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  1. Aditya Mathur

    One day we will make so many boundaries in uk..... That even an 🐜. Ant will always stay confused whether I just crossed another country by taking a single step ...??? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👎👎 🇮🇳U🇵🇰

  2. Shera Jodie

    Indonesia has the shortest average height? THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!!!!

  3. ThatsCrazy

    This Sunni/Shia thing is blown out of proportion. 99% OF MUSLIMS, SEE MUSLIMS AS MUSLIMS REGARDLESS.

  4. Kainat Kitty

    Yes in future it will be one its also prediction

  5. Agung Vega

    we need to electrolyze some of that water

  6. 9 Jamesäöäää


  7. Dillionluis Morilo

    You forgort Ghana

  8. soji okita

    If America would try to invade Japan and failed read on google mongol invasion of Japan g-d would intervene if America would of try to invade and also fail and g-d would of destroy the Americans forces but he did not do that because he knew the results America could not invade Japan just like they could not bombed Kyoto it was impossible to attack Kyoto in ww2 America try to 💣 Kyoto but failed. Even when they try to release the 💣 it was jammed at cannot released it.the mongol failed to invade Kyoto and America failed to 💣 Kyoto.

  9. Shoumo Banerjee

    Just imagine if one of them got corona

  10. Michael Nonya

    Why not widen the Panama canal ???

  11. 서점사장Bookstoremaster

    Please think about presidents who being side nation of south korea...... and us There are just crazy and madnes

  12. Lucas Bijalba

    Nicaragua be like : *made in china*

  13. josh ligo

    wtf dude mumbai is bigger than karachi 1st london 2nd mumbai

  14. DarkRabbiKris

    When I measured the Indonesian geography from the mercader map, I though it's the same size as the US (that doesn't count Alaska because it is time consuming) but when I watched this video, I playsled the bassboosted version of the Indonesian national anthem.

  15. Tyler

    Tell me where the dick is in this frame 5:07 around Ukraine

  16. DarkRabbiKris

    If Java and Russia go to war against eachother, Java without the help of other Indonesian islands, who would win? Without nuking, just with infantry. And why?

  17. Jâÿ Čâpäłøt

    Trying to educate myself but I’m high asf 😂

  18. Daniel Flanagan

    So Arkhipov was actually under the control of Sam Beckett from Quantum leap when the decision was made

  19. Karan Khandelwal

    I can use all this images for free.... US People are so dumb😂😂😂😂 Dude use some pirated picture...

  20. menov73

    I know the routine. The Nicaraguans will build the canal with Chinese loans on exorbitant interest rate, employing Chinese companies which in turn will employ only Chinese labour. The canal, if it ever gets completed, will suffer from US sanctions leading to losses. These losses will lead to debt default. China will then take possession of the canal along with the land on both sides. In the end Nicaragua would have gone into a debt trap for paying Chinese companies that employed only Chinese labour to build a canal that no one wants.

  21. DarcerThings

    There was nothing even good about Florida, what good about being flat? 😂

  22. Ishaan Khatri

    “Stanistan” lol 😂 like if you felt the same way

  23. DarkRabbiKris

    Imagine if their leader is named "Stan".

  24. Kayden Chan

    Indians, Chinese and Pakistani watching the vid:...

  25. Stranger

    It's look like horse. Who doing pee on bharat Mata.. Pee lo ye bhi 🤣🤣🙏

  26. peter tuann

    this cannot be right, 300 BC, nobody was traveling to North or South America from Afro-Eurasia.

  27. Tj Ruland

    Best guess? Made up bull shit! Read the bible

  28. anonymous

    100 googol🙄

  29. 이지털

    🌟🟦🟥미국: 한국이랑 북한 통일하면..... 저새끼들 성공하는데..... 막아! 저새끼들 성공하는거 못봐! ⭐🟥중국: 응~~통일하는거 막어~~~ 🔱🟥러시야: 한국 통일하면 안되!!!!!!!! 🔴일본: ㅗ

  30. Lee

    The South WILL Rise Again

  31. foxrot Ghost

    If stanistan is built in to a ferderative state with inner state made along ethnic lines then it could work.

