually stealing the money and they go back into the economy anyway.

  2. Joe TB

    defending billionaires to this extent is a weird hill to die on

  3. SovietLlamaMC

    Can we not talk about politics? I watch the podcast to unwind and forget about my hectic bullshit life for 1 to two hours, not to get pissed off. Bring back the mobility mary vibes.

  4. Mihaela Muntean

    Dan is a communist. lol The government is not that smart, see the ex communist states. We need to respect private property cause that brings progress through competition. All these new developments are destroying our planet but their are also our only chance to save it. We need to accelerate it so we can make the jump to.

  5. Michael Lena

    This is some uncomfortable stuff lol I hope this really is a schtick, otherwise i feel bummed for Dan and Ian.

  6. Hunter Green

    This is late 90s Howard Stern grade material. Some people weren’t into it back then, it looks like some people aren’t into it now... there you go. Wow H3 great moves, proud of you.

  7. Emily Lu

    I'm a nurse, crocs are the best.

  8. dream sequence

    Ethan and Hila: *buy a $9 million dollar house* Ethan and Hila: "Rich people aren't bad people you guys honestly"

  9. Powerpuff Girl

    As a longterm fan, I am very dissapointed in this behaviour of Ethan and Hila

  10. pvle

    Ethan's comments about wanting to enrich the dynamics of the podcast don't seem to be coming from a genuine place after the way he dismissed Ian's comedic response to his question line. You wouldn't excuse this behaviour from a boss in any other workplace, why ignore it here?

  11. Michael Nevarez

    Love you Ian!

  12. Aerix xireA

    Ethan should stick to talking about his bathroom habits. Definitely more his pace. Why argue with Dan if he is going to be caught up on semantics or entirely miss the point?

  13. Danielle Delgado

    This podcast is toxic af. I feel bad for your employees

  14. Anipix

    Haha these comments, why do you guys overreact to an insane extent whenever Ethan does something? Ian said it’s not a problem and Ethan said he loves Ian, if Ian ain’t bothered then why the fuck are all of yall???? Seriously every other NOselr doesn’t get held to this insane standered but ever since the gokunaru videos the comments have been wild, talkin about Ethan needs to change his entire self and shut, he’s the fuckin same. He’s not a god stop acting like he needs to be some perfect little good boi, The podcast continued just fine and Ian was fine with it, we know Ian would say it would bother him like he had before, you all honestly just need to take the 9inch black dildo out of your cavernous holes fuck sake, didn’t know I was in a community of absolute brain dead children who thinks every NOselr they watch needs to act like how they think he should act. The best comments are “Ethan has changed hopes he takes these comments and changes himself” wtf are yall even on about, he needs to take your cry baby comments about how he talked to his employee who said he isn’t bothered by it and change what???? Such a minor issue overblown as usual, looking at the comments you’d think Ethan was screaming and swearing at Ian and shit not just a stern convo about how he wants his EMPLOYEE to play the show. Yall not gonna be able to handle having a boss are you? Actual children it seems. No other NOsel gets this kind of awkward, pathetic and misguided “criticism” he literally did nothing wrong, you think everyone agrees with you and that you are all right but fact is the views and others thousands of likes tells a different story, all it means is that we have a noticeable group of pathetic white knights, Ian is a fucking adult he doesn’t need you all to defend him he has before and would defend himself. He can handle it. He makes it clear when Ethan goes to far. Basically a bunch of nitpicking moral detectives have come out of the woodworks ever since the gokunaru video and all that shit that happened. This is Ethan and Hilas Show is their fucking employee isn’t doing their job they want him to then they literally can have a problem with that, they are his BOSS not his little playpen pal at the nursery, they are his boss and if they expect something else then that’s what it is. Even then they don’t even care this much about it in the first place they prodded him a little said they loved him and moved the fuck on, literally everyone is ok, stop crying, stop acting like morally superior freaks.

  15. Joe TB

    really hard to believe why you guys are supporting bernie, then?

  16. DoubleABeast 22

    Ha ha everyone whining in the comments, did you forget that this is the correct OPINION zone. If you don’t enjoy don’t watch. Papa bless 🙏

  17. Ali Babah

    he meant to say "the other guy" but said "buy"

  18. Glitter Pus

    2016 H3 would be hella mad at all this political talk

  19. RandomAlaskan

    Please for the love of god stop talking about money also don’t pick on Ian he’s the best

  20. Christopher Crago

    Ethan buddy why you always so mad at Ian, you get mad when he doesn’t talk and have fun, you get mad when he does talk and have fun, cmon man

  21. Jamie W

    Tyrannical king

  22. Wasp Syrup

    This is the first NOsel comment I've written in many years just to say: you are all voting for the same person and you are all integral parts of the same podcast. Please do not stop bitching at each other and please do not get rid of anyone on the crew.

