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  1. Ben Woodhouse

    Trouble with Arsenal is they always try to walk it in

  2. oscar lai

    pep should use sane there is so much talent inside him

  3. Mister Lion

    Mané is the best player in the world

  4. pranav kulkarni

    Daniel James needs to contribute more!

  5. oscar lai

    I think that they should only be banned for one year in my opinon

  6. James Stonley

    Why didn't neville invest in Bury? A club close to his hear but watches them go bust.

    1. Naslav 90'3

      He couldn't. Those who could,tried but they were blocked.

  7. HRJ 77

    All those in the VAR room should get kicked on their BALLS😡😡

  8. Karan Morjaria

    You would of thought arsenal where first after that win not 10 th by the way they celebrate 🤣

  9. Renzo Damian


  10. Brian Andrews

    Mino shud f....... off

  11. Paddy Bailey

    scott is lancastrian not scottish

  12. Brian Andrews

    Maoila ruins the game

  13. K KRITZ

    The fakest fall ever, that referee overreacted with that push. If you keep rewinding it and analysing it you can tell lol

  14. Dora Gibbons

    Disgraceful it could easily been a knife imagine the damage it would have done where is security 😤😤

  15. S1 Trapz


  16. Some Guy

    0:39 he would've scored that if he didn't just get kicked in the nuts 😂

  17. David Knight

    V A R is spoiling football. Can’t we go back to the good old days.

  18. MasterStepz9 •

    What the hell was Wenger thinkng sendin’ in walcott in that early?

  19. Wzi k

    he cant even look at him in eyes 😂😂😂

  20. array s

    "Who cares? I've got Bruno now". Thats probably what Ole had in mind.

  21. Mujibur Rahman

    I am agree FFP is not fair rules. But end of the day it is rules and signed by all club in UEFA. So if someone break the rules they need to punished. Or other who followed the rules are punished because one club get profit of it. It is simple. If they feel FFP is unfair then they have to boycott the rules in first place. There is other other side of competitiveness, it is soul. Trophies brought by Money without soul is really wrong, so you have empty seat in every home game. Other club have to push this case as they are victim of all of that, FFP rules maybe need to banished, but MANC have to be punished. They simply cheat.

  22. Benny

    Match fixed

  23. Cj Morientes

    I think what is being missed here is City submitted fraudulent documents attesting to their “compliance” of FFP.

  24. Ash Fernandes

    Jack sounds like a 54 year old.

  25. F F


  26. Kxng Nike

    From an arsenal fan point of view to a Chelsea fan karma is a bitch

  27. Feuz john jay

    Mane the unstoppable❤️❤️❤️

  28. Joher Meah

    I'm glad City are being punished. Financial doping ruins the sport. How is a club like Leicester able to compete, if they lack the astronomical budget to acquire and keep bona fide superstars. Only recently have City gained allure, after paying £20 million a yr. for a elite manager. In comparison, Leicester have grown naturally and slowly. So they actually deserve being in the conversation. Instead of a team just flushed with cash.

  29. Cloud 9

    I agree with what Gary Neville said

  30. كورة بالعربي MR


  31. tlst9999

    Neville: I'm not mad. Just disappointed.

  32. steve cambridge

    At 0-0 Maguire should have been sent off (who went on to score Uniteds second) At 1-0 Chelsea’s goal is disallowed for a foul, despite being pushed into the player

  33. Dean

    United fan, but weird VAR decisions.

  34. osman ali6666

    All I see is broken Chelsea fans 😂😂😂

  35. John joe

    This var is ruining the game

  36. United84

    Oles got a hatrick against Chelsea 😂👑

  37. Zonelar 1


  38. Mark Montana

    Sorry Chelsea fans it’s because I had both teams to score on my coupon fucked it for everyone

  39. NateAtNyte Gaming

    If someone like Van Dijk can make a Team of the Year with around 3 good years in the Premier League, someone like Kevin De Bruyne can make it kinda

  40. M@nio

    I dont get it was ok for teams like Barca Real Bayern Munich to spend big all the time but when city and psg do it its not ok? Tf this makes no sense

  41. 1BlendaTV

    The ref should have been interviewed because he was a big part of the game.. he needs to explain himself ...a statement or something!!! Can’t let them get away with decisions like that and stay protected or mute 🤐

  42. Stefan Petrescu

    the beard gone?

  43. Greenhands Kelly

    City literally OWN other clubs, yet they can't sell out their own stadium. Sounds like a completely legitimate enterprise!

