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  1. Aldous Huxley

    Wow, what shitty health situation. I hope he's better now.

  2. Jre4stGaming

    This is the true strong independent women


    Ronda the Goddess!

  4. Moa Vic

    I came here to listen to an interview but these comments got me dead 💀

  5. Drexder Kogz

    WNBA ???

  6. Danny Petrosian

    Goats recognize goats simple as that.

  7. FBI

    UFC woo was lit

  8. Br7ce1


  9. thanos koumpanis

    She was hot, now she is hotter

  10. dear old dad.

    Dude on the left best chill out in the eyebrows JESUS

  11. Hatef F.

    Who's here after Colby vs Usman?

  12. Jordan Zee

    Simple and to the point. How beautifully said!

  13. Khari Conception

    I just love how Style Benders confidence makes his haters squeal ! It’s crazy how invested fans are in seeing mentally strong people lose .

  14. Cali Joe

    No one forces him To talk about John.

  15. No Sleep

    That’s not feminism. That’s misandry.

  16. Juliano

    Can he speak portuguese? Why acting like the king of the world who knows everything? I just dont like him...


    Jones won't even have 2 minutes against Francis

  18. FooleanPerspective

    Look at the wooly hats and hoodie Is it cold over there in Australia?

  19. Epitome

    C O S T A is going to beat you up Adesanya. He's going to knock you the F*ck out!

  20. Sean Mac

    Him and yoel were social distancing in that last fight yall

  21. Luigi

    Exactly, if the Australian soccer team brings in more viewers and more money, then they should get paid more.

  22. Luigi

    I'm gonna use that to ask for a raise at my job.

  23. Joe Cool

    If you poke a tiger with a stick don't be surprised if it bites your head off

  24. Shany Ali

    Jealous much Royce.. beat by a stoner

  25. Paul Farley

    Legend has it the reporter is still taking a seat and being quiet

  26. Isaac Chua

    And so McGregor learned from this

  27. mike smith

    Besides frank ocean when a black man dyes their hair blonde its the end of their career … careful style bender

  28. Young Kobe

    Shelton Benjamin lookin ass

  29. Ermin S

    Love the vibe

  30. micko fernandez

    Feminist... is that even a word?

  31. badrrharri

    Feminism is really a good concept, it's about equal right between genders, but this modern feminism view is a cancer.

  32. Anonymous Black Belt

    What the hell internet connection does Rockhold have??

  33. raglan james

    Fuck, she's sexy

  34. Alabastine

    Wtf why? What does that underwear weigh? 40 grams, tops?

  35. Aarya B

    Pick me woman

  36. Adam Badali

    Those eye stories are TERRIFYING. If I had that flash in my eye I would be so ocd about it

  37. Jordan Poling

    Chael spittin fire!

  38. Jordan Poling

    I still think adesanyas too small for Jones Doesn’t he way at 183? Better striker though

  39. Ryan Gennaro

    Dam Colby’s been at it for almost 3 years with this gimmick.. shit payed dividends

  40. João Heron

    I like Izzy. But he underestimates Costa so much. Its gonna be funny when he wakes up 2 weeks later after Costa knocks him out lol

  41. Jim Wilson

    Equal pay has nothing to do with feminism dunderheads

  42. Ivan dragun

    We're is Megan rapione she could learn something here

  43. Tampajohn

    Savage and absolutely gorgeous.

  44. Fadli Kaban

    I think I'm in love...

  45. LordKira

    yeah...i don't hold any grudges against anybody...other than a couple people back in england goddamn those dudes must've done some major shit

  46. Rudy’s Reviews

    Rhonda gotta go tell this to the WNBA

  47. Fast Tings

    I can’t be the only one that finds Joanna hot right?

  48. Nima Hosseini

    Funny jokes he says😂😂😂

  49. Casey B

    Miesha would get tha bone 👉👌

  50. Andre Panapa

    Dude #lookintoit

  51. Mo Kush - Hip-Hop?

    Nothing more I hate hearing, being a progressive then the wage gap, or 15 dollar minimum wage. One would completely implement authoritarianism. Then the other would waste time and raise the taxes. Hopefully, people don’t get caught up in this party bs. And realize there’s a small majority of simps, fighting for these policies.

  52. Fredy Sandoval

    Comment #1000❤️ have a good one.

  53. Rowan

    I was low key expecting her to add: "And how many people watch Australians Women's Soccer?"

  54. David Burdette


  55. Ayun Khan

    This is the women's rights i talk about, not some fancyass F word.

