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  1. garydrago

    Hahaha 1 dollar framed hahaha he's only got 1 donor hahaha he's got 8 years free and totally isn't a robot and/or a possessed mannequin All jokes aside he is actually pretty witty but I cannot handle 2 Republican billionaires fighting it out for president We need Bernie to save ourselves from this madness

  2. Steve Miller

    Its fantastic seeing all these stories of X-democrat voters leaving there party to join republicans. Alot of them feel as though the Democratic Party left them even though they grew up on democrats. It just had alot to do with basic facts and common sense. These smart American people left after the MANY lies being told about Trump they saw right through the BS with russia , mexicans , immigration , racism , completely false statements , hitler comparisons , ukraine the list never stops. Even more left the democrats when the media and late shows such as this one continued lying and falsely shaming Donald Trump excessively and constantly even Trump family was being targeted pathetic and disgraceful really . My only conclusion to why the left does this utter crap and still continues to this day is to create division amoung the people as well as brainwash the living hell outta the lefty liberals who will just not wake up. Or its a big distraction to whats really going on . Still think Trump is a crook you silly lefty liberal ?? well if Trumps a crook (which he isnt) Hillary Clinton is a master mind super villain of the century by far theres an entire universe difference between these two . But the dems do what they do best and thats accuse everyone else of the crimes they have already committed. How much longer will they get away with this tactic ? Rumour has it Hillary Clinton will be Bloombergs vice president talk about personal vendettas lmfao. By the way i identify as Jeffrey Epstein my pronouns are " I did not / Kill Myself " .Trump 2020 maga kag ;-).

  3. Michael DeSilvio

    Corn pop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys with rusty straight razors and malarkey. 🍕 🌈

  4. Annabella Li

    PLOT TWIST: this *IS* actually Dylan

  5. Robert Gillespie

    nowhere CLOSE to Robin Williams talent. Just a loudmouth with some funny movies 20+ tears ago.

  6. thornograff

    Weird how Colbert is defending the dem establishment. Lost respect for him. Went from being an independent comedian to being an establishment defender.

  7. Robert Gillespie

    Jim Carrey has always been a cocky F*ckhead, that thought he was Robin Williams. Its been so nice for me and my family to watch his downfall.

  8. The Pearl

    I do not believe this guy - I think he has imagined all of this. He may be merely attempting to remain relevant. It is obvious that this guy is obsessed with our government leaders. Poor old guy, must be lonely.

  9. Dietterich Labs

    Destroying a bassoon is a stupid thing to do

  10. Nabanita banerjee

    Jonbeard and Colbeard need to get back together. It's as important as oxygen for life on earth.

  11. Amanda Ruger

    Anyone notice the band played ‘Round Midnight’?

  12. Aya Noureldin

    He sounds like he’d be grace’s Irish brother or something 💀

  13. Allison Spencer

    C'mon, Colbert! Small man syndrome coming through on this interview. Sam is a classy gent to put up with you.

  14. Lana Panko

    The fact that I can't stand Steven Colbert is overridden by my adoration of Tom. He is simply adorable.

  15. Dietterich Labs

    You only knew bassoon and oboe? Here are some that you forgot: contrabassoon contraforte tenoroon dulcian oboe d'amore english horn (cor anglais) bass oboe heckelphone lupophone crumhorn shawm the entire sarrusophone family reed contrabass

  16. Pat's Amazing Blends

    Magic. These 2 are just sensational together.

  17. Broken Jpg

    The best part of waking up is Foldgers up your butt.

  18. A7xFo

    Libtard Colbert. Awful host. luckily Conan carried this episode.

  19. Hogfart S

    Inbred Jerks!🤣🤣🤣

  20. nrsrymj

    THE TIME IS NOW!!! ~ Killer Mike

  21. Christina Moreno

    Fabulous woman!!so impressed!!powerful voice, let's lisen to her!!!!she is the real deal..🥰😘💪👏👍👌

  22. hi sub

    now he's bald LOL

  23. Camo Dude

    399 people love Neil but hate Colbert... ...understandable...