  32. Blue Sky

    How can they predict the future in 120 trillion years and not predict what is gonna happen tomorrow. How. If they can’t predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow then they can’t predict what’s gonna happen in 120 trillion years. I fell worried that that’s gonna happen but I’m not even gonna be alive. Good luck people in 120 trillion years. Then all of a sudden Thanos snaps. Boom the universe is back to normal. Have a great day, afternoon or night. Hope everything is gonna be alright then.

  33. Bob Vincet

    China soon will be owned the world with the helping from Radical Dems and Mob media .

  34. Ryan Weiner

    The way he threw in that ad was so perfect

  35. Shmuel Yosef

    Harder than fort Knox ?

  36. foxrot Ghost

    Where some this might be true, but you just can't say the British are bad, the hindu and non muslim majority of india during the British occupation were being dicks to muslims minority by claiming more jobs, more rights and more say, the whole reason for the partition is this, so yeah religion is the driving force for the whole mess but pls don't forget the context. Muslims of india wouldn't had any issue if they were treated with respect and equal rights but that didn't happen and the evidence of that is still present in the so called worlds largest democracy.

  37. American guy

    Those red commies want to take over Europe and stretch the Soviet Union from pacific all the way to the Atlantic with their tanks, submarines and MiGs while the allies tried to defend peace and freedom.

  38. Leyla Lopez

    I hate zombies

  39. Leyla Lopez

    I don’t want to go in the coaster ride🥺🥺🥺🥺

  40. Leyla Lopez

    Cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  41. Leyla Lopez

    Cool 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  42. Keshav OMG!

    This girl survived because She used skillshare

  43. mika

    don't jinx it

  44. Ros



    Me tientas, me tientas Hagámoslo 😈


    Dream of EVERY Deshbhakt in BHARAT...!!! BTW YOU Forget Myanmar and Afghanistan to add...we all were once part of United BHARAT.

  47. Chysar Sektio

    The most coldest thing that you will ever know is ur ex girlfriend.. And the hottest thing that you will realize is after you are not with her anymore.. And a years latter.. She become so hot but not with u anymore..

  48. Aiden Mac

    My brother is one…

  49. LIZARDBOi i

    My brain hurts

  50. Lutfita Ucu

    wait, IS THAT EVEN CALLED "BEST AT"???? they totally missed alot of real "best at" 😔

  51. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    "Katar" No

  52. Hannah Young


  53. Felix Jones

    6 tsar bombs can destroy Earth

  54. sims fan

    Reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin. The Underground (Drug dealers, criminals and prostitution)

  55. TruongSinh Tran-Nguyen

    looking forward to the day Texas joins the blue nation, it would significantly change the content of this video.

  56. Evan Angel

    The sisters of isis

  57. lightningboltc

    Minecrafters 25% through a landscaping project realizing it will take a day and a half: 5:06

  58. Nathan Wilson

    So trolling people is a human behavior on even the national scale what with that whole peanut hole exploit. Stay well out there everybody, and Jesus Christ be with you friends.😊

  59. Nathan Wilson

    I’m loving the whole civ irl thing man. Woo for CIV IV, just as a side note! Stay well out there everybody, and Jesus Christ be with you friends.😊

  60. TimBee100

    Whomever wrote this is completely confused. Mars is 1.41 AU from the sun. So when Earth and Mars are at their closest point, they are .41 AU apart and 2.41 AU apart at their furthest distance. If it takes light 500 seconds to travel 1 AU, then it will take .41*500 seconds for a message to get from Earth to Mars when they are at their closest. It will take 2.41*50 seconds for a message to get from Earth to Mars when they are at their furthest. Therefore, around 200 seconds which is 3 minutes and 20 seconds at the closest distance and roughly 20 minutes at the furthest distance. It really depends on where they are in relation to each other to determine how long the messages take to get from one planet to the other.


