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  1. Colin Mc

    Best headed goal at United since Ronaldo’s against Roma

  2. spacekid1994

    bruno fernandez has added a whole new dimension to our attack and lindelof's wasn't there and look how well harry performed...not a coincidence

  3. Caca 2000

    Imagine, Bruno, Fred, and Ndidi in the midfield. Title winning midfield. We only lack one of them now.

  4. James Broadfoot

    Disagree with you Mark, Ighalo looked great. Give the man a break and watch his 5 min cameo again... shielded the ball FANTASTICALLY well and almost scored a goal! 7.5/10 for his short time on the pitch.

  5. Travel Theory

    Harry McGuire is the best defender in the world right now

  6. D Devil10

    De gea:7 Williams:6 Shaw:7 Maguire:8 Bailly:8 Wan bassaka:8 Matic:7 Fred:8.5 Bruno:7.5 Martial:7 James:5.5

  7. Jay Ess

    For Bruno to earn an 8 in his 2nd appearance...

  8. 2626hunter

    Pogba is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember this Mark

  9. Sam Morrissey

    Them player ratings make no sense

  10. Mick Gee


  11. Hughesy Plays

    Var didn't exist when Drogba was a country mile offside at old trafford...

    1. Ashley Thomas

      Chelsea still would've won that game 1-0 anyway without Drogba's goal.

  12. John up gaming

    Bruno needs more praise

  13. Dr Chunky Biscuit

    "Keep him at Crapsea & he might!" Well said Flex. 😂😂😂😂

  14. Gareth Rumsey

    Lads Maguire should have been off, it was silly, stupid and especially seeing as he’s the captain but he got the goal and he’ll starting proving the price tag if he keeps that up, him and bailly together may work best for the future and Kante going off I think affected the game massively, wonder if Chelsea wish they had matic back 🤷🏻‍♂️🙊

  15. bonesjuones melo

    Always quick to say Fred gave the ball away. But then Flex has to remind him so did Matic

  16. Jay Ess

    Agree. Bailly was fantastic. Just needs to play within himself. Stop trying to do too much. 👍

  17. Nahom Firew

    No one:..... Absolutely no one:.......... Saeed: Yeah yeahhhhh

  18. Freddie Ferguson

    the game proved we will not miss pogba soon as he is gone we can start a fresh with bruno who plays for the badge instead off himself pogba has to be sold putt this nonsence to saga to bed for good

  19. J. Kelley

    Love fred speaking up and balling out.

  20. AJP Reactions

    We done it again loving it

  21. AJP Reactions

    We done it again loving it

  22. AJP Reactions

    We done it again loving it


    FLEX N SAEED 👏👏🙏🙏🙏

  24. C Joe

    Skinny guy in the middle looks like he can't wait to eat Saeed.

  25. TuKay 2K

    Ref said no red Checked VAR twice still said no red Then what?

  26. Ali Whittington

    If the lads start grinding out results and looking tidy without pogba, pogba will get jealous and want to be the star player at united, he's a narcissist and the club needs to play him like one.


    Ighalo opened up chelsea in his 2min cameo 🔥🤧

  28. Gareth Rumsey

    Literally have no idea what Fred does but Fred is simply Fred... he was everywhere, stringing passes tackling and getting in Chelsea players faces, no idea why he got the yellow though but that’s PL refs for you 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


    Fred just great


    Mason Gunwood would have badded up azpilicueta on the right wing ngl 🔥

  31. mike CASS

    Dan James 4. No more. Just not able.

  32. Cole T

    I just hope bailey can stay fit. I thought he was gonna he injured after that tackle. Big ups for AWB, Bailey, Maguire for the goal. Martial class header ( bout time ). Overall good game. Ole played it well, well done to the team!

    1. Cole T

      Splasha it was towards scoring a goal in general. It’s been awhile. Plus we haven’t scored in the last 3 prem games. So this was nice to have 2 and get the win against Chelsea. As well as martial scoring helps gives confidence

    2. Splasha

      @Cole T Martial's last PL goal was a header tbh

    3. Cole T

      Petyr Baelish oh yeah man! Great game for shaw. I left a few out. Like Fred was amazing. Bruno great game again. And they didn’t play him at cdm which I knew they wouldn’t. I would say only bad part of the game ( from ole ) was subbing perreia on. But having Lingard out of the team was a big yes!