  24. Creamapera

    Why is it the Demorats destroy every city they are in control of? How's that crime wave going in Nyc? Lets get rid of bail as it discriminates against poor people. Yes, that was a good move wasn't it! You NEED Trump.

  25. Varian Midoriya

    I am pretty sure this is all comical, but if not I would like to add that I don't find Mindhunter The Musical would be a very good idea because I don't know... musicals of that genre don't really work out- I dislike Silence! Maybe it could work with a certain set of cast members- like Jonathan Groff oh is he excellent at the things they do, but it could not work on its own.

  26. Andrew Desrosiers

    When half of someone’s face doesn’t move, I don’t trust them

  27. Kristian Brandt

    I think Pete would be the first LGBT person to do anything, Pete Buttigieg is, as far as I know, just gay. You can't be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender at the same time, at least two of those cancel each other out.

  28. Raven Adamson

    bloomberg is so condescending.

  29. xMidgeWON


  30. Jason Firewalker

    Manchester NH is a cockroach infested meth lab.

  31. Adam Epp // AE Media

    The plot Will describes for his movie sounded familiar...is it based off a viral video or something of a real husband ditching his family?

  32. lbryanyangl

    4:37 that hand shake was smooth

  33. Turtl3PlayZ

    Friends was the only show of this magnitude and reach I hate how that ended but this was happy but fulfilling it was the best ending of any shows like it

  34. L Erkins

    It is so great to actually watch a clip that is mostly viewed by like minded people! 😁👍🏼I made the mistake of watching Romney being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox. 😒I knew with those two speaking on why Romney voted the way he did, even on Fox, it would be a fair and truthful interview ( things the Trumpers don’t like) so color me surprised when I read all the idiotic responses from them! Why would they even watch?🤨 They were calling Romney a sinner and saying that he was jealous of Trump because Trump won and he didn’t. Everyone was lying because that WAS a perfect call and it was proven by Trump’s counsel. Hmm! 🤔Was it? The DNC keeps losing by bringing fake charges against their BELOVED Trump! They said that Romney and McCain need to burn in Hell together😡. They were both traitors and losers. So on and so forth. People were actually thumb upping all of this nonsense and in HUGE numbers! 😳I was like, “Whoa! Where am I? “The Twilight Zone”? Are these people seriously for real?! I tried to set some records straight with them but quickly got overwhelmed by the lunacy of it all! They kept calling me Strawman and I am like you are the ones with the tinfoil caps on your heads. Can you really try to read me? After time I countered their ignorance with facts they began to call me names and insult me instead of addressing anything I said. When I criticized Trump for PRETENDING to be a patriot while he dodged serving the military his entire life when because I did what he couldn’t. One of them replied, if you did indeed serve. Oh, for me it is IF I served while you are willing to follow Trump to the ends of the earth KNOWING he hasn’t. These patriotic people called McCain a traitor and a loser and made light of him being a POW, even mocked him for it! They are so ignorant and proud of it that they don’t realize you CAN be a Christian and a Democrat. You can be a moderate. ALL Democrats don’t agree with all of the same issues. They even called me an “abortionist” because I said that even though I am not FOR abortions I still don’t feel that it is my right to tell these women what to do with their bodies. I said that there could be more stringent enforcement such as you have to be at least in your twenties, it shouldn’t be used recreationally, it shouldn’t be late term, there should be counseling where other options are discussed and that if rape or anything like that take place then that is an extreme circumstance and should be handled accordingly. They told me I was going to Hell and that everyone who has an abortion should commit suicide and die and burn. I told them the God I serve doesn’t preach hate, wishing harm on those who don’t agree with you isn’t being a Christian. The God I serve doesn’t preach damnation for sins you may commit as long as you repent. That is why I always say you tell people and make them aware but ultimately it is between them and God. These are the same people who want to keep the government out of their healthcare but it is okay for the government to dictate to a woman what she can or can’t do with her body! Ridiculous! 🤦🏻‍♂️These people are extremely psycho. The bad thing is they don’t realize how sick they really sound. That is one of the reasons I was hoping Trump would be voted out in a bi partisan way so that our country would be saved from all of this willful ignorance and constant lunacy we are currently dealing with!