  44. AtlanticRingHunter

    Who's just here for Maguire kicking Batshuayi's balls? 😂

  45. Ireland Duffy

    That black guy on the left ..the blackest one iis English. Hes some player

  46. Jake Grey

    He’s such a bad liar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. TNBT

    Why does Harry Maguire look like he’s reading off a sheet of paper😂

  48. Peter Fleming

    Great result for Utd, they needed the 3 points! Good for Martial to score a centre-forward's header. He is alright in the air but either not had the service or been playing out wide... even Mourinho who wanted him gone said he has all of the qualities to be a no.9, only doubting his reasons for wanting to be a striker. Mourinho would have had no problem saying he's not strong in the air if that was the case. Maguire is renowned for his aerial ability but lost his battle of the titans against Van Dijk. Maybe his goal in this game will exorcise a few demons. Fernandes might be utd's best corner taker since Beckham left???

  49. ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟᴋɪɴɢᴢ least Ole's still at the wheel 😆

  50. Jyothish Nair

    The smile on Neville face says it all

  51. Shibbir Choudhury

    Agree with sir Neville.

  52. sourav deb

    Clowns.... Drunk...drugged now getting sympathy

  53. jose mourinho

    Gary is 100% right This crap with UEFA and FFP is much bigger than football, it's a cultural difference between the UK and France, Germany and Spain Man City will win in the courts because the law must be applied equally to everybody at all times. Platini brought in FFP and the first club to majorly abuse it was PSG - a French club, and French clubs hadn't won the Champions League since Marseille's impropriety in 1992-93. So PSG were forgiven by UEFA and Platini. Real Madrid, despite being supported illegally by the Spanish state and this being a widely-known fact, have never faced any FFP punishment. And what about RB Leipzig? You can't have a sponsor's name in the club name, so Red Bull was changed to RB. Aye, dead on, seems legit, I'm sure nobody thinks it still means Red Bull. Back to Gary is right. No club can compete with the established clubs who already generate high organic revenues like Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barca, the best-supported clubs with already established legacies. Even for a wealthy premier league or championship club, to redevelop their 20,000 seater stadium is borderline impossible due to local councils and residents. So they need to pick a new site and build a new stadium from scratch, like Arsenal and Spurs, or walk into a stadium like Man City. For Chelsea to expand they need a whole new site, same for virtually every historic team in the land. The only way you are doing that (finding £500,000,000 +) is to do an Arsenal (redevelop Highbury into flats and sell those, along with taking out debt secured on future ticket sales AND not spending big on the team while being in the Champions League every single season), or else walk into a friendly billionaire Screw UEFA. If some Sheik wants to buy Macclesfield, built them a 70,000 seater stadium and spend £1 billion on transfers, fair play to them. That will create a lot of jobs for real people in the local economy and will be a positive boost for society. There do have to be some controls like already exist over squad size, number of loan deals etc, to stop clubs like Chelsea, City, PSG, hoarding young talent and denying players and fans the opportunity to see them play, which lest we forget, is the point of it all anyway - the game and the fans.

  54. John Carroll

    Fair play..da boy from de rebel county.. spades a spade..👍

  55. radicalindependent

    I hope MC sticks the title right in UEFA's pussy! Gary Neville is the man!

  56. Master Bates

    FIFA/ UEFA, the most corrupt organisations in the world sanctioning clubs for Financial Irregularities. Think about that....


    he still needs to go OLE OUT ! 10 wins all season is awful record. its a waste of time having ole in charge.

  58. Ice Cool

    Never watch this. As soon as these pig journalists appear I just want to switch off. Who wants to listen to thoughts of fat despicable bullshitters

  59. ShiftCtrl85

    The presenter is right, clubs can grow organically... You do this by producing great youth players and spending your money intelligently. And you have to hope that richer clubs are more wasteful, which many are. Just look at how much money man utd have wasted recently. That's how you catch up naturally, without financial doping!

    1. wchang3k

      Yeah I find it contradictory for Gary to say these newly rich clubs have to spend money to catch up to legacy clubs and then talk about competing with the history of those clubs. Those legacy clubs for the most part took some investment and used it to grow. Look at Leicester who while owned by billionaires aren't buying 100M quid players. They're scouting some really unknown talents and developing them into top class players. Nobody knew who Kante, Ndidi, Mahrez, Soyuncu, etc. were before LCFC bought them for peanuts. LCFC is the model that these newly bought clubs should strive to be like. In about a decade they went from League One to EPL champions without spending half a billion to do it but the powrs that be let oil barons who demand trophies come into the game and essentially launder money through the football club to buy the best from day one instead of playing the long game Who did City buy cheap and develop or which youth is currently starring in their team? Foden is a sub at best, Sancho left because he was not getting a chance over the 50M+ players that City just cycle through in every position. City used to be a team with a good youth set up before the oil money and now they just throw money at any problem they have on the field