  23. drewp831


  24. Jiminy Twinkletoes

    I honestly would rather listen to Ethan talking about wiping his ass than discussing politics.

  25. Sv Vr

    Wtf did they talk about gigi Hadid at all

  26. Sold'd

    @19:29 👌🏾

  27. Shamus Boulianne

    Most of these comments are trash but one thing that is getting tiring are the political discussions. Both Dan and Ethan clearly aren't prepared for such intense debate going into the show. It seems like they basically agree with each other they just devolve into arguing different points that are mostly to do with semantics. Still a great podcast and who doesn't like watching the occasional train wreck so whatever.

  28. Rachychu

    I’m beginning to think “PewDiePie will be here next week” and “PewDiePie was not able to be here” is a just a goof and gaff.

  29. sadontheoutside

    Also please let dan expand more on his political views, I think what he says is very interesting and I’d love to hear more of that

  30. Cooper Janke

    Why doesn't anybody know Ninja's tweet is a Yugioh quote 😂 the reactions everywhere are priceless

  31. Pesky Blinders

    Seems like you forgot how Hila was when she was camera shy. I been watching you since 50k subs, when Hila wouldn’t even show her face. I’m disappointed in how you’ve changed. You two bullying your own staff is just hella cringe for those of us who know how you were 5 years ago. Leave Ian alone he’s awesome!!

  32. Kiara JB

    I was just telling someone to listen to your podcast today in class and I really hope they don’t listen to this. I have love your show for years but the way you treated Ian was wrong

  33. sour rice

    ethan going off at ian with hila on the side just makes me think im a bystander whilst my teacher is telling off my friend bc i was making him laugh

  34. Pesky Blinders

    Seems like you forgot how Hila was when she was camera shy. I been watching you since 50k subs, when Hila wouldn’t even show her face. I’m disappointed in how you’ve changed. You two bullying your own staff is just hella cringe for those of us who know how you were 5 years ago. Leave Ian alone he’s awesome!!

  35. Pesky Blinders

    Seems like you forgot how Hila was when she was camera shy. I been watching you since 50k subs and Hila wouldn’t even show her face. I’m disappointed in how you’ve changed. You two bullying your own staff is just damn rude and hella cringe for those of us who know how you were 5 years ago. Leave Ian alone he’s awesome

  36. Kian Jalali

    Dan, Ian, and Zach should have their own podcast

  37. Jordan Meendering

    I never knew dan was such a radical liberal...

  38. Velvet Crowe

    I feel like all the so called fans in the comments are taking everything too serious

  39. elliottatk

    So its okay to make money off the backs of others. Name a billionaire who is good. Bill gates destroyed any company who looked like to compete... Amazon works rhere workers to death people have lost jobs for taking too long in the bathroom. Apple puts sown nets to stop people jumping out the windows instead of dealing with the issues.

  40. Pesky Blinders

    Seems like you forgot how Hila was when she was camera shy. I been watching you since 50k subs and Hila wouldn’t even show her face. I’m disappointed in how you’ve changed. You two bullying your own staff is just damn rude and hella cringe for those of us who know how you were 5 years ago. Leave Ian alone he’s awesome

  41. Samuraisahsah

    Worst podcast u guys have ever made by far. Ethan was on the rag

  42. Tibe

    Ethan: “demonizing rich people is not the right way to deal with it” Also Ethan: Jeff Bezos is the worst human ever

  43. Gustinas Alubickas

    At this point I'd rather watch podcast with only Zac, Dan and Ian since they are the only entertaining people left there. Ethan either talks about his toilet adventures for an hour or politics of which he has basic understanding of. It's also sad to see that old Hila is gone. What a heartless person would brag that she is hard on her employees, that's a toxic business practice. I've loved the podcasts for so long time now but this podcast was so disapointing, that i don't think I can continue watching this anymore. Sorry for my bad english.

  44. Slurpy Good

    shut up Ethan hes just going to tax billionaires their fair share

  45. Matt Holmes

    NASA has received massive budget cuts for over a decade now and part of the reason is from billionaires not paying taxes which has allowed companies like SpaceX to arise and do the job that NASA would be doing if their funding wasn't cut...