    4. Petyr Baelish

      Luke Shaw good at LCB as well.

  33. C Joe

    Flex: I want you to rate Marciel Ricky: It's MARSHALL, punk.

  34. TuKay 2K

    GGMU 💪

  35. Andrew Wright

    3.30. It would be weird if Ricky suddenly nutted Flex.


    Daniel James just runs, runs and runs but not effective one, he doesn't even look at the ball when he is running, did you see the ball that landed on his head during the match by not looking where the ball goes!?

  37. Sonicsubzz

    let's be real out here

  38. PandaBrookie

    Fred the red MOTM and the captain fighting for his team.. love it. I feel Martial, ighalo and either James or Greenwood should start against Watford.. 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1

  39. Jay Ess

    Anytime De Gea doesn't have to come up with 2 world class saves, he gets a 7? 😀

  40. Bri254

    Bailly is top quality but he his so injury prone hopefully he stays fit. Fred has gone from playing like Kleberson to playing like Bryan Robson :)

  41. mark theballer

    When I was this early city were still in the cl

    1. D Devil10

      mark theballer they are still in the champions league though lol they play Real Madrid Wednesday the 26th

  42. ZAIN Mohammad

    Today is a good day

  43. Jay Ess

    Must win vs Watford.

  44. lee alexander

    Im here only because of "Marshalllll"

  45. Khaled Arnaout

    I can't help it but disliking your videos everytime I see you covering up for Marial. He is SOOOOOO terrible

  46. Who’s Petcov

    Can we build on this? We been saying this all season...

  47. Andrew Wright

    We weren’t great but that’s the first game I’ve enjoyed for a while. bit of passion. Wan Bissaka gettin’ in Azpilecueta’s face. And Bailly? Ighalo hatrick v Watford on Sunday.

  48. George Baker

    Agree with every rating mark. Fair play 🤟

  49. Robert Mr Bitches Freeman


  50. Joseph Cooper


  51. zhongming wen

    Does no one wants 4th place now? Okay we'll take it then.

  52. Red Lavish

    If shaw can get miraculously back to what he was like before the leg break. We have some seriously good full back at this club but we seriously need to invest up front.

  53. Ayan Mishra

    VAR-chester United

  54. 17degea

    my wife wont like it but this is the bang of the day for me😄

  55. Matthew Snider

    A vital 3 points, and a chance---repeat, CHANCE---to truly push on and shake off the mud of this season. Consistency has eluded us this year, but we once again have an opportunity in front of us. Let's take advantage, COME ON. Thanks as always for the content, Flex.

  56. Surya Sivakumar


  57. AJP Reactions

    We done it again loving it

  58. Pacybits AYJG

    Fred is an absolute baller, he was literally everywhere ❤️

    1. jake MCC

      @HeyHeyIamYourFreind Fred is unbelievable the last few months

    2. PriinceBrvce_LUHG_

      Pacybits AYJG We can get far better quality in the summer.

    3. Jickerty

      @HeyHeyIamYourFreind okay mate

    4. HeyHeyIamYourFreind

      fred lost the ball more than every one but still people give him too much credit , hes avarage player who need to be replaced in the future .

  59. Mojo K

    No Pereira, No Lingard 👍👍👍

  60. Jay Ess

    Fred set up Martials goal. Think about that. In addition to everything else he does? He's a man.

  61. AJP Reactions

    We done it again loving it

  62. Harry Davies


  63. ImabinA YT


  64. Jonathan Pelham

    I've started hitting like on Ricky's slot before I've even watched it these days.....hahaha

  65. Christian Calkins

    Pogba could come back on the left

  66. TelePeds

    Lesson from this game i hope ole learns 1. BW and Shaw can both play not BW vs Shaw 2. James, Rashford and Martial shouldnt all start. Any 2 of these 3 makes us a more balanced team and gives us an option on the bench 3. 3 center backs works when it is all quality. Still want Ole out.

