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  1. Crystalic

    You bought a fucking mini town

  2. Mateo Sinishtaj

    When he said thanos that was funny

  3. Zombruh

    This video is *INSANE*

  4. Exzami

    when people forget Nikan was a football player

  5. MistaSavage

    Me 46.6

  6. Dwaladyl Has 1000 subs

    No black members of faze

  7. IamYams

    The song at the end really brought me back :')

  8. Yousuf Muslat

    That black night not red night

  9. Sidemenxforreal

    Sidemens always been better than faze

  10. Zeshan Mushtaq

    Anyone knows the songs used?

  11. viva Franco

    Heretics vorwenn

  12. isaac O

    Who else forgot he existed

  13. Kingtong L3g3nd

    Anyone else here cause quarantine got us bored. Btw this video still hold up to this day, gets you in the feels ya know

  14. Synctify

    For wall sits I got 2:33

  15. Anthony Lopez

    Did y’all see how big banks assistances hands were?

  16. Unseeable Lizard

    Why are so many people hating on him I've seen so many bad comments about him but I can't do anything because nobody is going to listen to me I'm just a streamer with 9 subs

  17. Blakerton

    BrO dAt bLaCK niGhT

  18. MarkersYT Gaming

    Nikan kinda looks like casey neistat

  19. Samuel Janampa

    FaZe PGOD

  20. FatNarwhal 007

    Bro these are half reps and it bothers me

  21. Kian Littlechild

    jarvis is a duster


    poor house it will be destroy real quick lol

  23. Gaming with Mylee

    Can I be in faze because I am good at fortnight and I could crank 90s in and I always win games in solo

  24. Jordan Womack


  25. miniBeast

    Bounce back ?

  26. Artem O

    lmao cizzorz in 6:05

  27. Jonathan Golimowski


  28. Wack Gamer

    Fuck u

  29. Chris Art

    i know what she said in Spanish so don't try to say that you guys are organized you guys arent

    1. Chris Art

      Vapr-Kukumber I know

    2. Vapr-Kukumber

      Chris Art it’s a joke...

  30. No Clickbait Music

    this video needs more views



  32. Aiden O

    Naruto wind

  33. Sky Custody

    Jarvis :HeY ChEaTiNg Also Jarvis: has aimbot