  46. Garbo

    I can’t stand how condescending and arrogant both Hila and Ethan sound. Then playing it off about the comment section not reacting well to their behavior. You wouldn’t be successful without your supporters. Ethan was the worst but Hila’s become super cringey too

  47. cpbritt

    I hope the whole thing with Ian was just a goof. And the 5k people who disliked got wooshed.

  48. Nick Tara

    Ethan's fascination with mayonaise continues

  49. Minaidly

    Dontcha love it when Ethan cant take a hint, gets butthurt, and dismisses it as goofing.

  50. Hellbound Wolf420

    I for one enjoyed Ian's banter tbh. But I do think he was a bit pissed off on how ethan and hila were ganging up on him so he continued his act. That's just my opinion. But that's definitely how I would act if I was pissed off and didn't want to say that I was.

  51. Niiayi87

    You guys should get Anand Giridharadas on the show.

  52. mike dagostino

    No ur in the woke percentage 😂 Dan, loser

  53. Brandon Coyan

    Ethan's growing wealth is making him a little nervous

  54. mike dagostino

    Yes we woke up, and ur an idiot

  55. Olivia Hanke

    I really liked this episode! I love your meta humor it’s great.

  56. Owen Crawford

    Dan and Ian need to start their own podcast. Ethan made a fool of himself in this episode; patronizing his employees, getting defensive when his points are disagreed with, overall seeming uninformed on topics at stake. “Playful banter” with Ian was truly uncomfortable content. I love this show and tune in to every episode, but this was truly a terrible show today and I hope fan feedback will help you realize this.

  57. mike dagostino

    Dan is an idiot

  58. mike dagostino

    Hila I like u but who TF is Yeng, lol Trump for the next 40 years

    1. But Not Tonight

      Yang was one of the Democratic candidates that was running for presidency, but he dropped out because no one gave him a chance.

  59. Devin Giltner

    Ethan why are you such an entitled prick to Ian in this episode? Genuinely can't understand where your little fit of outrage came from. He works for you, is perfectly friendly, and you're being not just unprofessional, but rude as hell, and making yourself look like a fool. I'm subbed here for a reason. You earned it. But this... This is really putting me off.

    1. Devin Giltner

      Ian says to leave him alone. That's fine, I get it. Nevertheless, he sounds like a total ass.

  60. Vanessa Aldaz

    Daaaaaamn Ethan and Hila are getting hate dude!

  61. Dont bother

    Been fan of those two since the beginning of h3h3 but I'm glad about what i see in the comment section. Funny how you shit on ethan and try to play it off as a joke, seems like with every new episode you get more cocky. Doing to yorr employees what bill burr did to you. And i'm sorry but Hila seems like the worst fucking person to work for.

  62. Caleb Reader

    Jesus. I hope Ian quits or at the very least takes a break for the next episode after being berated like that. Just to make a statement to Ethan about how employees shouldn’t be treated the way he treated Ian. “Why do I even talk to this guy”, “Turn of his mic. Do you agree Hila?” Talking like this to a guy who’s just trynna be himself while he’s still in the room is really gross, and I’ve lost a lot of respect for Hila and Ethan over this whole episode...

  63. Nice Profile

    Billionaires shouldn’t exist. Ethan says he can wrap his mind around that level of wealth. He’s wrong.

  64. No.

    Ethan can say whatever the fuck he wants chill. It’s his opinion no matter how uninformed he is

  65. Nik Rutherford

    Goddamn, Ethan I know you wont ever read any of this shit but maybe Dan or someone will and pass the message along. Perhaps Ian isn't giving you good answers for why he's sick because he knows that's a subject nobody gives a shit about and is just trying to move to the next subject.

  66. Emil Tedeholmlarsson

    Dan really thinks he knows everything about politics. But democratic socialism has a lot of bad things also

  67. Robert Johnson

    Doesn't Elon Musk fire workers that try to unionize? Sounds like a very nice billionaire Ethan, I'm glad you're sticking up for the oppressed rich guy.

  68. gavinwizard

    Why do I feel uncomfortable watching this 😓

  69. mike dagostino

    I hope u make ur own fortune, and we all want to take it from u

  70. Hennesey

    Ethan gotta hit the apology podium for ian and dan next episode 💯

  71. James Everitt

    This was very cringe to watch at times, not going to lie!