  35. xMidgeWON

    Can we have Bloomberg just make Yang president??

  36. Austin Gregory

    I’ve been watching a lot of Pete Holmes clips lately and was caught off guard by how tall he is compared to others

  37. Liz b

    I like michelle she just minds her business, does her thing ,does it well and she’s so cute!!

  38. Tremayne Wilson

    Actually he didn’t talk on Mr. Bean because of a speech impediment. And the show was filmed in front of a French audience instead of an English audience to prove that comedy translates in all languages. #TrueStory

  39. Andrea

    I think if John Stewart showed up with scotch, it could be funny to dilute it with fresca... Not actual guests who are trying to promote their pride and joy products.

  40. TheCedilia

    Homeland went downhill after Peter Quinn. I'll still watch the last season though...

  41. LeavingIt Blank

    Wow. Some of you take this show way too seriously.

  42. hfanti

    6:26 I guess they were Good Will Hunting.

  43. jrhager84

    I love how this guy foolishly thinks he can just throw money around to erase his racist mayoral policies. No thanks, bud. ;)

  44. shawm3n

    Think of all the crap work this guy would be pushing out if Hillary had won the election.

  45. Maddox 92

    This was a good interview lol

  46. Gabriel Frank-McPheter

    Colbert is not funny. I didn’t laugh once.

  47. M M

    Jim is really trying to be there for the fans! I thought he was done with hollywood after his spiritual journey but im sure the higher ups convinced him to come back for the love of the fans!

  48. Daniel Castelli

    The world is better with him in it, I hope he knows that.

  49. Aaron King

    Bernie is a multimillionaire and owns 3 exspensive homes..He aint walking what he's talking .. He's a charlatan. Why is it greed to want to keep what you earn but not greed to want to take what others earn.

  50. Loonimis

    He looks like a Jo Jo character

  51. boltoms

    *Best. Entrance. Ever.*

  52. Tig

    1:27 "It's so good to be back." Hell yeah.

  53. J Corona

    Moderates, and Established Democrats like Pete still B.S. the public. (Secular Talk, nosel.info/video/video/rK2JqKLVY5WpzbM.html ). Deep state controlling them, the Republicans and some at the DNC party. They, the Deep State will never let them do anything for the public.

  54. Lanny Yeomans

    she said mrs obama was a female? ha ha now thats funny

  55. Susan Bieber

    Sam, as always, gives his due to the writer and his fans and was a perfect gentleman. Stephen Colbert - you were a very poor excuse for a host during this interview. Let's be frank, Mr. Colbert - you were pretty much a horse's ass. Sam is beloved by his fans, and he deserved a much better interview than the one you conducted. Your curt rudeness wasn't funny - at all. Boo Hiss to you, Mr. Colbert.

  56. CandieLand's Sweet Adventures

    Ok this was genuinely funny. 😂😂 "Nope it's pumpkin pie" ☠️

  57. Caroline Morphis

    When mom gave birth to that she did not name it billy

  58. Sk'2500

    3:42 what's missing? Was hoping for Jim to say "well my tooth"

  59. Pete Price

    Shane in Irving

  60. Mitch Albracht

    America should stop concerning themselves with electing ‘the first .... ever’. Didn’t go so well last time.

  61. Daniel Johnson

    this guy has no reason to be president.

  62. Andrew Haley

    "Does anyone read the paper"

  63. buisyman

    This wouldn't be near as good if you couldn't see his facial expressions, lmfao.

  64. Gpig20

    Are we just going to ignore that incredible koolaid man description?

  65. Not Foryou

    Liars. Where’s the boos Colbert.

  66. efree345

    I got a law suit for him. He should sue his parents for having unprotected sex and conceiving this idiot!