    1:51 Now, that is not an East Pakistan, that is a Bangladesh

  62. Sailesh Sharma

    This video is not applicable in regards to anything because of the pandemic that has taken effect why are you watching this this is just a story book fairy tail

  63. 20 viver mundo com Johnny Miranda

    But Brazil 🇧🇷 is the most stranger cause have 2 seasons (Sumer in the north and winter in the south). 4 time zone , the biggest city in the world. The biggest forest and the biggest river.

  64. Jett Diamond

    The answer is VSauce

  65. Eddie C

    If all the republicans counties and the democratic counties became countries

  66. Anthony Ciferri

    Nicaragua will be up to their ass in debt to China. And this is what it's all about. If Nicaragua used there head they would tell China to go to Hell. China will cut this Country in half. that is no good for her.

  67. Nexxel

    Oh just wait.. it will reunite and will be more bigger than the ottomans.

  68. Sydney Drifke

    Who can up with the scary zoom

  69. MaxDeLang

    Flevoland and the maasvlaktes in the Nederlands were created in the 20 and 21 century. So it was also discoverd way after Antarctica...

  70. Nitam Mehta

    7:09 bad and good meth can both kill you ahahaha

  71. Zori Dvorak


  72. S. Mir

    Geography is Pakistan’s biggest strategic advantage! Nice video by Indians with a hired American voice👍

  73. Gavin Gamble

    Yes but it’s not near as worse is it used to be

  74. Aaron Handle

    It would be stomped as fast as the first one.

  75. Adam Rz

    ‘Stan’ means “Land of” in Persian by the way and is actually used for many countries by Iranians/afghans/Turks so doesn’t really have a significant meaning

  76. Zamira Campbell

    Sure it is Bc we can’t go that deep down or we’ll die from the compression

  77. Ghaith Almustapha

    I love how he said palstine

  78. Nicholas Coots

    who thanks this is wrong

  79. AKConnor49

    No please. Alaska doesn't need this. It's already losing its "The Last Frontier" way. We don't want any more people going through or living here. But it won't happen either way so I'm happy

  80. Kick 501

    0:09 not during Quarantine 🙄

  81. kittkatcandy

    hold up- how is having abortion a bad thing?? at least women in new york has healthcare for women, while other women are forced into birth. is this show pro “life” gross

  82. Felicia Moniq

    Angels watching over me

  83. Assasinator980

    And people really debate if there is any other living creatures. It’s just laughable.

  84. Jordan Nestmann

    Think your conversions are a fair bit off there mate 81 cm is only 32 inches and I don’t think Shaq is 2‘8“


    The map of india is totally wrong which u show in ur vdo.... Kindly change it

  86. Low Zison

    And if you value your loife Stay away from the bloody whales mate

  87. Captain Obvious

    Drinking game: Take a shot for every time someone makes a comment on this video starting with the word “imagine”

  88. Zach Mohd

    11,000 meter you founded Aqua men

  89. Muhammad Umer Tariq

    But the fact is Pakistan still managing with all this and is not giving easy way to its enemies.. 💪

  90. usama karam

    I wouldn't need a visa to visit the pamirs then , make it happen

  91. uuutwohere

    As far away as things are, it still wouldn't be far enough to send trump and his family.

  92. Keownsky78

    Brains frazzled 😳

  93. INSTINCT 7i

    Movies ♥️♥️

  94. Mark Fischer

    Wherever China goes catastrophe is sure to follow.

  95. YaDsNoah

    Belgium let'sss gooo

  96. Ismael Muñoz

    4 videos waiting some explanation over usa's portion on Canada... And maybe anexes in other countries

  97. ukkelis kukkelis

    ”Plague started in Wuhan...” Corona: WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

  98. AviaTent YT

    I have just watched the french flag and now this. This explains why most flags are either crosses or stripes.

  99. Swedish STIGEN13

    Not safe if we come in

  100. LightsCameraActionMedia

    Oh but he forgot corona virus 🦠😏