  72. Alen Zohrabyan

    What's wrong with capitalism? Idiot.

  73. Devin Giltner

    What an uncomfortable episode. Good grief!

  74. Muk My Bang

    Ian dan and zach > ethan

  75. helena petrovskaya

    I'm a dentist and I wear crocks, it's not because it's comfortable or anything like that, we are Just required to have footwear that can be cleaned with antiseptic, especially surgeons

  76. Alex DG

    Anyone know if it’s possible to view NOsel comment history? Whenever they reveal PewDiePie was never actually scheduled to come on and it was all just a meme, I’d like to know when I made a comment about that

  77. vito corleone

    Its a flogging down here

  78. alwayzjello

    Jon Hill is 31.

  79. mike dagostino

    Progressive tax rate ur a SS out America, go move to Denmark

  80. MatthewAmoah

    Macdonald’s vegan burgers are so nasty nobody touches them, but if they cut them from the menu people gonna riot. That’s why you guys ain’t gettem

  81. mike dagostino

    Get rid of this dude please, ur guy on the mic, get his pansy as s out

  82. Ashley Keading

    I like this podcast a lot but this one was hard to watch at some points idk I love love banter and sarcasm but you have to be sure not to cross the line between banter and being overly aggressive

  83. Rhyienne Fowler

    Yeah the first part of this podcast was definitely uncomfortable. And I feel really bad for Ian honestly like if he doesn’t wanna disclose his medical situation he doesn’t have to lol. Like wtf, and to ask “are you depressed?” Like what if he actually is. It’s one thing for someone to joke about their own mental health but it’s another thing to joke about some else’s. I remember seeing a post from Ethan on Twitter of him smiling in front of a suicide mental hospital or something and it was right after someone close to me killed themselves. It just really put me off and I haven’t seen him the same since. If you have to be offensive and edgy to be funny, you’re not funny. Ethan is literally Michael Scott and Ian is Toby.

  84. Lansky's Dad

    Dan 2020

  85. mike dagostino


  86. Amelia Louise

    The 52% tax rate is 10 million jfc you should know this.

  87. mike dagostino

    U guys r all so afraid to speak ur mind, ITS SO CRAZY, SAY WHAT U MEAN AND MEAN WHAT U SAY

  88. Rabi Halawani

    The only Hadid I like is Aaliya hadid

  89. Sam Sani

    Everyone is so upset Lmaoo

  90. TheHorizonTries

    If Bernie becomes President it will encourage companies to go overseas for labor and everything else, and the wealthy people will just leave the country and do their business elsewhere thats happy to have them

  91. killakatz

    Honestly how Ian was talking with Ethan was funnier than most Ethan’s skits lol lol

  92. David Rivera

    Its sad how hila and ethan are getting. More and more like children

  93. W 9797

    Daniel, you are a disengenuous boi

  94. Mini Wasp

    Ah, yes Tenerife in Italy.

  95. Amelia Louise

    Ethan doesn’t know shit about politics. Billionares shouldn’t exist because you can’t become an individual billionare without exploiting the working class and or taking advantage of slave labor in the third world. EAT THE RICH.

  96. leoalex Alepuz

    Ethan brings up Elon Musk or Bezos as the “good billionaires”. Bezos would have not accumulated so much wealth if it was not for exploiting his workers, not allowing them to even Unionize and paying his workers so little (until last year when Bernie bullied him into raising his wages to $15/hour) Elon is another example of someone who has overworked his workers with cases of multiple engineers leaving Tesla, sometimes while not even getting paid while he was still getting the quarterly dividends. You also leave out the most common case of Billionaires, like the Waltons (exploiting Walmart workers), the Koch brothers (hijacking our democracy), or Zuckerberg ( ignoring privacy rights for profit) Yes, billionaires have created great things but they have also done a lot of damage and increased inequality.

  97. Rushan Khurram

    Damn, I’m a huge fan of the podcast and never really understand the criticism it gets with interviews cause I personally like how unique it is, but that section with Ian was just terrible. Definitely need to be more professional than that, and maybe confront him in person off air instead of straight up airing dirty laundry in the open. But asides from that, keep up the good work H3 !! Papa bless

  98. Nane Brüggemann

    Sounds like he could have diabetes

  99. Batts and Jara

    omg Gigis answer was amazing LOVE it. girl

  100. cry more

    4:13 that photo does look photoshoped. It's like some crazy optical illusion