  60. Mikey Neang

    is no one going to talk about Bruno Fernandes' English? It's actually good for a person who just came to England. also surprised no one made the "better English than Harry Kane" joke here

  61. Hamza Siddique

    He didn’t intend to kick him but he also studded Batshuayi to the balls. 😂

  62. shapz rackz

    Big L

  63. kevin de bruyne

    Raiola needs to be banned from football. Poisonous man, ruining football and greedy for money

  64. Harry Tinworth

    As shoddy as the reffing was it was sweet karma as an arsenal fan seeing this when var did us dirty against Chelsea with Jorginho the other month

  65. RedDev 777

    Roy destroyed Jamie and Garys comments in one simple sentance. Fair or not, they agreed to it and that's that.

  66. P A D Z Y O

    Keano class as usual


    Maguire u r an a absolutely dirty player, feel sorry for Chelsea no word of a lie they got robbed big time

  68. hehe xd

    I believe him

  69. NyagsyNotNice

    All you salty Chelsea fans go to bed. No intent. Class player.

  70. JamesAgar

    The problem is clubs are spending more than what they have coming in through revenue/profits, for example if a club does not sell a player then that club struggles because some at the lower levels and in the Premier League would not make a profit otherwise.

  71. William Mcphee

    Dear oh dear ole you look like shite.

  72. No Name

    That var pish is shocking that’s the point of the game people get things wrong I don’t even support Chelsea

  73. Afnan Studio

    No Lingardinho no problem

  74. Jakey Knightsy

    More vids of carra and keane happy days sky

  75. Connor Greenwood

    One of the best player's​

  76. iwantgoals 15

    Feel like I have to put my football tribalism aside here and say the officiating of that match from the ref and VAR was awful, truly one of the worst of the season. I can’t defend that just cause I’m a United fan and we won, something needs to be done about how the game is officiated otherwise we’ll lose this beautiful game for good.

  77. James Miles

    Put a salary cap on teams, wer u can have only a few max players. Simple.

  78. Freddie Ferguson

    when was the last time we did the league double and scorced 6 goals vs chelsea

  79. Sai Pawiroredjo

    Mr Pep Guardiola the best manager in the world and City best players stay to Man city. This Season City have to win the Champions League. Two Season 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. City be banned(Uefa Champions League)And in these two season City will be premier league Champions,City will beat every premier league team...Time will Tell.

  80. STEVE Wood

    Ffp is a joke though like Neville says it massively favours the big clubs and basically makes it so the other 80-85 clubs in the football league can never make it to the top

  81. poop dealer

    In what world is that Maguire kick not a foul

  82. Visor Down

    This is a cranky ruling.

  83. Scotxh Bonnick

    Mane is a G...muaaad humble 🙏🏾🙌🏾

  84. DarkWolfシ

    2:30 when you try to explain to your mum why you kicked your brother

  85. HMZ

    They said the city was blue? For the past 30 years the city has been red. Manchester is RED! R.I.P City 2010-2019

  86. Ryan Russell

    O we love u var r o we love u var Haha this season it is (Lampard 0 ole 3)

  87. Κωνσταντίνος Παυλόπουλος

    unfortunately giroud is too underrated

  88. Uwaish Al-Qarni

    Maguire look down when answering the question is like a kid caught cheating

  89. Tom Ramm

    Var is shite

  90. Nick Lim

    Well said Gary! United fan base is so big, not many clubs in England can compare.

  91. Tanvir SuperMarvel Ahmed

    Giroud...We miss you at Arsenal!

  92. King T VI IX

    Felt like fifa watching that bringing it to the edge then sweaty then the dirty celebrations for no reason and Newcastle were playing good football

  93. TataMataAkrobata

    Talk about the German ownership model.

    1. Naslav 90'3

      It's brilliant

  94. Perky Izonfire

    Makes me cringe when people compare klopp to pep ! Pep hasn't ever done a damn thing with a team with no money ! An you will never see him risk his neck trying either! Klopps record was built by hard work not hard cash ! End of discussion !

  95. Iain Morrison

    ThIs GuY iS aS goOd As VaN dIjK

  96. Alex Hanham

    The whole time hes talking about it he looks down, away from the camera and from the interviewer, body language tells you a lot about whether someone is talking utter shite or the truth

  97. Johnny

    I’m a supporter of Man Utd and Maguire should of been sent off and Zouma’s goal should of counted. Happy with the result but feel chelsea got screwed due to var.

  98. comedychannels

    Carragher again ... switching off

  99. W. HaisenBerg

    Ziyech is underrated , he destroyed madrid , totnham , juventus , bayern , chelsea at own home and valencia too ...

  100. bm10

    Mino Raiola is fat