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  1. Jack Wilkinson

    And i thought the chris evans top gear was bad until i saw this guy whos obviously never seen a hummer h1 before

  2. Ilut Razvan

    Ethan:" i'm the underdog" Also Ethan drove a 2019 300hp hot-hatch against a NB miata... such a pussy

  3. Andre Nel

    Ill give you 160 for it mate

  4. Jubair Ahmed

    Not really a fucking Toyota if it has bmw parts

  5. Stan Mathers

    I will be missing all BMW cars , i will be missing tye best ca maker ever

  6. Gaming Central


  7. TheFuxxo

    mike brewer cameo actually killed me :-D :-D :-D LOLOLOL

  8. zaknafein641

    The title should be: Can You REALLY Live With A Hummer in England? The only problems were tiny cobblestone roads and arches exclusive to England and the fact that English fast food joints are built for cars with the driver's seat on the wrong side.

  9. Gio

    Thumbnail looks better than the M4 and c63 it’s based off... delete dis

  10. Gandalf721

    LOL the guy that thought you were Shmee! He's lucky you didn't pop him a good one XD

  11. Dankcorp


  12. Liviu Traub

    fix it up (mechanically speaking)

  13. That car guy

    In Norway, feeding the wheel means you fail the test

  14. Christopher Warner

    May have come to this video after Jimmer bought it


    in the United States of Kingdom 😂

  16. david millette

    Here in canada, more precisely in quebec, we learn to cross our arms on the steering wheel. Also, we learn to flash our light to let people pass, and say thank you. Its illegal only if you flash to advise about a police upcoming on the road... i think, never tried to do so in front of a policecar lol

  17. Virginia Fry

    I found the hand brake and getting into neutral when stopped at a traffic light hard to do - I had been driving for 4 years, with an International license before going to England!

  18. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Lamborghini Veñiñeeo *_ah yes. Italians_*

  19. Thndr Phantom

    Battlefield Hardline Be Like

  20. Cook1ess

    Who else is watching this during quarentine because they won't make 2 Guys 1Car anymore😔

  21. Nik Gnashers

    £6536 total cost is pretty good. Well, a lot less than you've spent on fuel since you had it !

  22. Hibaan Abid


  23. immigrant's mods

    how can you get these type of cars so cheap?

  24. Robert Flatters


  25. Opus Dei

    Bargaining over the phone without even having seen the car is a real dick move...

  26. Midnight Horns

    Rookie's buy a hybrid or prius.

  27. Freds Eleven

    And tax free in the UK

  28. RED S7VN

    Drifting serves no real purpose on the track. If you're drifting you're not accelerating if you're not accelerating you're not achieving your goal on the track. Sir Jackie Stewart talks about this quite in-depth. the entire point of the exercise is to get around the track without losing any traction as fast as possible.

  29. RED S7VN

    There is absolutely no difference between a power sliding drifting. 08 drift is it an initiated controlled maintained power slide. You can't drift without power-sliding.

  30. Harsh Dangar

    Zx25r laughing after seeing this 🤣😂

  31. sizwe nzama

    Thank you herbert Quandt thank you very much these M cars are awsome

  32. a random internet person

    The things I hate the most about new cars are: fake exhausts, oversized grilles, speakers making enigine sounds, small and unreliable engines, way too much tech, and no popups.

  33. Kenneth Stanyer

    Can you drive one in the uk 🇬🇧 on a normal car license with it being 3.6 ton unladen

  34. Darren Brittain

    im thinking 17 miles

  35. Omar Choudhury

    What about Audi?

  36. Jack Mulligan

    It's the b2b song

  37. yaliso gioouy

    Y’all lucky to live in countries where the mod scene is highly developed. 😭😭😓😓



  39. Wandile Nxumalo

    This whole video is just travel GOALS!

  40. weirbrook

    What a brilliant and informative video, great stuff lads.

  41. Chris Spencer

    Have any of you driven to test your eye sight. As car people what car would be best for this. Considering picking up detail at speed Panoramic views Best for peripheral vision. Best for long distance vision I think the car would play a big roll in this.

  42. DanDunfordRSM

    This guy is trying way too hard shut up bud

  43. Handsome Jack

    I think you should unlearn driving wrong side of the road

  44. eldy kallfano

    Slowing the rotation of the earth.hahaha..my dream car

  45. Joe Farley

    “We’ve got some shopping to do...” - shoppy shoppy!

  46. Adi Kuru

    Is it just me or does Alex look a bit like Aaron Paul from need for speed

  47. Jan Sadowski

    This is by far better than the new Top Gear

  48. Evanas Zakevicius

    He is not 10

  49. Robert Coneys-Murray

    a boy racers wet dream

  50. Hakim

    Try buying a car in SIngapore

  51. Θανάσης Λιάκος

    video starts.. System: ChrisFix has joined the chat/video

  52. William Meakins

    I'd love to take my car to this companu but I'm scared to do it and know whats wrong with it haha

  53. Redline Rich

    Honda NSX. BMW 750iL Lotus Elise

  54. simon thomas

    loved this vid, when i was 20 i had the vauxhall carton and i always wanted the omega. it was like sitting in your armchair.