  56. louis mitchell

    It was actually Romero who shat himself , quiet literally

  57. Jake Green

    Poirier picks apart Nate, but he praises Connor? That's really fucking dumb

  58. Rob

    I think Israel will snipe and weave in and out with Costa. Casuals think since Paulo’s big, he’ll “destroy” Izzy. Fighters are so much more than looks:mindset,skillset,adaptability


    Izzy wants intimacy. and rawness. crowds are good, but izzy just wants to hear the impact when he pounds the fuck boy.

  60. Jared

    A lot of UFC fans hate on African giants, I think we know how athletic these people are and we don’t want them to succeed sometime. I noticed this little by little and it’s not pretty obvious.... let’s just embrace them because in a few years Africans will predominant in this sport, like in many others. We need to stop that trible bullshit and all just recognize GREATNESS when we see it. I see all 3 of them - Usman, Izzy and Francis at simultaneous champs soon.


    The way izzy explained it seems lien he lien like a mf francis dont talk like that

  62. mike carson

    Jones could literally put this guy in the hospital lol..

  63. Cwu7175

    That mindset comes from a man in his 30s, Jones was a teenager making millions and grew up in front of the camera it’s different. Izzy would’ve did the same thing if he had the talent at Jones age and opportunity

  64. maGoH Labramonte

    How insecure these feminists have to be to consider Ronda's success to be seen as condescending just because she's a female?

  65. Mabet249

    Dang he went full Trump

  66. TAJ

    Respect to John Morgan, I've heard he has just landed a monster movie deal as Jabba the Hut in the next Star Wars movie remake congrats Jabba!

  67. Pain2TheMax

    Israel "I dyed my hair blonde and I can't adjust the curtain" Adesanya

  68. gozer ja

    I'm a fan but he looks like a woman now.

  69. loseraf

    “I’m not ur fucking role model” that’s ok no looks up to you since you lost the Romero fight

  70. Tayvan Townsend

    The most empowering woman i have ever seen

  71. z Tigahr

    32:18 CHEEEHOOO samoan pride

  72. PVNTHxR

    Israel Uzumaki

  73. Watan Yar

    It's that simple.

  74. keno kc

    Who is MVP?

  75. fox54t

    Colby is not evin close to beat khabib there is no compare between them.. This guy is full of shit.. Did he forget what Usman did to him.. What abal sh.. T

  76. Kinhode Degbey

    Amen Amen Amen 🙏

  77. Helal Said

    Hope you do the things you say unlike the last fight..

  78. Primetym24

    Israel "the thong song" adesanya

  79. Primetym24

    Cool adesanya has the same hat as khabib

  80. Bag Holder

    I like the new hair

  81. Mohd Nazmi

    Putin must be a joke for letting this idiot be close to him

  82. Recency Bias Radio

    Paulo gonna win if Izzy fights him like he fought Yoel. Izzy will look to point fight him but Paulo will take a punch to land a punch & thats where Izzy must be very careful.

  83. ryadh456

    I like Connor's wit but I like Khabib more because respect is more valuable!

  84. GiganX13

    You can tell this feminist has never watched MMA in her life and is just trying to get a big name to support her agenda

  85. Denny Sensation

    Looks like Sisqo, The Thong Song!

  86. kaigee wong

    It's Dennis Rodman 2020!

  87. Pearlholics Anonymous

    My God, the view numbers really are indicating stephans drawing power LOL!!

  88. Pearlholics Anonymous


  89. Mighty Mouse

    Ok boomer

  90. Sheikh Javed

    wat does chael think now. every1 wants to hear Khabib n respects him coz he is a no BS guy...unlike conor n chael. they are as Khabib says "no.1 BS guys"

  91. Azza’s World

    Sisqo that tong

  92. Cat Person With Anxiety

    "He's not gonna do it" like i'm not gonna move up to lhw to fight jones

  93. Cat Person With Anxiety

    Izzy looks like another jaden smith lool

  94. BISWA RANJAN Mallick

    See feminists what a real woman is...In you face!! Take that

  95. Jermo Wight

    That was quick 🤗

  96. dfrommotown


  97. tom cool

    This should be curb your enthusiasm meme

  98. Gifford Machirus

    Israel Adesanga looks like the late great Kevin the monster Randleman with his new hairstyle...

  99. Anton Sommerville

    Izzys thoughts on the Mexican beer virus tell the tail of what Yoels shots to the head did to that Jaden Smith looking melin

  100. Anton Sommerville

    AND NEW ufc champion of the WORLD .... .... YOEL The SOLDIER OF GOD ROMERO. What is if ufc judges knew about fights Alex