1. Luis Alfaro

    Muy buenas peleas.

  2. hairol nizam

    I hate to watch some fighter who hit their oponent again and again while in coma..or falls in parelise..they know that man is ko..it like a chiken..like an animal..coward when you punch someone while koma..like a bitch!!.. you not a real fighter.. you're chicken!!..

  3. Амир темир

    Рефери в полосатых формах чемпионата "Октагон" хорошие, всегда чётко реагируют и вовремя останавливают

  4. Виталий Тышковский

    В большинстве случаев это агрессивные, психически нездоровые человекообразные и место им в психиатрической лечебнице.

  5. Alex VLADblKA

    судьи стали пздц бережными

  6. Int Er

    cant wait until the athletes that play basketball and football in the US do MMA...ppl might die..seriously lol

  7. Jaco Greyling

    Best knockout ever nosel.info/video/video/tHh6bXWZnYSdlt0.html

  8. Bradley Green

    Who’s the guy in the balboa shorts? 😂😂😂

  9. J450N

    2:04 hang on bruh, lemme turn the back of my head toward your foot... ok go

  10. Holtby War

    5:06 and 1:06 from Indonesian TV channel. Anyone see more? I am love Indonesia

  11. Bhaga Khay

    what a nice video awesome..try watch this video as well excellent fight nosel.info/video/video/uIVkr3erh21-xbc.html

  12. Israel Piedra

    14:00 sweeped! LMAO!!!

  13. Israel Piedra

    3:20 lmfao

  14. Lucas King

    2:34 Clever girl.

  15. Nolan Laird

    I don't think that these matches are from 2020

  16. James Florentino de lima

    Com todo respeito, o gráfico tá muito ruim. Tem que melhorar a imagem.

  17. dterik

    Alot of boxing happened in the first 2 months of the year

  18. Silly Buns

    Lol “old guys rule!”

  19. Алина Авилова

    что говорит коментатор когда происходит нокаут по англ. ? ( it this all over ) ? или что это за фраза , подскажите плиз)

  20. อดุลย์ชัย ราชมณี

    6:05Is very considerate to the athlete😢😢😢😭😭

  21. TheVoice OfTruth

    4:07 When your leg is made in China

    1. Franco Style 80s

      Ха-ха-ха! Нога с Али экспресса

  22. вася караш

    Под наркотои чтоли многие

  23. Delta Zeta

    8:00 Is no one going to talk about how fast and instantaneous that counter punch was?

  24. Stahn Misake

    MMA bunch of idiots they have No Honor and No real fighting tactics Just Punch somone on the ground doesnt mean your a better Fight IT only tells Ur the greater loser

  25. Jordane _

    6:44 that was amazing !

  26. 1228 nama

    3:55ケツの穴ムズムズする( ´;゚;ё;゚;)

  27. Binho Smit

    3:55 krl essa doeu até em mim kkkkkkkkk

  28. 7T F1K0ツ cZ

    Někdo cz

  29. nidhal et chahd


  30. Kleomarcus

    OMG Incredible

  31. 2K Swag


  32. Михаил борода

    5:00 wtf ??

  33. Rocky117

    There are some people saying "Respect to the players who don't continue punching people on the ground." but that might seriously be the dumbest thing you can say in MMA. This isn't sparring, it's a competition. This is their life, and players know what they're getting into when they sign up for this crap. You will get punched The fight is on until the ref says it's over, and no player is going to risk losing a match because they just decided that their opponent was done when in the fray, it is not as easy to tell.

  34. Grant Koblis

    Boxing is one of the greatest Martial Arts ever.

  35. Quân Kar98k

    3:56 OMG😬

  36. 破天荒


  37. 破天荒


  38. Bang Boyok


  39. the masked man

    I am not interestef in wreatling

  40. 마성호

    선수가 항거불능으로 기절했는데 달려가 얼굴을 강타하네 ~ ~ 두번이나 쌍개새끼네~ ~ 씨발새끼네 ~ ~

  41. Constantine

    I know a lot of people think modern boxers are so much better than the old timers. But these guys break ALL of the most basic rules in boxing. Learn to keep your hands up or pick a different career.

  42. SNAZZY

    lol a lot of these are clearly bullshit dives.

  43. Josh Coates

    Just about lost my cookies when that guy broke his leg.😨😨🤢🤢

  44. The Flow

    3:54 아니... 다리가 저렇게 된다고?

  45. D N'Day TV

    Dope ! Thank you. ! m.nosel.info/video/video/toOjjKqnq3imy7s.html Boxing stars Before & Now .

  46. Felipe Kaell

    o quê que isso doido?!! onde é que eu to mano velho... porra lembrei, nãooo!! 15:17

  47. Felipe Kaell

    kkkk em fim ele se ferrou, ele não respeita ninguém e agora se lascou..kkkk

  48. darji kasmirawadi

    To fighter whom not punching his foe knowing they aren't able to fight back, i bow RESPECT.