  67. ndongmo joseph

    ive always said ricky should go to a retirement home.... this man gets everyone confused....and am actually writing exams tomorow so its actually a bad idea listening to him...MOTM luke more than baffling

  68. port gamer

    Whos that from the walking dead in the middle

  69. Gareth Rumsey

    Can see why other PL clubs wanted Bailly the last two seasons, after that performance I would have snapped him up instead of having a clumsy mustafi, an ageing vertonghen or a John stones in a team

  70. Alexandre

    No disrespect to Goldbridge but this format is so much more engaging than hours on of the same old monologue rant. I realise editing is labour and time consuming but a combination of both would take this franchise to another level.

  71. Irishluckmate

    Igahlo has such a good chance when he came on, man he should've taken it!!

  72. PandaBrookie

    Oh here we go. Freestyle... Fred the red MOTM... Ighalo must start.. the short time he was in, he showed class, a true stricker... I hope Man U plays a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 against Watford

  73. Red Lavish

    Imagine Fred pogba and Fernandes in a 3. We need more sighing up front. I was gutted we didn’t get ziyech.

  74. Saantos 23

    Lmaoo bro relax U so gassed we all know your team U ain't beating Watford lol

  75. Jay Ess

    Can Bailly be a future Nemanja Vidić? If he protects himself from wreckless challenges, he's got the ability. Future legend?

  76. Dylan Thomas

    I thought Brandon Williams had a poor game

  77. Avery Thompson

    I’m still Pochetino in

  78. Ariel DblackiD

    For those who don’t want to watch the entire interview- here’s the highlights: No freestyle football mate Obviously mate Bruno Fc mate We gonna get top 4 mate Quality was there mate Harry Beckenbauer mate 💯💯💯

    1. XxAmMoxX Makavelii

      He loves saying the word mate

  79. Rizwaan

    I think Matic is playing so well cuz he knows he's not gonna be in the team for long. Pretty sure it's him who's gonna be dropped for Mcsauce, and I think that's the right call

  80. Gareth Rumsey

    Didn’t go to the game but watched it on tv from what I can see and I guess a lot of other people will say.... VAR got the two Chelsea goals right, one was a push and giroud was offside, the willian penalty call.. aww personally it’s not a penalty but they’ve definitely been give by others refs, question is why not use the pitch side screen to definitely decide on it even if it takes that extra minute or so then there no complaints

  81. Erik Cruz

    Willian with a little A class lmao flex killing me

  82. Zen Zaman

    U can see why Matic is so good than Scott

  83. kasper englund

    Forget about the top 4. Thanks to the man city bookmakers its now all about the top 5!

  84. Jasin Kodzodziku

    If Ighalo scored I woulda jizzed

  85. Liam Clarke

    Shaw lacks the athleticism to play as a modern FB & physicality to play as a CB in a back 2 but has the perfect built & technique to play as LCB in a 3. LCB or defensive FB are his only positions now. He could develop into a decent CDM but it would take time & patience.

  86. Sean Fagan

    Bailly was a 6 or 7. Very shaky first 15 min and almost cost us a goal in the second half

  87. Rizwaan

    Let's all forget about the numerous headed sitters Maguire has missed throughout the season... 👀

  88. Mandja Keemo

    who is that dossa standing in the middle, freaks me out damn It!

  89. Uwimana Nyirarukundo

    Fre the better than kante for real

  90. The Batman Channel

    3:25 lmao😂😂😂

  91. Gareth Rumsey

    Ricky let me borrow that cap for the Cheltenham festival next month 👋🏻😂

  92. Christine Buchan

    Condolences and prayers to Harry Gregg's family. A true hero you'll never be forgotten

  93. Karan Hebbar

    Is that pep in the background?

  94. Leenkesh Ramlagun

    Today we feast using this bountaeous wifi. Ding dong.


    Look if the shoe was on the other foot Chelsea fans be saying something completely different.

  96. Gareth Rumsey

    Love Ricky’s interviews, goes in depth, praises and give constructive criticism to a number of players, style of play and Ole. Keep it up fella, I love it when he states something and the crowd around him react and think he’s mad and then 1/2 weeks later he proves most people wrong. Man U’s Claude and the voice of reason 🤙🏻

  97. EverythingSport HQ

    Ricky was screaming for us to play Matic for ages and he was right all along. Hes been class since he come back

  98. Jay Ess

    Wilian clattered? WTF?

  99. IT'S_Bless

    Kante looks up to my guy Fred 😂

  100. Real Nayn

    3:30 ... Ricky had me creasing ffs 😂😂😂