  67. Ayo M

    oh my god i miss them so much

  68. Abdul basit Rahmani

    Those who dislike this are Luca fans.

  69. Omaigad Brochacho


  70. Scott Mac

    4:02 Steven, you’ve apparently missed the mumbling thing... Trump in this clip is using his right hand to point backwards - indicating the side Pence was on...

  71. Duane Locsin

    Does Stephen Colbert still believe in fighting for "those who do not have power"?

  72. Big Brother

    Crack will last as long as the cia

  73. Duane Locsin

    +medicare for all, affordable housing, minimum wages to livable, progressive tax system, get money out of politics, GND etc... are popular policies that benefit the 99.90% and the way to defeat Trump, NOT Hillary Clinton 2.0 Democrats. ANOTHER CHANCE AMERICA FOR REAL CHANGE. Bernie Sanders 2020 "Not me. Us"

  74. WesMordine

    I think he's joking, people.

  75. Kris Maganti

    AOC is just beyond amazing, orange imbecile can call her "bartender from the Bronx" and all the other insults he can think of, but bottom-line is AOC is just way beautiful, way smarter and way dynamic than anyone on the other-side of the aisle, so it is natural Fox News and White House constantly targets her, she is a beautiful menace to lot of her opponents, her winsome smile, her charisma and her great heart reminds me of JFK, she is going to be a real Wonder Woman of the USA, LOVE YOU SO MUCH AOC!!

  76. Bell Time

    Next:Tom Cruise vs. Justin Beaver.

  77. Brindle Walsh


  78. alextheromanian

    Killer mike keeps killin itttt!

  79. carl jordan

    Solid American man. Just today read an interview in The Guardian newspaper with him...I wish him lots of joy in the future. Seems like an honest man during times when many people are dishonest. Love listen to him talking (and singing). Go for it James.

  80. Alex Landherr

    At 2:22, could say the same things about Republicans.

  81. Jake4rmStateFarm

    *Bloomberg vs Trump 2020*

  82. Powerofthree

    The thing I really love about him is that he is a combination of a daring actor and a modest, introvert person with adorable personality.

  83. Joy Miller

    Hes thirsty allright

  84. Steve Hampton

    They could write him back in lol - Been in a coma for 20 years

  85. SEN

    Stephen felt a takeover.

  86. Paula Gabriela

    The fact that people are surprised that Josh Hutcherson is THIS way in real life, surprises me .... Like he was like THIS in EVERY hunger games interview! This just reminded me how much I used to love hearing him ... He hasn't changed, but he has improved!

  87. Michael Javert

    He should have saw the one where Justin Bieber tore off Janet Jackson's Brassiere !

  88. Lindalee Law

    He'a so much more vital and viral then Trump

  89. SEN

    "Tell him to stop or I'll pull up his search history." That single line has put that movie in a horror genre. Nightmares.

  90. Rachel Anne Hicks

    The white men I know, as well as my 3 sons, get their hair cuts for $12. Although he isn't completely right about that-maybe white WOMEN pay $50 for a hair cut, I agree with everything else he says here & in the Bernie Sanders AD. BERNIE 2020

  91. Snarky . Live

    I am really happy Sonic is doing well in the box office and I hope to see it to support Jim.

  92. ehalljay1

    Lol no walls could hold em!!!! Rofl

  93. Julie Le

    Woah they didn’t even get it right in the description box. It’s the fifth season NOT THE SIXTH!

  94. Linda Thalman

    Just the funniest Will Ferrell and Colbert ever. Rock on guys... it's a kitty cat!

  95. 33G MEDIA

    Jim Carey will forever be my favorite human :)

  96. P Mack

    I think your mean, she wished an 8-month-old a happy birthday, I'm sure he was glad to read it, I think we should all be complicit in this

  97. Sama M


  98. Jay Torr

    These kinda guys live here... that's the problem w America.

  99. This Guy

    Dr. Phil is a mofoing savage.