  49. someone whocares

    Chickens : those who still carry on smashing opponents even when out cold !

  50. Elias Lopes

    Covardia quase todos

  51. Michał Gamracy


    1. T Mac

      He also said his word was not to be preached to gentiles...are you jewish?

  52. Silver Revolution

    The last one looks like a dead puppet. 😂

  53. Marek Przybysz

    To są chuje nie zawodnicy

  54. Hoskuss


  55. Davi pênis 21cm

    08:42 o cara caiu com um tapa ou foi o susto de onde o pé passou?? Kkkkk😂😂

  56. Jan rtsb GT

    boxing time 10

  57. Эдуард Кашеутов

    Вот это месиво!

  58. Alexander Hernandez

    The only problem with this video is they dont say Romero Duno wasnt aloud to throw a right hand like that against Ryan Garcia Oscars extra money u know 😆

  59. mijikle

    4:00 im done, hell no

  60. Bartosz Polachowski

    All is coll but WtF happend with this guy leg 😭 is paying from only watching Oooooo

  61. Ар, Шах,

    Я щитаю не правильном и не справидливый в спорте именоо реванш, кто выиграл тот победил, это не справидливый, прашу обратите внимание, как вы думаете автор,,

  62. Berkan Kaya

    2:40 idiot :P

  63. Somchai panalikool

    คู่แรก...กรรมการแม่งโคตรเซฟนักมวยเลย.....มาดูกรรมการไทยหน่อย. ว่าเขาเข้ามวยเซฟนักมวยแบบไหน....

  64. jake mcdonald

    That last one looked like he missed and fake

  65. Cynthia Jackson

    Sooo thankful for the referees getting in there 88% of the time, before the other fighters are dead.

  66. Ronnie Mo

    I like that these are in the native language. It’s great to hear the different inflections but the excitement is universal.

  67. ʀɪʟᴇʏ

    0:05 *Canelo* ¿Eres tu?

  68. horst horst

    I like fighting, I dont like hitting someone unconcious on the floor

  69. Viktor Terno

    "Best Knockouts of 2020" Uploaded in 2019...

  70. Wickramagalle Sports Academy

    nosel.info/video/video/u6mianTLb31hxtU.html check this out

  71. Ранко Марковић

    1:20 respect for the ref

  72. Mustafa Mohammadi

    6:14 Jorge Masvidal JR

  73. Travel Earth

    Mike Tyson boxing come back at 53 nosel.info/video/video/1aigZpTYgndy278.html

  74. conspiracies are just great stories

    Love the video bud, but you should try and get the fighters names up on the screen. This way they get more attention and get new fans

  75. AomIsHot22

    I’ᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO SUBS TO ME 👈❤️🔥I’ᗰ ᖴᗩST🔥

  76. กีรติ บ่อโพธิ์

    ล้มแล้วยังซ้ำอีก หน้าตัวเมีย กลัวไม่ชนะ

  77. fadhiel hunting

    ada petarung MMA dari Indonesia juga 👍👍

  78. Pasha K

    Best old school knockout her nosel.info/video/video/qZCVamC8oZaHuKc.html

  79. tortiraz

    I swear this video has more ads than the KO's

  80. Just David

    My favorite color is red and if you watched the video you know why i am the

  81. damien kiener

    J'ai beaucoup de mal à voir des combattants cogner sur des Gars KO..... Qui sont au Sol......c'est extrêmement dangereux et pas nécessaire pour promouvoir ce sport.....

  82. I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    04:47 05:30 what shows and who are these guys? Heavyweights?

  83. I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    Can you list the guys and the shows please?

  84. No name

    1:51 This guy have mercy over his opponent respect

  85. Naldo soares


  86. Jung Cheez Playz

    Me to my docter when he touches the spot that i said hurts 0:05


    4:30 por eso tengan le miedo a las chaparritas :v

  88. Silvio Berlusconi

    0:47 first time ever ref won a fight

  89. Ivan Ivanov

    Это не люди, это хуже животных. Животные ради забавы не наносят увечья друг другу

  90. houshitsu


  91. Aris Daniel


  92. AA M

    This replay is brought to you by That Dude is Dead.

  93. Grandum

    Let’s put an f in the chat for all the guys who died.

  94. TheVoid &Corrupted

    Michael Paige been fighting bums his whole career some of them don't even have a wikipedia page. And when a real opponent comes along he gets knocked the fuck out.

  95. Алекс Попоас

    На 2:15 там удар чисто в затылок прилител

  96. jose queja

    next time kabayan huwag kang magtumbling nakakahiya buti sana kung magaling kang magtumbling..

  97. Thomas King

    “Best MMA knockouts of 2020” published October 2019 🤔

  98. Ferit Ozdemir

    Ben böyle sporun amk o ne amk adamın ayağı kırılıyor buna spor deniliyor

  99. singhabirchand huiuam

    Why does fighters showering punches/blows even after opponents fall down unconciously.