  55. Somebody Else

    Imagine driving “off road” in the UK

  56. ‍

    See Faze Adapt GTR is pretty riced out

  57. West Virginia

    the worst review by the worst reviewer in the world.

  58. gigglebob69

    There's some lovely American cars in there. But I'd have to include the Honda S2000 to my fleet for the summer


    As more direct the motor combustion to the escape as faster the car the counter point is the increase of fuel consume..,

  60. Mikko Rantalainen

    It's clear that Kimi likes to have fun and is ready to chat if you don't ask the same boring questions that everybody else does (e.g. "What is your goal in the race?" or "It looks like your engine blow up. What do you think about it?"). Plus Kimi avoids ever talking about politics such as F1 rules or what-if scenarios. Plus he definitely does not want to talk about his strategy for any given race. If you ask stupid questions he'll give stupid answers. And his fans love those stupid answers because they know Kimi is making fun of the question.

  61. Redline Rich

    Modern cars cost an absolute fortune to repair even small issues. Give it 10-15 years & scrapyards will be full of only newish Audis & BMWs with low miles because the average punter can't afford to repair their car.

  62. Lucky Goose

    The whites one at 7:05 is the nicest.

  63. Redline Rich

    I have much more fun driving/tinkering my manual Panda 1.2 around than more modern cars in my family. BTW I've got the same feeling about the motorbike industry too as the car industry!

  64. Christophe L

    Go to see tds challenge la boiserie.french you tube.bmw 400£.or less.

  65. Chuck Taylor

    Mazda should have put a V-6 in the Miata to make it a true sports car. Pure stupidity on Mazda's part. The Toyota 86 is the modern day weak ass Miata and needs a revamped 2JZ-GTE.

  66. ksiimson

    Buys £195 car and puts it on sale again. Gets offered £200. "What is this bullshit offer?"

  67. Mr. Moseby

    350z is my dream car. Why it's sitting out back waiting to finish the body kit install and already got my battle aero wing. Just need time to do the paint right

  68. šofro Crnogorac

    Omg i can't imagine that im biiiig BMW fan

  69. Boom

    I’d take the lights as well

  70. Ermins Kalejs

    Weld the diff, straight pipe it, remap it and drift it😂😂

  71. djowel

    i just realised they could have gone to belgium or the north of france for cécémel, which is chocomel (same company, nutricia) but just a different name so they could reach a broader demographic. great content. love you guys <3

  72. themasterguy420

    Nice mondeo mate

  73. Seno Steve

    Are you sure that was coffee you were drinking?

  74. Dynamite Dudes

    606 people are mentally retarded :)

  75. Aliyusuf Loodeen

    Make it a stance car

  76. dokterkarel

    I own 2 BMW's and I use my indicators on every manouver I do. Does that make me a bad driver?

  77. Paul Woodcock

    Who would abandon an f40

  78. Jordan Melton

    The dog has me screaming 🤣🤣😭

  79. prithvi bumia

    Who is this guy, smiling and laughing? What have you done to kimi

  80. meep 1478

    Mercedes actually addressed the gullwing door safety issue with a cool solution there's these things that explode in the doors when you pull a level hidden on the door. This separates the door from the main body in the event to a rollover. (in SLS AMG)

  81. chris alvarez

    Random G35: *revs all around the rpm* Infiniti: Wut R U Doing? Random G35: ...

  82. عبدالعزيز القديري

    i genuinely enjoyed watching this video man

  83. Pavel Kosenko

    Awesome video, guys!! More of those please!!!

  84. Just Ioncălă

    a Dacia Logan should be perfect

  85. lofthousehh

    Not a huge fan of alfas, but this engine looks absolutely amazing, and I really like this car overall

  86. Buggy Bugson

    He's got more power in that than Mazda puts into the newest Miata

  87. James Heffer

    Loving roast my ride , very funny. Some ideas for cheap car challenges: Jdm Classic cars American cars (v8) Keep up the good work , great channel btw.

    1. yaliso gioouy

      Great feature....but it must be good if Drivetribe are ripping it off, but not quite as well.

  88. lofthousehh

    Not a big fan of the look, but I wouldn't doubt the fact that it's probably way more reliable than any German Car of the era. If one of these pops up for sale in my area, I will go for a test drive.

  89. Ludo

    Love your work man!

  90. Jucelio Lopes

    Opel/GM C20XE

  91. Lawrence P-h

    That coffee machine part could have been a reference to the golden mile film...

  92. Alessandro Favaro Zilio

    ATS is anyway back to business lately, with a very interesting story behind. May do for another episode

  93. Leo King

    That kit in the trunk costs more than 100£ lol

  94. Loud Mike Media


  95. Loud Mike Media

    did ya

  96. Connor Buddy 123 Wilson

    MX5 is crap need to put it in a skip


    Its not 1 april now and you can't dee the correct date so yeah i got focking fooled fck my heart was panicing😅

  98. Mahdi Medd

    Next video can you drive a btr 82 in America

  99. bob bobo

    That is a hot air intake. You will have trouble going from a stop in hot weather.

  100. O.B.1 Slam

    I love the look of this car. I wish they would make an affordable petrol version, without all those super high tech features. I'd just be happy to have the features of a 108 just to drive a car that looks this good.